Clothing Dream Symbols

How you dress in daily life reflects your personality, and how you want to be seen by other people. Dreams about clothing or noticing what you have on in a dream reflect the choices you make in wanting to create a certain perception of yourself, and can reflect your current state in waking life.


Dreaming of an apron indicates you or someone you know is committed to helping family out right now, or working on improving things for them. Aprons also symbolize the need for secrecy or security.

Seeing yourself in an apron (see also Apron Dream Symbolism) indicates that you’re focusing too much on other people’s needs. You may even be letting them make decisions for you.

Baby Clothes

Seeing baby clothes in your dream signifies you’re in a good place to start something new. Baby clothes can symbolize a redundant outlook or habits which you no longer put any time into. They can also suggest the way you are expressing yourself is more subtle than it’s been in the past.

Ballet Shoes

Dreaming of wearing or otherwise seeing ballet shoes suggests you need to be delicate about a situation, as it needs to be treated with care. If you see yourself wearing ballet shoes in this dream, you approach everything you do with a level head and retain a good sense of balance in your life.


A bandana appearing in your dreams indicates that your perception of everything has been clouded lately. You need to be more objective. Take some time out to gain some perspective. 

Bathing Suit

Dreaming of wearing a bathing suit suggests you’re feeling vulnerable in some way. If you felt comfortable in this dream, you’re nevertheless in a good place, and you’re finding it easy to relax despite an undercurrent of nervousness. If you felt uncomfortable, you have some issues with self-confidence and this will hold you back in the future, unless you confront it. If you dream of wearing a bathing suit while everyone else is in formal wear, you feel out of place with the people around you. You act inappropriately in situations which need to be handled with care and compassion. 


Dreaming of wearing or seeing a bathrobe points to a need for more privacy. Someone’s invading your personal space, either physically or emotionally. They want to know what drives you, but you feel they haven’t earned your trust enough for you to share. It can also point to issues in intimate situations that you’re reluctant to deal with.  


Dreaming of wearing a blouse indicates you’re finding a new outlet for your emotions, one which will enable you to process them healthily. The color of the blouse and the feet can also suggest your emotional state.


A bodice in your dream indicates repressed emotions. You’re not being honest with yourself, either for wanting to ignore a problem entirely, or you prefer to push emotions down rather than deal with them. This won’t help in the long run. Alternatively, you have a love of historical dress.


Dreaming of a bonnet represents ideas which are out of date, and these are holding you back from achieving your wildest dreams.


Dreaming of wearing a bra indicates security and support. Perhaps you need to reach out to someone you love and trust in order to move forward. You’re struggling to process something or to cope on your own. Not wearing a bra when you felt you should in the dream suggests you may have a problem with self-discipline. You don’t do what is required of you unless you absolutely have to.

Bulletproof Vest

Dreaming of wearing a bulletproof vest suggests you’re closing yourself off from others in order to protect yourself. You’ve been hurt in the past, and you don’t want a repeat of that. You’re so fixated on not getting hurt, you won’t realize you’re lonely until it starts to affect your behavior negatively.


Dreaming of wearing a burqa suggests that negative thoughts are affecting you. They’re affecting your actions and how you see the world. This is a warning dream, as if you carry on, you won’t be able to recognize good opportunities for what they are.

Dreaming of someone else wearing a burqa suggests someone is leaving you in the dark about something that concerns you. 


Dreaming of a cap indicates you need to be more tolerant of others. You allow yourself some slack, but not the same for other people. A situation always, always looks easier from the outside. Give them a chance.

Cap and Gown

Dreaming of wearing a cap and gown suggests you’ll be moving onto better things which will set you up for the next stage of your life. 

Someone else wearing a cap and gown in your dream is a manifestation of what you’ve achieved. 

Chicken Suit

Dreaming of wearing a chicken suit is your subconscious calling you out. You’re not being brave enough.


Dreaming of wearing a waist trainer or cincher when you wouldn’t in waking life indicates you’re attempting to change who you are. Not to better yourself, but to fit in with other people or to meet their expectations of how they think you should act. This will end in tears.


Dreaming of your clothes directly relates to how people see you, and the behavior you engage in, in order to shape their opinions. Clothes are also a reflection of your current state of mind. If you dream of wearing clothes you wouldn’t “dream” of wearing in everyday life, this suggests you’re putting on a false act, and you’re not being true to yourself when you’re around other people. Alternatively, something in your life doesn’t fit you – an old habit or a hobby you’ve outgrown. Or, this dream can indicate you’re finally revealing your true self to those around you.

