Demon Dream Meaning

What Does a Demon Mean in a Dream?

Dreaming about demons is usually quite scary! However, the good news is, more often than not it’s not the devil coming after you in your dream. But what does it mean when you dream about the devil? Read on to find out. 

Symbolic Meaning of Demons

Although it can be quite unnerving, dreaming about demons doesn’t usually signify real demons. These dreams are usually pointing to aspects of yourself and your own life. But how exactly should one interpret such occasions? Here are some options: 

Conflict & Distress  

Demons can appear in dreams in all sorts of forms, but often they signify the “bad side”, sometimes just representing it, sometimes convincing us that that is the right way. In any case they represent all that is wrong – in opposition to what is good. 

However, in real life, the things are often not that clear. Often in our daily lives, we encounter situations when we are not sure what is the right and what is the wrong thing to do. Sometimes our brain knows something is right, but our heart wants something completely different. When we are perplexed about such situations, a demon appearing in a dream might be a manifestation of the internal struggle. 

Always knowing the good thing to do is not easy. Sometimes we might subconsciously know what the right thing to do is, but we might be pressured from the people in our surroundings into doing otherwise. 

When we are missing the clear answers, demons might appear in our dreams as manifestations of this. Sometimes they make things more clear, and sometimes they can confuse us even further. 

Addiction, Vices & Temptation

Temptations, vice, and addictions are themes that have been connected with demons for ages. After all, these are all the things we know that are wrong but are still drawn to them. Most of us have some guilty pleasure that we know deeply inside that is wrong. 

For some it is smoking, for some alcohol or gambling, eating too much, sometimes it’s love temptations or sometimes more complex issues. We all have our own struggles and everyone has to draw the line between right and wrong for themselves. When demons appear in dreams, it is often a sign we are struggling with drawing this border. 

Often, demons, evil, or even the devil in the dream indicate that we should look inwards and find inner demons that are troubling us. Facing our own faults and weaknesses is never comfortable, but demons in dreams invite us to do so. 

When facing our demons – in dreams or otherwise – the only right way is to greet them with forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love. After all, they often represent just aspects of ourselves, and that is what we all need deep inside. If we manage to do so and leave our comfort zone, we may reap great rewards. 

Example Demon Dream Interpretation 

What does it mean to dream about the devil? More likely than not, the demons you are dreaming about are not real. What they are is manifestations of our subconscious, representing aspects of ourselves or internal conflicts we are reluctant to deal with. Here are some common dreams involving demons and their interpretations: 

If You Dream of Demons or Other Evil Entities

Simply dreaming about evil entities is usually a symbol of repressed guilt and internal conflict. If we have done things that we are not so proud about, we might have repressed them, but dreaming of demons signifies that we need to deal with those. 

If You Dream of Being Chased by a Demon 

Dreaming about being chased is one of the most common dreams or nightmares in the world. It always indicates certain anxieties and fears. If we are chased by demons and other evil entities in the dreams, it usually indicates that this anxiety is caused by something from our past. If we can identify this something (pay attention to what else appears in the dream) it can help us move forward and grow as a person. 

If You Dream You Are Demon Possessed 

When someone is possessed by a demon, the demon takes control over their body, mind, and appearance. When you are possessed, you don’t control yourself and you are not responsible for your own actions. 

If we dream we are being possessed, we might be losing control in our own lives. Alternatively, we might also be avoiding accepting responsibility for our own actions. 

If You Dream of Battling a Demon 

If dreaming about demons indicates our anxieties, struggles, and vices, fighting demons suggest we are taking steps to overcome whatever we are doing wrong in our lives. Maybe it’s a negative pattern of behavior you have identified or maybe some form of addiction you are getting over. 

If You Dream of Defeating a Demon 

If you defeat a demon in your dream battle, it could signify that you have identified the right path and made decisive steps to defeat whatever evil the demon represented. The outcome of the battle might not necessarily be a premonition,  though. Instead, it could indicate how you feel about the issue. 

Are Demons Real? 

Evil, devil, demons, negative entities… No matter what we call them, many believe they really exist. After all, there is no proof that intuitive people could not be really sensing the demons. For those who are so inclined, certain cleansing rituals for getting rid of the negative energy could be helpful. 

However, demons are often really just representations – those that point us to the negative aspects of our own being. Finding the cause and meaning of such a demon can be a great tool for self-development. 

Finally, one must not forget that some medical conditions and some types of medication can cause demonic presences to feel very real. In cases one perceives real demons around them, especially if they are trying to get you to do bad things that you know you shouldn’t, consulting a doctor to rule out medical causes might be a good idea. 

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