Pig in Dream

Pig or Hog

Pigs are intelligent animals. In fact, they are more intelligent than a three or a four-year old child. This makes them even cleverer than dogs so if you have a dream about a pig, you should take notice. They can give excellent insights into your life.

There are a total of 16 species of pigs. To dream of one can represent fertility. Perhaps you are hoping to get pregnant or are already with child. Either way, you can expect that you will be having a healthy baby soon. 

Perhaps you are surprised that dreaming of a pig is positive. After all, a lot of words connected with pigs are negative. For example, we might be rude and call someone who overeats, “a greedy pig’. If you think of a pigsty, it can mean that you feel dirty. We can even call somebody ‘a swine’ if we don’t like the way they have spoken to us or treated us. However, pigs are lovely creatures, they are intelligent and surprisingly clean creatures. It is a shame that we often think of pigs living in a dirty pigsty. That is the fault of the owners, not the pigs. 

Why is a Pig Negative?

If we look at the book, ‘The Pig Farmer’ by Sanders Spencer, which was written in 1919, we can see where this negativity came from. He indicated that pigs weren’t supposed to be pets and that they were simply a means to get money. In other words, they were supposed to be eaten. Spencer even refers to the pig as being dirty and fierce. The term ‘pig-headed’ comes from this book. This means that you are being stubborn. Another term from the book is ‘fat as a pig’, meaning that you are overweight, which is not a very nice thing to call anybody. In other literature, the pig has been portrayed as bad or a negative omen. It has often been said that you shouldn’t act like a pig, meaning that you are slovenly and uncivilized. 

A poem written in 1799 by an unknown author brandishes pigs as ugly and filthy. However, if you dream about a pig, the meaning is usually positive. In this article, we will take a look at the meaning of pigs in dreams.

What Does Dreaming of a Pig Mean?

Folklore suggests that pigs are associated with fertility. If you are trying to become pregnant, seeing a pig in your dream is a positive sign. It is interesting to note that Demeter the goddess of fertility in Greek mythology was connected to pigs. In India, boar tusks are shown on the statue of the Indian goddess, Kali.  She holds a bowl of food together with the tusks, indicating that pigs are a gift from Mother Nature. 

Another meaning of a pig in a dream is that you have a childlike attitude to life. Think back to your childhood. Did you have a piggy bank? Many children do have and put their pocket money in it. If you see a piggy bank in your dream, it indicates that you should save some money. It isn’t a time to be reckless with your savings. Better times are ahead, but be careful for now. 

On the other hand, not all dreams about pigs are positive. In the Bible, pigs are connected to the devil. They suggest that you are going to succumb to temptation. There is even an instance where the devil is seen riding on a pig. If you have such a dream, beware. You might fall prey to temptation. 

If you find that you are the one riding a pig in a dream, you could be guilty of trying to control someone’s ‘piggish’ behavior. If their behavior doesn’t affect you, you need to keep your nose out of other people’s lives, but if it does affect you, you need to try and convince the person that what they are doing isn’t right. 

Perhaps you have had a dream about piglets. They are connected to Mother Nature and emotions. Piglets are very cute so you can’t have a negative dream about them. However, if you dream of a mother pig with her piglets being attacked, you need to be aware that the mother will defend her babies to the end. This could mean that you have hidden aggression towards someone. It is time to bring this out in the open and try to work things out. If you can’t, perhaps it is time to end your association with that person.

Another symbol of pigs appearing in your dream is freedom. Pigs don’t like being kept in a small pigsty. They much prefer to be out in the woods or a big field. If you see them running wild, you have that freedom you desire. However, if you see them cramped in a pigsty with no room to move, it could reflect your life. Perhaps you are being stifled by other people. It is time to set yourself free. Maybe you are in a destructive relationship or are being held back at work.

If you dream of a male pig running free, it can indicate that you are feeling at ease with life. You feel as if you have the freedom to do what you want.

What do the 1930s Dream Dictionaries About a Pig Say?

It is interesting to look back at older dream dictionaries to compare them with current views. You will find that they aren’t that different, but still, they may give further insight into your dreams. In the 1930s there was a great interest in dreams mainly due to the writings of Sigmund Freud.

He said that if you dream of an unhealthy pig, it symbolizes the inability to control your life. Things could be getting out of hand and your relationships could be suffering. Maybe you haven’t got the strength to do things the way you want, but it is time you stood up to people who are thwarting you. It could also represent underhand deeds. Someone could be trying to do something nasty to you. Be on your guard.

If you see a healthy pig in your dream, the opposite is predicted. You will have success. If you want to have a child, this dream gives you hope. You might have a period when nothing happens, but there will be some success coming your way, particularly in gambling or business.

A sow and a litter of piglets indicate that your life has been in stagnation, but now this is going to change. Positive change is coming so don’t give up hope. Happy and healthy piglets symbolize inner peace. However, if you see an unhappy sow and her litter in your dream, it can mean that you are going to have family problems. In addition, it might indicate that you can\t appreciate what you’ve got. Perhaps it’s time to realize that there are good things in your life.

If you see a running pig, it can mean that you have been selfish. It is time to wake up and treat other people the way you wish to be treated. Maybe you don’t want to be burdened with other people’s problems, but maybe it would make you feel better about yourself. If you don’t help others, how can you expect to be helped when you need assistance? 

Back in the 1930s, pigs weren’t always seen as positive. Sometimes they were depicted as a menace. Perhaps you have been treated badly by someone close to you. Maybe they have tricked you out of money. 

Pigs can also be connected to sexual urges. Perhaps there is someone you want to get closer to. It could be that they have rejected you, but you still can’t get them out of your mind. Perhaps it is time to let these feelings go and find someone more suitable.

Another connection pigs can have with us is through diet. Pigs eat a lot and are very sturdy. If we dream of a pig, perhaps we are worried about our weight. It is time to eat healthier. 

If you have a pig which is a pet and you dream about it, you are happy and content. You could even just imagine that you have a pet pig which is a delightful dream to have.

If you dream that you are eating a pig can be very disturbing for vegans and vegetarians and could even be classed as a nightmare. However, if you are a meat-eater, it means that you are going to be healthy and will lose some weight.

Selling a pig is a sign that something you are doing needs clarity. Perhaps you can’t quite understand what your boss is asking you to do. Maybe you aren’t sure about how your partner feels about you. He or she could be hiding something.

If you see a few pigs in your dream, you are having feelings in your waking life that you are having trouble dealing with. Things are getting difficult and you are finding that the only way of coping is by hiding away. It might also mean that you are overeating. It is time to seek help from a friend or even a professional. 

You could have a dream where you hear a pig or hog squealing. This can mean that you are going to have good news and there will be opportunities in either your work or home life. However, you will have to act quickly as the opportunities won’t be there for long. You will regret it if you don’t take action now. 

If you are feeding pigs, it means that you are secure financially and you don’t have to worry about finding the next meal.

Positive Omens in this Dream

To dream of a pig or pigs is generally positive, so don’t think that something bad is going to happen to you if you dream of this delightful creature. Pigs aren’t the dirty and muddy animals they are often portrayed as. They like to keep themselves clean and they are very intelligent, even more, intelligent than dogs. It doesn’t seem right that so many of them end up on our plates. To dream about them can make you feel calm, content, and happy especially if you see a litter of piglets happily feeding off their mother. The most positive dreams are when you see a pig running loose in a field or wood. A pigsty can have unpleasant connotations as it can be cramped. To dream that you have a pig as a pet is positive. They make great pets and the dream might persuade you to adopt one. 


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