Bear Dream Symbol Meaning

Bears don’t often appear in dreams, but when they do, there can be many different interpretations. You will need to think of the way you felt during the dream, what happened, and where the dream took place.

Common Dream Symbols and Interpretations for Bears in Dreams

Solitude: Bears are solitary animals and spend much of their lives alone unless a female is rearing her young. If you dream of a bear it can mean that you are lonely and have been spending too much time without any company. Maybe you have suffered a romantic break-up and are feeling alone in the world. 

Aggression: Bears can be aggressive (see also Bear Attack Dream Meaning) and if you see one in your dreams it can represent your aggression towards somebody or that you have been the victim of aggression. 

If, however, you are the aggressor and are hunting a bear, it can mean that you are going to have success in the days ahead. If you kill a bear, it signifies that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacles you are confronted with.

Unbearable Situation: If you dream of a bear, it can mean that something in your life has become unbearable. Perhaps you are being self-destructive or maybe you hate your job. A relationship could be breaking up. If you dream of a bear in a trap, it indicates that it will be difficult to overcome any obstacles.

Running Away: If you are running away from a bear or are being chased by one, it can symbolize that you are running away from your feelings or your fears. If, however, a bear is running away from you, it means that you need to face up to your problems.

Family: To dream about three or more bears can refer to your family. Perhaps the bears have taken on human characteristics and remind you of members of your family. Perhaps there is something you need to sort out with these people. 

Dreaming of a Bear with a Cub: Female bears are very protective of their young and if you see a mother bear with cubs in your dream it can mean that you are boing overprotective with your children. It could alternatively mean that you need to be more protective of your children. Only you will be able to interpret this dream. Another meaning is that you feel that your mother has been too protective of you, even in adulthood and you feel stifled.

Hibernation: If you see a bear hibernating in your dream, this can mean that you’re not dealing with your problems or you are overwhelmed by them. 

Spirit Animals: Many people believe that seeing an animal in a dream, means that it has come to guide you on your way. A bear could be a spirit animal (see also How To Identify Your Spirit Animal) coming to help guide you through any problems you might have.

Tips to Help you Interpret your Dream About Bears

What context is the bear in? Where the bear is can help you to interpret your dream, for example, it could be standing in water. Water is often associated with emotions so perhaps the bear has come to help with romantic and partnership issues. If the bear is on a mountain, it indicates that you have overwhelming problems. If the bear is in your house, it could mean the presence of a dominant female in your waking life.

What are your associations with bears? Think of five words to describe what bears mean to you. This will give insight into their meaning in your dreams. If you think of them as aggressive, it could reflect your mood. If you think of them as cuddly, it might indicate that you are happy with your life.

What were your emotions during the dream? The way you feel in your waking life can influence your emotions in the dream. Work out if you were scared of the bear or were you just watching it from a distance. Perhaps you were excited to see the bear. All these emotions can help to decipher your dream.


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