What Does It Mean To Dream Of Losing Shoes?

Losing anything in a dream can be odd and even worrying. The anxiety you may feel and the loss of security in this dream can follow you into waking life, where you find yourself getting jumpy at the smallest of things.

Shoes are not the rarest or the most exciting dream symbol, but they do have a lot to tell us, especially when it comes to losing your shoes in a dream.

Let’s take a look. 

Why Am I Dreaming Of Shoes?

Before we go into what a dream of losing shoes means, it makes sense to look at what shoes mean in a dream to start with. 

Most dream interpretation agrees that when you dream of shoes, your subconscious is drawing your attention to your spiritual path through life. 

It might bring this into focus when you feel you’re losing your way in waking life, or the spiritual side of your life doesn’t feel that important anymore.

Often it is a call to leave your materialistic goals from the top of your to-do list, and work on your satisfaction in life, your sense of purpose, and what you want to be or experience.0

It may also mean that you need to concentrate on your relationships and work on strengthening them. 

Shoes are also the barrier between us and our path in life, shielding us from cutting our feet on the road. 

What Do Lost Shoes Mean In A Dream?

As shoes in a dream refer to your spiritual path, a dream of losing your shoes denotes uncertainty about the way your life is going, and what the future holds for you.

It refers to the ‘standing’ you feel you have in life, and how you may be feeling a loss of security, leaving you struggling to find your way in waking life. 

It may also mean that you’re worried about your relationships changing form, another cause of a loss of stability in waking life. You may be wondering what someone means to you, or you to them.

Perhaps something you had in common with them is no longer relevant, and you’re wondering what, if anything, still ties your connection together. You may wonder if your connection will survive a new transition, where there is less commonality holding your relationship together.

A dream of losing your shoes refers to upheaval, where you might wonder if the shift in a relationship dynamic will change your identity. After all, other people have a profound effect on your sense of self, and their opinion of you may shape this more than you might imagine. 

The loss of something so intrinsic to everyday life such as a pair of shoes represents the lack of fulfillment in your relationships, and how relationship problems can cast a shadow of despair over other areas of your life, making it difficult to see things.

It also refers to the need to maintain a good balance in life. While relationships are very necessary and can be the source of a lot of happiness, it’s also important that they are not your whole life. 

This becomes even more important when a specific relationship breaks down, and the loss of stability within this connection can leave you reeling completely, unsure of what to do without the strength of this relationship to draw upon.

A dream like this may come as a warning. Perhaps you are using a relationship as a ‘crutch’ somewhere in waking life. 

It started as a way of supporting you through a tough period but ended up becoming a reflex, how you go to this person the minute you sense a problem, rather than attempting to deal with things yourself first.

This dream warns you against making any relationship a coping mechanism and nothing else, as this is bound to end badly, especially if the connection between you breaks down, and you are unable to cope without it.

Or, a dream of losing your shoes can refer to your attempts to keep all aspects of life in balance, and how you’re trying to cultivate healthy relationships. 

It reflects your uncertainty of how your efforts will turn out, and whether you will achieve this as a constant, or you might need to do something else instead. 

If you dream of losing your shoes and having to walk barefoot, this can bring some interesting insights into your daily life. 

It may suggest that you need to rely on yourself and what you have right now to get through something, rather than turning to others or trying to reach the things you don’t have yet to cope with.

It can even come as a reassurance that you have everything you need to get through a difficult period in life, but it will feel strange because you’re so used to reaching out to people or distracting yourself through goals. 

If you feel particularly nervous in this dream scenario, this can point to how you need to be more prepared in waking life, as you’re not there yet, and things are about to get a little tougher. 

Is It A Bad Sign To Dream Of Losing Your Shoes?

Like most dream scenarios, there are two sides to consider. A dream where you lose your shoes can denote loss in waking life, damaged relationships, feeling unprepared, a loss of security, and your motivation going stale.

These are naturally negative interpretations, but that doesn’t mean these dreams are always bad. In some cases, they can be a very good thing. 

