Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With B — Part 2



Dreaming of being a bartender can indicate that you want to escape from the set of problems that are specific to your life. 

You want change, but you don’t know where or when, or how to go about it. Things will become clearer.

This dream can also suggest that you are a great listener. People come to you with their problems, and you always manage to ease their burdens just a little. More often than not, you’re willing to help.

This dream can also be a pun on “barring” yourself from doing something. You may have created too many limitations for you to live freely. Or, you’ve wanted to do something for a while, but you’ve never gotten round to it.


Dreaming of watching a baseball game indicates that you’re happy in life right now. You’re content to watch things unfold as they will. You’re not stressing about control, or a lack of it.

Dreaming of playing baseball reflects how you must set goals and work toward them in order to gain some peace of mind.  You’d be surprised at how much an impact visible progress can make on your mood. 

The position you played in the game will inform the meaning. A baseball game can also link to your sex life. Consider the phrases “first, second, or third base”.

Dreaming of being on a baseball field denotes that you need to pay attention to upcoming opportunities, as some are perfect for you, and others could be detrimental to your life. You’ll have to choose carefully.

Dreaming of a baseball field which is undergoing some construction work suggests you have some unresolved sexual issues or self-esteem problems that you need to work through. 

Baseball Bat

Dreaming of a baseball bat symbolizes what drives you in life. It may also have sexual connotations, or link to someone who is an “old bat”.

If you dream of a broken baseball bat, this is your frustration in that you’ve experienced failure despite doing your absolute best. Your drive to carry on has been damaged as a result. Slowly, you’ll regain your motivation.


Dreaming of being in a basement (see also Dreaming Of A Garage) refers to your unconscious mind, as well as the thoughts and memories held within. 

The condition of the basement points to your current state of wellbeing (see also Basement Dream Meaning), and how content you are with the world around you and the choices you’ve made. 

The basement embodies your impulses on the most basic level, and your animalistic instincts, and even any intrusive thoughts. 

This form that your dream takes can also refer to feeling “debased” or unworthy in some way. A situation is challenging your perception of your own ability.

If the basement in your dream is dirty or damaged, you’re experiencing a lot of confusion right now. You’ve put off dealing with so many things that they are threatening to overwhelm you completely. You don’t know where to start. 

A messy basement in your dream can indicate that you’ve lost control over your life, and you feel inadequate as a result. 


Dreaming of basil refers to a deep connection with someone, as well as kindness, and someone’s sweet nature. How healthy the plant was in your dream refers to the state of your relationship with them.


* See Bathtubs


Dreaming of a basket symbolizes your physical body, and anything in life that you’re holding onto tightly. If the basket is full, you enjoy a varied life, and it also links to fertility and vitality. 


Dreaming of playing basketball refers to teamwork and needing to at least get on with your team enough to see something through. 

In waking life, you may need the help of people you wouldn’t normally ask or people you barely know (or even like!). This is your subconscious’s way of reminding you of that. If you try to avoid asking, you may hold up your own progress.

Dreaming of a basketball points to needing to take the initiative. Things won’t wait around for you, you have to take them. Go after what you want if it’s in reason for you to do so.


Playing bass in your dream represents your rhythm in life, and your drive. It signifies life in all of its ups and downs.

Singing bass in your dream indicates that you have a solid foundation of resilience, which you’ll need to rely on in the future. 

You may encounter a problem that will strengthen or weaken your resolve.

Bass Guitar

Watching or hearing someone play a bass guitar in your dream indicates a period of time when you’ll enjoy a lot of harmony in the company of others. 

You’ll also feel more self-confident, and your belief in your ability will be strengthened. 

Dreaming of playing a bass guitar suggests you feel undervalued or ignored in an area of your life. You’re not being honest enough about how you feel.


Dreaming of being a bastard indicates that sometimes you need to give other people the love you need in order to receive it. Don’t expect things to happen on their own.


Dreaming of basting meat reflects how you long for spontaneity and extra “flavor” in your life.


