Ape And Gorilla Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Dreams involving apes or gorillas have a lot of potential meanings. There are many things to consider which will help decide the meaning behind your dream, including the species of the specific ape or gorilla you were dreaming of, but there are also some more general interpretations.

Apes and Gorillas as a Dream Symbol

Apes and gorillas in dreams represent knowledge, connection with others, the potential of using great strength for good or bad, and trusting your intuition. 

All of these aspects need to be in some sort of balance, and your dream is drawing your attention to how precarious this is. 

Think of the apes or gorilla’s behavior (see also Monkey Dream Meaning), as this will indicate that you’re in possession of too much of some of these traits, or too little. 

In particular, an ape or gorilla acting aggressively suggests that one of these facets is lacking from your life, and you need to work on changing that.

Also think about the personal associations you may have when you think of an ape or gorilla. 

This is the easiest and most accurate way of determining the meaning behind your dream, as each dream is unique, and not all general interpretations of this animal will fit your specific dream.

What Kind of Ape Are You Dreaming of?

The meaning behind your dream doesn’t just depend on the behavior of the ape, it also depends on the species, as these can have dramatically different interpretations.

A Chimpanzee Dream

If you’re dreaming of a chimpanzee, the message behind the dream is that you’re missing the point of something. You may be overthinking, or not considering a matter on a deeper level, but either way, your perception is clouded.

A Gibbon Dream

A gibbon appearing in your dream indicates that now is the time to act. You’ve been longing for something for a while, but you haven’t taken any steps to move toward what you want. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between external problems, and falling into the trap of finding excuses to stay as you are. 

Maybe you feel there needs to be a right time for something, but in most cases, the only time to start is now.

A Gorilla Dream

A gorilla appearing in your dream has some interesting symbolism. A lone gorilla that sits calmly within your dream represents easily overcoming any obstacles in the near future, as well as your will to persevere through difficulty.

If the gorilla in your dream challenges you, or something else within the dream, this is a warning sign. Your subconscious mind has picked up a threat in waking life, and you should be wary of other people’s intentions soon.

An Orangutan Dream

More often than not, an orangutan in your dream is a symbol of wisdom, as well as a sign to be cautious. You have a great ability to rise above emotional challenges and any drama that others want to drag you into.

Or, an orangutan in your dream indicates that you need to apply your intuition in order to reach your goal. You may think that your current approach is the best in the circumstances, but you may not be thinking big enough. Something isn’t ringing true.

Common Ape Dreams And Their Meanings

Sleeping Apes

If you dream of several apes asleep, and you try to pick your way past them, this indicates that you’ll soon be in a delicate situation where you’ll need to watch your words or your actions. 

Above all, stay objective. Maybe an emotionally charged situation will present you with some problems, but it’s important that you use your logical mind to push through.

Apes Grooming

Dreaming of apes grooming each other, or grooming you, points to needing to reach out to those you’re closest to. You need contact with those you love, or your loved ones need some support.

Fighting Apes

Dreaming of apes doing threat displays or fighting each other points to coming conflict in waking life. You may need to defend something or someone you believe in, or you may need to try to keep the peace.

It can also point to a struggle of power. Something may upset the accepted balance within your life.


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