They can warn you of these elements before they surface in waking life, leaving you a little better prepared for them than you otherwise might have been.

A dream of losing your shoes can also be a good thing, depending on the individual scenario. Perhaps a relationship that is damaged will mean that it will go through a transformation and become better than ever.

What might seem like a disaster at first, where you lose something you’ve taken for granted like a job or a relationship may turn out to be for the better. 

It could be the motivation you need to change your life into something you really want, rather than a life you are just settling for because that’s what you’re comfortable with.

If losing your shoes is not the main focus of the dream, and it’s not a big deal, this is also interesting. In this case, it doesn’t denote a loss of security or a damaged relationship, but rather how you will manage to avoid these things in waking life.

A Woman Dreaming Of A Lost Shoe

Dreaming of losing a shoe when you are a woman may imply that you’re experiencing some conflict in a relationship you value deeply.

If you can picture the type of shoe you lost in your dream, this can also add some additional insight into your dream. After all, we have different shoes for different things.

Dreaming of hiking boots, for example, denotes your life’s journey, and how ‘grounded’ you feel. High heels in your dream may refer to a romantic relationship or a relationship that you might often overanalyze according to your self-image, or how you think the other person sees you.

A dream of a lost shoe is common when you feel the ground has moved out from under you when you might be pretending that you’re fine, and you are dealing with everything okay when you’re barely holding it together, and you don’t want anyone to see.

This dream urges you to be more honest. Lose the crumbling constructed image of how fine you want to be, and let yourself be honest about where things are. 

Once you have acknowledged that things aren’t going well, you can then turn your mind to how you might change things so that they are less stressful, and that you may think more clearly.

It may also imply that the expectations that you hold over yourself are much more demanding than those you hold for other people. 

You may be too harsh on yourself sometimes, or give yourself impossible tasks that contradict each other, and this dream refers to the impossibility of having a good balance in life when you do this.

A Man Dreaming Of A Lost Shoe

Largely, a dream of a lost shoe when you are a man usually means that you need to cut other people some slack. Consider the phrase ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’. 

Perhaps you’re not giving someone enough credit, or you’re holding them to your particularly high standards, and they are struggling to meet them. 

It also denotes relationship problems in other ways. Maybe you feel you’re giving everything you have to someone, and you’re not getting anything back, not even any appreciation for your efforts.

A dream where you lose your work shoes can suggest a change in your career, but it may also imply that you expect someone to stick around for you when you don’t give them a lot back. Maybe you’re taking someone’s loyalty as a constant, rather than something that should be maintained.

Dreaming of a lost shoe when you are a man also depends on the type of shoe you are searching for. 

A dream where you search for loafers or brogues, for example, denotes an interesting social event shortly.

Dreaming of losing your sandals or sneakers implies that a situation is making you very uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s something you’ve never encountered before, and you have no experience to draw upon to help you through it.

Not Being Able To Find Your Shoes In A Dream

A dream where you search and search for your shoes (see also What Does It Mean To Search In Your Dream?) but cannot find them can denote the worry of losing something important to you, but it also may reflect a loss of security in an aspect of waking life.

Something you may have taken for granted in the past may not be available to you now.

A Dream Where Someone Steals Your Shoes

How dare they! A dream where someone dares to steal your shoes mirrors outrage and frustration in waking life, usually to do with your relationships. Perhaps you’re only arguing with your partner lately, or someone else is the cause of all your problems.

A dream like this may also point out someone’s frustrations towards you. Maybe you haven’t been spending enough time with them, or you’ve done something to hurt them, and they think you haven’t quite grasped exactly how much you have hurt them.

After a dream like this, it’s worth talking to the people you love most and making sure things are okay where they stand, and if they aren’t, how you can go about fixing them.

Seeing Someone Else Wear Your Lost Shoes In A Dream

A dream where you see someone wearing your lost shoes suggests a problem in one or more of your relationships shortly. 

Perhaps someone you love will do something that they assume you’ll be fine with, but you’ll be anything but.

