Dreaming of Turtles

Dreaming about turtles is usually positive. In ancient dream books, to dream about a turtle meant good health, a balanced life, faith, loyalty, and protection. However, to dream about a turtle might also mean that you don’t want change and want to keep the status quo. Alternatively, because the turtle moves so slowly, the dream can mean that you are going to reach your goals, but it might take some time for you to achieve your potential.

In this article, we will look at the different ways a turtle can manifest itself in a dream and what it means.

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The Meaning of Turtles in Dreams

Turtles can appear in different guises in your dreams. You might dream of a sea turtle or a land turtle. They can also come in different colors. Perhaps you will see turtle eggs or see them hatching. 

It is a good idea to know a bit more about turtles in general before we start analyzing dreams. They are reptiles and are one of the oldest reptiles there is. They go back over millions of years and they are found all over the world. Some are wild, but others are kept as pets. They are cute creatures who go back in their shell when danger is lurking. The scientific name for turtles is Testudines. 

If we look at turtles from a spiritual point of view, they are associated with self-defense and protecting oneself.

If you have a dream about a turtle, it can mean that you have been trying to make yourself invisible at any sign of problems just like the turtle hides away in his shell. The dream is encouraging you to look at problems head-on and try to solve them. 

Is it Positive to Dream About a Turtle?

The simple answer to this question is yes, turtles are positive symbols in dreams. They are omens of happiness and they may bring you peace of mind over something that has happened to you recently.  When you have a dream about a turtle, you should feel upbeat. This is the ideal time to sort out any problems you have in your waking life. 

Turtles generally move very slowly, but in dreams, they can also move fast. It is important to notice how quickly the turtle in your dream moves as it can reflect your waking life. Are you moving through life too quickly? Should you slow down? Are you making mistakes at work because you are rushing through projects? 

The turtle is also telling you to decide carefully when you make a decision. Take your time if you feel you want to do more research. On the other hand, you may want to move quickly before the opportunity disappears. 

To see a turtle in a dream can mean that it is time to move forward. Don’t be afraid. You can move quickly or slowly, whichever you feel is right. Whatever you do, you will reach your goals and dreams 

The Meaning of Different Turtles in Dreams

There are different types of turtles and knowing which turtle you dreamed about is important. Leatherbacks are the largest turtles and can weigh as much as 2000 pounds. Strangely enough, to dream about one can mean that you have grace and poise. People think of you as elegant. Leatherbacks also predict a long life. As you probably know leatherback sea turtles can live to 75, if not older. To dream of leatherbacks can also mean that something good is going to happen to you. Maybe you’ll get promoted at work. Perhaps you’ll win the lottery. However, to dream about a nomadic leatherback can mean that there is a false person in your life. You need to work out who this is and confront them.

A smaller sea turtle is the Kemp Ridley. They are just 30 inches long and are, unfortunately, the most endangered sea turtle. They are brown and yellow and if you dream about one it expresses your desire to explore life. You don’t want to be stuck in a rut. Perhaps you want to travel to distant lands. If so, now is the time to take the bull by the horns. Life is short and you should savor each day. 

Perhaps you might dream about the Green turtle. They are named for the green color of their cartilage and fat, not their shell. They are one of the largest sea turtles there are. They are popular in the Caribbean where divers and snorkelers often encounter them. If you dream about one, you are going to have good health. Perhaps you have been sick recently. The dream is telling you that you will soon be back in excellent health. 

To see a sea turtle swimming in the sea indicates that you are going to have a mixture of emotions. A land turtle, on the other hand, suggests that you need to balance your life. You are going to make slow progress, but you will reach your goal in the end.

Sea Turtles and their Dream Interpretation

Sea turtles represent equality, fertility, slow progress, and spirituality. They can also signify anxiety in certain cases. Look at the dream as a whole and your present waking life. If you kill a sea turtle in your dream, this can mean that you are extremely worried about something. Perhaps you need some rest and recuperation. 

Dreaming About a Sea Turtle Swimming in the Sea

It is a fantastic omen to see a turtle swimming in the sea. Expect good things to happen soon in your waking life. However, you need to stop hiding your feelings. People may see you as a closed book and it is time to open up to them. 

Alternatively, the dream is telling you that you are neglecting parts of your life or someone close to you. It is time to reverse this. 

To see many turtles swimming in the sea is an even better omen. It means that you are going to have greater meaning in your life. Perhaps you will get that job you have yearned for. Maybe you are going to have a baby. Perhaps you are going to meet the person you have only dreamed about and romance will blossom.