Dreaming of taking a bath reflects how you’re taking time to tend to yourself both emotionally and physically, to let go of difficult situations and negativity. This dream can be your subconscious telling you to let go of past mistakes and grievances.

Dreaming of bathing someone mirrors how you’re trying to achieve a deeper connection with them, and it reflects your kind nature. You value the connection you have with them.

Dreaming of giving a dog a bath symbolizes your loyalty in love, and your caring personality. 

Bathing Suit

Dreaming of wearing a bathing suit refers to how comfortable you are in your own skin. If you felt good in this dream, it also points to a future period of relaxation and a bigger self-confidence. 

Feeling uncomfortable in this dream represents being out of step with the people around you. You’re further ahead or behind them when it comes to your life’s progress. 

* See Also Clothing Dream Symbols


Dreaming of wearing a bathrobe reflects privacy issues or an avoidance of sexual situations and desires. You are struggling. 


Dreaming of being in a bathroom refers to how you need to “relieve yourself” of the burdens you’re carrying everywhere you go. 

It points to needing to drop your problems and spend some time recharging in order to have enough energy for what is ahead.

Dreaming of being in the bathroom for a gender other than yours indicates that you’ve overstepped a line in waking life. You have offended someone, and they won’t forget it in a hurry. 

Dreaming of being unable to find a bathroom indicates that you’re having trouble being honest with yourself or someone else. You’re in denial, or you don’t have the right words to express how you feel. Something is holding you back.

Dreaming of having to pay before you can go to the bathroom reflects how hesitant you are when it comes to being honest about your problems. 

You feel it would be a burden to other people, or that they wouldn’t take you seriously. Or you would come to regret it, if it changed how they saw you. 

* See Dreaming of Toilets for more in-depth interpretations of toilet-specific and public restroom dreams. 


Dreaming of being in a bathtub indicates the need to drop any stressors that are affecting your life right now. You need some space to recharge. You’re in a place where you need to be kind to yourself.

A dream where you or someone else drowns in a bathtub suggests there is a disparity between what you think you are capable of handling, and what you can actually handle. Take things one step at a time. 

This dream also points to the power of repressed emotions and memories, and how they can be much harder to deal with than they first seem. 

You may need to work through something which you thought you were done with.


Dreaming of Batman indicates that you need to imitate the World’s Greatest Detective and use everything at your disposal to help yourself and others. 

A current situation is perfect for your skill-set and your ability. You may be the only one who sees a situation for what it is.  

You’ve barely scraped the surface of your potential, and you could do with harnessing more of it. Are you looking for shortcuts where there aren’t any?

As Batman is a symbol of justice and fairness, this dream can be a call to right some wrongs (without the use of fists, preferably).


Dreaming of holding or throwing a baton suggests you feel you need a dramatic outlet in order to express yourself. You’ve felt confined or trapped for too long. 

A black baton in a dream can symbolize power, and the chance it has to corrupt people. 


Bats in your dream symbolize a wealth of potential going to waste, renewal, or not being able to see a situation clearly. Bats also represent misunderstandings within your professional life, which may echo through into your personal life.

This dream can also indicate petty grievances and your own personal demons. The journey you’re currently on won’t serve you for much longer, and you need to change direction.

Bats in your dream can symbolize how you feel on edge, crazy, or “batty” from a stressful situation or not knowing where you stand. 

* See Animal Dream Symbols for a more detailed breakdown of what bat dreams symbolize. 


Dreaming of a battery represents your life energy and your state of wellness. If you dream of a dead battery, you’re struggling to find the motivation for something, or you’re exhausted. 

If you dream of a battery which lasts a long time, you’re enjoying a lot of energy which you are putting to good use.


Dreaming of batting indicates that you need to confront someone about something that’s been troubling you. Stand up for yourself, and if you’ve been avoiding your responsibilities, now is the time to make that right.

Batting Cage

Dreaming of being in a batting cage indicates that you cannot release your anger in the way you want or need to. You need to find a different way of expelling your emotions and your problems. 