The dream’s message here is to make sure you are honest with this person, but make sure you are calm about it. Don’t make things worse.

A Dream Where Someone You Know Loses Their Shoes

Dreaming of someone you know in waking life losing their shoes suggests a turning point in your life’s path. You’ll encounter a crossroads of sorts, and you will need to be very careful to make sure you make the right choice.

This dream warns you against making any rash decisions, and perhaps it’s time to reach out to this person in waking life and see what they think.

Selling Your Shoes In A Dream

Dreaming of selling your shoes may suggest a difficult decision that you’ll have to make in waking life, but if you knuckle down and make it, things will get much easier.

This dream implies that the outcome will be good, as long as you work towards this end, and you’ll soon enjoy a period of tranquility in waking life.

Forgetting To Wear Shoes In A Dream

A dream where you forget to wear shoes and carry on with your day suggests that the anxiety you have about a waking life relationship is distorting your objectivity or your perspective, causing you to miss important things in your waking life.

It may also suggest that while you want to be honest with someone, you are struggling to find the right words, or you don’t want to have a particular conversation with someone because you know it will be difficult, and you’re afraid they will judge you.

Or, a dream where you forget to wear shoes can mean that you’re taking a different path in life after a lot of thought. You’re leaving behind old projects and creative pursuits that no longer fit into your life.

Losing Shoes That Don’t Match Your Dream Scenario

Dreaming of wearing shoes that are completely wrong for your dream, such as wearing galoshes to a wedding, implies that you feel unprepared for something, or you feel you don’t belong.

Perhaps the problems are piling onto your plate, and you have enough to worry about, and these fresh issues are stressing you out.

A dream like this may also denote how you refuse to live by other people’s rules. You make your own.

Dreaming Of Losing One Shoe

A dream where you lose a single shoe is infuriating, possibly more so than losing two, as it still renders the one shoe useless. 

It suggests that you’re propping up something in waking life, but you don’t have the right method or tools, so it may ultimately fail. Perhaps your way of working out a certain problem in waking life isn’t the best, or you should go to someone for help.

A dream of losing one shoe may also denote an imbalance between you and someone else. It could be that your relationship has turned sour, and you’re wondering if it’s something you should still carry on with, or move away from it entirely.

Dreaming Of Losing New Shoes

Damn it! This can be a frustrating dream, but it does have an upside. A dream where you lose shoes you have just bought implies that a minor mistake or misstep in life will lead you to go on a journey of sorts, and this will largely be very positive.

This dream encourages you to learn everything you can, and while you’re on this journey dare to venture beyond your comfort zone, and you may find that things are better than ever.

Or, losing new shoes in a dream can suggest that you’re about to come into some money or something similar that will give you a lot of security in life. 

It may be time to think about what you truly want in life, as this is a very positive omen and suggests luck is on your side.

Losing Worn Out Shoes In Your Dream

A dream where you lose shoes that are completely worn out implies that life is about to go in a completely new direction for you. You may go on an unexpected trip that will change your life.

Losing Shoes To Water In Your Dream

Losing your shoes in a lake, river, or sea suggests that your emotions are about to overwhelm you. You won’t be able to make objective decisions for a while.

Finding Lost Shoes In A Dream

Consider the type of shoes you find in your dream, as this will change the meaning. 

Finding lost shoes, in general, refers to an improvement in your relationships, a renewed drive for life, and progress along your spiritual path. It’s one of the most positive dream scenarios of this type.

If you dream of finding a single shoe, this suggests that you are on the right path in life, but you have a lot of work ahead of you. 

Finding a pair of lost shoes in your dream suggests that you are enjoying a better sense of belonging, purpose, or a whole new meaning to your life.

Dreaming Of Losing Boots

A dream where you lose a pair of boots suggests you don’t know what to do when it comes to a certain relationship in waking life. 

It could be that you have noticed a great problem, but it may not be your place to do anything about it, and even saying something might get you into trouble, but doing nothing would not sit well with you.

