Dead Dog Dream Meaning And Interpretation

For many people, a dealbreaker in any kind of media is the dog dying, so much so that there are dedicated websites that warn you if the dog dies in the movie, book, or TV show, so you can avoid the heartache. 

This is a testament to our connection to our loyal friends, and exactly how much they mean to us.

The only thing worse than a dog dying in a dream – which can be vivid and horrible all on its own – is your dog dying in waking life, but it’s something we all have to accept eventually.

But what does it mean when you dream of your dead dog? Is it just your brain reliving all the pain and sadness, or is there something else at work?

Let’s take a look.

Is A Dead Dog A Bad Sign In A Dream?

As dream symbols go, one of the most positive ones you can see is the dog, signifying loyalty, love, and unerring friendship (see also What Does A White Dog Mean In Dreams?). No matter what, they have your back. 

So you might assume that a dead dog in a dream is the complete opposite.

You would be right – to an extent. One thing that’s consistent about dream interpretations is that your assumptions are usually only half right.

In a dream, a dead dog may signify all of the above, but that’s if the dog isn’t one you had in your life.

A dog you know or have known can represent the happy times you had with them, the time they were alive, filled with nostalgia and love, affection, and companionship.

A dream like this may also be a healing process of sorts, especially if your dog has died recently. 

Just like when people die, when our pets die we go through a grieving process that is painful at best, so your dead dog in a dream may be encouraging you to heal from something to move on.

It may also be an outlet for intense sadness, grief, powerlessness, or despair. Your brain gives you a reason to release all of these feelings, and it’s only the reason that doesn’t match up.

Of course, you may dream of your dead dog because you miss them. You miss them being in your life, caring for them, their soft fur, that sleep sigh, feeling that nose nudge you for attention, or that yelp that says Play with me! 

But a dream like this may not have much to do with your dog at all, though it seems like it on the surface. 

Perhaps you’re about to lose something important to you, such as a friendship, a partner, or a chapter in your life coming to an end. 

You may have already picked up on signs of this, though they are too small for your conscious mind to pick up, so your unconscious mind is bringing your attention to the loss in your dream. It may help to prepare you for what’s to come. 

A dream of your dead dog may also happen when you’re deeply unhappy in your waking hours, but you refuse to see it. You are running on fumes – spiritually speaking, if in no other aspect of life – and your first instinct is to push through.

While this might be a good tactic for some situations, the fact that you’re having this dream implies that you need a break, and you need one now. 

It might be a good idea to take some time to think about what you want from life, and how you might get your spark back. Maybe it’s time to change direction entirely and go after something so big it scares you to think about.

Why Am I Dreaming Of My Dead Dog?

We’ve already touched on some of the reasons why you might dream of your dead dog, but there are more things to consider than you might first imagine when you have a dream like this. 

Let’s take a look.

Pay Attention To The Present

Something about this dream to consider is that dogs live completely in the present. They don’t worry about the past or future, so to dream about your dead dog implies that you are focused too much on the future, or caught up in the past.

This dream may be a call to return your attention to the present, and what you can actually change, instead of worrying about what you can’t, or what might be headed your way.

Worrying rarely changes anything. While it can be useful in some situations, where you can then work to prevent some bad outcomes, you can’t stop everything, and it would be exhausting to try. 

A Visitation Dream

Some people believe that the spirit of loved ones – human or otherwise – can visit you in a dream. 

This is known as a visitation dream and is believed to be very rare. Your experience will be extremely vivid, and you may have one or two of these in your lifetime if you are lucky. 

This experience will stick with you for the rest of your life and may change your opinion on death entirely.

On some level, there is still a connection between you that transcends death, and your dream may be reminding you of this, too. 

Emotional Turmoil

A dream of seeing your dog dead may point to the present where you feel you’re going through a complete disaster. 

Your emotions are playing havoc with your instincts, your logic, and your intuition, clouding your judgment. You barely know which way is up right now, and you’re going through a lot.

This is a warning dream, telling you to avoid making any big decisions at the moment, as you’re not in the right headspace to think clearly, and you will inevitably miss something important.