Dreaming of trying to clean dirty clothes reflects a transformative journey you’re currently on. You’ve recognized the need to let go of the things that no longer add value to your life. That’s the hard part over. 

Dreaming of wearing brand-new clothes (see also Buying Clothes In Your Dream) mirrors the way you’ve adopted a fresh outlook which will serve you in the near future. If you dream of the price tags still being attached, you’re trying too hard to change too fast. Forcing it will result in a burnout, and you’ll only feel worse than when you set out. Remember the reasons you began this journey, and go where life takes you, at the pace it takes you.

Dreaming of changing clothes repeatedly suggests you feel a need to rise to a challenge, and in order to do so you feel you have to become someone new. There’s nothing wrong with reinventing yourself, so long as it’s for the right reasons. Remember to take care of yourself.

Dreaming of your clothes constricting you reflects waking feelings of being trapped or frustrated, in a relationship or in your work life. You are under pressure at work, everything is stacking up around you quicker than you can clear it away. You’re in the middle of a conflict in a relationship.

If your clothes were far too big in your dream, you feel vulnerable, or not up for a task that’s got your name on it. Take things one step at a time.

If you dream of wearing clothes which don’t match the situation of your dream, this reflects a frustration of feeling unable to confront something. This might be a person who is unwilling to see reason. Or, you’ve tried to help them in the past, and they didn’t listen, and now you’re trying again, you’re not sure if it’s worth the effort. 

Dreaming of wearing ripped or torn clothes is your subconscious telling you that your approach is utterly wrong. You need to change your outlook, and re-evaluate some decisions you’ve made recently.

Dreaming of clothes shopping (see also Shopping Dreams) suggests you’ve been going through some changes in your professional life, and you’re trying to decide on the best approach, hoping you’re still a good fit for the role. Doing your best is all you can do.

Dreaming that all of your clothes are white may suggest you’re looking for some optimism, as things have been quite bad lately. You’ll find it in even the smallest places, and it’ll help spring you back.

Dreaming of only wearing black when you don’t in waking life indicates a desire to conform. In this dream, you are exploring your subconscious feelings and thoughts, which may be wildly different to what you present to the outside world.

If you dream of wearing your clothes inside out, this reflects the way you choose to go against other people’s ideas in waking life. They are wrong, or you just like going against the grain. If you dream of turning your clothes inside out, you feel the need to protect yourself or conceal part of you from judgmental people. 

Dreaming of wearing different clothes while everyone else wears the same outfit suggests you feel alienated from other people or part of yourself. You feel disconnected. Alternatively, you see the wisdom in standing alone – you know you’re right, while you’re going against a popular belief or habit, that’s what is important.

Dreaming of pulling clothes from a lake or another body of water indicates you’re ready to move on from something, or you’ve forgiven those who need it most, especially if that person is you. Old issues will no longer bother you or influence your present life.


Dreaming of denim is a good sign. As denim was originally prized for its durability, and gained popularity with workers during the Gold Rush, this dream suggests you’re capable of withstanding great turmoil. It’s a testament to your resilience. You always come through the other side. 


Dreaming of wearing a dress points to your qualities that were traditionally regarded as “feminine”, such as empathy, thoughtfulness and vulnerability. You’re in touch with these qualities, and you’re putting them to good use in your life. 

Wearing a white dress in your dream indicates a need to appear innocent. Have you been accused of something, or do you know something you shouldn’t?  A purple dress in your dream indicates committing to your partner or, if you’re single, a new relationship in the future. 

Evening Gown

Dreaming of wearing an evening gown indicates your current search for happiness. It also represents social pleasures and enjoyment. If you’re building an image of a problem-free life, this can manifest as your evening gown dream. The design of the gown can also be significant. If it’s an elaborate dress which looks like a work of art, this mirrors your want of a luxurious lifestyle. If the gown is simpler, it points to a simpler life, which has no less value than a luxurious one. Only you get to decide the kind you want. 


Dreaming of wearing a fedora indicates that pressure can’t touch you right now. You’re in a good place. Alternatively, you refuse to see something from someone else’s perspective. You have offended someone. 

