Dreams About Whales

Whales are beautiful creatures that have inspired us for centuries. They’ve featured in many famous stories, myths, folklore and popular modern media. Whales are the largest animal on the planet, and a sperm whale has the largest brain of any creature known to man. Whales in dreams are just as powerful an image as they are in waking life.

Whales are part of the cetacean group of mammals that live in water. While “cetacean” translates from Latin as “whale”, it’s derived from the ancient Greek word kētos, which is “sea monster”. Whales in dreams signify how well we relate to others, and connect to our emotional wellbeing, as the sea in dreams signifies your emotional state. 

Your Whale Dream Meaning At A Glance


Dreaming of whales swimming or hunting together reflects how you need to approach a problem in waking life. You might have assumed a leadership role, in which you need to guide others to stick to their strengths and not deviate from a common goal. 


Depending on the type of whale you saw in your dream, this will inform the meaning. Baleen whales, which filter food through baleen in their mouths, like their own company more than the company of another whale. Toothed whales like to travel in groups, and evidence has suggested that they have relationships just like ours – complex, tight-knit, with regional dialects. Whales in dreams can reflect your solitary or sociable nature, and how much it suits you. 


Depending on the species, a whale can hold its breath on average for 30 minutes at a time. Dreaming of seeing a whale breach (come to the surface to breathe) suggests you’ll soon come to a conclusion that will guide you on your path, overcoming any difficult emotions or doubts you currently have. Catching sight of a whale in your dream or in waking life is an awe-inspiring sight, and it can suggest you’ll have similar feelings in the future. 


In dreams, a whale can indicate the start of a new project, one which will be huge, and will temporarily take all your time. Spiritually speaking, dreams of a whale can indicate a major problem in life, but one you’ll be able to solve if you approach it with the wisdom you’ve gained from experiences.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Your Whale Dream

In some Native American tribes, seeing a whale is considered very good luck. Whales have existed for a very, very long time, and some people believe they represent ancient knowledge of a time before the sea destroyed whole continents. In dreams, whales can signify that the solutions you’re looking for are already known to you, you just haven’t considered them as such. Reconnect with your instincts, with your subconscious mind and the knowledge it holds.

In spiritual terms, a whale in your dream can also embody power, happiness, darkness, and feeling as though something important to you is at risk, though this seems very far away. As baleen whales such as the blue whale and the humpback whale live mostly alone, dreaming of a whale can suggest you need to spend more time alone to make progress on a spiritual journey. You need to come to a revelation, which may only happen in a period of introspection.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Group of Whales?

Dreaming of a group of whales is a positive sign. You get a wealth of knowledge and support from those you love, and you know where you belong with others. Dreaming of a group of whales signifies the importance of community or teamwork in a situation that’s too big to handle alone. You might be in the middle of a big creative project and while you want to tackle it alone, an outside perspective will help propel you forward to make more progress more quickly than if you did it all alone. Alternatively, dreaming of many whales can be a sign you’ll be involved in a gargantuan task where people will need your help and expertise adding to theirs. It may be time to take a break, so you’ll be ready to handle what comes.

What does a Gray Whale Mean in a Dream?

Naturally curious, gray whales are referred to as “friendly ones”, as they often approach whale watching boats to see what all the fuss is. They were once called the devil fish, as they fought back against being hunted – and if that’s not a horribly understandable thought, I don’t know what is. A gray whale in your dream signifies your curious and friendly nature, but you’ll defend yourself if threatened. Alternatively, a gray whale in a dream can suggest you’re concerned about other people’s opinions. You fear gossip or malicious rumors spreading behind your back. 

What does a Killer Whale Mean in a Dream?

While technically a dolphin, orcas or killer whales have interesting roles in dreams. In waking life, they’re powerful hunters which will catch and kill anything from fish, seals, penguins, and whales. In dreams, they’re a sign of gaining enough knowledge and experience to overcome huge hurdles in life. They can also embody anger, taking advantage of situations or people, and improvising to get what they want. Your subconscious could be reminding you of the fine line between concentrating on bettering yourself and the obligation to support your loved ones. You may meet someone who you’ll have an instant connection with, as if you’d known them for years. You might have been doing some introspection lately, and you’re more strongly connected to your emotions and your instincts, which can cause this dream.

Consider How You’ve Been Feeling Before This Dream

If you’ve been enjoying a period of creativity, inspiration, and have had more energy than you knew what to do with, your whale dream suggests you need to put this energy to good use. Push yourself a little further. Start something new and see it through. Prevent yourself from flirting to one project to another and wasting your resources. If you’ve been feeling lost or your sense of purpose is suffering, dreaming of a whale indicates that you already have the solution you need. You know the path you need to take, deep down. Listen to your instincts. You already have the answer.

What does a Black Whale in a Dream Signify?

