What Does The Toilet Mean In Your Dream?

Ah, the toilet dream. I bet you can remember having at least one of these. Toilets can appear in our dreams in many different situations, and these dreams are usually anxiety-based, reminiscent of that horrible feeling when you really need to go and you’re not one hundred percent sure you’ll make it! Mostly, though, dreams about toilets are considered to be lucky, no matter how gross it may have been in your dream! Like all vessels of water in a dream, toilets can also represent a time where you need to pay attention to your emotions before they overwhelm you. Toilets in dreams can appear in different ways, horribly blocked, filthy, or super clean. There may not be any doors, or there may be no water, no toilet paper, or no flusher. To decode the meaning behind your toilet dream, keep reading!

What does it Mean to Dream of a Toilet?

A toilet’s appearance in a dream may signify that to process an emotion (or several), privacy is needed. You may be feeling watched, and a toilet dream can echo this in abundance. You may feel that you’ll be judged on how you process things, so you’d prefer to do it privately. You might even want to yell or punch something, and don’t want anyone feeling threatened or anything that will make things worse. If you dream of going to the toilet, this signifies that you have a big change ahead of you which will change your life. If the toilet can’t flush, if it’s visibly blocked, this can suggest that your emotions or spiritual energy are likewise clogged. If you dream of urinating, the most likely meaning is you need to go to the toilet. Anxiety can cause you to have dreams where you can’t control your bladder. Freud suggested that dreams connect to images or wants we hold in everyday life. If the toilet in your dream is blocked, it can suggest there will be a problem in the future you won’t be able to solve. Maybe someone will misunderstand your intentions or words and won’t give you a chance to explain.

What is the Spiritual Meaning Behind Dreaming of a Toilet?

Toilets as symbols in a dream stand for emotional strength and the power tied to that. Dreaming of flushing a toilet connects to your spiritual self and your journey in life. In traditional dream interpretation, a toilet can symbolize a better run of luck in the future, letting go of negative emotions, and a sense of peace. While your dream may have been unpleasant or even a nightmare, the toilet dream is considered a lucky foretelling. It may also suggest that you will need to take care of how your emotions might influence your actions, and whatever the meaning, the sign is loud enough for it to be a good idea to take notice of it. 

What does it Mean When The Toilet in Your Dream is Exposed?

Dreaming of feeling exposed is never a nice dream. It can suggest that you feel emotionally vulnerable in some way, for example, others aren’t listening to you. If you dream of going to the toilet and people are watching you, a stressful situation from your waking life has bled into your dreams, causing your dream to be an anxious experience. If the toilet is a public one, this reveals that you should reexamine your composure and how you express your feelings. A dream like this can mean avoidance – you or someone in your life is trying to prevent a conflict or troubling situation, but there’s no guarantee you’ll avoid it. If you dream of someone else using a toilet and they’re exposed this can suggest you long for some privacy! This may be linked to your emotions or a difficult situation where you need some time to reflect and recharge. 

What does Dreaming of Cleaning a Blocked Toilet Mean?

A blocked toilet in any case can be stressful and difficult to unclog. In a dream, the visual of a blocked toilet, sink or pipe can suggest a kind of blockage in your waking life. It can suggest you’re feeling like you have no power in a situation, or someone’s interfering in your life and you don’t know how to tell them to stop. If you see yourself fixing a toilet in a dream this may suggest you want to improve an area of your life, but you may not know where to start. It can also present as a desire to get rid of any stressor currently in your life. A blocked toilet is typically symbolic of your emotions, and if you try in your dream to fix it with your bare hands this suggests that you’re not approaching a problem in the right way in your waking life. It may suggest that you need a different approach or you might require some outside help to sort the problem plaguing your dream. If you dream of a plumber attempting to unblock the toilet, you may find that your plans for the future won’t work out the way you hope. A toilet in a dream links to our emotions, and if you find a blocked toilet in your dream, this suggests that you need to have a look at what’s bothering you. You might be worrying for nothing. 

What does it Mean if You Dream of Defecating In Public?

Dreaming of pooping (see also poop dream meaning) in public is a warning that you need to keep some things to yourself. Specifically, your opinions and any anger you’re holding onto. Not everyone will have the energy all of the time for you to vent to. If you dream of crouching and then defecating, this signifies a great need to let go of any aggression currently troubling you. It can mean you’re wanting a particularly difficult situation to be over. In dream psychology, a bowel movement in a dream reflects a ‘shitty situation’ in your waking life. This particular dream can also reveal your feelings toward an impending outcome – maybe you don’t feel that things are going your way. If you dream of a dirty toilet, this can suggest an illusion somewhere present in your life. Have you been lying to yourself, recently? It can also suggest you’re having a communication breakdown somewhere in your life. 

What is the Traditional Dream Meaning of a Toilet Dream?

