Dream Glossary: Dreams symbols beginning with A – Part 2



Dreaming of being an adventurer is your subconscious letting you know you need to shake up your routine. You’re lacking some real-life adventure where you’re free to explore. 

This dream can also suggest that you’re so focused on achieving your goals that when you do achieve them, you’re not acknowledging or thanking the people that helped you get there. 


Dreaming of an adversary or being confronted by one is a manifestation of conflict or anxiety present in waking life. You’re worried about it enough that it’s made it into your dream. Are you rejecting a part of yourself, or a thought niggling at you that was accurate, and you didn’t want to believe it?

Dreaming of pushing past an adversity is a testament to your resolve, and your determination to overcome obstacles. 


Dreaming of adversity represents the issues present in your waking life. You may feel you haven’t made enough progress, or that you’ve failed altogether. 

Dreaming that others are facing adversity suggests you have a negative outlook that’s holding you back. You need to adjust your attitude accordingly.


Dreaming of advertisements – either TV or printed, or a poster – suggests your subconscious is trying to tell you something. It may be a call to action – to decide on something you’ve been mulling over for a while – or to change things up. Consider what the advert was trying to sell – this will help determine what your subconscious is trying to tell you. If the advert involves a familiar face, this might mean you’ll need their input in your current situation, or that you need to stop being so proud and ask for help.

Dreaming of creating an advert or putting up a poster suggests you need to work hard to get to where you want to be. If you’ve been working hard already, this is a sign that you shouldn’t let up on your determination. You’ll get there.


Dreaming of receiving advice suggests you may have been ignoring your own instincts. Your gut is telling you something is wrong – about a situation, a specific person, or your health – and ignoring it won’t bring anything good.

Dreaming of being an advisor or giving advice to someone suggests you’re in a position where you can do a lot of good for other people, and you’re in the headspace to do so.


Dreaming of being an advocate – maybe for a protest, charity event or someone specific – suggests you’re sure of your path. Your loyalty will greatly help others. 


Dreaming of doing aerobics suggests you’ve been in the same place for far too long. This may be dragging your feet in a specific situation or decision, or it may mean that you need to do some more exercise!


Dreaming of an aerosol in your dream suggests a part of your life is causing you stress, and you feel pressure to excel. You need to let go of this stress.


* See Adultery


Dreaming of confessing your affection to someone suggests that you’re satisfied with a relationship – this may not be a romantic relationship! You get a lot out of your connection with this person, and the feeling is mutual. This dream can also suggest you need to show your feelings more, especially if you’ve been appreciating what someone’s done for you lately. It’s best to be honest. This dream can also signify a lack of affection in your life. 


Dreaming of an afterlife or being in an afterlife symbolizes your desire to escape from your problems, or a relationship you’re bored with. You may feel disconnected from the people that love you, you may doubt their feelings, or you really want a fresh start, and you’re afraid to go after it. 


Dreaming of an afternoon or spending time in an afternoon suggests that you have a lot of spare energy. Perhaps there’s an element of your past that you can learn from and the experience will guide you forward. This dream can also point to a new-found perspective, or something will become clear shortly.


Dreaming of an affliction or an illness suggests bad news is imminent. 

Dreaming that others are afflicted by something suggests a disaster or an awful situation out of your control.


Dreaming of affluence represents how far you’ve come, your riches of experience and the rewards you’ll soon enjoy. 


Dreaming of being affronted suggests someone in your life is trying to sabotage you or your goals. This may not be someone you’d immediately think of. They might be taking advantage of your ignorance or good nature.


Dreaming about Africa or being in Africa suggests you want to return to a starting point. This may be where you were born, where you grew up – or metaphorically speaking – a desire to return to a simpler time, or a time in your life where you were optimistic about the future. If you’re about to visit Africa, you’re excited about what this trip can mean for you and how it may enrich your life. If you’ve lived in Africa before or visited, this may be a recollection of your experiences and feelings.

African American

Dreaming of an African American points to your heritage or parents. Maybe you’re not being true to yourself, or you’ve been neglecting what the past has taught you. This dream can also be suggesting you need to tap into your creativity. 


