Dragon Dream Interpretation

Dragons were a common symbol in different cultures across the world pretty much since the dawn of time. Their meanings might differ, but the essence is the same. A dragon is one of the most powerful mythological creatures, and whether it’s pictured as good or evil, it certainly is a power to be reckoned with. Throughout the cultures from the Americas to Australia, dragons are either feared or honored. Or both.

Seeing a dragon (see also Dragon Spiritual Meaning And Totem) in a dream means different things. The symbolism behind these creatures is related to their traditional cultural perception.

In European culture, a dragon is usually a symbol of aggression and evil. When it comes to physical appearance,  it’s depicted as a four-legged creature that spits fire. In the far East, dragons are quite the opposite. Pictured as a snake-like wingless creature, during the imperial period, the dragon would represent the strength and power of the Emperor. Members of the dynasty would wear their symbols proudly on their robes.

Dragons were worshipped in China long before the imperial period. The oldest known dragon statue dates back all the way to the 5th millennium BC. Dragons are also the 5th of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, and the only imaginary one. People born during the year of the dragon are courageous, intelligent and determined. Sometimes, they might come off as aggressive and ill-tempered. 

As a symbol, a dragon appears in feng shui, too. This celestial animal represents powerful male energy and is believed to bring wealth. 

Nowadays, most dragons in books and movies are wile and destructible. From Game of Thrones to the Hobbit, you can find them spitting fire and fighting humankind. In dreams about dragons, it’s not uncommon to see yourself combating one. 

Dragons also appear in Native American legends too. Tribes along the Pacific coast told stories about dragons responsible for the formation of the earth. These stories were inspired by dinosaur bone excavations, which first were thought to be dragon bones.

In Celtic mythology, a dragon is considered to be out of this world. There are two types of dragons mentioned in the lore. The first type is classic four-legged and winged, like what we usually see in movies nowadays. The other type resembles a sea serpent more, and probably was an inspiration to a legend of the Loch Ness monster. Considering that dragons were gatekeepers to other dimensions and guardians of the universe, they certainly are one of the strongest symbols in Celtic lore.

General Meanings Behind Dreams Of Dragons

The English word dragon is Latin in origin. In this classical language, the word Draco means a huge serpent. They’re very similar to snakes, and not just in a physical way, but as symbols, too.

Before we get into different dream scenarios regarding dragons, et’s talk about some general symbolism behind these mythical creatures. As we already mentioned, in Western history, the dragon is usually depicted as the essence of evil. From Christianity to modern culture, these creatures are seen as negative omens. 

But that’s not all dragons are. Aside from being dangerous, they’re also magical, powerful and insanely intelligent. They’re universally pictured as symbols of good fortune. In Chinese culture only, there are numberless shrines and temples dedicated to these mythical creatures.

Considering how big and potentially dangerous dragons are, even as mythical creatures, we often consider dreams of dragons to be nightmares. It’s not unusual to wake up in a puddle of your own sweat just when the dragon was about to eat you in your dream.

But no matter how frightening these dreams are, they always carry a valuable lesson. To get a deeper understanding of your dream, look at the whole picture. What other elements and symbols are involved? Where’s the dream scenario located? What actions did you perform in a dream?

Seeing a dragon in a dream usually symbolizes facing your fears or problems. Riding a dragon in a dream no only you faced these issues, but you’re actively pulling the strings in your life. While other people’s guidance can be helpful, we all learn best by experiencing things firsthand. 

But if a dragon is spitting fire in a dream, that usually indicates a possible argument with your loved one. Think before you speak, as words can burn. Something you say might jeopardize your relationship, and accusations can never be taken back. 

Finally, killing a dragon means your problems are finally under control. Things are solving for themselves, and you can finally organize your life the way you want it. 

As you can see, a dragon as a dream symbol means different things. Let’s start with the color of the dragon in your dream, and how it affects dream interpretation

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Black Dragon?

In pop culture, a black dragon is the epitome of destruction. From all the dragons in an imaginary world, the biggest villain is always depicted as black. This color, which is actually a result of the absence of light, is usually used along with white to display opposites. Take yin yang for example. 