Consider the type of boots you lose in this dream. For example, losing knee-high fashion boots suggests that you have lost some of your confidence when it comes to romantic relationships, or how attractive you feel.

Dreaming of losing wellington boots may denote an emotional struggle in your relationships, where things are about to get messy, and you will struggle to cope. 

Dreaming of losing cowboy or cowgirl boots suggests your drive for life is failing you. You need a new purpose to help you move forward.

A dream where you lose worn-out boots suggests that you need to understand what drives you more, to prevent relationship problems. It can also mean that a relationship has lost its novelty, and you are getting sick of this person!

Losing Leather Shoes In A Dream

Dreaming of losing leather shoes points to how you’re about to meet someone new. You’ll instantly click with this person, and there is some potential for this relationship to turn romantic or physical in some aspect.

Older dream interpretation suggests that losing leather shoes in a dream means you need to spend more time with other people and get comfortable with people of all backgrounds. You may find that this will take you to unexpected places. 

Dreaming Of Losing Work Shoes

If you dream of losing your work shoes, this suggests that your professional life is about to go through a transformation of some sort. 

It could be that you’re about to be given a new responsibility, a promotion, or perhaps you’ll change your job altogether. Maybe the dynamic at work will shift, where you’ll get a new manager, a different way of working, or your workload will change dramatically.

A Dream Where You See Old Shoes You Lost 

This dream may suggest that you’re about to rekindle some relationships that have fallen to the wayside in waking life, or you may rediscover how much you love a hobby or certain aspect of waking life.

Or, a dream of seeing old shoes that you lost in waking life denotes unpleasant surprises within a relationship. It may be that your loved one hasn’t been entirely honest with you, and while you’ve picked up on this, you may be surprised at the extent to which this may hurt you.

Losing Sneakers In A Dream

Dreaming of losing sneakers implies that a situation isn’t what it appears to be, or someone’s words don’t match up with their actions. 

Whatever it might be, this dream encourages you to look closer, and make sure you haven’t made the wrong assumption somewhere, especially if you’ve made a big decision recently. 

Consider the other name for these shoes – trainers. It may be a play on words, where your subconscious mind is urging you to move forward and gain as much life experience as you can shortly. It may serve you well.

If you dream of running sneakers, this may refer to your drive in life that motivates you through difficult times, or it may suggest that you jump from task to task, never committing to one at a time, depending on how you feel in this dream.

Dreaming Of Losing Flat Shoes

A dream where you lose a flat shoe refers to how something in your life is off-kilter, and you should explore what this might be before things get completely beyond your control and become very difficult to fix.

Dreaming of losing both flat shoes suggests that the dynamics of an important relationship have changed, and it may take some time to get used to this.

If you dream of losing a pair of sandals, this suggests that you are unwilling to be honest and open with someone, or you’re about to make some mistakes.

A Dream Where You Lose High-Heeled Shoes

Dreaming of losing a high heel implies problems in a romantic relationship. 

It can also suggest there is something complex going on in a very close but platonic relationship, where you are struggling to find new common ground, or you cannot express how you feel.

Losing Shoes On A Night Out In A Dream

A dream where you lose your shoes on a night out may seem like a cautionary tale or a warning, but it is actually a sign. 

It denotes that you’re about to enjoy a fantastic event or time with someone important to you, but it will take a little while to recover from it. 

That’s not to say you will regret this time spent with others – far from it – but you should be mindful of not pushing yourself too hard afterward. Give yourself some time.

Losing Slippers In A Dream

A dream where you lose your slippers implies a loss of comfort or confidence in your waking life. Typically, this will come about through an argument with someone you love, and this may end up severing your relationship completely. 

This dream is a warning not to take someone’s words so literally, and to be careful with your own if you don’t want this person gone from your life. 

Dreaming Of Lost Sandals

A dream where you lose your sandals implies that you can always turn things around, no matter how difficult circumstances may seem, or how impossible this sounds. 

It can also be a call to ask for forgiveness though you know you are unlikely to get it. You may be surprised at what people might do.

If you have done something wrong, the best thing you can do after apologizing is to learn from your mistakes. Try to do better.