In post-1930s dream interpretation, toilets can represent wildly different meanings from a more modern interpretation. Dreaming of a brick outhouse for example represents money, as does a toilet in a restroom. Dreaming of being in your own bathroom or seeing your toilet indicates something about your current life. A clean bathroom is a good omen for the future and may suggest that you’ll require a greater focus to get there. The toilet essentially represents wealth or profit. It can suggest you have a plethora of resources but for one reason or another, you’re struggling to put them to good use. A toilet disconnected from a water source suggests that you’ll be unable to use a resource previously offered to you. Perhaps you’ll need to involve the help of someone else. An otherwise broken toilet suggests a wealth of some kind is unavailable to you. If you dream of several people queuing to use the facilities, this signifies good things for the future, although they’ll be overshadowed by someone’s choices. 

What does Dreaming of a Broken Toilet Mean?

A more modern interpretation of a broken toilet dream symbolizes help will come from the places you least expect. Sometimes it’s an idea to take a step back and process. A broken toilet suggests there is something that needs some repair in your life – or some things that will be non-starters. This may apply to relationships – perhaps someone you used to be close with will attempt to rekindle your relationship, and this dream suggests it will end badly. Dreaming of a broken toilet also reveals that you’re confronting some past regrets, to move onto what the future holds. A broken toilet can also reveal emotions that are impeding your judgment or decision-making. 

What does a Toilet Without Doors Mean in A Dream?

Toilets in dreams can signify your ability to process or express your inner feelings. This dream may suggest you haven’t got an idea where to start solving a current emotional problem, or an issue that you know will have some emotional fall-out. Perhaps you know it’s time to cut some bad people from your life, and you don’t know how to approach it. A toilet without doors in a dream can suggest that you feel your privacy has been breached in waking life. Your dream may be a warning of a betrayal of trust or a public embarrassment. 

What does Dreaming of a Clean Toilet Signify?

Cleaning a toilet is probably not one of your top ten favorite things to clean. It’s unpleasant, and even a clean toilet smell isn’t exactly something you want in a candle (see also candle dream meaning). It’s a necessary evil to keep our living space clean and well, liveable. If you see a clean toilet in your dream or yourself cleaning a toilet, this dream has an important significance. As toilets can represent our emotions in dreams, you need to clear your mind from anything negative. You may be holding onto some negative thoughts, or your life has more drama or people that tire you out at the moment. Break free from anything not serving you. Perhaps you feel weighed down by problems, in which case you need to carry on through them, rid yourself of anything that’s making it harder. If you find yourself cleaning a toilet with bleach in your dream, this reflects your waking life where you are trying to get rid of something negative.

What does it Mean to Dream of People Queuing for a Toilet?

This is a horrible one, isn’t it? Waiting for the toilet to be free while feeling the pressure of your bladder is tough. You may count the people in front of you, mentally willing the person in the stall to hurry up already! To dream of this situation suggests that in an area of your life, or maybe overall, you’re not putting yourself first. Putting other people before you can result in a burn-out, and contrary to what some people may think, we’re all responsible for our own burn-outs before they happen. There’s always a warning sign that tells you you’re exhausted and you need a break. It’s good to help others, but there’s a line where you need to take care of yourself, too. This dream can also be a warning. While it might be cautioning you to be patient and your turn for good things will come, it may suggest that you need to look for other ways. Perhaps there’s an opportunity in your midst you haven’t considered, a ‘dream bathroom’ no one else is queuing for.  

What does Dreaming of Cleaning a Toilet Mean?

This dream has a nice surface meaning. Cleaning a toilet in your dream suggests you need to adopt the same approach to your life – there’s a build-up of negative energy and you need to be rid of it. If you don’t you may soon find that your ability to make decisions or impact other people’s lives positively may soon be affected.

What does a Clogged Toilet Mean in A Dream?

Dreaming of a clogged toilet suggests something is preventing you from living your best life. This may be something minor or something much bigger, but it’s a good warning to have. Not being able to move forward with your life is a frustrating place to be. If there’s something you can do to prevent yourself from being in that situation, now’s the time to act. With any problem or project, a good approach is breaking it down into the smallest chunks possible. You’ll feel more accomplished with each part you deal with, and before you know it, you’ll be done with it!

What does a Dream of Trying to Unclog a Toilet Mean?

Tring to unclog a dream toilet reveals how hard you’ve been working to shape your life into what you want. Never give up on what you want, but be kind to yourself. You’re your own best friend, and everything will work out for you. It may not be in the way you imagine, but it could lead to better things. 

What’s the Meaning of a Dream where a Clogged Toilet Floods a Bathroom?

Everyone’s worst nightmare. The absolute horror of seeing a toilet overflow and spill all over the floor, ugh! I hope this hasn’t happened to you in your waking life. While you might dream of this and your first response could be “Who will fix this” the answer to any problem in your dream is you. You will fix this. Things may look like they’re going well, on the surface you may project contentment and an overall state of happiness. Inside, it might be that you don’t feel in control. A persistent problem is plaguing you and your dreams aren’t a source of relief. Control, while it’s something we love to hold onto, can be overrated. You may be fighting a lack of control in your life, but that’s where the best serendipity comes from. After a dream like this, it’s best to ask for help when you feel out of your depth. If no one can offer you their assistance – perhaps this is something you need to do alone – help yourself by cultivating a positive outlook, and if you can find a temporary fix, this will buy you time to find the best solution. The hardest part of anything is believing in yourself and your potential. The rest will come naturally. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Public Toilet with Clogged Toilets?