In ancient China, black dragons were believed to be responsible for different natural disasters like floods and heavy storms. Chinese thought these natural phenomena are a result of black dragons battling in the celestial sky. 

A black dragon in a dream could be related to a certain situation in your waking life that’s different from what you’re accustomed to. This has kicked you out of your comfort zone, and you feel like a fish out of the water. 

But, a black dragon could also be a symbol of high mindfulness. It means you’re well aware of your possibilities and know how to use them. Your persuading power is admirable, but can easily become destructive. It’s like taking Machiavelli a bit too unreservedly. The ends don’t always justify the means.

According to Carl Jung, a shadow is an unknown dark side of our personality. A black dragon in a dream could be a signal from your subconscious. Usually, those are things you’re aware of, but haven’t come to terms with yet. It’s time to get out of the hiding and deal with your emotions.

Dreaming of a black dragon can also represent transformation. Your inner beast is strong and powerful, but needs to be tamed, or else it will become destructive. Maybe you’re trying to adapt to changes in your life, which sometimes can be hard. Remember that old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them?” There are no unsolvable situations, you just need to know how to adjust. 

Seeing A Red Dragon In A Dream

The color red has a wide range of symbolic meanings (see also Colors In Dreams), such as life, war, anger, love and passion. It’s both the color of fire and blood. 

In Christianity, this color is related to hell. In Chinese tradition, on the other hand, red is connected to happiness and good fortune. When it comes to red dragons in a dream, they can mean all of these things. Interpretation relies on several factors and even the slightest symbols should be taken into mind.

Dreaming of a fiery-colored dragon is a warning to mind what information you share with other people. There are things that are better kept for yourself. Otherwise, you might burn on your tongue. You’re not the dragon.

If a red dragon in your dream flaps its winds, you can expect some tough times ahead. But, if it manages to take off, you’ll come out stronger and well prepared for whatever comes next.

Meanings Behind A Silver Or Grey Dragon In A Dream

Silver dragons are healers. This color is connected to feminine power and spiritual energy, and it works great at repelling negative energy back to its source. This is also the color of the moon, and silver dragons live by the lunar cycle. In pop culture, dragons of this color serve as protectors of the weak. They fight for a good cause, and cherish honor above all. 

So when you dream about a silver or grey dragon, that dream related to a certain person in your life. Their malevolent actions are aimed at you, and this dream reminds you to stay strong and find your true self. Silver or grey is the perfect balance between black and white, and it shows us that finding the middle ground is always a good idea. 

What Does It Mean To See A Water Dragon In A Dream?

Water dragons are lizards native to mainland Southeast Asia but are commonly bought as pets throughout the world. When dreaming about this specific species, the meaning behind it is not as straightforward. They live along the shores of freshwater lakes, and their symbolism is closely related to this element too.

 Water in dreams seems to be a sign of our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Seeing a water dragon in a dream usually means your emotions are disturbed. But this dream is a good omen. This means you’ll be able to put your feelings behind and deal with your issue in a more rational way. 

Water dragons can also appear in a dream during the time you’re in need of spiritual support. They’re a sign that you’re feeling lost and looking for order in your life. You might be searching for happiness, but before you achieve it, a long road of obstacles lies ahead.

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Dragons?

In the book of Revelations, a verse says “behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads.” On the final day, it will roam the land freely, and you can’t be saved from it. 

Dragons appear a few more times in the book, with different terms that usually mean either a crocodile (see also crocodile dream meaning) or a sea monster.  In both cases, these beasts are represented as creatures that bring nothing but destruction and menace.

Remember we said dragons are akin to snakes? Well, the Bible also confirms that. After all, both a snake and a dragon are terms used to refer to the fallen angel. They’re both symbols of evil power and Hell’s chaos. We all know how a story about the Garden of Eden ended.

Seeing A Gold Dragon In A Dream

Gold is the color of treasures and riches, and there’s nothing more extravagant than a gold dragon. Seeing one in a dream is usually related to your hidden desires. Just like silver is a color of the moon, gold is the color of the sun. It also represents the colors of the divine power.