Dreaming About Being Chased by a Turtle

This is a strange dream to have because turtles are usually slow-moving creatures on land. However, anything can happen in the dream world and it is perfectly viable that the turtle is moving fast and chasing you. This dream can mean that you are putting off what you should be doing today until tomorrow or the next day. Alternatively, you could be avoiding somebody. You need to face up to this person as you can’t keep hiding forever. 

Another reason for running away from a turtle in the dream world can mean that you have recently become rich in a surprising way.  Be happy, you have earned it. 

If you are swimming away from a sea turtle, you want to get away from people. You need some alone time, but a lot of people want your attention. 

If you are being chased by more than one turtle in your dream, it can mean that you are going to meet an emotionally damaged person. It is better that you don’t get connected to this person as he or she will let you down.

The dream could also be telling you not to underestimate other people. Perhaps they take a long time to get things done, but they get there in their own way. People can also underestimate the turtle because it is so slow-moving, but it gets things accomplished.

Alternatively, this dream means that you are paying too much attention to other people’s flaws when you should be considering how to be a better person yourself.

Dreaming of Being Chased by Multiple Turtles

If you dream that you are being chased by a herd of turtles, the news is not good. It indicates that you have a lot of problems which you are finding difficult to sort out. Perhaps you have made mistakes in either your personal life or at work and you don’t know how to make amends. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of the expression, ‘they’re off like a herd of turtles’. This indicates that people are moving slowly as turtles do. It will be a long time before they reach their goals. Is it the same with you? Are you finding it difficult to progress in life? Perhaps something you intend to do is going to take longer than anticipated due to your lethargy.

Dreaming of Chasing Turtles

If you dream that you are chasing turtles, it can imply that you are running away from problems. You may have problems at work or in a relationship, but you don’t want a confrontation. However, because you are turning your back on these problems they become bigger each day. You have to change your mindset before these problems get out of control. 

The dream also tells you that if you do have problems, you are the only person who can sort them out. You can’t rely on other people. They have their own lives to live and you need to be independent. 

If in the dream, you can’t catch up with a slow turtle, it means that you are not achieving your potential. There is so much more you can do if you put your mind to it. You can’t keep still for all of your life. You need to be able to move forward.

Dreaming of an Aggressive Turtle

If you dream about an aggressive turtle, it means that your progression through life will be slow, but you will eventually reach your goals. 

Alternatively, this dream can mean that you are hiding from reality. You are living in a dream world. You need to plant your feet firmly on the ground and face up to reality. It is time to stand up for what you believe in, even if it antagonizes other people. You have your own mind and if you want to follow your own path do so. 

Surprisingly, if you dream that a turtle is attacking you, it suggests that you are underestimating kindness from other people. They have your back and will help you if needed. 

Dreaming of an Injured Turtle

Dreaming about an injured turtle isn’t as negative as it sounds. It can mean that you are going to face some difficulties, but you are going to overcome them. If it is you who is harming a turtle, it means that you have an inner strength that is admired by others. However, these other people won’t admit that you are a strong person who can face life head-on. Alternatively, an injured turtle can signify broken trust. Perhaps your husband or wife has been having an affair. Maybe your boss promised you a promotion but has now reneged on the deal.

If you look after an injured turtle in your dream, this can mean that you are going to forgive someone who wronged you. 

To see a turtle bleeding in your dream can mean that you will be successful at work. Alternatively, it can mean that quick decisions are going to be made. This could either be your decision or someone else’s. The outcome could be good or bad.

Dreaming About Touching a Turtle

If you dream that a turtle pops its head out of its shell and you stroke it, life is good. You may even feel reborn and ready to move onto the next phase of your life. In ancient dream dictionaries, stroking a turtle was said to signify pleasure and happiness. You may even have an exciting new experience.

Dreaming about stroking a sea turtle in particular means that you will discover what is good in life. You will hold onto this feeling for a long time and your attitude will change for the better. 

Dreaming About a Snapping Turtle

A dream about a turtle that snaps and bites you is not a good omen. It means that you feel worried, and not of value to the people around you. It can also mean that you are going to come across an angry person who does not respect you. The snapping turtle is a symbol of a person in your waking life who wants to hurt you. Be prepared to face this person head-on and don’t let him or her make you feel worthless. 

Dreaming About a Turtle in a Damp Place

To dream about a turtle living somewhere that is damp; like a cave, is a good sign. You are going to have a successful future.