Dreaming of having an afro when you don’t have one in waking life links to creative freedom. It may be the case that you’ve been ignoring an idea that’s been tugging at your sleeve, or you’re putting too many rules into a process that should be organic.


Dreaming of black agate represents vitality, the drive to do well, and bravery.

Red agate in your dream signifies good health, a sense of contentment and peace.


Dreaming of your age is usually an anxiety dream. You may be regretting the past or paths you didn’t take. You fear how fast time is passing, and you can feel your body growing older while your mind seems to stay the same.

If you dream of being older than you are, this represents the wisdom and experience you’ve gained in your life. It can also suggest you need to be more connected to your inner child, or you’ve developed a routine that’s too regimented, and you may become set in your ways.

Dreaming of being younger than your actual age suggests you need to take pleasure in the little things, like a child does. Don’t take anything for granted. Live in the moment, and do exactly what you want to do.

If you are a parent, and you dream of your child being younger, you’re longing for the dynamic you used to share. Maybe it was at a time when they thought it was impossible for you to be wrong, or you got on better with each other. Maybe how grown up they’ve become is now unsettling. They might not need you in the way you are used to, and this can be upsetting. It can be tied to whom you feel you are, a part of your identity, and you’ll need to rethink what this might be.


Dreaming of being aggressive reveals repressed sexual desire. It can also stem from a conflict in your waking life that remains unsolved.


Dreaming of being in agony is an awful dream. This suggests that something in your life is worrying you, to the point where it might start to affect your health. You need to resolve it as soon as you can.


Dreaming of agoraphobia or wide open spaces suggests you fear being seen or exposed for something. It may not present as extreme as this, but you don’t like the spotlight! This is an anxiety dream.


Dreaming of coming to an agreement suggests a problem will resolve itself soon. It can suggest that you’ve already resolved an inner issue.


Usually a violent shivering, dreaming of trembling from an illness suggests a physical ailment. You may be involved in a minor accident, or something with your health will go awry. 

Dreaming of other people affected by ague suggests that you’re not being as caring or empathetic towards someone as you should be. This indifference could affect your entire relationship.


Dreaming that you have AIDS suggests your ability to cope with problems is being attacked. You may be in the middle of a difficult situation which is affecting your ability to cope and make rational decisions. You may feel constantly tired, or that you have no control.

If you dream of someone you know having AIDS, this is a bad sign for your relationship with them. It may have turned unhealthy, or you’re not being honest with each other.

Dreaming that a stranger has AIDS represents a drive to be more caring towards others. Maybe you feel that you haven’t been in a place where you could help someone, and they don’t need your help now!


Dreaming of aiming for something suggests a lack of direction. You’ve got plenty of motivation, but without the direction to channel this energy, you won’t get very far. It suggests you may need to adjust your goals or work towards something new. If you’re aiming something that can be used as a weapon, this represents aggression or a repressed sexual desire.


Dreaming about air represents wisdom, being grounded, and your potential creativity. If the air is distorted – if it’s dirty, polluted, or you found it hard to breath, this suggests a perspective is holding you back.

Feeling cold air in your dream suggests an issue in a close relationship, and a problem in your work life. You may suffer from an unrealistic expectation or goal which won’t serve you. It might just be that your bedroom is cold!

Dreaming of breathing hot air suggests negative forces surrounding you, or a person whose bad for your life.

Dreaming of walking on air suggests your positive nature and how nothing’s weighing you down. You may have a projected confidence which rubs off on other people. Goals are easy to reach. Conversely, this dream may be a warning. You’re not grounded enough, and you’re not being realistic.

Dreaming of being able to bend air suggests your great self-control when it comes to expressing yourself and editing out any negative thoughts or anything that will hurt other people. You’re careful to lift them up, rather than putting them down.

Air Conditioner

Dreaming of an air conditioner that’s faulty suggests you’re having trouble relaxing or turning off. You may be unable to leave a work situation at work, or you’re worried about someone and don’t have a way you can help them.