It may be time to let go of the past, of any trauma still haunting you, and find a way to move on. Take some time for yourself and figure out what would help you do this, and perhaps it’s time you looked for a new path or purpose to focus on.

As dogs in dreams can represent spiritual guardians, you may feel vulnerable in some parts of waking life.


A dream where you see your dead dog and this image stays with you for the rest of the day can imply that there is a spiritual imbalance in your life, especially if you feel restless or nervous.

It can suggest that you’re surrounded by negativity, and maybe this is your own doing, where you are constantly talking yourself down, talking yourself out of good opportunities, or regretting your past and failing to move on.

After a dream like this, it’s worth looking into what area of your life is affected by negativity the most, and how you might loosen its hold on you.

Maybe a relationship has turned sour and there’s nothing to be done, in which case you should let go of it. Perhaps someone else’s problem is eclipsing your life when you need to deal with your own stuff and take a step back.


Another reason why you might dream of your dead dog is that there is a huge misunderstanding in one of your relationships. Dogs, after all, can symbolize deep connections between you and others, and loyalty, too.

So a dead dog in your dream – especially your dog – may denote arguments, conflicts, and a communication breakdown in your relationships.

It could be that this dream is already reflecting waking life, where you are in the middle of an argument with someone you love, or you can feel a rift opening between you.

There is some risk of emotional burnout, too, so this dream may warn you against getting too emotionally involved in the conflict and try to find a way to defuse the situation before it gets worse.

A dream like this denotes the potential for a complete breakdown in your relationship, so be careful. In some cases, maybe this deterioration in your relationship isn’t something you can prevent.

But perhaps this will be a good thing. Maybe your relationship isn’t salvageable, or you have outgrown each other, and it’s time to make room for new people in your life going forward. 


Just as a dog in a dream can represent complete and unswerving loyalty, a dead dog in your dream can suggest someone you love deeply is lying to you, or they are about to betray you on a very personal level.

A dream like this warns you to be cautious. Ensure that people’s words match up with their actions, rather than them saying one thing and doing something entirely different. 

It may also denote that you are in danger of betraying yourself in some way, or someone you love. Make sure that your recent decisions or current choices are ones you wouldn’t be ashamed of in the future.


A dream like this may suggest that reality is about to hit you hard. A misconception, stubbornness, or even a lie is about to be exposed, and you’ll soon be able to see the truth. 

A dead dog in your dream implies a change in loyalty somewhere, or someone’s intentions are about to become clearer.

This might not be as bad as it first sounds. Any confusion in a current relationship will soon clear up, and you’ll finally know where you stand. 

Or, it could be that you’re about to find a solution to a problem that’s been plaguing you for a while when you feel you’ve already tried every possible answer and nothing has worked.

Someone Misses You

Dreaming of your dead dog may signal that someone deeply misses you. This could be someone you’d immediately think of, maybe your partner or a family member, or someone you’d be very surprised at.

It may be worth reaching out to the people in your life, as a dream like this can signal a deepening connection with them if you do, which will help you both going forward. 

If you don’t, you may find your relationship weakening on some level, and you may not have the time to return to it later. 

Talent Or Skills Going To Waste

Seeing your dead dog in a dream can be a signal that you’re letting some of your best talents or skills go to waste, you’re not making full use of what you’ve worked towards or what you’re naturally good at.

It could be that you’ve been giving an ongoing situation your full attention, rather than trying to find more of a balance, and this is causing you some stress, as you feel you have no time for the things that spiritually nourish you.

Or, maybe you don’t have any idea that you possess a particular talent or something that you’re naturally good at, and this dream is a call to expand your horizons and try new things to discover it. 

It can also mean that you are detaching yourself from the people in your life who love you, or your perception has become skewed in some way. A dream like this calls you to reconnect.

Turning Away From Your Goals

Seeing your dead dog in a dream may imply that you’ve turned your back on your life’s greatest desires, childhood dreams, or goals that seem far out of your reach.

Dogs in dreams may signify success, ambition, and luxury, so to see a dead dog, you may feel as though these are getting further from your reach.

Maybe something you’ve wanted for a while isn’t actually possible anymore, or you’ve achieved a goal and discovered that it’s not actually what you wanted. You were more in love with the process than the outcome. 