Dream dictionaries indicate that this damp place relates to you hiding away from other people. You want to be successful in your career and going it alone is the best policy at the moment. You are an intelligent person and will succeed. Your knowledge will grow in this time and then you can resume a more social life. 

Dreaming About Turtle Eggs

Like most reptiles, sea turtles lay eggs. On some beaches, you will find turtle eggs and you might even be lucky to see them hatch. You will see all the baby turtles running into the sea. It can be a great experience and to dream about turtle eggs or baby turtles is a positive sign. It indicates that you are going to come up with an idea that will be well received. Perhaps you are going to suggest an idea at work that will lead to promotion. If you see the turtles hatching in your dream, it can mean that you are going to have a new start in life. Perhaps this is a new career or a new relationship.

Turtle eggs take around two months to hatch so to dream about them can also mean that you will need to wait. Things will go your way, but it will take time. You will have to learn how to work better with your fellow employees. Take charge if necessary or delegate if that seems the best route to take. You can’t do everything on your own. 

Alternatively, this dream can relate to your home life. Perhaps you aren’t giving your partner or your children enough freedom to express themselves. They need to try things and even make mistakes. In this way, they will grow as people. They don’t need you taking control or offering help all the time.

In ancient dream dictionaries, seeing turtle eggs (see also Dreaming Of Eggs Meaning) in a dream suggests that you need to delegate and not do everything yourself. You also need to put any worries you have to the back of your mind. You are not responsible for everybody.

Dreaming About Having a Turtle as a Pet

Many people keep turtles as pets especially if they have children. They can surprisingly be friendly even though they are reptiles. 

In ancient dream dictionaries, keeping turtles as pets means that you are going to profit financially. Things are going well at work and you will reap the benefits. You have been working on a project for a long time and at last, it has come to fruition.

If you bought your turtle from a pet store, somebody is going to tell you that you have potential. Perhaps a promotion is on the cards.

If you dream of a pet turtle in a cage, it can mean that you are going to receive an inheritance. This dream is tinged with sadness as for you to receive this inheritance, somebody has to die. However, it could also mean that you win the money which is a better scenario. When you get the money, it is a good idea to invest it sensibly. You don’t want to blow it all and be left with nothing. This is a turning point for you to have a better life.

Dreaming About a Turtle on its Back

This dream is not a particularly good one. It can mean that someone close to you is taken for granted. He or she is intelligent, but it is not recognized. Perhaps you can help this person get what he or she deserves. 

A turtle lying on its back is unprotected by the shell. There is no way for it to get back on its feet unless someone helps. This can represent the way you feel. You need someone to help you to get out of a rut. If you are in a job where you don’t feel valued, it is time to change your career path. Listen to the advice you are getting from your friends.

Dreaming About a Herd of Turtles

Dreaming about a group of turtles is a good sign. It means that you are going to receive help and protection from your family and friends. You might even find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You will have peace and won’t get aggravated by anything. Maybe you will even have a new start in life. This is a great dream to have if you have been down in the dumps. 

Dreaming About an Empty Turtle Shell

To see a shell with a turtle in it is good news. It symbolizes protection and inner peace. You will be protected from any negative thoughts. However, to see an empty turtle shell is not good. It can suggest that you are having negative thoughts and need to pull yourself together before it’s too late. Stop pretending to be another person. Be yourself. If people don’t like you as you are, then they are not worth having as friends. 

The empty shell can also mean that you are feeling withdrawn. The shell is comparable to a cage where you have gone to feel safe. Maybe it’s time to venture into the world. 

If, on the other hand, you see the turtle hiding in the shell, it means that you are hiding from the reality of life. You don’t want to face up to problems. 

To dream of an empty turtle shell can also mean that you aren’t ready for whatever life is throwing at you. You want to feel comfortable, but you can’t do this forever. Most of us have friends and family that we love. 

An empty turtle shell can also mean that you are showing other people a hard exterior even though this is not you. It is time to open up to other people.

In ancient dream dictionaries, to dream about an empty turtle shell means that you need to hide away from the reality of life. You also want to hide away from your thoughts. Perhaps they have been causing sleepless nights. 

If you see a turtle walking without its shell, it means that you have bared your soul to family and friends. Perhaps you regret it and now feel vulnerable. Maybe somebody will take advantage of what you have said. 