Someone else wearing a fedora in your dream indicates you feel there is something someone is hiding from you. If you don’t recognize the person in your dream, you are hiding something from yourself.

Fishnet Stockings

Dreaming of wearing or seeing fishnet stockings embodies desire. Your subconscious is telling you to get out there more.


Dreaming of wearing flannel or otherwise seeing it in your dream reflects the warmth and comfort present in your life. You’re in a great place, and you’re enjoying the hell out of it.


Wearing furs or seeing someone else wearing furs in your dream indicates an elevated sense of status or luxury. You will want for nothing. Or, the fur in your dream points to instincts which are not easily silenced by your conscience.

On a more negative note, wearing fur in your dream when you wouldn’t consider it in real life indicates someone isn’t who you thought, and they’ve recently proved that. You are not proud of something you’ve done. Wearing fur in your dream can be a sign you’re putting on a front, and the image you’d like people to see doesn’t resemble you at all.

Glass Slippers

Dreaming of glass slippers means you’ll go through a grueling period, but at the end of it, you’ll transform your life. If someone’s lied about you or made up some nasty rumors, they’ll get what they deserve. (Just mind the clock striking twelve)


Dreaming of wearing a garter symbolizes seduction. Perhaps you want to be more adventurous in your sex life.

Ghillie Suit

Wearing a ghillie suit in your dream reflects how you want to disappear into the background. Maybe you’ve had too many conflicts lately. People are a source of stress, and you feel more comfortable in your own company. Dreaming of a ghillie suit can also suggest you want to connect with the natural world. You feel at peace when you’re surrounded by nature.


Dreaming of wearing a girdle indicates you feel trapped in your waking life. You feel unable to let out your emotions or put forward your ideas. You put your needs after everyone else’s, and it’s causing you pain. 


Dreaming of wearing gloves reflects the way you are coping in waking life, and how you handle situations. You’re getting to the root of a problem, and how you handle that will inform the outcome of the situation you’re in. Wearing gloves in a dream signifies that you’re either being too cautious or not careful enough. Wearing gloves in a dream can also be a sign you’re not expressing your creativity enough. You’re going through a creative block, or you’re confining it to an existing idea, and you’re limiting the potential you have. If you don’t feel you’re a creative person, a creative solution is needed to fix a problem you’ve not been able to solve by conventional methods. 

Dreaming of taking off gloves represents respect, or a bigger effort to get things done when the simple solutions haven’t worked.

If you dream of wearing work gloves, you’re expecting a situation to get difficult, and messy. You may not come out unscathed. You’ve seen the signs of a big conflict which is about to explode in a relationship.

Dreaming of wearing driving gloves indicates you need to take control of your life – you feel as though you’ve lost the power to change it. Make a small decision outside of your routine, outside of what you’d normally do, or what’s expected of you.

Dreaming of wearing boxing gloves suggests you’re itching for a fight, or you’re in the middle of a conflict, and you feel the need to defend yourself.

White gloves in your dream represents expertise, luxury, or wealth.

Dreaming of slapping someone with a white glove, or throwing a glove onto the floor, indicates how you feel the need to confront someone about something. You want to be honest, no matter how it might hurt.

Hard Hat

If you dream of wearing a hard hat, you feel vulnerable, or your ideas may be stolen. Do you suspect someone of taking the credit for what you’ve achieved? Your hard hat dream may be telling you that you’re too stubborn, or you’re not considering someone else’s feelings in a situation.


Dreaming of wearing a hat suggests you’re not showing your true self to other people, or you’re keeping a secret that’s not yours to tell, and it’s weighing on you. 

Dreaming of wearing different hats symbolizes how many roles you have in life, and you may feel overwhelmed or that you could do with a “second” you to get things done.

If you swap one hat for another in your dream, you’ll go through a transformation soon, if you’re not already in the middle of one.

Hawaiian Shirt

Dreaming of wearing a Hawaiian shirt reflects your warm nature and easy-going personality, which draws other people toward you. You’re happy to go where life takes you, and you don’t try to change other people.


Dreaming of wearing a headband can suggest you’re in the middle of a conflicting situation where you can’t find the right answer. You are going in circles trying to figure it out. Alternatively, you’re keeping a secret for someone, and you’re struggling with the burden as it involves someone else who is in the dark.


A helmet in your dream suggests you need to keep your ideas or thoughts to yourself presently. They may turn into entirely different things. A helmet also signifies security or protection. 