Losing Children’s Shoes In A Dream

A dream where you lose children’s shoes has several interpretations. The first is that you’re about to hear some gossip about yourself that is deeply untrue, and it will hurt you.

Or, a dream of losing children’s shoes implies that a situation in waking life is about to damage a long-held dream or vision you’ve had since childhood. You may find your most vulnerable self reeling after this.

Seeing Shoes You Recently Bought

Dreaming of shoes you have just bought in waking life refers to your confidence in life, but it may also denote an occasion that you’ll have an excuse to wear these shoes. 

Seeing shoes you have recently bought may also denote success in your professional life, such as a promotion.

However, a dream like this isn’t always positive. It may suggest that you’re focusing too much on what’s available to you materialistically, rather than what you can make with your own two hands, or what you feel is more important than both of these.

Dreaming Of Broken Shoes

Dreaming of having broken shoes in your dream refers to a block in your spiritual path. You feel you aren’t making any progress in life, or what has driven you up until this point no longer serves you.

It may be that you had acted on someone’s advice, but nothing great came of it, and now you have to undo all your efforts to make things right.

It could also indicate that you are working toward goals that you won’t make any progress on right now, or you’re having trouble in your romantic relationship, and this is the cause of a loss of security in waking life. 

Wearing Shoes On The Wrong Feet In Your Dream

Similar to a dream of losing your shoes, wearing your shoes on the wrong feet implies that you are struggling to find your place in waking life. You may also wonder what your purpose is in life, or perhaps it has changed, and you’re trying to get used to this.

It can also denote how an event in waking life is making you very uncomfortable, and it may even mean that you start to question your opinion of yourself.

Seeing Muddy Shoes In A Dream

A dream where you see muddy shoes implies that someone you trust deeply may be about to make a mistake, and you will have to deal with the fallout. 

Perhaps they’ll suggest an idea and when you go along with it, there will be consequences or an uncomfortable situation to deal with.

While you may be tempted to lash out at this person, your dream urges you to be more ‘grounded’ than that, and make sure you stay true to your morals, so your temper doesn’t land you in trouble.

Losing Black Or Brown Shoes In Your Dream

Dreaming of losing your black or brown shoes suggests that you need to be careful who you trust. Not everyone is who they seem. Don’t give away your heart and expect nothing in return.

Losing Green Shoes In Your Dream

Losing a pair of green shoes in your dream suggests problems with jealousy, either your own or someone close to you. You or someone else will be tempted to do something you normally wouldn’t consider, and this may get you into a lot of trouble. 

It may also imply that a relationship will suffer a miscommunication, and this will be difficult to repair.

Losing Red Shoes In A Dream

A dream where you use red shoes suggests passion, desire, or another strong emotion is getting in the way of something in waking life. 

Perhaps you’re taking too many risks because you’re impatient to see results, or you’re about to blunder into a mistake that will hurt someone.

This dream is a call to consider other people’s feelings, and make sure that you don’t hurt someone because of an impulsive choice.

Dreaming Of Losing White Shoes

A dream where you lose white shoes suggests a spiritual transformation or a period of growth in the near future. You’re about to adopt a whole new perspective on life, which may be difficult to adjust to in the beginning.

A Dream Of Losing Silver Shoes

A dream where you lose silver shoes can suggest a new commitment to someone in waking life, or how your family is about to grow a little bigger.

The Dream Psychology Interpretation Of A Lost Shoe Dream

A dream of losing your shoes from a psychological perspective is all about a lack of organization, or being unwilling to assert yourself in some area of waking life. 

Perhaps you’re settling for the events and opportunities life has handed to you, rather than those you dream of achieving. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but your dream may be hinting at how you want something more deep down.

The loss of the shoes in your dream refers to the discord created by not pursuing or even acknowledging your wildest dreams and goals, and how you feel you have much more potential than this. 

If we turn to Sigmund Freud’s dream analysis, he suggests that dreams are a way of safely exploring your most repressed desires in your unconscious mind. 