Along with purple, gold is also considered to be the color of royalty. But, surrounding yourself with too much of it, and you can easily lead to becoming too self-centered.  A golden dragon in a dream might be a reflection of your behavior towards other people around you. 

What’s more, a dream about a golden dragon could also be related to wealth and prosperity, too. After all, feng shui dragon figurines are made in golden color for this very reason. And dreams about wealth don’t even have to be regarding material riches only. Your personality and integrity are two of the strongest things you own, and something no one can take away from you.  

What Does It Mean To See A Yellow

In Chinese folk religion, a yellow dragon represents a reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, one of the legendary Chinese sovereigns. In East Asian cultures, this deity represents the center of the cosmos and the earth element. But in our dreams, a yellow dragon represents both your mind and soul. When communicating with other people around you, you also reflect on your actions and deeds. A yellow dragon in this case is a good balance between these two parts of you.

Meaning Behind A Blue Dragon In A Dream

Blue is the color of truth, wisdom, devotion, tranquility and loyalty. Dreaming about a blue dragon is a prediction of calm and comfortable times ahead of you. The same color of the sky and the sea, blue represents peacefulness and inner happiness. 

Sometimes, a dark blue dragon can also appear during a period of your life when you’re feeling down. You’re frustrated by the lack of action in your life, and you’re struggling to understand the purpose behind the things you do. An existential crisis is not uncommon during tough times, but it’s something you should deal with, before it becomes a much serious problem. 

Dreams Of White Dragons And Their Interpretations

White color symbolizes joy, purity and innocence. The Song dynasty actually canonized white dragons as the spirits of their most virtuous kings. Dreaming of a white dragon during a turning point in your life indicates you’re ready for a fresh start and a new attitude. 

Even though it’s a color of innocence, a white dragon usually refers to an inner conflict you’re having with yourself. A lot of times, we’re strung between two options: the easy and the right one. And while the latter should our guiding star in anything we do, the former simply makes sense. A white dragon in a dream reminds you to value justice above other things.

On another note, a white dragon can also appear as a bad omen. In China, white color can be related to occults, so dreaming of a white dragon could symbolize death and mourning in your future.

Seeing A Komodo Dragon In A Dream

While dragons are imaginary, some species in the animal kingdom are the closest we have to these glorious creatures. Take komodo dragons, for example. They don’t fly and aren’t as huge, but they’re extremely strong and can be dangerous, too.

 a komodo dragon usually represents survival instincts and a strong life force. As Darwin said, natural selection is the survival of the fittest, and you are constantly making sure to top the list. You enjoy your life along with all the rewards that come with it. Your self-confidence is high, and you know your place well. This dream is a reminder to always trust your instincts. If your gut says something is right, then it’s right. 

The Komodo dragon can also symbolize strong, overbearing fear. This includes both rational and irrational phobias. Maybe you’re worried about never finding a purpose in life. Or, on the other hand, your problems are more of a physical kind.. For instance, you could be fearing for your health condition. Or, you’re afraid someone’s been using you. In any case, this feeling makes you feel uneasy and constantly under stress. 

Komodo dragon usually appears in a dream when changes are afoot. This animal is always ready to deal with enemies and face challenges along the way. For them, there’s no tomorrow, only now. A komodo dragon shows you that putting problems away for later doesn’t solve anything, it just makes your job more difficult in the long run. So grab a spoon, and face everything coming in your direction. 

What Is the Spiritual Symbol of a Dragon?

The symbolism of a dragon can depend on a cultural tradition. After all, there are many kinds of dragons – some are bigger, some are smaller, some are terrifying and some are good natured. Still, in most cases, we connect the dragon with a dominant and powerful presence. This is why the dragon is usually the symbol of power and control. 

One way to understand the spiritual symbolism of a dragon is to say that dragons are very similar to snakes. Snakes are often connected with change and transformation. In that sense, the dragon represents the potential to fight through life, to overcome any adversities that are thrown at us and to come out on the other end stronger and wiser. In that sense, we can think of the Draco constellation which is named after the ancient mythical dragon from Greek mythology. 