Dreaming of a battle indicates that you are in desperate need of a break. You’ve been working hard, and though you might feel the need to work harder to have something to show for it, you need to step back. 

You may also be torn between wanting to do something that will give you some relief, and wanting to get something over and done with, so it’s not hanging over you in the future. 

It can symbolize a troubling situation that’s been playing on your mind. You feel the need to stand up and defend yourself or someone else.

Dreaming of winning a battle indicates that you’ll regain your equilibrium, and you’ll excel in various areas of your life. 

Dreaming of losing the battle indicates that you may need outside help in order to move forward. 


Dreaming of being on a battlefield points to upcoming trouble in your waking life, which will upset everything. It will be vital to try your best to regain your footing as quickly as you can.


Dreaming of playing Battleship suggests that you are leaving too many things to chance. You need to take control of part of your life, or a current situation.


A bay in your dream represents a new-found clarity. 

Alternatively, a dream of a bay represents how you’re unwilling to connect with someone or a situation, you’re keeping them “at bay” to avoid being hurt.

Bay Tree

Dreaming of a bay tree points to protection, longevity, renewal, and peace. It also suggests future victory over your own personal demons. This dream is a refuge from the turmoil of waking life.

Bay Window

Dreaming of a bay window reflects a desire to see things from a different point of view, maybe from a way that’s impossible for you to do. Is it worth asking someone for their opinion?


Dreaming of a bayonet indicates you need to push back against something or someone that’s been causing you trouble or going against your beliefs.

Silence and inaction doesn’t always mean problems will go away.

BB Gun

A BB gun in a dream reflects a threat you’re not yet aware of. 

You may recognize it before it has a chance to do some damage, or you may not, but it’s likely that this threat is only possible because you’ve let your guard down somewhere.


Dreaming of a beach (see also beach dream meaning) can suggest that you want to widen your horizons in some way. 

This dream can be a unity between your unconscious and your conscious mind, where you’ll wake up feeling refreshed or with a new perspective. 

The state of the water can mirror the wellbeing of your unconscious mind, and any issues that still need resolving. 

The weather and the state of the beach can reflect your waking mind, and how you feel everything is going. Consider if there’s a disparity between the two, and how you might find a solution.

Dreaming of looking at the beach with your back to the sea suggests that you’re searching for the familiar in times of trouble. 

If you dream of looking toward the sea, you long for things to change, or you’re wondering what changes the future will bring you. You welcome any opportunities the future might bring you. 

What you were doing on the beach changes the meaning of your dream. If you were relaxing, you’ll enjoy a carefree period where you can forget your troubles for a while.

If you were working, there’s a possibility that you’ll have to put in more hours at work in order to complete a project by its deadline.

Beach Ball

Dreaming of playing with a beach ball indicates that you long for a carefree time in life.

Beach House

Dreaming of a beach house can suggest you need to confront a long-standing emotional problem, or you need to take some time out for yourself.


Seeing beads in your dream indicates that you feel the need to attain perfection, or as close to it as you can, in everything you do. It can also symbolize a tendency of putting someone else’s needs before your own. It’s not a sustainable approach to life.

Dreaming of stringing beads symbolizes that you’ll soon be rewarded for all the hard work you’ve put in lately. You’ve laid a solid bedrock for future success.

Dreaming of counting beads signifies mindfulness and tranquility, and being in the present moment.


Dreaming of a bird’s beak indicates that someone is “sticking their beak” in your business, and you’ve had enough. Is it time to let them know? 

This dream can represent your nosey character, if that sounds like you. You may be prying into someone’s private life. 

Dreaming of a bird’s beak being lodged in your neck suggests you’ve been too focused on other people’s business rather than your own affairs.


Dreaming of using a beaker indicates a logical approach and a good sense of objectivity when it comes to emotionally charged circumstances. 

It can also reflect how you want to see something from an outsider’s point of view. 

This dream can represent all the aspects of your life as a whole.


Dreaming of beans symbolizes your soul, immortality, and your roots. This dream refers to what keeps you grounded, and the relationships that define you.