High Heels

Dreaming of high heels points to glamour, femininity, and confidence. You’re either enjoying a good period of life right now, or you will in the near future. If you were struggling to keep your balance in this dream, you feel trapped by the expectations of others, or of society. You’re playing a role you feel wasn’t meant for you.  


Dreaming of wearing a hoodie points to comfort in your domestic life. If you had the hood up in your dream, you want to hide from the world, or you’re reluctant to express your true self.

Hula Skirt

Dreaming of wearing a hula skirt suggests you need a holiday. Your subconscious is telling you to take it easy for a while before you get too tired to carry on.


A jacket in a dream symbolizes the persona you present to other people, which may not always be reflective of your true nature or feelings. This of course depends on who you are with, as we’re different people depending on the company we keep. The color of the jacket can also inform the meaning of this dream.


If your dream focuses on you wearing dreams, it suggests that you need to keep going in a creative project or workplace problem. Giving up now will only stall the solution. If there was an emphasis on wearing designer jeans in this dream, you’re lucky enough not to have to worry about money. Or, you’re working towards that, and I hope you have the success you want. 

Dreaming of your jeans being too tight can indicate your goals or ideals are too high, and you need to lower them, at least for now. You can always adjust them later. This dream can also suggest you’re feeling as though you’re being held back by something.  You’re impatient to get ahead, and this will only result in frustration and behaving in a way you’ll regret later.

Ripped jeans in your dream indicates you’re being careless. A problem you’ve underestimated will cause you many headaches. Your behavior is insensitive toward someone else, and they won’t forget it.

Dreaming of trying on jeans mirrors the way you’re trying hard to slot into a social circle. This is all well and good, but make sure you don’t lose yourself along the way. The right people won’t ask you to change, so long as you’re kind.


Dreaming of a jockstrap signifies an issue in your sex life, where you are feeling vulnerable in some way. This dream can also be a sign of being too guarded in a relationship, and this need for protection could cost you the connection between you. Communicate with your partner.


Wearing a kimono in your dream is symbolic of elegance and beauty, as well as being a symbol for Japan.

Lab Coat

A lab coat in your dream suggests you want to “clean up” a situation. Perhaps a conflict has left some emotional casualties. You may be an outsider to this situation, but you want to help nevertheless. Alternatively, this dream symbolizes your protective or inquiring nature. You want to find out why things are the way they are, or what makes people do what they do. 


Dreaming of leather represents resilience and ruggedness. You don’t let other people’s negative opinions get to you. Wearing leather in your dream can symbolize your instincts, or simply it was raining or cold in your dream and that’s the first thing your subconscious materialized to protect you.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers appearing in your dream indicates you’re on the journey you’re supposed to be on. It will suit you.


Dreaming of wearing leggings indicates you don’t fight change, you adapt. You want to see where different options will take you, and this will prevent a lot of problems in the future.


Dreaming of wearing lingerie directly ties to your self-esteem and sexual identity. Anything that was previously repressed, or you were ashamed of, you’ve come to terms with. You’re free to live your best life.

If you dream of buying lingerie, you’re using something in waking life to fill a void. You are trying to fill an emotional or sexual need with anything but what will fulfill you. Or, you want to improve yourself, and you’re wondering which trait, habit, or ideal you should start with. You feel that who you are on the inside isn’t what other people see.


A loincloth in your dream represents stubbornness, or male sexuality.


Wearing mittens in your dream indicates that you are acting immaturely in a situation that’s sensitive. You’re reacting on your first instinct, and this isn’t always the best approach.


Dreaming of wearing moccasins reflects how you try to handle things in a sensitive manner, or that you respect nature and other living things.


Wearing a muff in your dream can suggest you act on your first impulses and don’t stop to think about what you’re doing. This will cause a lot of problems. Or, dreaming of a muff signifies financial security. 


Wearing or seeing a negligee in your dream suggests you feel other people’s opinions of you match how you feel inside. This is a nice place to be. Alternatively, you fear a secret being discovered. It may not be your secret, but someone will judge you for keeping it anyway.


Dreaming of wearing a nightgown indicates a new contentment with yourself, in areas you previously had difficulty with. You’re moving onto better things.


An overcoat in your dream indicates your guarded nature. You isolate yourself in order to avoid being hurt. You feel the need to keep away from others in order to regroup after someone’s hurt you. While that might work in the short term to make you feel better, you’ll get lonely if you keep it up forever.