It may be time to take some time out to consider what you really want, while you can still change your course if that’s what your heart wants the most. 

Ask yourself what you really want, rather than what is possible, or what you feel you deserve and think about how you might reach that place in waking life.

Feeling Directionless

You may also dream of your dead dog when you want to return to a simpler time, where things were decided for you, and one of the lights of your life was your dog. 

It may be that you feel your current situation lacks any happiness or meaning, or you’re confused about your current path, and you’re not sure what direction you should head in. 

It could be that you’re absolutely swamped with work, or your responsibilities are taking over your personal life, and you feel there is no time now for what you want – if you can even remember what that is.

It might be that you’re at a spiritual crossroads in life, where you know that your next few decisions will dictate the course of your life for a while. 

You want to make sure they are the right ones, but you have no idea of how to judge them, or what the future should even look like. A dream of your dead dog is a desire to return to something more familiar, where things aren’t so much of a mix of guesswork and hope.

A Spiritual Revelation

Death in dreams is often linked to change, and if you dream that your dog dies, but is alive and healthy in waking life, this implies that you need to spend some time developing your spiritual side or move further along your spiritual path.

It may be a call to listen to your intuition, trust your instincts more, and rely less on what other people tell you. 

It may also be a signal that your life is about to change on a more spiritual level. It could be that what has motivated you up until now will be replaced with something more effective, something that might take you completely by surprise. 

Dreaming That Your Dead Dog Is Happy And Healthy

This is one of the most common dreams of this type, and that probably won’t be a surprise. 

A dream where your dead dog is happy and healthy can be a fantastic dream, or very bittersweet, depending on if you remember your dog is dead in the dream or not. 

Seeing your dead dog happy and healthy in a dream may point to positive change in the future, a time filled with joy and meaning that you will remember for the rest of your days.

It may also reflect your relief that your dog is no longer suffering anymore, and how you wish you could see them again as they were when they were healthy.

A dream like this may also denote the lasting connection that still stands between you and your dog, unbroken by death.

Some believe that seeing your dead dog happy, healthy, and young again in your dream is your dog coming to guide you through a difficult period in life, just as they did when they were alive.

After all, life isn’t always kind, so the dream of your dog may give you some respite away from the stress, uncertainty, and despair.

You may play with them in your dream, providing you with some relief that things aren’t as bad in waking life as they might seem, giving you a moment to forget about your problems and just enjoy the company of your pet. 

Playing With Your Dead Dog In A Dream

A dream where you play with your deceased friend is actually a good sign for the future, as long as you enjoy the hell out of your dream, and it doesn’t make you sad that you can no longer do this.

This dream may mirror waking life where you’re about to enjoy the hell out of a situation, journey, relationship, or even rekindle an old relationship that you thought was long lost. 

You’re about to fully enjoy being in the present, rather than thinking about the future or the past.

If you only feel sad during this dream, it may suggest that you aren’t over the death of your dog, not by a long shot, and you may need help to move on. 

A dream like this is especially common when you have recently lost your dog, and reflects your grief, and how their death hasn’t sunk in yet. Be patient with yourself. 

Your Dead Dog Running Away From You In A Dream

What a horrible experience. Dreaming that you see your faithful friend again only for them to run away from you is a traumatic dream, especially if they refuse to look at you, or worse, even attack you.

The good news is that this nightmare is not a visitation dream. Your dog is not visiting you in a dream just to reject you or attack you. Why would they?  

Instead, a dream like this reflects inner conflict, a loss of confidence, bad luck, or a blow to your self-esteem. You feel pretty low right now, but things won’t always be this way. 

It may be that you are arguing with someone you love deeply, bad luck has smashed all your plans to bits, or something that you thought would be easy is actually very difficult.

Maybe you’ve run into a lot of problems at work, and just looking at the mess you have to sort out is overwhelming. Or the obstacles are in your personal life, and you’re finding it difficult to look past them to concentrate on your work or other responsibilities.

Something has come along and changed your perspective for the worse, but don’t forget that all things must come back into balance, so either through your own efforts or something else, life won’t always feel this bad, and they will level out soon enough. 