To dream of a broken turtle shell can mean that you have not had good relations with the people around you. Perhaps trust has been broken. Once this has happened, it is difficult to go back to how things were. You are probably feeling hurt and now want the relationship to end.

Dreaming About Turtles on a Beach

Turtles breed on a beach and can remember which beach it is that they laid their eggs meaning that they are intelligent creatures. If you dream about a turtle on a beach it can mean that someone you know is not being recognized for their intelligence by others. 

Alternatively and on a negative note, it can mean that you are jealous and angry. You need to sort out your feelings in waking life otherwise you might break up with a friend or a loved one. The dream is a warning. You haven’t got the right attitude to deal with your friends and this must change.

Dreaming of an Injured Turtle

You could dream of an injured turtle if you have fallen out with a friend. It indicates that you are disappointed. You will have to sit down and decide what your feelings are for this person. Is there a chance that you can build bridges?  This person could be someone you value in your waking life. You could now be feeling insecure because you have lost your best friend. It is time to think if this is worth it and you wnt to be friends again. It’s never too late to try to reconnect.

Alternatively, this dream could mean that you are having doubts about something or someone. It is time to accept what the dream is telling you. Perhaps it is time to stop having other people sorting out your problems.  You can be independent.

Dreaming About a Slow Turtle

Turtles are, by nature, slow when walking on land. If you dream about one moving slowly, it can be that everything in your life is slow. You’re not moving forward as quickly as you would like either in your work or your personal life. Everything seems to be at a standstill. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to express your emotions and a relationship isn’t moving forward. It could even be moving backwards. Are you confused or are you just not decisive? On the other hand, you might be happy with this slow pace and don’t want any change. You are fine with plodding on through life with a reasonable job and a happy marriage. Why should anything change?

Dreaming About a Turtle in a Pond

If you dream about a turtle living in a pond, it means that you are a knowledgeable person. Each day you learn something new, but other people don’t appreciate this. You are surrounded by people who are superficial and they don’t value your knowledge. Perhaps you need to change jobs and find a career where you are appreciated. You deserve it.

Dreaming About a Turtle Moving Away From You

If you dream that a sea turtle is swimming away from you, it could mean that something is going to end. This could be a relationship or a job. It doesn’t necessarily mean that another person is going to end things with you. It could be you doing the leaving. Perhaps you have reached the end of the road with a person or with a career path. If the turtle is swimming away quickly in the ocean, it can suggest that what you thought was a strong attachment is going to end. 

Dreaming About Eating a Turtle

To dream about eating a turtle is not pleasant as they are so cute and if you are a vegetarian or vegan, this can be troubling. Perhaps the dream is telling you that you should get more protein in your diet, but more likely, it means that you are going to have more pleasure in your life. This is surprising as the dream isn’t pleasant.

Dreaming About a Turtle Biting You

It is unlikely that a real turtle would bite you, but nothing is impossible in the dream world. If a turtle bites you in your dream, it can mean that someone you trusted will betray you. However, it can also mean that you have encouraged this betrayal by not doing the things expected of you. This could be in either your personal life or in your job. You have been sluggish and this person has finally had enough. 

Alternatively, this dream can mean that you are going to be ‘bitten into action’. People are going to put pressure on you and you will come through with the goods. You really need to study the dream as a whole and relate it to your waking life to decide which interpretation is closer to the truth.

Dreaming About a Turtle Swimming in Muddy Water

To dream about a turtle swimming in muddy water is not a good omen. You are going to come across obstacles soon which will affect what you have been working on. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to overcome these obstacles and the prognosis is not good. Perhaps you will be demoted at work or even worse, sacked.

Dreaming About Accidently Killing a Turtle

This dream is a warning. Don’t rush through whatever you are working on. You need to take it slowly and get everything right. If you don’t, you might produce an inadequate project for your boss. Another meaning is that you could kill a personal relationship by not taking it slow. You need to get to know the other person before rushing him or her onto the next step.   

Dreaming About a Large Turtle

It is a good omen to dream about a large turtle. It means that you are going to overcome challenges some time in the near future. You will be able to face life head-on and without being scared. However, it will take a little time so be patient and you will be rewarded.

Dreaming About a Hostile Turtle

To dream of a hostile and angry turtle can mean that in your waking life, you are afraid and frustrated. You have problems and don’t seem to be able to sort them out. This is making you nervous.

On the other hand, the dream could mean that you are afraid of changes that are coming up. Perhaps you are starting a new job and are nervous about it. Maybe you are moving to a different part of the country and are scared that you won’t have any friends.