Dreaming of wearing overalls indicates a lazy nature, or a messy attitude towards others. You don’t think before you speak, or you don’t particularly care, so long as you’re honest.  Or, you need to look at the “overall” image of your life or a situation. You’ve been judging things wrongly.


Wearing pajamas in your dream can reflect your state of sleeping – you’re aware that you’re in a dream. Dreaming of pajamas can signify you need to rest – yes, you were asleep, but have you taken some time for yourself recently? Dreaming of wearing pajamas in a situation where you’re the only one not wearing everyday clothes indicates you need to pay more attention. You feel out of place among other people, and this may just be a perception problem. Or, you’re missing something important about a situation, which will change things considerably.


Dreaming of panties symbolizes a traditionally “female” approach of being sympathetic which will carry you forward. Dreaming of taking off panties can indicate you feel you need to get out of a situation. It can also represent your sexuality or sexual desire.


Dreaming of wearing a petticoat indicates you don’t want to reveal an aspect of your life to other people. You might not fear being judged, but you want to keep something private. You’re working on a project, and you’d rather see or hear reactions once you’ve finished, not when you’ve just started. Any feedback now could skew the image you have in mind.

Platform Shoes

Dreaming of platform shoes suggests you need to look at something from a different angle you’ve not previously considered. Or, you need to aim higher with your goals. Dream bigger.


Dreaming of a raincoat can symbolize your approach of being prepared for situations. Or, you’re not allowing yourself to be honest, you’re pushing your own feelings away, and this will cause problems in the future. Wearing a raincoat can suggest a difficult time in the future, or an overly pessimistic nature.


Sandals in your dream symbolize a need to treat people well and choose your words carefully. Offending someone right now will only lead to trouble. Or, your dream of sandals indicates a period of happiness and relaxation. 

Dreaming of broken sandals indicates you’re rushing things. If you find another pair in your dream, you need to start over in an area of your life. Once you’ve done this, things will be better than before.


Dreaming of a scarf isn’t a great sign. It denotes that you’ve set too many boundaries for yourself, and you’re limiting your opportunities. You control your emotions too much and suppress them instead of letting them out in a healthy and balanced way. 

Wearing a scarf in your dream indicates an imbalance between mind and body. You’re relying too heavily on the instincts of one and not the other. You’re either listening to your head, and you’re ignoring your gut instinct, or you’re listening to your instincts and not your experience. You may make the wrong choice, which could set you back, but you’ll learn from it.


A shirt in your dream directly relates to the state of your emotions. The fit of the shirt denotes a positive or negative dream, negative if the shirt is too tight, implying you feel restricted in some way. If you dream of a sleeveless shirt, you need to be more assertive or even aggressive in order to get someone to see your point of view, or to get what you want.

If you give a shirt to someone else in your dream, you’re on the verge of giving other people too much energy and time and not dedicating enough for yourself. 

Dreaming of losing your shirt indicates financial trouble in the future. It might be an idea to save something back, just in case.


Shoes and their condition within your dream embody your attitude to life. If there was emphasis on wearing shoes in your dream, you keep yourself grounded, and you stick to your beliefs. Changing your shoes in your dream represents the different roles you have in life, or you’re trying something new. Forgetting your shoes suggests you’re ignoring your sense of restraint, which can be good or bad. Maybe it was holding you back.

Dreaming of worn out shoes means you’ll enjoy success after a period of hard work.

New shoes in your dream can indicate arrogance. You’ve underestimated something. Or, you’re on a new path.

Dreaming of finding shoes in your dream (see also Losing Shoes In Your Dream Meaning) when you have none suggests you’ve regained your sense of purpose, or found the right path after a period of being lost.

Dreaming of wearing unsuitable shoes indicates that the future will be troubling, and you’ll find it hard to move forward, or you might even have to go backward and adjust course in order to reach where you need to be. If the shoes hurt you, you’re full of doubt. You’re unsure that the decisions you make are the wisest calls. 

Dreaming of being barefoot either suggests a relaxed, grounded attitude or low levels of self-esteem and a constant nervousness, or losing a sense of security. Dreaming of losing your shoes indicates the start of a journey of self-discovery, or starting afresh and moving onto better things.