Dreaming Of Your Childhood Dog Meaning

To see your childhood dog in a dream may refer to your childhood as a whole, nostalgia for the past, your childhood goals and dreams for the future, and how you had no responsibilities to worry about.

It may be a call to respect yourself more, take care of your well being, and return to a simpler way of life, where even the smallest details may make you happy. 

Something or everything about your current situation is making you unhappy, and this dream is a call to adjust things so that they might be better.

A dream like this may also occur when you’re on a spiritual journey, and you’re close to a revelation, so your childhood dog may appear in your dream to tell you to stay on your current path, as dogs are closely connected to intuition in dreams. 

A Dream Where You Feel Your Dead Dog Is Sleeping Beside You

This can be a heartbreaking experience, more so than some of the other dream scenarios on this list as it is so detailed. 

It is especially bittersweet if your dog has always slept in your bed with you, as it can be a reminder of the close bond you shared, and how their presence might have helped you sleep or made you feel safe.

You might dream of your dead dog sleeping beside you when you are only half asleep, and you’ve been struggling to get some sound sleep without them. Your subconscious is giving you a comforting and familiar sensation to help soothe you.

Another interpretation to consider is that the spirit of your dog has come back to visit you and provide reassurance especially when life feels a bit shaky or things are crashing down around you. 

It may also be a call to listen to what your instincts are telling you. Dogs are very instinctual beings, so a dream like this may suggest that you are listening to your doubt or your hopes too much rather than what your gut tells you.

A dream like this may also occur when you feel lonely, or it feels like everyone in your waking life is against you. Your subconscious calls upon your most loyal of friends for some company, to soothe your spirit and aching heart.

Seeing Your Dead Dog In Your Home In A Dream

A dream where you see, smell, or hear your deceased dog in your home is an interesting one. In dreams, your home is your safest place, where your innermost hopes, dreams, most vulnerable self, and wishes reside.

To see your dead dog in your home in a dream speaks to the intrinsic connection between you that not even death can break, no matter how many years go by, or what happens in your waking life. 

It’s a testament to the strength of your bond, and it’s also something your mind may draw upon when you need a respite or a retreat from waking life, and focus on someone that loves you without any strings attached, no matter what mood you are in, or what you look like.

Your dead dog may also appear in your home within a dream when you need to return to an element of the past. 

Maybe there’s a lesson you still need to learn, or you need to remember your original reason for setting out on a spiritual journey or rekindle an old goal that may provide you with the hope or motivation you need to carry on.

You may also have a dream like this when you wonder what death has in store for you, and if there is a life after death. It’s only natural to think about your loved ones that have passed on, and whether you might see them again or not.

Can Your Dead Dog Visit You In A Dream?

Some people believe our dead loved ones can visit us in dreams. 

This is called a visitation dream, and you’ll know if it is one, as it will be incredibly vivid, and instinctively you will know it is them coming to visit you, not just your projection of them or your subconscious fulfilling your desire to see them.

A visitation dream is incredibly rare, but it is possible. Your dog may visit you when you need support, healing, and comfort, and your faithful friend will provide all of these to you in a dream.

A visitation dream may happen when you feel at your most vulnerable, most lonely, or most misunderstood. Your dog may manifest in your dreams to support you at the time you need them the most.

It may also happen when you’ve been thinking about them a lot recently, or for no visible reason at all. Whatever the cause, it’s worth mentioning that the experience of dreams of this type will stick with you forever.

Trying To Resuscitate Your Dead Dog In A Dream

A dream where you are trying your absolute best to bring your dead dog back to the world of the living can suggest that you’re about to encounter someone who will desperately need your advice or your help.

It may be something small that they need your advice on, or something much bigger. Maybe it’s something they can’t do for themselves, but something that you can. Sometimes all it takes is an outside perspective to help bring things into focus.

If you manage to bring your dog back in the dream, this denotes how you will succeed in helping this person. You will tell them exactly what they need to hear, or point them onto the path they need to take.

Alternatively, a dream where you are trying to encourage your dead dog to breathe may denote how you wish your pet was still in your life. You’re not over the loss, and perhaps a part of you never will be. 