A black whale in your dream suggests your current state is flawed. You’re either approaching something with confidence which will lead you to the wrong conclusion, or you’re in denial. You feel something is going to go badly, despite all the signs pointing otherwise. You may have been excited about an idea, but when it comes to making it reality, you feel overwhelmed or even scared at the prospect. Maybe you are excited to meet someone, but you fear they won’t be the person you expected or hoped for. There’s only one way to find out for sure, and you’ll always wonder if you don’t try. The whale can signify your power, and seeing it in the ocean relates to how your emotions affect your sense of power. Whales are also symbols of protection and good luck.

What does a Whale Attacking in a Dream Mean?

Dreaming of a whale attacking you suggests you’re at odds with yourself in waking life or subconsciously. You’re refusing to accept something you already know. Or, you’re silencing the negativity in your life, and you’re choosing to rise above it. This may take more time than you realize. Or, something which has been presented as truth, you know to be false. You’re going against popular opinion, but you know you’re right. Doesn’t that matter more? 

Dreaming of a whale attacking you can also represent a period in your life where you’ll make decisions that seem mad, or completely out of character. You may not feel in control at all. This will be because of intense pressure or stress, so watch for the signs of having a shorter temper than usual or worrying about things that don’t matter. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Killer Whale Attacking You?

While dreaming of a whale attacking you is a conflict within yourself, a killer whale attacking you in a dream is a sign of trouble with another person. Someone you know has been acting weird, or you don’t know what their true intentions are, or something about them just doesn’t seem right or true. Your subconscious is warning you to stay wary of this person, while they may not do any harm it’s important to be watchful of someone you don’t trust. You don’t have to actively do anything, except see if their words and actions match up. 

Alternatively, dreaming of an orca attacking you can suggest you’re adapting to changing circumstances or important milestones. Something in your waking life might be causing a lot of negativity, or you’ve found yourself surprised by how much anger you’re holding onto, and you’re not sure what’s causing it. Dreams about killer whales attacking you point to significant changes in the future, in your professional life or in a creative endeavor.

The Meaning Behind Your Whale Dream

Whales in dreams are usually a good sign. You’ll enjoy a wealth of happiness and kindness soon, from a deeper connection with someone. This dream is emphasizing the ease of the relationship you have with this person, whom you cannot imagine your life without them. It’s also a call to pay more attention to this person in waking life, to keep that connection strong. It’s also an indication you need to listen to your gut instincts, where you’ve previously been ignoring them because you thought they were wrong. It doesn’t hurt to consider things from all perspectives, if you can manage it. 

What does a Dream about a Humpback Whale Mean?

A humpback whale appearing in your dream suggests you’ll find a new path in life. When you adjust course, you’ll find that you’ll move very quickly, and you’ll find things a lot easier than they are now. Just be mindful of keeping your gaze on the other aspects of your life as well as something that comes naturally, as you could end up neglecting these parts which are harder. It can be harder to concentrate on the things that aren’t going as well, as you’ll naturally gravitate towards the positive. 

You may be trying to find a state of mind where you feel spiritually connected in life, and this dream can occur as a result. Listen to your instincts to find your path.

What does it Mean to Dream of Swimming with Whales?

Swimming with whales in a dream suggests that you’ll need to rely on your instincts and inner wisdom in the coming weeks, as you’ll have some important decisions to make, either in your relationships, or in starting a new job. You may have to work through some fear in order to move forward.

What does it Mean to Dream of Whale Calves?

Dreaming of calves swimming with their mother points to a situation where you’ll feel protective of someone, where you’re the best person to help them out. It will be during a period of happiness or contentment, and they’ll come to you for help, when you’re in a good place to do so. 

This dream usually happens when you are praying nothing bad will happen to your family, as you’re all in a great place right now. You’re expecting something difficult to happen to balance it out. This is a sign of not processing stress well, or you’ve just emerged from a difficult situation which has taken a lot out of you. While something bad might happen, or it might not, this is a pessimistic mindset which won’t help anything.

If you don’t have children, and you dream of whale calves and their mother, this suggests either a desire to have a family of your own, or something that would be equally fulfilling in your life.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Whale Jumping Out of Water?

Dreaming of a whale breaching is a good sign. You’ve come to a realization which will change things, a long-awaited solution to a problem that’s been dragging you back. You’ve connected to your instincts and inner wisdom in order to reach this conclusion. It might have been something you already considered, but you didn’t attempt to put it into action until now. Alternatively, you’re feeling relieved after a period of hardship and suffering. The worst is past you, and all that negativity is draining away. 

On a more negative note, if you felt afraid as the whale leaped from the water, this indicates you’ll encounter more problems in the future, and you’ll feel as though your hard work has meant nothing, and you’re just not getting anywhere. Look to your loved ones for advice, they may even help you break from the cycle of feeling stagnated.

What does it Mean to Dream of Whales Communicating?

If you hear whales singing in your dream, this reflects your desire to be more open with the people in your life, in order to share a deeper connection with them. You have been keeping your own secrets too long, which have been affecting you more than you realize. This dream is a sign to be more honest with yourself and the people you trust the most.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Whale Swimming Next to a Boat?

