What Does A Dinosaur Mean In Your Dreams?

As we all know, dinosaurs are a thing of the past. They’ve been gone for millions of years, leaving only their bones as proof of their existence. So when you see a dinosaur in a dream, it’s clearly a symbol of something that’s in the past. 

So for instance, a dream of a dinosaur can be related to a certain issue from way back that you’ve left unsolved. Sweeping your past problems under the carpet didn’t help you in any way.

Not resolving a problem at the time it happened just postponed it. Every now and then, the issue comes back, requiring to be resolved. And through your dreams, it haunts you. 

Speaking of the past, dinosaurs as symbols could refer to your past behavior or attitude. That’s something you shouldn’t take lightly. As someone who drastically changed your view on a certain matter, you should be more understanding and forgiving. People make mistakes, but they can genuinely regret them. 

Long ago, dinosaur fossils were often thought to be of dragon (see also dragon dream meaning) origin instead. This has caused both of these creatures to appear as symbols in different cultures. So if we take Chinese culture, for example, dragons were a symbol of emperors. Because of their close symbolic connection to dinosaurs, we can sometimes assume they appear in our dreams as dragon substitutes. In that case, they represent a symbol of strength and inner power. 

But let’s get back to what dinosaurs usually mean in a dream – things from the past. It’s possible you feel sentimental about a certain period in your past, missing how things used to be. This could be related to a former lover, one you still aren’t over. Or, about the carelessness when you were young.

In A Dream About Dinosaurs You

  • Were running away from a dinosaur.
  • Successfully killed a dinosaur.
  • Have discovered dinosaur bones.
  • Have felt the dinosaur is close, but were unable to see it.
  • Encountered a raptor.

How This Dream Relates To Your Life

  • Unsolved problems from the past are still torturing you today.
  • Something that’s been worrying you for some time has finally ended.
  • You’ve finally learned to focus on the present and not the past. 
  • You need to get better at making decisions. 

An In-Depth Meaning Behind A Dream Of Dinosaurs

As you can see, dreams of dinosaurs generally have a positive meaning. They show you that a time has come to deal with whatever’s been troubling you for some time now. Even though a decision you make might not always be what your heart wants or desires, you need to make a choice. You can’t always stay in the middle, you need to pick the road you’re going. 

If dinosaurs still existed, we would probably fear them. After all, most of them are large like buildings. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that seeing one in a dream would cause you to run the other way. If you dreamed of such a scenario, that usually symbolizes your fear of change. In many cases, this dream relates to relationships with people around you. Maybe you fear being replaced or forgotten by people you care about. In a way, you fear being a dinosaur, as if you don’t exist in their lives anymore.

A dinosaur in a dream indicates your old problem coming back and haunting you, just as you seem to have forgotten about them. This obviously means one thing, what goes around comes around. Just when you think you’ve solved an issue, it comes back and hits you. 

Dreaming about a dinosaur could also indicate your conservative side. You’re sticking to your principles, even when it makes more sense to change them, just for the pure respect of tradition. The thing is, with time, we become wiser, and that often means seeing when we were wrong and start making it right. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to make a change, so don’t give up as soon as things become tough. 

If you dream about finding dinosaur bones, that’s a good omen. Usually, it represents romantic satisfaction. Even if you had your heart broken recently, it means soon you’ll experience luck in this field. Maybe you’ll meet your significant other. Collecting bones in a dream, on the other hand, has a negative connotation. You’ll lose someone close to you, possibly a friend. No, this doesn’t mean they’ll die, just that things between you two will become tense, and you’ll distance one from another. 

Dreaming of raptors, specifically, usually relates to a powerful fear you’ve been experiencing lately. Just like these sneaky creatures lurk in the dark, that fear slithers behind you. You’re constantly alert, which puts a strain on your nerves. But if you turn around and face the fear, you’ll realize it’s not as scary after all. If you face it, you’ll surely come out victorious. If you confront a raptor in a dream, it might not attract you after all. Possibly, it will speak to you, showing you another way to solve your situation. In this case, fear is just the fear of the unknown. Finally, killing a raptor in a dream signifies closing a chapter in your life. 

So as you’ve seen, a dinosaur in a dream could be a symbol of fear. But more often than not, it’s a positive omen. You just need to stop running away, and meet eyeball-to-eyeball to whatever it is that’s been chasing you.

Possible Ways A Dream Of Dinosaurs Made You Feel

  • Afraid
  • Uneasy
  • Chased
  • Endangered
  • Relieved

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