Feeling an air conditioner in a dream suggests a fresh perspective, or a relief from a long-term problem. It can also represent a reconciliation in a relationship.

Air Duct

Dreaming of an air duct suggests you need to voice an emotion. A repressed emotion has been giving you trouble or affecting your behavior with others. Let it out before it does some real damage in your life. Dreaming of a network of air ducts represents your self-control over your emotions, and how careful you are to not hurt other people.

Air Gun

Dreaming of seeing or using an air gun suggests a threat in your future. It hasn’t appeared yet, but it will. It may be a sign that you’re letting your guard down around someone you shouldn’t. You may be in a situation where you feel you don’t need to be vigilant, but this dream is telling you that you’re wrong.

Air Freshener

Air freshener appearing in your dream suggests you’re enjoying the hell out of life right now! Even the little things are giving you a sense of satisfaction. What a nice place to be. This could also be some nostalgia surfacing about the past, or a specific time in your life. If the smell is a bit offensive, you don’t like it at all, or it’s too strong, you’re not in a clear headspace to make decisions. A lack of judgment could severely upset your life.

Air Force

Dreaming of being in the air force represents a need for mental discipline in your life. You may be ignoring your long term goals in order to fulfil an immediate desire, and this won’t benefit you in the long run. It may suggest that you need to regain a connection with your inner emotions and feelings, if you’ve pushed them aside, or pushed yourself too far in trying to achieve a goal.

Air Hockey

Dreaming of an air hockey table or playing air hockey suggests that there will be a situation you’ll need to have quick reflexes in. You must react quickly. You may be the only person able to.

Air Horn

Hearing an air horn in your dream or setting one off suggests that you’ve underestimated the importance of a current situation or issue. Maybe you’ve been putting off a decision that you don’t realize is crucial. Maybe you’ve been focusing on too many things, and one aspect of your life requires your immediate attention. It can also be a way of your subconscious drawing your attention to something specific – something an inner part of you has realized, but the surface part has not.

Air Raid

What an awful dream! If you dream of being in an air raid, your situation in life is currently challenging to say the least. You’re feeling snowed under by problems, or your emotions have taken you by surprise. This dream can indicate it’s time you took a break, or at the very least, a deep breath.

Air Show

Dreaming of being in an airshow or attending one signifies how proud you are of what you’ve achieved. Maybe someone hasn’t taken notice of how hard you’ve worked, or they’ve taken it as a given that you’d achieve it. You want to shout from the rooftops that achieving it was even possible. You did it!


Dreaming of an airbag being activated suggests that your current approach to life is about to land you in big trouble. You may not see a big problem coming, and it will cause you a lot of stress. Adjusting your approach or your goals will help derail this disaster, and stop it from happening. An airbag can also suggest the cushion that your support network provides you with. 

Aircraft Carrier

Dreaming of an aircraft carrier going past or even being in one suggests you’re on the path of a personal journey. You will confront some deep-seated emotions or an inner conflict that you’ve been carrying for too long. This dream is a great sign!

Air Dancer

Dreaming of an air dancer suggests someone in your life requires your attention. Maybe you haven’t spoken to them in a while, or you act as part of their support network, and they need your advice. They may just miss your company. You may also be too changeable in your opinions, adapting your decisions to reflect people around you and their choices. Sometimes it’s better to stand alone. A whole group of people being wrong is not a good thing!


Dreaming of seeing an airplane or being in one suggests you’ll solve any issues in your way. You’ll go far above them, giving you a greater perspective in the grand scheme of things. A great sense of freedom and accomplishment is in your future! In order to achieve these things, you may require a different outlook or an alternative approach. If you dream of an airplane thundering down a runway, an idea or project you’ve been developing is about to ‘take off’. It may also be suggesting that you need to take a break from your project in order to gain the right perspective to achieve your goals. 

Dreaming of a plane sat on a runway suggests a project or a goal in your life is causing you some problems, and you don’t know how to make progress yet. 