Dreaming of baby shoes signifies innocence, vulnerability, or the desire for love. If you already have a child, this experience has grounded you, added to your sense of purpose and given your life more love.


Dreaming of wearing shorts indicates you’re downplaying your skills or resources to do well. Or, you’re ready to be more open with other people. You’ll be honest in a situation you’ve previously withdrawn from. You’ll feel freer for it.

Ski Mask

Dreaming of wearing a ski mask suggests you’re keeping a secret that would change your life, or someone else’s. Or, you want to be part of the background, where you won’t feel judged, and you can get on with your life quietly. 

Seeing someone else in a ski mask is a projection of your unconscious self. Notice the behavior of this person. If they were acting suspiciously or negatively, you’re at odds with yourself. You are torn in making a decision, or you feel you’re not good enough for something you’ve been given.


Dreaming of wearing a skirt symbolizes the subtext you’ve been giving other people. You may not have realized the impression you’ve created of yourself, or the mark you’ve left on someone. You may be “skirting” around something, or avoiding a problem that needs your input in order to solve it. Skirts are also a symbol of sexuality, femininity, and the need to be in tune with your emotions.


Slippers appearing in your dream indicates that your energy is very low. You have been pushing yourself too hard lately, or you feel you don’t have a grasp on a situation you feel you need to have under your control. You can’t control everything, and sometimes the best lessons come from the worst situations. Slippers can also embody relaxation, comfort, and being able to let your guard down around others.  


Sneakers appearing in your dream suggests you’re in a good place right now and don’t have many problems to contend with. You feel content with where you’re at in life. Sneakers can also symbolize your drive for life and how it will propel you forward.


A snowsuit in your dream suggests you feel vulnerable, and you’re seeking some protection. You’ve been hurt before and don’t want to go through it again. 


Dreaming of socks indicates you’re too passive when it comes to other people and what they want for you. Beware of letting them have too much control over your life. Socks in dreams also embody comfort and warmth in your home. 

A single sock in your dream suggests that you have received some surprising news, or you feel confused about someone’s behavior. You don’t have the full picture. 


Wearing stilettos in your dream embodies sexual desire or domination.


Stockings appearing in your dream indicates you have a good support system. You can call on your loved ones at short notice, and they’ll come running. If the stockings are laddered or damaged, something will knock your self-confidence or image. You may also be too focused on one thing.


A straitjacket appearing in your dream indicates you feel powerless in a situation. Something is making you feel cornered, and you feel the need to be aggressive.


Dreaming of wearing a suit reflects your desire to make sure people notice your skills. You don’t want to be ignored or underestimated.


Dreaming of suspenders can indicate you’re trying your best to keep a situation from falling apart.


A sweatshirt appearing in your dream indicates you need to escape from life’s problems for a while. 


Dreaming of a sweater signifies love, innocence, and warmth. You have strong ties to family and a domestic life. 

Dreaming of knitting a sweater suggests you need to be more patient in a situation. It can also symbolize how creative you are.


Dreaming of wearing a swimsuit suggests you feel vulnerable in a situation. Though if you felt comfortable in this dream, you’re in a good place where you feel relaxed, as if you were on vacation. If you felt awkward in this dream, your self-confidence has taken a hit, or it will in the near future. If you dream of wearing a swimsuit while others are wearing normal clothes, you feel out of step with other people.


Dreaming of wearing a thong symbolizes being comfortable with your body, or wanting to confide in other people when you’ve previously been reserved or aloof. 

If you dream of a thong showing through your outer clothes, you’ll either embarrass yourself in a future situation or come across as not having respect for someone.


Dreaming of wearing a tie relates to the responsibilities in your life, or you are feeling “tied down” or restricted in part of your life. If you’re not wearing the tie properly, or it won’t tighten, there’s something unresolved in your waking life. If it feels too tight, or it chokes you in the dream, the weight of your responsibilities are taking over the rest of your life.

If you dream of knotting a tie, or you tie something else, this denotes your tie to family and the people you love who keep you grounded.


Dreaming of tie-dye or a garment which is tie-dyed signifies contentment in waking life, and loving freely despite the fear of getting hurt. You may enjoy a new connection with someone soon.

Top Hat

Dreaming of a top hat is symbolic of formality, elegance, and a love of history. It also denotes financial security and a stable place within society.


Trousers in your dream can suggest you’re wondering where you stand with others. It can also denote that you make the decisions in a relationship. 