It may also suggest that you’re in the middle of a problematic situation that feels impossible to get through, or a tough set of circumstances that you’ve met your match with. 

Consider if you manage to resurrect your dog in this dream or not. If you do, this is a very positive sign for the future, where you will succeed in anything you might do. 

Failing to resuscitate your dog in your dream signifies despair, emotional turmoil, and the fear that things just won’t turn out the way you hope they will.

A Dream Where You Resurrect Your Dog Meaning

The death of your dog leaves a horrible hole in your life, and that’s something that all dog owners can agree on. Some people can’t face having another dog afterward because the pain of their dog dying is just too much to go through twice. 

The too-quiet house, the restlessness when you feel you need to take someone for a walk, play with them, or feed them, but there’s no one scrabbling at the door, nails clicking on the floor, or whining for you to come to them. 

People that have never had dogs will say ‘It’s only a dog, why are you so upset?’ and this always makes things worse. They haven’t seen how your dog has changed you, made you laugh, made you cry, and loved you for every minute of their life. 

It’s only natural to have a dream where you resurrect your dog after it dies in waking life. It reflects your desire for your dog to be happy and healthy and alive again, and how you wish you could spend more time with them.

For many dog owners, all they want is for their dog to live a happy and healthy life, for as long as possible, and your dream reflects this. No time will ever be enough. 

If you dream of trying to resurrect your dog that is alive in waking life, this can simply refer to your worry of something bad happening to them. 

However, it may also suggest that something in your life needs to be brought back to life. Maybe you’ve abandoned a goal that you’re so close to realizing it would be a shame to give up now, or you’re stagnating somewhere in life.

Maybe a romantic relationship has gone stale, or a friendship doesn’t fill you with joy like it once did. 

This is one of the more likely interpretations, as dogs in dreams typically represent loyalty and connection. This dream is a call to find a way to bring it back to something better. 

Is Your Dead Dog Trying To Tell You Something In A Dream?

There are many reasons why you might dream of your dead dog, and more often than not, it’s something to explore. It may be that your dog, one of the most loyal beings in your life, is trying to tell you something.

It could be that during a stressful situation, you’ve forgotten something vital, such as the reason why you were chasing a dream in the first place, a motivation that kept you going, or something about yourself that would help you carry on. 

Or, it may be even something as simple and as complicated as how to stay in the present moment rather than worrying about the future, reminiscing, or regretting the past.

Your dog in a dream may be a reminder to keep going, to be loyal to yourself and those you love, but also to enjoy every little chance for happiness that you get. After all, this is something that dogs do without hesitation. 

Your dog may also appear in your dream not as a representation of themselves, but of your most loyal or wisest form of yourself. 

A dream like this is most likely to happen when you feel you don’t have control over your life’s path, have no concrete sense of power, or you feel confused in your waking hours. 

A dream like this serves to connect you with your innermost knowledgeable self, so that you may see a solution you’ve been searching for. 

This dream calls on you to recognize the truth of a situation, and take back control of your life. This might be in small steps or one big leap of faith that will carry you forward.

It may also be a call to be more loyal to those you love or yourself. It could be that you’re devoting all of your time and energy to other people, but none to yourself. Remember that you are your own best friend, or your own worst enemy, and you get to decide this.

You might be sacrificing something dear to you for a reason that doesn’t make sense, but you’re going along with it anyway because it seems like the right course right now.

Or, perhaps circumstances have pushed you into a more selfish frame of mind than you’d naturally be, and this dream is urging you to return to your normal self before your relationships suffer, or you make a decision you might regret later.

Reliving Your Dog’s Death In A Dream Meaning

A dream where you relive the event of your dog’s death and the pain and trauma it created is a horrible experience, but what does it mean? 

It may simply be your brain reliving this painful memory, where you feel each emotion just as much as you did that day. It might feel like torture for your subconscious to put you through this more than once, but perhaps it is trying to tell you something.

Nearly all pet deaths have some element of guilt to them, regardless of whether something was ‘your fault’ or not. Inevitably, you will blame yourself for not spending enough time with them, for not knowing better, for not treating them better in their last few days, especially if you didn’t know.

