True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dream of Elephants

Elephants are very gentle and wise creatures. Despite what you may assume from their giant size, these animals are very sociable and kind.

But what does it mean to dream of an elephant?

Elephants often appear in dreams to help you explore your own innermost feelings and emotions. The elephant represents your ability to communicate and express yourself effectively.

They are also a very good sign of prosperity and optimism, as well as curiosity and intelligence.

Let’s take a closer look.

Common Elephant Dreams And What They Mean

Elephants Swimming In A Dream

Dreaming of elephants swimming is a symbol that you have the ability to overcome any obstacles or challenges in life, despite any difficult emotions that come up.

You can use this power to achieve anything you want if you work hard enough.

Dreaming Of Elephants Walking

Have you ever looked at the way an elephant walks? While they are very weighty creatures, they have a dainty step, and always take care where they put their feet.

Dreaming of an elephant walking is all about considering your options before you make your move.

It also points to the importance of being kind or helpful to those who need it.

Seeing Dying Elephants In Your Dream

If you see dying elephants or dead elephants in your dream, this is a warning dream. It’s also one of the few negative dreams you can have involving elephants.

As elephants represent memory and optimism, a dying elephant signifies that the past is holding you back in some way.

Perhaps you’re holding onto a way of life that just isn’t sustainable.

It could be that you’re dwelling on the past and how good things used to be, instead of how positive they might be now, if you paid attention to them.

Elephants Stampeding In A Dream

Dreaming of elephants stampeding draws your attention to the danger in panicking or not considering your choices before acting.

This dream is telling you to take a minute, so that you can weigh up your decisions carefully. It may also reflect a tendency to fight change.

Elephants Chasing You In A Dream

Elephants chasing you in a dream point to avoidance. There’s something you desperately don’t want to confront in waking life, but this reluctance is making everything so much harder.

You don’t have to try so hard. Turn around, and face your fears, and things will be a little easier.

A Herd Of Elephants Appearing In Your Dream

A herd of elephants is a great sign in a dream. The herd symbolizes unity, tranquility, and good luck.

If you were considering a new path just before you had this dream, the herd is a sign that it will lead you to great things if you let it.

Dreaming Of Baby Elephants

Baby elephants appearing in your dreams indicate that while you may be ignoring minor problems, you must not let them get bigger.

Trust that you can manage them now, and solve them before they manage to stack up and overwhelm you.

Your Elephant Dream From A Hindu Perspective

Dreaming of elephants is a very good sign for Hindus. The exact symbolism is determined by the appearance and type of elephant, and how they treated you.

A white elephant, for example, is the most positive sign you can get, as it represents Lord Indra, who is the god of heavens.

A black elephant in your dream is also a reassuring sign, and promises you wealth of some kind in the near future.

An Islamic Interpretation Of An Elephant Dream

From an Islamic perspective, elephants represent people in your life who hold a lot of power or authority.

If you dream of owning or taking care of an elephant, you’ll soon have a great responsibility that you’ll need to meet.

Dreaming Of Elephants As A Christian

In Christianity, the elephant relates to its positive dream symbolism, in that it represents abundance, optimism, knowledge, and peace.

If you felt nervous when you saw the elephant in your dream, this can be a sign that your emotions are getting the better of you. The more you ignore them, the worse they will get.

Reasons Why You’re Dreaming Of Elephants

While there are many ways an elephant can appear in your dream, there are a few very common overarching reasons why these beautiful animals appear in your dreams.

Knowing these will help point the way in finding the meaning (see also Finding Your Dream Meaning) behind your specific elephant dream.

Recognize Your Power

Dreaming of elephants is often your subconscious’s way of drawing your attention to your own power.

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget exactly how much control and power you have, even in a situation that is out of your control.

It’s important to remember that we all have control over our own reactions if not the situation itself, and it’s only you who can make your choices for you.

The elephant may also symbolize a leadership role, where others look to you for advice or guidance, and how your decisions have a ripple effect.

There’s An Issue You Don’t Want To Face

You may be familiar with the phrase ‘There’s an elephant in the room’, and dreaming of elephants is your subconscious telling you that you cannot hide from your problems forever, especially the enormous ones!

By confronting your issues head on, you will claw back some semblance of control, no matter how small the first step may be.

Reflecting On Memories

If you dream of elephants, this could indicate that you need to reflect on some memories from your past.

This could represent anything from revisiting old relationships to looking at your childhood through the eyes of an adult.

Alternatively, you may be too focused on the past, and you’re not looking toward the future or what is currently around you. Maybe you’re in danger of repeating a vicious cycle over and over, or you’re not realizing that you’re completing a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Final Thoughts

Elephants are among the most positive dream symbols, even when they come as a warning. They represent wealth, joy, family, power, and authority.

They serve to guide you forward through life, while helping you to avoid the pitfalls of life that you can, giving you a great sense of peace and trust in your own abilities.


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