Dreaming of harvesting beans can suggest you need to be more careful when it comes to financial matters. 


Dreaming of holding a beanbag or throwing it suggests that your attitude has been lacking in some way. You haven’t been considering the consequences of your behavior.

Bean Bag Chair

Dreaming of a beanbag chair suggests that while things are going well, there’s an undercurrent of restlessness in your life. 

It also represents coming problems that will hold up your progress for a short while.

Beanie Baby

Dreaming of a beanie baby represents your good adaptability skills. You’re able to turn most situations into positive experiences. It can also symbolize childhood, depending on when you were born.

Remember what the beanie baby was, the animal it symbolized, or if it had a name for additional meaning.


* See Animal Dream Symbols for what bears can signify in dreams. 

Bear Trap

Dreaming of a bear trap mirrors how something is holding you back in life, and it’s threatening your mental or physical health, as well as the choices you can make. This might even be fear itself.


Dreaming of a long beard is synonymous with wisdom which comes with age, and old age itself. 

If you have a beard in waking life, but you dream of a bare chin, you want to be honest with someone. You long to tell them how you feel.

If you dream you have a beard, but you don’t in waking life, this suggests you want to hide your feelings, either because you don’t want to be judged, or because you are trying to deceive someone.

If you are incapable of growing a beard, and you dream of having one, this indicates how you want to be wiser. You want to be more assertive in life. It can also indicate that you’re hiding your true colors from someone.


A beast appearing in your dream embodies reckless behavior and ignorance.

If you dream of faceless beasts, there’s something that you’re vaguely aware of, but you’re refusing to acknowledge it completely. You are in denial. A present situation is bringing up old issues that you’re having to confront all over again.


Dreaming of being beaten suggests that someone is pushing you well past your limits. You’ve got enough to deal with as it is, and they are not helping at all.

This dream also indicates that you know you need to make some big changes in your life. There are areas of your life that you need to work on in order to become happier and healthier.

If you dream of other people being beaten, some part of your life has lost its balance. Something needs your attention. If you’ve been ignoring part of yourself, it’s time to give it your full attention.

Dreaming of beating someone up points to a lot of pent-up frustration. You might be annoyed with yourself for something, or someone else. Alternatively, this dream suggests that you’re been too forceful with your opinions, and it’s going to land you in trouble. 


Dreaming of someone who is extremely beautiful – or yourself – embodies a part of your personality that you appreciate, or it’s taken you far in life. 

This dream can also suggest you’ve been selling yourself short lately. You’re a very capable person, and for some reason, you’re not acknowledging that, or you’re not showing other people exactly what you are capable of.

Beauty Mask

Dreaming of putting on a beauty mask indicates how you’re trying to hide your shortcomings in waking life. While we may strive for perfection, it’s often flaws that make people more interesting.

Dreaming of someone else wearing a beauty mask indicates that they are trying far too hard to try and meet someone’s expectations. They aren’t being their authentic selves. 


* See Animal Dream Symbols to discover what a beaver in your dream symbolizes.


Your bed within your dream symbolizes your most intimate, vulnerable self, and your sexuality. 

If you dream of sleeping in your own bed, this dream provides you with some restoration away from waking life’s stressors. It can also suggest that you long for peace, or domestic bliss, or an all-consuming love. 

If you dream of waking up in an unknown bed, this dream’s message is that every action you take has a consequence, and it can refer to “lying in the bed you’ve made” or putting a drawn-out issue “to bed”, where you can finally move on.

If the bed in your dream was unmade, you are being careless in your relationships, or secrets will soon come to light. If the bed was made, this represents a strong sense of security within your life.

Dreaming of searching for a bed can indicate that waking life’s problems have left you exhausted, and you need to recharge. Alternatively, you are having trouble accepting yourself for who you are, or you feel you cannot express your sexuality or your intimate needs.