Dreaming of flying an airplane or being in the cockpit suggests that you’re in the best position right now. You’re fully in control. Confident of your decisions. You’ll know the right path as soon as you see it, and there will be no doubt that you will succeed.

Dreaming of transferring planes or getting a different connection suggests you’re in the middle of a transition that will affect your path. You may not have discovered it yet, but it’ll lead you onto greater things.

Dreaming of missing a connecting flight (see also Missing Flight Dream Meaning) suggests a lack of control. You are feeling overwhelmed in a situation, your emotions are affecting your decisions or someone is holding you back. Conversely, this dream can be a signal you’re disconnected from your emotions, or you’re having trouble processing them. 

If you dream of a plane crashing, you may have set your expectations too high, and you won’t achieve what you’re expecting. You may try to deal with this in the wrong way, where you try to overwork yourself to compensate. This will only result in a burnout, where you’ll take longer to recover than if you’d taken a break and re-assessed your goals. This dream can also suggest that you have a self-defeating attitude, looking for problems where there isn’t any, or imagining your failure before you’ve had a chance to imagine how you may succeed. You don’t believe in yourself enough, and this will hold you back no matter how you look at it. 

Dreaming of a plane hijacking suggests your dream is unearthing past emotions or thoughts you’ve repressed.

Dreaming of planes that fly in an order or a rigid formation suggests the value of teamwork, and how much you can accomplish when part of a collective vision.

If you dream of an airplane landing, this suggests you’re near the end of a journey or project you had great difficulty with.


An airport appearing in your dream suggests the continuity of life, arrivals (births) and departures (deaths). If the airport is filled with people, this is a good sign. You have a great desire to achieve something, and you have hope in abundance. You’re on your way to discover something new about yourself.

If you dream of a deserted airport, your plans won’t work out the way you want them to. You may have to adjust your approach in order to meet your goal. You may have to put some goals on hold in order to deal with a present situation.


Dreaming of walking down an aisle (any kind, not just the wedding kind!) suggests you have a good sense of balance in your life – of course there are bad things, worries, doubts, but there’s good, too. This dream can also represent disagreements or a situation that’s about to change, and you’re stuck in the middle.


Alabaster in dreams typically resembles romantic relationships. It denotes that any romantic relationships you have or will have will bring a lot of good to your life. However, if you dream of breaking alabaster – if you knock over an alabaster statue or figure – this reveals the opposite. It may also foretell grief and regret.


Dreaming of being Aladdin reveals you will shortly achieve your wildest dream.


While alarms exist to protect us and our things, from fire (see also house fire dream symbols), theft, and damage, they can also be a source of anxiety. There are few things worse than a faulty alarm that wakes you up in the middle of the night! Anxiety has also been referred to as a faulty alarm system, and dreaming of an alarm is a worry dream. You may be in the storm of a troubling situation, unsure of what decision to take. This dream can also be a warning of bad things to come.

Alarm Clock

Similar to the alarm dream, the alarm clock dream is a lesser version. You’re anxious about something, maybe a deadline, your work-life balance, or a relationship. Or, you just want longer in bed!


You’ve heard of an albatross because of their famous wingspan, right? Dreaming of an albatross represents freedom, and endurance, like a long journey over a sea. A dead albatross in a dream is bad luck.


Dreaming of an albino represents eternal life in one form or another, and a sense of purity. This dream may also be calling you to be more tolerant and less judgmental of others.

If you’re afraid of the albino figure in your dream, you’re in denial about something. It can also suggest that you’re needlessly worried about someone. Focus on your own problems – they can probably handle this alone.


Dreaming of an album is a good place to be. This dream reflects the positive feelings that true friends are bringing to your life.

Dreaming of flicking through a photo album suggests that you’re reminiscing too much about the past. Nostalgia can be a nice prison we decorate and live with the past, rather than looking toward the future. As you recall memories, the details can change. You may have forgotten the bad things that came with the good.


Dreaming of alchemy is an interesting one. You’re going through some problems right now which will result in a state of transformation. You wish for perfection. While these problems might be difficult to sort through, and you could emerge the other end exhausted, something good will come of it.


