Ape & Gorilla Dream Meaning

Dreams about apes can mean a lot of things. While it’s possible you’re way too excited about a planned trip to the zoo, there are also other reasons why you could dream about an ape. Usually, these animals are a symbol of knowledge, communication and resourcefulness. But, in order to understand the meaning behind a specific dream, you need a more detailed symbol interpretation. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About An Ape?

Before we get into a detailed interpretation of a dream featuring apes, first we have to clarify what an ape is. This term is used to classify mammals that belong to the same taxonomic family as humans. This means that they’re our closest relatives in the animal world. Often, people would use the term “monkey” when referring to a gorilla, orangutan etc. They’re not completely wrong, since apes and monkeys share a common ancestor. But, according to scientific classification, these are two different groups.

The easiest way to differentiate an ape from a monkey is that the first one is tailless, has a rather upright body position and comfortably walks on two hind legs. Except for gibbons, other apes are large in size. Therefore, dreaming about them can symbolize strength, danger or a controlled force – the interpretation depends on the context of the dream. Plus, there are different species, so the meaning of the dream is based on what type of ape you saw in the dream.

Orangutan Dream Meaning

Dreaming about an orangutan can mean different things, but what’s common is that these dreams are always cautionary. For instance, seeing an orangutan in your dream can be a warning that certain people around you could be using your position or relationships for their own benefits. This dream reminds you to have your eyes open and be wary of people’s intentions. 

Seeing an orangutan in your dream can also be related to your romantic relationship. The dream can signify that your partner is not being faithful to you.

Chimpanzee Dream Meaning

According to science, humans and chimpanzees share 98% of the DNA. They are known for their intelligence and cognitive abilities, and it’s no wonder that seeing one in a dream symbolizes thinking. However, when you take context into consideration, it’s possible that the dream actually signifies you’re overthinking certain events in your waking life. 

Gorilla Dream Meaning

A gorilla appearing in a dream can be a symbol of repressed instincts. What this means is that maybe you’ve been holding back from doing the things you like because of other people in your life. Ask yourself if that person is worth holding in your desires. 

Gibbon Dream Meaning

The term “gibbon” is actually used to name 18 different lesser ape species. But no matter if you see a siamang, a hoolock or any other gibbon in your dream, the symbolism behind it is the same. Lesser apes appearing in our dreams remind us to seize the day! You know what you want in life, but more importantly, you know how to get it. So what’s stopping you? Stop being your own biggest obstacle and go get those things you want in life.

How To Interpret A Dream About Gorillas And Apes

Understanding the meaning behind a dream is a complex task. If you were to analyze just one element of the dream, you would easily get a wrong interpretation. As we previously mentioned, dreams about orangutans are warnings. But in order to understand what the dream is warning you about, you need to take into consideration the context of the dream. 

When you try to understand the dream meaning as a whole, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself. The answers will help you gain a better insight into the dream background.

What are you doing in the dream? Are you just observing or interacting with the environment?

Are you in the company of other people? What’s your relationship with them?

What’s in your surroundings? Where are you located?

How did you feel during the dream? 

These are just some of the questions that you can ask yourself. A good way to remember as much as you can about the dream is to write everything you can recall the second you wake up. As you know, details from the dream fade away after only a few minutes. A dream journal is an invaluable tool for dream interpretation. 

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