Another way to think about dragons is to think about power at risk. In mythology and folklore, dragons are usually guarding something or fighting someone. Dragon represents power that needs to be confirmed, restated. What is it that you are guarding? What is it that you feel is putting you in danger and bringing your power off center? On the same theme, it is possible to see the dragon as a protector, a guardian. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Dragon With a Beard? 

A beard in dreams usually represents masculinity and maturity. If we think about this, we can understand a bearded dragon in dreams as a symbol of masculine power. Since maturity is also connected with wisdom, this dragon may represent the ability to rule rightfully, to use power wisely. 

However, sometimes the beard on a dragon in dreams is also hiding something. The dragon may represent hidden intentions. There might be someone in your surroundings that you shouldn’t trust. The impure intentions of this person could have powerful effects. 

Small Dragon Dream Meaning

A small dragon in dreams often represents ourselves. The small dragon is a symbolic representation of our whole lives, from beginning to end, and hence also our mortality. Understanding your dream that involves a strong dragon will depend on the situation in the dream that the dragon was involved in. 

Were you confronted with this small dragon? Was he attacking you? This means you are in some kind of internal conflict with yourself. This usually points to some emotional turmoil. You might have been repressing your emotions and the dragon in the dream is metaphorically forcing you to confront yourself and your own instincts. 

 In some traditional dream dictionaries, a small dragon is said to be a sign of luck. Expect something new and good to happen. 

What Does It Mean to Dream of Dancing With a Dragon? 

Dancing in dreams is often connected with our sexuality. Many dream psychologists have certainly claimed this. And on a very basic level, we can see dancing as an activity that involves our bodies and interaction with others (see also Dancing Dream Meaning). Dancing doesn’t have to be explicitly sexual, but in any case, in dreams we can usually see a connection with sexuality.

Now, when we consider what we have learned about dragon symbolism so far, what could it mean when one is dancing with a dragon in a dream? There are essentially two ways to interpret this situation.

First of all, dancing with the dragon could be seen as ‘dancing on the edge’. In that sense, the dragon represents potential and forces we cannot control. However, you are doing your best to enjoy the circumstances you are offered.

On the other hand, dancing with the dragon can also be interpreted as the balancing of powers. Expect increased harmony in your relationships.

What Does It Mean When the Dragon is Evil? 

When we think about dragons, they seem to always be fighting. Blowing flames, protecting treasures, destroying villages, this is how dragons are often depicted in stories. But are they truly evil? It depends. However, if in your dream you really felt that the dragon was evil and perhaps wanting to harm you, this is a sign that you need to look for inner balance in life. 

What Does It Mean to Kill a Dragon in a Dream? 

Confronting a dragon, in general, is usually a sign of emotional turmoil within. Whenever we are fighting with a dragon in our dreams, it basically means we are fighting with ourselves. We might be struggling to process our own emotions, or perhaps we are having a hard time making an important decision. 

But what does it mean when you actually kill the dragon in your dream? Does it mean that you have won? Well, there is no such thing as winners or losers when you are fighting internal battles. Killing the dragon actually means you are having trouble resolving the internal conflict. It might seem impossible for you to find balance at this point. This dream is basically a warning urging you to find balance between your intuitive side and your rational side. This, of course, is no easy feat. Murder in dreams is a sign of agression and resentment. This is in line with the idea that the road to healing starts with forgiveness. 

Baby Dragon Dream Meaning

As we already mentioned above in the part explaining the meaning of a small dragon in dreams, little dragons we dream of usually represent ourselves. When the dragon in the dream is not just small, but also a baby, it often represents our inner child. Alternatively, it could also represent ourselves in the younger years. This is especially likely if you are trying to deal with some childhood trauma. In general, a baby dragon represents purity and innocence and our own true nature. 

What Does It Mean to Be Frightened By a Dragon in Dreams?