This particular toilet dream is probably the most vivid of all. We’ve all visited a toilet where we regretted walking into it in the first place! Dreaming of a public restroom where the toilet is blocked indicates low self-respect or self-esteem. Perhaps there’s been a difficult situation that’s knocked your confidence in your ability. In dream interpretation, a representation of low self-esteem is your subconscious telling you that you’re more powerful and capable than what you believe. Potential is limitless. Relying on yourself is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. This dream is telling you to trust in your potential, your ability to adapt and do good. It may take a little while to make the changes necessary, but you’ll be glad you put the effort in.

What does Dreaming of Your Toilet Being Clogged Mean?

Dreaming of a clogged bathroom only makes it worse when it’s your own! A spiritual interpretation of this dream suggests you’ve encountered a problem you can’t solve. If you felt stressed in this dream, you need to carve out some time for yourself. You may be making a problem much worse than it needs to be. Perhaps it’s only your perception of the issue that makes it unsolvable. Time to cultivate a positive attitude. Trust that things will work out. 

What does Dreaming of Several Clogged Toilets Mean?

The only thing worse than one blocked toilet is more than one blocked toilet. An unusable toilet when you need to go sometimes feels like the world is against you! This may represent any negative feelings currently affecting your decision-making abilities. It may suggest you’ve been pushing away your feelings to focus on something else, which will only put them off for a while. In older dream interpretations, multiple clogged toilets are a bad omen for the future. On a positive note, several blocked toilets in your dream can suggest you’ll have multiple problems you’ll know how to solve soon. This is a testament to your resolve and ability. 

What does a Dream with a Toilet Clogged by a Nappy Mean?

Quite often, we look at the blocked toilet, and we panic so much that we don’t consider what causes it. Nappies are probably the worst thing to block a toilet, as they can expand in the u-bend and make it impossible for anything to pass. Most likely, you’d need outside help to fix this one! In dream terms, this is a call to pay attention to your life. You may be in the middle of an embarrassing situation that you need outside help with. Perhaps someone’s made you very uncomfortable and you don’t know how to approach them. The best response here is taking control of your actions, and owning them. 

What does Dreaming of a Toilet Clogged with Feces Mean?

In dreams, fecal matter represents relationships that are unhealthy or everyday problems that may have mounted up into one big issue. It’s something that’s particularly weighing on your mind. Problems are a natural part of our lives, and the lessons we learn from them can be a great thing. If you managed to clean your dream toilet, this suggests that things will resolve soon, or your emotions will even out. If you couldn’t get it clean, this may suggest that your approach to problem-solving needs some work.

What does it Mean to Dream of A Smelly, Dirty, Clogged Toilet?

What a nice dream you had! No, not really. The effect is the same as if you’d just used a horrible toilet in your waking life. A wrinkled nose and an overwhelming urge to shower (see also shower dream meaning). Dreaming of a dirty toilet or blocked toilet suggests that you need to change something in your life immediately. This could be in terms of how you approach your needs. Are you eating enough? Are you eating the right things? Are you taking time for yourself, away from a screen? Perhaps it’s time for a new venture. Try making your favorite takeaway yourself. Stop putting off that yoga class. A clogged dream toilet suggests that you need to unpack your emotions and find a different way to cope with them, as your current method is not working. 

You May Have Seen

An old-fashioned outhouse. A blocked public toilet. Your own toilet in a state of disrepair. A queue for the restroom. A toilet not connected to anything. An empty toilet. A toilet that is dirty or clogged. A toilet with no doors, or no seat. A toilet with no way to flush it. An overflowing toilet.

Positive Things Are Coming If

If you see yourself in a toilet in a dream, there’s an impending event that will change your life. It could be something someone will give you that you couldn’t get for yourself. In more material terms, it may be a lottery draw, a gift, a promotion at work. Whatever it is, it will change you. If you dream of a blocked toilet, this can indicate you’ll master a difficult emotion currently affecting you. If you encounter a somewhat rare dream of falling into a toilet pit, covered in unthinkable waste, this is a good omen for the future. This dream suggests that things will work out exactly the way you hope, or even better. If you feel your dream was positive – you fixed that villainous toilet, or did what the dream told you to do, this is a nice omen for the future. It suggests that you’ll deal with problems quickly and efficiently, leaving no room for them to hang over your head and affect your future. 

Feelings You may have Experienced During a Toilet Dream

Embarrassment. Horror. Feeling exposed or unprotected. Horrified at asking for help. Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Infuriated. Satisfied at visually making a difference. Helplessness, unable to solve a problem. Feeling like you’re getting nowhere. Free, after confronting the past and now looking towards the future. Feeling positive for what the future holds. 


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