A dream like this is a reminder that we don’t have a crystal ball for the future. Not everything can be explained or predicted. As some people say, we only see the ‘stitching’ of the tapestry of life, certainly not the whole picture, but only a minuscule part of it that we’re capable of seeing.

A dream like this may come to you when you need to take a step back. Perhaps you’re trying to control every tiny aspect of your life, you keep running into obstacles and still, you try your best to influence life where you can.

Not everything is in your power to change, and some of the best things in life come when we relinquish our control and let go for a while, and just enjoy what fate delivers into our hands. 

It may be that something cannot come to you until you stop trying to control a situation so hard. You might even find that serendipity will lead you to something much better than what you were hoping for.

Can A Dream Of A Dead Dog Be A Premonition?

It’s a horrible fact of life that dogs aren’t immortal. Deep down, you are aware every day that your dog could get sick beyond medical help if they eat something wrong, twist their stomach, or another terrible reason. 

You also might get nervous when every day there’s a creeping sign of old age coming for your dog. They get slower, stiffer, and start to hobble, and an uncomfortable feeling worms its way into the pit of your stomach.

A nightmare of your dog dying can make you incredibly jumpy or worried that something awful is going to happen to your dog, where you think about it for days or weeks afterward.

While it’s very likely that a dream of your dog dying is a reflection of your terror of something bad happening to them, it may be a premonition.

The only good news here is that you will know instantly in your gut if your dream is a premonition or not. There are no second-guesses when it comes to premonitions, nothing you can explain away immediately. 

You may just have a bad feeling that refuses to go away, something that makes its uncomfortable home in your gut. If you are worried, visit your vet and get your friend a health check to put your mind at ease. 

Will I See My Dog Again When I Die?

This is a question a lot of us ask, and there is no way to know for sure what the answer might be, unfortunately. 

Death is a terrifying thought for most of us, so hoping that a loved one such as a dog that has passed on waiting for us is a very comforting thought. Not many of us can stand the thought of our pets being alone in the spiritual plane, or how they will cope without us. 

Obviously, we hope that there’s the possibility that we will see our beloved dogs again when we die, especially when dreams of our deceased dogs can offer us some hope and comfort when we really need it.

Some people believe that when pets die, their spirits stay on earth with us until we die, and we go ‘on’ together, staying for eternity. This may explain to some people why you might still hear, smell, or even feel your dog beside you once they have died, especially when you are dreaming.

To others, pets go to a separate afterlife for a time until death claims us too, and then we can enjoy a respite together for a while before moving on to separate places. 

Maybe where our pets go after they die, or even where we die is something you’ve never considered, but events in waking life have you questioning everything.

Some people that have been through near-death experiences, for example, have reported seeing their dead loved ones and pets waiting for them on the other side. This image stays with them when they return, too, perhaps changing the way they look at everything.

Some believe animals do not have a soul, but fundamentally, we are all made of the same energy, so why shouldn’t they have souls just as we do? After all, each dog is different in its own personality, quirks, and little things that make them unique.

This seems more like a bias of the human condition and the ‘superiority’ of humanity, rather than something we should take as truth.

If you think about just how many galaxies, constellations, and planets we’ve discovered (and more we haven’t), it seems very narrow minded to assume that animals do not have souls. 

Whatever energy powers us also powers them, they feel and think and are the product of nature and nurture just as we are. After all we’ve discovered, and all we know – and don’t know – it would be nearly impossible that our pets are simply ‘robots’ reacting to stimuli.

Just something to think about.

Why Do I Have Recurring Dreams Of My Dead Dog?

A dream that repeats itself over and over implies that there is something this dream has to tell you, and you haven’t quite grasped its message yet. This is the case with all recurring dreams.

It may be a call to move past something you’re refusing to see in waking life, to confront something you’ve desperately trying to avoid. Until you resolve the situation in waking life, your dream is likely to keep repeating itself.

In the case of seeing your dead dog in a dream over and over, there can be a few reasons for this. 

The first and simplest reason is that you miss your dog and everything they added to your life, from a lot of laughter to a reason to get up in the morning. 

It may be that you haven’t gotten over the death of your dog, and there is no straight line to when you will stop grieving, as it is a complicated process. 