Dragons are often connected with snakes or lizards. Not only this, but a dragon can often be called a ‘flying lizard’. If you’ve read or watched the Hobbit, you’ll remember that the dwarfs called the dragon Smaug a ‘worm’. Tolkien did based a lot of his writings on real-world mythology, so this phenomenon does not surprise us. The point is, dragons do tend to look like crawling things, and calling them a ‘worm’ or a ‘lizard’ is a way of denoting our aversion to them. In this way, people try to overcome their fear of the dragon, by representing it as something smaller than what it really is.  

Therefore, being frightened by the dragon in your dream is only natural, and very human. However, it also signifies that you are afraid to deal with something that is simmering in your subconscious. 

Flying on a Dragon Dream Meaning

Dreaming about flying on a dragon’s back is certainly an amazing dream! Usually, in these dreams, one feels confident and unstoppable. In general, flying on a dragon is an overwhelmingly positive sign. It means you are the master of yourself and your own emotions. You are going in the right direction in life. In general, this dream means you will achieve whatever you set out to do. 

Sometimes when we dream we are on a dragon’s back we could feel frightened. What if I fall? What if I can’t hold on? We might also be suffering from a fear of heights. However, the dragon here represents your own inner strength and he will never let you fall. New things can be scary, but this dream foretells success. 

Dragon Totem Meaning

Traditionally, the totem was an animal that represents the spirit of a tribe or a family. The totem is an animal that is sacred and one that acts as a protector and spiritual guide. Dragon as a totem or a spirit animal is a powerful but unforgiving guide. The dragon wields great power but he’s also usually very explosive, very prone to aggression. The dragon is a guardian, a protector, of treasures and traditions. Since dragons can also be very old, they are often also very wise. 

As a totem animal, the dragon will guide you, protect you, and give you power. However, one should be careful not to get drunk with power and to use it in righteous ways. 

Dragonfly Dream Meaning 

A dragonfly is an insect from the order Odonata. The name dragonfly they got due to the shape of their bodies. These insects are really stunning and beautiful, but what do they mean in dreams? In general, a dream of a dragonfly is a positive sign. The dragonfly represents a dragon, but it is often found around water, usually flying around rivers. It is well known that water in dreams represents our emotions and our feminine sign. In that sense the dragonfly represents the meeting of masculine (dragon) and feminine (water) energies. This does not necessarily point to a relationship, but to the balance within ourselves. According to the famous psychologist Jung, there are masculine and feminine energies within each of us. The key is achieving a balance. 

In any case, a dragonfly is usually a sign of luck. It indicates lightness and an easy-going attitude. 

What Does It Mean to Fight a Dragon in a Dream? 

As we already mentioned, fighting the dragon in a dream is usually not really about fighting dangers from the outside. As we all know, dragons don’t really exist in the physical world. They are the stuff of legends, myths, and fairytales, that is to say of our individual and collective imagination. This is why the dragon fight usually represent internal conflicts. The dragon represents your own potential. You might be struggling to make a decision, being pulled in two directions, or your rational side might be fighting with internal feelings and instincts.

One specific dragon fighting dream is one where you are the hero rescuing someone from a dragon. That actually means you need to deal with your own repressed feelings and rescue yourself, in a metaphorical sense.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Being on a Dragon’s Back? 

Dreaming about flying on a dragon’s back is certainly an amazing dream! Usually, in these dreams, one feels confident and unstoppable. In general, flying on a dragon is an overwhelmingly positive sign. It means you are the master of yourself and your own emotions. You are going in the right direction in life. In general, this dream means you will achieve whatever you set out to do. 

Sometimes when we dream we are on a dragon’s back we could feel frightened. What if I fall? What if I can’t hold on? We might also be suffering from a fear of heights. However, the dragon here represents your own inner strength and he will never let you fall. New things can be scary, but this dream foretells success. 

Multiple Dragons Dream Meaning

When you see multiple dragons in a dream, it is useful to think about all the details of the dream. The context is important for interpreting any dream, but especially in this case. Were you fighting the dragons or were you scared of them? On the other hand, maybe you enjoyed the company of dragons or maybe you were even a dragon yourself? The feelings you experienced during the dream are also especially important.