Dreaming of a whale swimming next to a boat can suggest you’re preparing for an important event, and you want everything to go exactly how you planned it. You fear a negative outcome, as it will spell trouble for the future. Or, you’re trying to ignore something which you already know to be true, and the size of the whale indicates how futile this is. 

A dream of a whale swimming alongside a boat can denote misfortune in the workplace or financial troubles in the near future. This dream is warning you not to ignore these, as directly confronting them will prevent the problem from becoming bigger and harder to handle alone. 

What does it Mean to Dream about Killing a Killer Whale?

Dreaming of killing an orca suggests one of two extremes. You’re denying yourself the chance to grow, ending a spiritual journey before it has the chance to teach you anything, and you’ll likely feel more frustrated in the future. Or, you’ve overcome the all-encompassing negativity we’re all capable of, in a situation where it could have turned things into a disaster. If you dreamed of fishing, and you had to kill an orca, this suggests you’ll achieve a major life goal soon. You have made a decision which will spur you onto greater things. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Killer Whale Swimming Near You?

Dreaming about an orca swimming close to you is a bad omen for the future (see also Killer Whale Dream Meaning And Interpretation). It represents relationship trouble, and someone hurting someone because they can, or because they felt like it at the time. You might have an argument with a friend, or a screaming match with a family member that will only leave both of you feeling angrier than before you started. This dream is warning you to not let things lie when it dies down, as the damage to your relationship could be permanent.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Whale in the Ocean?

Dreaming of a whale swimming mirrors the progress you’re making in life, created by your hard work. You’ll enjoy more meaningful relationships than before with the people you already share connections with.

What does a Dead Whale in a Dream Mean?

Dreaming of a dead whale can mirror negative feelings which rarely surface. You feel alone, or abandoned in some way. Alternatively, you weren’t there for others after they helped you, and you’re feeling the same situation that you pushed onto them. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Whale Capsizing a Boat?

If you dream of a whale capsizing a boat (see also Boat Dream Symbolism) you’re in, this suggests you’re attempting to handle projects or relationships on a magnitude that’s too big for you. You won’t succeed. At least, not on your own. It could reflect how you feel in waking life – a big opportunity has come up, and you’re not sure if you want to try and take it, as it will mean that everything will change. Something might take you by surprise, and you’ll lose your sense of balance or intuition for a while, in which case you should avoid making big decisions.

Alternatively, this dream suggests you’ll enjoy a lot of good luck, but it will unfortunately have a sting to it. A seemingly positive situation will bring something bad with it. 

What does it Suggest to Dream of a Killer Whale Swimming Fast?

Dreaming of an orca swimming quickly is an interesting one. It suggests you’ll be overtaken by negative feelings, and you’ll be unable to see good chances in life when they appear, as you’ll be too focused on the negative or a situation which will be all-consuming. Dreaming of a killer whale swimming quickly can also suggest someone you don’t trust will take advantage of you despite your wariness. This villain will get the best of you, and overtake you in a matter which you felt was crucial. It needed to be yours.

Alternatively, dreaming of a killer whale going at a speed indicates you’re taking things too fast, and you’ll be blind to something which you should really take notice of, as it will affect you later. 

What does it Mean to Chase Whales in a Dream?

Dreaming of chasing whales or hunting them reflects your ambition and appetite to succeed. You’re in a good place to make great progress on your goals.  

Dreaming of a whale chasing you implies that you’re trying to fix a situation which has been overwhelming you, and it will take a long time to solve. If you’ve recently encountered a difficult situation, the negative feelings are still affecting you, though the situation itself is resolved, you still need to confront the emotion it caused. 

What does a Beached Whale Mean in a Dream?

Beached whales in a dream refer to being stuck in a rut or a familiar situation you struggled with in the past. You may be overthinking things and causing yourself more worry than you need. You may have even imagined the problem, and what you think is a huge hurdle is only another blip in the road.

What does a Dream of a Whale’s Tusk Imply?

I know what you’re thinking. Whales don’t have tusks. Narwhals are technically whales, and their tusks have been believed to have magical properties or a tool of magic. Dreaming of a narwhal’s tusk suggests that you’ll enjoy a rush of positive energy in your life, which will help you overcome problems with little or no stress. The narwhal in your dream can represent someone who will add great value to your life.


Dreaming of whales usually relates to a spiritual journey, and these dreams usually occur during an emotional situation or a problem that’s deeply affecting you. They can also embody your instincts, or your path in becoming a better person than you were before. They’re a sign of change, of something you cannot ignore – just remember the size of the animal! Dreaming of many whales suggests that you need to reach out to your loved ones, either to strengthen your connection, help them through something, or lean on them in hard times. As a dream symbol, whales can be both a good sign and a bad sign for the future, and only by looking at your emotions can you distinguish the two, and see exactly where they separate. 


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