Dreaming of enjoying alcohol (in moderation) mirrors a contentment in your life. You’re happy with decisions you’ve taken, knowing that you’ve made them the best you can with the information you had. You’re holding success in your hand – perhaps that’s what success really is. 

Dreaming of being drunk suggests your life is not going the way you want it to. You may be afraid you’re a worse person than you thought, or people might judge you on your decisions. This dream can be a sign you want to escape from something. Perhaps alcohol has been a coping mechanism somewhere in your life, and this dream is providing you with a means of escape. People who are recovering from drink problems have these dreams regularly – and help remind them not to give up.

If you dream of someone else being an alcoholic when they’re not in your waking life, this suggests that they’re struggling with something, and could do with your help.


An alder tree appearing in your dream reflects a present happiness and joy, or both to come.

Alfred E. Neuman

Dreaming of Alfred E. Neuman reflects an awkwardness in your waking life, a situation where you’re worried you won’t be taken seriously.


Dreaming of algae or algae-covered water suggests that you need to take a step back from your emotions. They might be affecting your ability to think clearly.

Alice in Wonderland

Dreaming about Alice in Wonderland, or an aspect of that colorful universe, suggests that your self-image has become distorted. You may want to escape from the hum-drum of routine and normal life’s problems, and you’re looking for something to shake things up.


Dreaming of being an alien suggests there are parts of you that you haven’t discovered yet. It may also be a desire to transform your life, shake off any current problems. It can reveal a new creative venture on the horizon, or simply how creative you are.

If you’re dreaming of being abducted or aliens are invading, this suggests a fear of change. You may be in an excellent place right now – things are going well, you’ve got good relationships and a nice, positive outlook, and you don’t want it to change. Alternatively, someone may be invading your space or sense of privacy.

Seeing aliens in your dream suggests that you’re having trouble adapting to a new situation. It may be that you felt you were in a wonderful place and something has disrupted that – but try not to think so negatively. It could turn out for the better. You may also be feeling ‘alienated’ in a social situation, or this dream can be an encounter with part of yourself you don’t acknowledge in waking life.

If you dream of having sex with an alien, you want something different in your sex life.


Dreaming of paying alimony mirrors the feeling of atoning for past mistakes and bad decisions in waking life.


Dreaming of having allergies suggests an emotional or psychological sensitivity to a situation or person. It may be a problem that you’ll have particular difficulty with.


Dreaming of an alley suggests you’re in a confined place right now. Your perception of things may have distorted or even shrunk, if you’ve been concentrating on your problems for too long. You may need to shake up your routine or try a different approach to get back on track. An alley in your dream can also suggest that you’ve moved away from a path that will help facilitate your goals. You may have dropped them altogether in the interim, perhaps there’s a lot on at work or someone you know needs your support. This dream is a reminder not to forget your goals, once you’re finished with your current task.

Dreaming of walking through an alley or trying to find your way somewhere mirrors a dead-end in your waking life. You may feel you’ve missed out on something, or something you thought you wanted won’t bring anything good into your life. It can also suggest your reputation will shortly suffer a blow.


Dreaming of an alligator is similar to a snake appearing in your dream: someone in your life cannot be trusted. They may betray or lie to you. An alligator in your dream also represents hidden instincts, or a perspective your unconscious mind has which will be useful in waking life. Like an alligator moving between the surface and deep water swiftly, it can also represent adaptability, and moving from the physical, waking world to the inner emotional, repressed subconscious world of sleep. Like the snake, the alligator represents wisdom, and your ability to heal and ground yourself. It can also suggest a ‘cold-blooded’ quality in a situation where you should be kinder.

Dreaming of fleeing from an alligator suggests you’re running from part of yourself. This is most likely part of your subconscious, where repressed desires and painful memories collect. Perhaps you’re engaging in some destructive behavior or thought processes.

Dreaming of a baby alligator suggests that your trusting nature will lead you astray and bring you pain. If it bites you, this dream suggests you’ve not learned from the past.