Dreaming of lying on your bed and then floating into the air indicates that you feel helpless in waking life. You feel disconnected from your emotions and your loved ones. If you’ve been particularly loud about your opinions lately, you need to tone it down. 

If you dream of your parents buying you a new bed, you might be feeling the pressure to settle down. It also suggests that you’re trying to rush things, and this will only cause a lot of frustration.

Bed And Breakfast

Dreaming of staying at a bed and breakfast suggests that your current lifestyle isn’t meeting all of your needs. You may also be searching for security.

Bed Wetting

Dreaming of wetting the bed indicates that you’re suffocating under anxieties in your waking life. You feel as though you have no control over your life, and if you were to show people the true you, you wouldn’t be accepted. 

A dream of wetting the bed can also point to issues relating to your sexuality.


Dreaming of bedbugs indicates that while you’re harboring a lot of negative feelings about a situation – it’s caused you some rage or stress – you’re keeping your emotions hidden.


Dreaming of going to bed with a stranger indicates that you need to be more wary when it comes to new friendships and relationships. You might not have the best radar for people who mean you harm.

Dreaming of going to bed with someone you are not attracted to suggests that there is an aspect of yourself that you’ve not yet accepted.


Dreaming of a bedpan symbolizes emotional hurt. You feel detached from your own life as a result, and you feel disconnected from everything real. Things seem to be taking a long time to reach you, and you may feel as though you don’t have control over your own body. 

This dream is telling you that you need to heal. 


Dreaming of being bedridden indicates the crippling ability that denial can have over your life. 

You’re ignoring something important, and it could have a ripple effect throughout the choices you make, and the state of your life overall.


Dreaming of being in a bedroom symbolizes the parts of yourself that you keep hidden from other people. It can also refer to your intimate relationships and your sex life.

Dreaming of your childhood bedroom symbolizes that something in your waking life has brought up memories that you’d rather keep hidden, or that you’re not proud of. Something similar in a current situation is dredging up memories. 

This dream can also refer to a sexual awakening. 


Dreaming of a bedspread represents the outward beauty that other people notice in you. This dream also embodies what you look for in a sexual partner.


Dreaming of bees signifies abundance, productivity, creativity, good luck, and harmony. Bees are often associated with hard work, so seeing a multitude of bees within your dream represents that your hard work will result in great things for the future.

This dream can represent exactly how much is going on in your life right now, where it’s “buzzing” with activity. 

If you dream of a queen bee, she represents a powerful female figure in your life, or someone who has had a significant impact on your life.

Dreaming of being stung by a bee represents the hurt someone has caused you. You feel it was uncalled for, or their words cut deep. If you dream of running from bees, you’re trying to avoid a difficult situation in life, or you’re imagining that things are worse than they actually are.

Bee Pollen

If you dream of eating bee pollen, this reflects how you’re looking for alternatives to improve your general health.


Dreaming of a beech tree signifies inner wisdom and knowledge. This is a dream that you shouldn’t ignore.

Some people believe that a beech tree in a dream also symbolizes death.


Dreaming of beef relates to your animalistic instincts and impulses. The condition of the beef can also tell you how much or how little you’re in tune with your instincts, and how much you let them rule you.

Beef in your dream can also refer to your “beef” with someone who has annoyed you in some way.


Dreaming of a beehive indicates that you’re in a good place in waking life where there are lots of opportunities to consider. It’s also a warning to not let them slip away.

This dream is drawing your attention to the importance of hard work and perseverance. You’ll only get what you dream of if you work towards it.

Dreaming of an empty beehive symbolizes financial insecurity, and the loss of a romantic relationship.

If you dream of destroying a beehive, this denotes self sabotage. Or, you’ve had a run of particularly bad luck lately, and you can’t think it can get much worse.


Dreaming of a beekeeper suggests that you long to be more connected to nature, or to possess a sense of wisdom. 

Alternatively, this dream indicates that you need a new balance between your family life and your professional life. One is getting in the way of the other.

This dream signifies that you need to handle a coming dilemma with a lot of care.