In this case, the dragon probably doesn’t represent yourself. The dragon could be a symbol of power and intimidation, and it might mean you are scared of the future. However, the dragon is also the symbol of spirituality and wisdom, so you could interpret the dream that way too.

Transforming Into a Dragon Dream Meaning

If you transform into a dragon in your dream, this is usually a good sign – either about your present situation or the future. Have you made any important decisions lately? If you have, this dream is a sign that you acted wisely. Transforming into a dragon in a dream could also indicate the start of a new chapter in your life. You are moving to the next level in some way, perhaps on the spiritual plane. Your relationships with others and with society in general are balanced.

If you were flying when you transformed into a dragon, this strongly indicates you are advancing in the spiritual sense. Your energies are balanced and you are ready to experience more freedom.

Dragon’s Cave Dream Meaning

This is a very interesting dream with beautiful symbolism. When we think of a dragon’s cave, it is a safe place. A place that is warm and dark. Perhaps there is a treasure inside. In that sense, the dragon’s cave represents the womb. The cave conjures up the feminine principle, while the dragon is a sign of male energies. Taken together, the dragon and the cave represent wholeness and balance, our origins, the place where we come from and the place where we feel safe. In the same vein, the cave and the dragon could also be taken to represent the mother and the father. In short, the dream has everything to do with our roots and the natural essence of who we are. 

What Does It Mean to See Fire Coming From a Dragon’s Mouth? 

Dragons are generally connected with the fire element, so it is in no way strange to see the dragon breathing fire. It could just be the way we imagine dragons. However, it’s worth to dwele on the meaning of fire in dreams for a moment. Fire, in general, always represents some sort of potential and transformation. This heightened energy could be destructive, but it could also be transformational in a good way. What is it exactly in your dragon dream. Think about your dream as a whole and how it made you feel and you will probably know intuitively. Since the dragon is connected to spirituality and wisdom, there is surely potential to use the transformative power of fire in a good way. 

Dragon Attack Dream Meaning

We have already touched on this topic when we described above the various dream situations where you are confronted with the dragon. In these dreams, the dragon almost always represents yourself. Where are you fighting yourself? There might be challenges to overcome if you want to come forward in life. We can indeed be our own worst enemy sometimes. 

When we are facing dragon attacks in dreams, it strongly suggests there is some anxiety in the background. Fear might be stopping you from what you really want to do. This dream is telling you that you are your own worst enemy and that fear is a subjective feeling. 

What Does It Mean to See a Dragon Spreading Its Wings 

Seeing a dragon spreading its wings in a dream is usually a positive sign. We already know that the dragon can represent spirituality. The dragon soaring through the sky is a sign of freedom and the ability to create our own destiny. The dragon that spreads its wings is a dragon ready to soar. The dragon preparing for a flight shows us there is hope. In order to fly, the dragon needs to be in harmony with the air currents, so in that sense the dream of the dragon spreading its wings can mean balance with nature and especially the air element. 

The Tale of the Dragon and St George 

The legend of Saint George and the dragon is one of the most well-known old dragon legends in the Western world. This story involves a horrible menacing dragon requesting sacrifices from a village. The terror of the dragon lasts for a long time, but when the dragon starts demanding the life of the princess, Saint George comes in and slays the dragon. This story, however, is much older, and only with the advent of christianity was it tied to Saint Gorge. 

But what exactly does this have to do with dream interpretation? If this story is close to your heart, your dreams might play out in relation to it. Slaying the dragon is a sign of courage and chivalry, leading to fame and respect. Failing to slay the dragon indicates our failures in life, especially when we fail to meet our own expectations.  

Chinese Dragon Dream Meaning 

As you might know, the dragon, called Loong, is a legendary creature that has immense significance for the Chinese culture and folklore. In China, the dragon usually has the characteristic long form and it resembles a snake, but also might take other animal forms such as a fish or a turtle. The symbolism of the dragon in this case is overwhelmingly positive. The dragon is a symbol of good luck as well as power and strength to overcome everything that is thrown at us. 

As you have seen, the dragon is one of the most interesting dream symbols! It can be interpreted in different ways but the symbolism is always powerful and beautiful. 


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