You may also keep seeing your deceased dog in your dreams as they were a pillar of support in your life for so long that the very thought of them is comforting. 

Maybe waking life is full of tough challenges right now, so your subconscious provides you with some relief in the form of seeing your old friend again.

Another reason why you may dream of your dead dog over and over is that you are ignoring your responsibilities, you don’t feel any profound connections with the people in your life, or you need to work on the spiritual aspects of your life.

Maybe your obligations in waking life have gotten too much for you right now, and you don’t see how you can devote any more time to anything more, or you don’t feel you have the energy to double down when life asks you for more.

It could be that your relationships in waking life don’t feel that they mean much to you right now. Perhaps stress has made you distance yourself from others, or even from your emotions. Maybe your relationships are full of small talk and nothing much else, and you’re lonely. 

It could be time to reach out and try and improve your relationships or look for new connections that will give you the meaning you’re looking for. Try to meet a wide variety of people, and see where things take you.

A repeating dream of seeing your dead dog may also suggest that you’re ignoring your instincts in some way, and this could even be risky. 

Maybe a situation is deteriorating, and you are failing to recognize this, or one of your relationships is falling apart, and you assume that it will survive without doing anything to make it so. 

Your dream is urging you to act. Consider your actions carefully, and then put a plan into place to get things back on track, before they can get any worse. 

It may be that you need to adopt some of the qualities your dead dog represents in a dream, such as loyalty, happiness, and listening to your instincts. 

It’s also important to pay attention to other elements of your dream, especially if these keep repeating, too. 

Dream symbols that repeat themselves over and over are significant and have something to tell you, so make sure to keep a dream journal or notes of your experiences to return to them later if it’s not clear for a while.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of A Dead Dog Dream

As you might imagine, there are some spiritual aspects to consider when you dream of your dead dog. 

One of the reasons why we dream of our loved ones who have passed is that we want reassurance that wherever they have gone is better and that they are at peace.

Losing someone important to you is traumatic at the best of times, but we get so little time with our pets that it is very traumatic to lose them. 

So to see your dead dog in a dream represents the everlasting effect they have had on your life, and how not even death can take that away. 

If you are someone who believes in the spirit world, dogs are believed to be guardians, as they often protect us from harm in life, and it’s said that they also protect us from negative spiritual energies, too.

It may suggest that you feel you need protection from something in waking life, as dogs can be a great emotional support to us, and you may dream of your dead dog when things are getting too much, or you feel there is an underlying force working against you.

Dogs are deeply instinctual creatures, so to dream about your dead dog can be a reference to return to what your intuition is telling you, instead of what hope or denial is insisting is truth. 

Positive Changes Are Coming, If:

  • You see your childhood dog
  • You spend some time with your dead dog
  • You play with your dead dog
  • Your dog is happy to see you
  • You resurrect your dead dog in a dream
  • You feel happy when you see your dead dog
  • You have a visitation dream

Dead Dog Dream Meaning Summary:

  • Seeing your dead dog: you miss them, losing your way, miscommunication
  • Playing with your dead dog in a dream: reconnecting with your instincts, good times ahead
  • Your dead dog attacks you or ignores you: conflict, bad luck, arguments, feeling betrayed
  • Seeing your childhood dog in a dream: nostalgia, wanting to return to a simpler time, childhood memories
  • Trying to bring your dead dog back to life: you miss them or resurrect part of your life that has stopped 
  • Reliving how your dog died: you can’t control everything, emotional turmoil
  • Recurring dreams of your dead dog: something you’re ignoring needs your attention

Final Thoughts

A dream of a dead dog is never a fun experience, but often it has something important to tell you, like many painful dreams. Sometimes, the more painful the scenario, the harder your subconscious is trying to get you to notice something.  

It can be difficult to recall anything but the emotional pain a dream like this can throw you into, so try to focus on the details where you can. 

It may be worth keeping a dream diary so that you can always come back to the meaning of your dream later, as some dreams only get clearer the longer you leave them.

Perhaps you’re not in the right place to see what your dream is trying to tell you, as it might be about a point in the future, rather than something in your present or your past.

It will also allow the emotional response from your dream to lessen, allowing you to focus on the details and the probable meaning of your dream.


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