Dreaming of drinking beer reflects how you are enjoying life, and you feel present. It points to happiness, relaxation, and being trouble-free, as well as referring to your social life.

* See Alcohol

Beer Bong

Dreaming of a beer bong mirrors how you want to escape from reality and its problems for a while. While you’re finding an outlet for your emotions, it’s not really letting you process your feelings, and they are still stacking up. 


Dreaming of a beetle indicates that you feel your core values are being undermined in a situation or by someone you thought was better than that. 

It can point to relationships that are detrimental or even destructive influences in your life. 

If you dream of beetles scurrying all over your skin, what should be minor problems are tag-teaming you, and you feel overwhelmed.


Beets appearing in your dream points to wealth and success, where your hard work will help cement some stability.


Dreaming of begging mirrors your sadness and desperation caused by waking life’s troubles. 

In this dream, you recognize the need for help as you’re at your limit, whereas you are afraid to admit it or to ask in waking life. 


Dreaming of being a beggar represents your insecure side, and any present vulnerabilities that are holding you back from enjoying the best life has to offer. You feel you don’t deserve  a good situation you currently find yourself in.

Or, this dream is telling you to stop trying to control every tiny thing. Consider the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers”. 

If you dream of helping a beggar, this represents how you will overcome your long-standing anxieties or insecurities. You may also be in a great place to be able to help others. 


Dreaming about a beginning suggests that you long to start over. Somewhere in waking life, you’re sick of an ongoing project, or you’ve been putting something off so much that you feel it’s now impossible to finish. 

This dream is telling you that you need to push past what’s holding you back, and finally act. 


Dreaming of you or someone else being beheaded mirrors poor decisions that you’ve come to regret. It can indicate that you refuse to face up to the truth or your fears of being inadequate. 

You feel that if you don’t look at a situation, it doesn’t exist, and you then don’t have to confront it.

If you dream of a snake being beheaded, this can either point to a refusal to face your fears, or facing them head on, depending on how you felt in this dream. 


Dreaming of being behind someone indicates that you have someone’s back. You’re there for them when they need you. 

If you felt bad during this dream, it can also suggest that someone that you love isn’t considering your feelings in a situation which concerns you, or they don’t realize how something has affected you. 

This dream can also represent your unconscious thoughts and feelings coming to the surface.

Dreaming of being left behind mirrors how you feel in waking life. You may fear that you cannot keep up with those around you, or that you will eventually be left behind as your loved ones’ lives enter different stages.

This dream can also point to a misconception about yourself, where you feel you aren’t capable of handling something, or you’ve forgotten that your potential is very nearly limitless. 

If you dream of leaving something behind or someone behind you, your subconscious is telling you to stop concentrating on the past, and focus on the present moment. 


Dreaming of no one believing you suggests you suffer from feelings of inadequacy. 

This can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, as people tend to treat you in accordance with how you act. If you look like you are insecure, that’s how they will treat you. 

Try to look confident, and see how differently people treat you. 

This dream also indicates that you’re questioning your recent decisions. 


Dreaming of hearing a bell is a warning, or a call to rise to an occasion. You may have picked up on a big event coming into your life, and this dream serves to prepare you for it.

If the bell doesn’t stop ringing (see also Ringing Dream Meaning), this is anxiety bleeding from your waking life into your dream. 

A silver bell in your dream represents how you’re trying to limit negativity from affecting your life or your mindset. It can also represent the holiday season.

Dreaming of a gold bell suggests you want someone’s complete attention. You feel they’ve been ignoring you, or that you have something that they desperately need to hear.

Bell Pepper

Dreaming of bell peppers represents your fighting spirit, your guard, and your persistence. 

The meaning of the bell pepper can change with the color of the fruit. A red bell pepper symbolizes anger, which you aren’t expressing. 

A green bell pepper indicates that you won’t tire soon, you have a lot of energy left in your reserve.

A yellow bell paper symbolizes how wisely you spend your time and energy. You are careful to devote your attention to things that will pay off in the future. 