Dreaming of wearing your trousers the wrong way round reflects how you feel at odds in a situation. This dream can also indicate how you feel attracted to odd or unusual things.


A T-Shirt appearing in your dream signifies that you need to ease up for a while. It also indicates your genuine nature when it comes to maintaining relationships, which has honesty as a base.

Dreaming of someone throwing T-Shirts into a crowd suggests you’re thinking too far ahead. Enjoy the present, as it is, right now.


Dreaming of a turban indicates you feel trapped by society’s expectations of you. Alternatively, you find satisfaction in order. 


Dreaming of a tutu can suggest you struggle with the roles of your gender. This dream may also have significance to the numbers 22 or 2. 


A tuxedo in your dream signifies grace, elegance and sophistication. A tuxedo appearing in your dream can also mirror how you want to be recognized for achieving something.


Dreaming of wearing underwear represents a loss of respect or reputation, now or in the future. Or, you’re holding something back from other people, something which you value because it is private. If you felt embarrassed in this dream, you’re reluctant to show other people the true you. If you weren’t embarrassed, you’ve come to terms with something, or you’re ready to be honest with yourself or with others.

Dreaming of not wearing underwear suggests you are scared of someone discovering a secret. 

Dreaming of someone else being in their underwear suggests an awkward situation will be in your future. Or, you’re seeing past the front someone has been putting on, and you’re seeing them as they are, not how they want to be seen.

If you see damaged or soiled underwear in your dream, you feel awkward in your own skin. You may have issues with your sexuality, or you feel you’re incapable of achieving anything. 


Dreaming of uniform indicates you long to be part of a group where you will feel you belong. Alternatively, you’re putting too much of your identity into one thing, and if you lose this thing, you’ll struggle to redefine yourself for a while.

If you see a nurse’s uniform, this indicates your compassion that you hold for others, as well as the value you see in routine and cleanliness. A school uniform in your dream either denotes a previous version of yourself in school with a different set of issues than you have now, or if you’re still in school, this is part of your identity. If the people in your dream are wearing uniforms you don’t recognize, you fear what the future might bring.


Dreaming of wearing a veil or seeing someone else wearing a veil suggests things aren’t what they seem, or you want to fade into the background. Veils embody innocence or humility, or a promise for the future. You may need to acknowledge qualities about yourself that you ignore.


Dreaming of wearing velvet is a desire for luxury, as well as representing honor and distinction. 

Wearing a velvet suit in your dream refers to your sensual side.


Dreaming of wearing a vest embodies your respect and caring nature when it comes to other people. You treat strangers with great care. It can also refer to someone or something you’re “invested in”, ugh.

Viking Hat

Dreaming of a Viking hat indicates you want to get away from other people’s opinions of you. They’re stifling, and not how you see yourself. You want to stand apart.

Wedding Dress

A wedding dress appearing in your dream symbolizes how you’re questioning your current relationship, and you want to know if it will last long into the future. If you’re single, and you dream of a wedding dress, you’re wondering what a new partner would be like.

If you or someone else in your dream is wearing a wedding dress outside of a wedding, you are feeling unworthy of something. You don’t feel you match.

Dreaming of searching for a wedding dress on the day of a wedding reflects panic. A situation has thrown you. Or, you’re struggling to find your feet in a situation, and you feel the odd one out. 


Dreaming of a wetsuit indicates you’re exploring your subconscious in a manner which won’t end up hurting you. You won’t find anything nasty. You’re in a good place to accept parts of yourself or your feelings which you were previously ashamed of.


Dreaming of wearing a wig suggests you’re blowing a situation out of proportion. It’s less of a deal than you’re making it out to be. Wigs in dreams are quite negative signs, unless you wear one in everyday life. Dreaming of a wig can suggest you want to claim other’s ideas for your own, or you feel incompetent and need to deceive in order to compensate. 

Dreaming of losing a wig suggests you’ve completely lost perspective, and you’re out of touch with reality.


A wingsuit in your dream represents how you’re aiming high in your goals, yet you feel free and untroubled by problems. You’re seeing where life takes you, and if that’s on a different path, so be it.

Wooden Shoe

A wooden shoe appearing in your dream suggests there will be a period of unfaithfulness in your life soon, and it will lead to a bout of loneliness. You will experience a betrayal by someone you love, or you will go against your better nature. 


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