Dreaming of otherwise being attacked by an alligator mirrors a violation of security or being taken advantage of in waking life. This alligator is someone who has betrayed your trust, or they will deceive you, and despite everything that tells you they’re not a positive influence in your life, you’ll struggle to break free.


Dreaming of getting an allowance mirrors the fruit of your hard work, which will shortly pay off! It can also suggest that you’re being too stubborn in some way.


Seeing an alloy in your dream suggests upcoming problems in your professional life or a working relationship that would otherwise serve you well.


Dreaming of an almanac represents both the good and the bad life gives you. You may be having a bad time, but the good is on its way. You might also be enjoying yourself but at the cost of your financial security.


Dreaming of eating (see also Eating Dream Symbolism) almonds or seeing them suggests a wealth of success in your future.

An almond tree in your dream suggests future happiness. It can also represent your ability to adapt and turn a negative situation into a positive one.


Dreaming of giving alms reflects your generous nature.


Dreaming of using aloe suggests you’re in a period of healing. You may be in a process of forgiving someone for a past transgression.


Dreaming of being alone suggests you’re feeling alienated in waking life.

Dreaming of wanting to be alone suggests you need more time for yourself. Perhaps you don’t feel heard or known by others, or they expect you to be there for them when you need some time for yourself. 


An altar in your dream suggests that you’re sacrificing something. This may be time, or a long-held goal. You may also be questioning your spirituality. 

Dreaming of a priest at an altar suggests you feel you need to atone for something. It suggests your waking life is troubled.

Dreaming of kneeling in front of an altar denotes neglecting your desires.

If you see a satanic altar in your dream, there’s a negative energy in your life.

Altar Boy

Dreaming of being an altar boy or seeing one represents innocence.


Dreaming of alum suggests you’re frustrated with your plans. 

Dreaming of tasting alum represents regret, specifically a decision that’s impacted someone else who did not deserve the fall-out. 


Dreaming of aluminum is a testament to your resolve in keeping what’s valuable to you in your life.


Dreaming of being alumni mirrors the satisfaction from an achievement. If it wasn’t part of a school you went to, this suggests you’re putting your past regrets behind you. You may be wondering where other choices may have led.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Dreaming of Alzheimer’s disease suggests a fear of moving on. It can also be an anxiety dream, if you’re worried about forgetting an important date. If someone in your life suffers from this disease, it reflects the stress and negativity this disease brings.


Dreaming of being an ambassador suggests a need for diplomacy in your waking life.


Dreaming of seeing amber signifies positive energy and healing. You may be moving on from a difficult situation, or you feel you need a time of healing.

Amber in your dream also signifies resurrection. An element of the past will be important to your future, or that something is coming to an end.

Amber Alert

Dreaming of an amber alert suggests a need to be more present in your life. It could be that you’re overlooking something important which needs your attention.


An ambulance in your dream suggests that current carelessness will cause major problems in the future. Perhaps you’re not paying attention to something that you really shouldn’t ignore.

Dreaming of an ambulance full of wounded people suggests you’re afraid of letting go of an old version of yourself. You may be surrounding yourself with people who won’t be good for your life.

Dreaming of driving an ambulance suggests that you’re spending too much time helping others, and not enough time on yourself.


Dreaming of being ambushed suggests a future danger, or a problem getting significantly worse.

Dreaming of lying in wait for something or someone suggests that you’ll use some questionable methods in order to reach your goals.


Dreaming of America if you’re American represents independence to go after what you want. If you’re not from America, this dream suggests future material wealth.


Dreaming of an amethyst represents wisdom and peace of mind. Dreaming of losing an amethyst suggests problems in your love life.


Dreaming of an Amish person or being Amish suggests that you’re wishing for a life that’s simpler. It’s also an indication you’ve been concentrating on the wrong things.


Dreaming of ammonia suggests there’s something unpleasant or offensive that you need to deal with, before it gets worse.


Dreaming of ammunition suggests you’re attempting to get your way in a destructive manner. It can also suggest your powers of persuasion. 


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