The bell pepper is a largely positive dream symbol, which indicates that coming change will be more beneficial than it will be unsettling. 


Dreaming of being a bellhop symbolizes how you’re carrying more than your fair share of problems – the burden includes other people’s worries too. You can’t seem to let go of trying to help others.

Dreaming of seeing a bellhop suggests that you are overburdening other people with your problems.


Using bellows in your dream indicates a hard period in the future, where you’ll have to work non-stop in order to get something done. 


Dreaming of your own belly can indicate a transference of thoughts or ideas from your subconscious to your conscious mind. 

This will either result in having to confront things surfacing from your subconscious, or you’ll enjoy a period of time when you’ll feel grounded, and able to deal with anything that comes your way. 

This dream can be your subconscious telling you to trust in your instincts, and what your gut has to say about a situation or someone. 

Dreaming of a pregnant belly indicates that repressed emotions will soon surface. You can’t keep them locked down forever.

If you dream of stroking or touching a belly, this symbolizes how you are processing your feelings in a healthy way. You are slowly unpacking any repressed issues or emotions, and you’ll be much better for it.

Dreaming of a belly piercing signifies your relationship with your mother. It could be your subconscious telling you to reach out to her, or to connect with your parental instincts.

Belly Dancer

Dreaming of being a belly dancer denotes how comfortable you are in your own body, and your sexuality.

If you dream of watching a belly dancer, this refers to your grounded personality and how you don’t let the small stuff get to you.


Dreaming of seeing something below you can reflect waking life where you are judging others too harshly. You can’t know all the circumstances. This dream can suggest that you feel superior to someone or a situation that requires your input.

If that doesn’t sound right, dreaming of below can also signify exploring your innermost thoughts and feelings. 


Dreaming of a belt can suggest your vitality is being limited in some way. 

It points to moral struggles that are preventing you from making progress while you try to decide the best course of action. 

It can symbolize how well you’re holding up with current problems, and how well your feelings and your logic are enabling you to make decisions.

A belt can also embody punishment, or expecting punishment for a failure.


Dreaming of a bench can suggest you need to sit down and take stock of what’s around you. It can also reflect how you are putting things off until later, but there might not always be a later.  


Dreaming of bending refers to how well you adapt to changing situations and times when you need to think on your feet. 

The direction you were bending in your dream is also significant. Bending backward in your dream can represent how you are spending your time and your effort pleasing other people. Don’t burn yourself out.

If you are bending forward in your dream, you’re eager to start something, or you’re looking toward the future with a lot of positivity. 


Dreaming of being bereaved reflects how you are avoiding your grief. This may not even be concerning a death of someone, but an end of something or a failure in life. 

Don’t run from sadness, as it can make you irrationally quick to anger, or worse.

If you have recently suffered a loss, this is a way of helping you to process your emotion and starting to come to terms with it.


Berets in dreams usually symbolize the military, or art. This hat (see also hat dream symbol and meaning ) can point to future turmoil or peace, or needing to stand up for what you believe in. 

The color of the beret can add to the meaning behind this dream, and green or red berets denote strategies that will lead to success.


Berries in your dream suggest that there will be a very satisfying or energizing experience in store for you in the near future. 

Alternatively, if the berries are poisonous, this indicates that someone in your life has become a negative influence. Or, you’ve been accepting lies that someone has told you about someone else. 


Dreaming of beryl indicates that the future will be kind to you. You’ll enjoy a period of time that will be full of hope and joy.

Best Man

Dreaming of being the best man at a wedding refers to how well-suited you are to a situation, or a positive period in your life right now. Everything is going well. 

It can indicate that your efforts to become a better version of yourself are paying off nicely. 

If you are a woman, and you dream of being the best man at a wedding, this indicates a similar meaning. You don’t have to be limited by convention, and you’re a perfect fit for something that you’ve been dreaming about.


Dreaming of bestiality symbolizes your most basic animalistic desires, specifically lust. It can also suggest that you’re getting yourself into uncomfortable situations within a relationship which you don’t want to be involved in. 


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