Dreaming About Touching a Turtle

This dream can be interpreted in two different ways. Firstly it could mean that you are going to enjoy something soon. Perhaps you are going on a well-deserved vacation. Alternatively, the dream could suggest that you should change your attitude to life as it isn’t helping your growth. Throw away any negative vibes you are experiencing as only then can you be happy.

Dreaming About a Snapping Turtle

Snapping turtles are usually found in ponds or lakes. They are large and they are often covered in scutes which are like fingernails. To dream about one of these freshwater turtles means that you don’t like helping others. Maybe it is time to change your ways as one day you might need help yourself. The dream can also mean that you need to get away from the stresses of life. They could make you physically or mentally ill. However, if the turtle snaps at you, it could mean that you may get scammed or ripped off if you help other people.

Dreaming About Seeing a Giant Turtle

The Giant Turtle is large as the name suggests. Some of the largest turtles in the world are Giant turtles and they can be found around the Galapagos islands (see island dream meaning and interpretation). To dream of one is a good sign. It suggests that your friends and family are looking out for you so you don’t need to worry.

Alternatively, this dream can mean that something is going to happen that will bring you great joy. Maybe you are going to have a baby. 

In addition, dreaming of a Giant turtle can mean that you are going to have opportunities in the coming weeks which will bring you much satisfaction. You will receive financial benefits.

Dreaming About a Turtle Walking Upright

Dreaming about a turtle walking upright, which of course is impossible, means that you need to slow down otherwise things will come crashing down around you. Maybe you are putting too much pressure on your partner to get married. Perhaps you are rushing through projects at work and are making mistakes. The area where the turtle is walking can give you an idea of what part of your life needs to be looked at.

Dreaming About Catching a Turtle

If you dream about catching a turtle, it is a positive sign. Perhaps you are involved in a competition with a work colleague who is not as clever as you. You should easily win the prize.

Dreaming About an Aggressive Turtle

To dream about an aggressive turtle indicates that you have goals that you have been unable to reach. You are frustrated that you seem to be stuck in a rut all the time. 

Alternatively, this dream could mean that a loyal friend or partner has now become fed up with you. If it is a romantic partner, he or she might have been unfaithful to you. Perhaps they thought you weren’t giving them enough attention.

This dream could also be connected to your work life. Perhaps a client is getting impatient and is rushing you to finish the project. You aren’t happy about this, as rushing through things can often lead to mistakes being made. Things aren’t going forward as you had planned. 

Dreaming About Talking to a Turtle

If you have a dream in which you are talking to a turtle, listen carefully to what it says. It is probably a message from your own subconscious. It could be either good or bad, but you need to be aware of what it is so that you can act accordingly in your waking life.

Dreaming About Killing a Turtle

Dreaming about killing a turtle is not a nice dream to have as turtles are very cute. However, if you dream that you are killing a turtle, the news isn’t bad. It means that a situation that you have been unable to resolve will sort itself out. Perhaps someone at work has blocked your ideas, but now your boss is overriding this person. 

In ancient dream books, to see someone killing and cooking a turtle suggests that you are going to come into money. All you need to do is work hard and you will be rewarded. This is most likely to be in a work situation.

Dreaming About a Dead Turtle

Seeing a dead turtle in a dream also isn’t pleasant, but nevertheless, it is a good omen. It means that you now have the opportunity to let other people know who you are. You have been hiding your true personality, but now is the time to open up. You can do this with actions as well as with words.

The Meaning of the Turtle in the Bible 

Turtles are mentioned in the Bible and they are considered to be spiritual and magical. They hold an important place in religion. 

Ancient people also held turtles in great esteem because of their long lifespan. They can easily outlive people. They are also considered special because they carry their home with them wherever they go. To many ancient people, turtles represent Mother Earth, symbolizing excellent health and long life.

Dreaming About a Turtle and a Snake Together

Snakes and turtles are very different creatures. The turtle is a gentle beast, while the snake is fierce and angry. If you dream about them in the same dream, it signifies that you have two sides to your personality. The snake depicts you as being angry when nothing goes the way you want it to. The dream is telling you that you should tone down this anger as it alienates people. The turtle, however, represents your other side. You take time to sort out problems so that they are dealt with correctly. You don’t make decisions lightly and like to look at both the pros and the cons of the problem. It also means that you are generally kind to people except when the snake part of your personality comes through. Work hard to get rid of this negativity.

