Zebra Dream Symbol Meaning and Spirit Animal

Zebras are beautiful animals and resemble horses in many ways except that they have a distinctive coloring of black and white stripes. However, they are wild animals found in Africa and don’t take well to domestication. In this article, we shall look at what they can mean if we see them in our dreams.

What Does the Zebra Dream Symbol Mean?

If you dream about zebras, you may find that your life is going to be going up and down. The stripes indicate that things will be good one moment and not so good the next. However, nothing in life is just black or white and there are also gray areas. Zebras in dreams are telling you not to be frustrated if things are going badly. Everybody experiences good and bad times and there are times in-between when you will have a status quo. Nothing is insurmountable and you will get over the difficult times.

Zebras are thought of as spiritual animals and are often associated with fate. They tell you that you don’t have to accept what fate has dealt you. You don’t need to settle for what has been given to you and you can strive for better things in your life. Instead of waiting for something to happen, you can work towards improving your circumstances. In this way, your life will become more positive.

It is a good idea to think about what zebras are like and try to associate them with yourselves. Zebras are free and wild, unique in the way they look, have their own community, and they are strong in numbers. Here we will look at some of their characteristics and how they can be interpreted in your dreams.

1. You Are Unique

Zebras aren’t rare or endangered animals, but they are unique in that they Have black and white stripes. No other animal looks like them. Perhaps you think that they look all the same, but this is far from the truth. Each zebra has a different pattern of stripes and in fact, the stripes are comparable to our fingerprints. 

When you see zebras in your dream, you need to think of how you are different from other people. What are your beliefs? How emotional are you? What are your strengths? All these things and more will shape your personality. 

It is possible that you could dream about zebras when you are feeling inferior. The dream is telling you that you are as good as everybody else and you are a unique individual. Other people will soon recognize this.

2. A Strong Sense of Community

Zebras aren’t loners. You very rarely see one of them on its own and this means that they have a better chance of avoiding predators like leopards and hyenas. They need to work together to protect themselves.

If you dream about zebras, it can indicate that you want to find other people to connect with as you could be lonely. Even independent people still need others to share their lives with. It can be detrimental to your mental health if you don’t have a social network. 

If you see a zebra on its own, this can mean that you will have to work hard at connecting with other people. It can be difficult to know where to start. Perhaps join an evening class where you might make new friends. However, don’t rush into friendships without thinking them through. Do these people have the same interests as you do? Will they be supportive? What is their personality like? Will they help you out in the same way that you will assist them? Sometimes we can end up in friendships that aren’t positive and this is as bad as not having friends at all.

The fact that zebras find their strength in numbers is a message to be listened to. If you are struggling with some aspect of your life it is a good idea to find like-minded people to support you and you them. Perhaps you drink too much alcohol and can’t find the strength to give up. Find a group of people who have the same problem. You can then give each other support through a difficult time.

3. Embrace Freedom

Yes, zebras live in herds, but they are wild and free from domestication. They may look like horses, but they aren’t anything like them. Many people have tried to tame zebras, but it doesn’t work. Zebras need to be free running on the African plains. 

If you dream about zebras, it can mean that you don’t want to settle down nor do you want anyone to tell you what to do. It is your life and if you make mistakes, at least you can learn from them and build a better life for yourself.

 Perhaps you feel as if you are stuck in a rut or that others are imposing their will on you. Maybe you have been working hard and need to let your hair down. The dream could be telling you that you should be a little wild.

4. Polarized Thinking: Seeing Everything as Black and White

Perhaps you are wondering how zebras can be both wild and also have a sense of community. This, however, is polarized thinking. Not everything is black or white. There are gray areas in between. If you dream about zebras, you could just be seeing the good or the bad in a situation. It is time that you delved deeper into the problem and saw the bigger picture. If you don’t you could make rash decisions. Perhaps two friends have had a big argument and you have only been looking at it from one person’s point of view. It could influence you to decide to drop the other friend without hearing his or her’s point of view. 

5. Overcome Limiting Beliefs

The zebra is often thought of as a spiritual animal. If you have a closed mind, seeing a zebra in a dream may be telling you to open yourself up to new beliefs and explore your spirituality.

The zebra can be your power animal. It tells you that even if you can’t face up to challenges and feelings, you can develop faith in your capabilities. We can be our worst enemy when we can’t face our own emotions. This can stop us from reaching our goals and success.

Common Examples of Zebra Symbols in Dreams

It is also interesting to look at how the zebras appear in your dream. These symbols can give you further insight into your dream.

Zebra and Herd; To see a herd of zebra can indicate that you want to be accepted by your peer groups. Perhaps you have felt on the outside, but now it is time to make an effort to get to know these people.

Mother Zebra and Baby: If you see a very young zebra and its mother in your dream it can mean that you are going to be filled with renewed hope. Things are going to get better and there will be people around who will encourage you in your endeavors. 

Alternatively, it can be a sign that you need to find a balance between your life and the life of someone close to you. Perhaps you have been a bit selfish.

Occasionally, this dream can mean that there is an event from your childhood that you need to address. Maybe you fell out with a family member when you were very young, but can’t remember how it started. Perhaps it’s time to speak to this person and sort out your differences.

Zebra Drinking Water: If you dream of a zebra drinking water, you could be hiding your emotions, but are looking for ways to open up. Perhaps you want to express your uniqueness to your friends and family. 

Alternatively, this dream can indicate that you are looking for a way to enjoy your independence and impress on others that you can solve problems and do things on your own.

To see a zebra eat is a sign that you may come into money. The zebra’s hunger is being satisfied. Perhaps you have had financial worries, but now they are going to be solved.

Zebra Being Chased as Prey: Unfortunately, zebras are prey for stronger animals so if you dream that a zebra is being chased by another animal, it can mean that you fear losing your independence. Perhaps your romantic partner is putting pressure on you to get married, but you don’t feel at that place yet. Maybe a friend of yours wants to set up a business together, but you prefer to work alone.

If you see yourself being chased by a zebra, it can mean that your problems can’t be solved. However, if you think of the zebra as a power animal, it is telling you that all is not lost and you can overcome the turmoil in your life in the same way as zebras can often escape from being caught by lions or hyenas.

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