It could be that you have a deep fear of not being able to follow your dreams, or that you’re ignoring the fact that life looks very different from what you dreamed of originally. 

Another perspective that is worth considering is that clothing in dreams often relates to your self-image. After all, your appearance makes up a lot of someone’s first impression of you, as well as how you want to be seen by others.

So a dream where you lose your shoes indicates that there is a problem with your self-image. Maybe a situation has come along and made you realize that your opinion of yourself is flawed, and does not reflect reality.

A dream where you lose one shoe demonstrates this more than other lost shoe dreams, as it represents the distance between how you see yourself, and how you actually are. 

Maybe you feel you cannot reach someone’s expectations, or you think someone’s opinion of you is entirely wrong. 

As a dream of losing a shoe does refer to relationship problems, it may also denote how you desperately want something from someone, but you know it would be more trouble than it’s worth to ask. 

It could be that you have feelings for someone close to you, but you don’t want to ruin the connection you have now.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Dreaming Of Lost Shoes

It’s also worth exploring the biblical perspective when you’re trying to figure out what a dream of a lost shoe means. As you might know by now, a shoe in your dream rarely refers to the real thing.

Typically, a shoe references your spiritual journey in life, and it also represents something that may make this journey easier to bear. 

Within the Bible, shoes signify the deep trust one needs in God in order to get through difficult times, and how you are protected from the worst life has to offer by serving Him.

A dream of shoes may also reference humility or pride, depending on the shoe and the state of it, and how it is important to look after your immortal soul.

If you dream of walking barefoot, this may imply that you are on the right path, and you don’t need to focus on material things in order to feel fulfilled.

Alternatively, this dream can suggest that you have strayed from the path meant for you if you encounter sharp surfaces that cut your feet to ribbons.

A dream where you take your shoes off implies that there is a power shift within your life, and this could be good or bad.

If you dream of losing a shoe in the middle of a crowd, and you have to try and fight your way through to get your shoe back, this denotes how you are feeling disconnected from people, and how this can impact your life negatively.

What To Take From A Dream Of Lost Shoes

A dream of losing your shoes can be a little troubling, as it reflects anxiety, instability, and the loss of security somewhere in waking life.

It can denote relationship problems that are affecting your spiritual path in life, so after a dream like this, it may be worth examining your current relationships, if any are suffering, and what you might do about it.

In some cases, a dream like this can mirror the uncertainty of whether a relationship is still worth the effort and the time you put into it, or if you should move on to better things. 

It may also suggest that you’re not investing enough time and effort into yourself in order to form a good foundation for your relationships. 

Perhaps you’re focusing on what the people in your life need, rather than your own wants and needs, and this is creating discord where there doesn’t need to be any.

Consider that age-old saying that you need to learn to love yourself before you can truly love another person. Without that foundation, creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships can be extremely difficult.

Otherwise, you may form relationships out of a need to mask insecurities, which will not serve you or anyone else. 

However, this is always easier said than done. As you are the one that puts up with your flaws and problems, it can be hardest of all to learn to love yourself, but it must be a journey that you go on.

This creates its own anxieties, of course. You may feel that you cannot learn to love yourself, so you wonder how you will be able to love others fully, and that’s another reason why you might have this dream. 

Final Thoughts

A dream of losing your shoes can be confusing to say the least, as there are a lot of different details that can change the dream’s meaning. 

Most dreams of losing your shoes refer to changes in your relationships or your spiritual journey through life as a whole, depending on the type of shoes you are dreaming of. 

One thing that is important to consider is whether you manage to find your shoes in this dream, or if they are lost completely, as this influences the meaning.

A dream where you manage to find your shoes refers to the faith that things will turn out okay no matter what, and also denotes your faith in yourself. 

A dream where you end up losing your shoes can reflect the anxieties plaguing you in waking life, or a complete transformation that will take some time to get used to. 

After a dream like this, it’s always worth looking at the state of your life, and what may be about to change, or what you want to change. Perhaps this change will be your own choice.


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