Dreaming About Riding a Turtle

To dream about riding a turtle means that you are taking life slowly. You’re not rushing into decisions which is good as it is easier to make the right decisions if you think about them from every point of view. The dream indicates that you will achieve success as long as you take things slowly.

Dreaming About A Turtle Swimming Slowly

If you dream about a turtle swimming, you have been blessed with good fortune in life. It is a positive dream to have. If you are swimming with the turtle it can mean that you are going to have a long life and that you will be happy.

Dreaming About a Flying Turtle

Of course, turtles don’t fly, but anything can happen in a dream. If you have this dream, you are going to be given the opportunity for adventures. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to trek through a rainforest to see gorillas (see also Gorilla Dream Meaning). You have been stuck in a rut and now is the time to fly away and do what you want. 

The Spiritual Meaning of the Green Turtle

Green turtles are found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. They are large and have round legs.

To dream about a Green turtle means that you are in excellent health. You are also a popular person. You may seem calm, but you have spontaneity which other people love. You might also have a wild side and like to take advantage of every minute of the day. 

The Green turtle also symbolizes spirituality and wisdom. To dream of one can indicate that you have spiritual awareness. 

Dreaming About a Golden Turtle

Golden turtles in dreams signify wealth, but if you dream about one, you still won’t become prosperous unless you put in some hard work. If you do put in a lot of effort at work, you will be rewarded financially. The golden turtle also predicts that you are going to have a good time in the near future. 

Dreaming About a lack Turtle

If you dream about a black turtle, it means that you have problems, but don’t be disheartened as you will find a solution to everything you are coming up against. 

Dreaming About a Red Turtle

Red, in color symbolism, means danger so if you dream about a red turtle watch what you say to other people. They could take what you say the wrong way and you might alienate them. You could have a temper, but you should reign this in. 

Turtles in Native American Culture

Native Americans regard turtles as spiritual creatures and they think of them as representing Mother Earth. Mother Earth carries the burdens of humans on her back while the turtle carries its home on its back. Native Americans also think of them as representatives of fertility because they produce so many young at the same time.

Turtles in Egyptian Culture

Turtles in Egypt have been considered negatively. They think that turtles have demonic powers and they carry around turtle-shaped amulets to ward off evil.

Turtles in African Culture

In other parts of Africa, turtles are respected because they are wise creatures and can endure hardships. The people consider them to be related to the spirits of water and to the Rain God.

Turtles in Hawaiian Culture

In Hawaii, the turtle is called ‘honu’. It is believed that turtles guided the Polynesian people when they arrived at the islands. They are considered to symbolize good luck and faithfulness. It is a good omen if you see one in Hawaii. 

There are many myths about turtles in Hawaii. One such myth is about a sea turtle called Kailua who used to change into a woman to protect children playing on the beach. 

Turtles in Celtic Culture

In Celtic culture, turtles are seen as symbols of fertility because they produce so many young. They are also thought of as being hardy with a great ability to survive. They swim easily and feel vibrations in the water so they can tell if any predators are close by.

Turtles in Mayan Culture

In Mayan culture, turtles are connected to spirituality and to Mother Earth because they carry a large weight on their backs. These people have great respect for turtles, as do the Native Americans. They believe that one of their gods, the Maize God, came out of a turtle’s shell.

Turtles in Indian Culture

The name for the turtle in Indian culture is ‘Chuckwa’ or ‘Akupara’daily. The people believed that four elephants (see also Elephant Dream Symbolism) stood on the back of the turtle bearing the weight of the world. 

There is a myth about the god, Vishnu who incarnates as a turtle to help the Deves discover immortality.

Turtles in Chinese and Japanese Culture

In Japanese culture, the turtle is the symbol of their god, Kumara. This god stands for long life and good luck. The turtle is sacred in Chinese culture and they compare them to hermit sages. They also think of turtles as being a symbol of long life, wisdom, and wealth. Turtles resemble the immortal ‘Taoist’ with their slow breathing and self-control. The Chinese believe that turtles hold all the secrets of heaven and earth and for this, they need to be revered.

Turtles in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, turtles are seen as sacred and they are aligned with water. The black turtle is believed to help you to have a happy relationship. 

People who believe in Feng Shui put turtle figures close to the back door as they believe that they bring good luck.

Turtles in Buddhism

The sea turtle is important in Buddhism. Buddhists believe that they represent happiness because Buddha used a sea turtle to represent all the opportunities we receive on a daily basis. 


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