True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dream About Shoes

While we might take them for granted, shoes are an important part of everyday life. They serve to protect our feet when we walk – no matter where we walk.

In dreams, shoes are a fairly common dream symbol. It’s worth mentioning that not many people speak about these dreams, probably because they are such everyday objects.

Shoes in dreams represent a myriad of things, including your attitude towards the present, whether you’re focusing on the past, and your life’s direction in general.

Let’s take a closer look.

Reasons Why Shoes Appeared In Your Dream

Letting Go Of The Past

Dreaming of shoes represents how you are now able to let go of the past.

You can’t change what happened in the past, how you reacted to events originally, but you can learn to move forward, and you’re making great progress in doing so.

You’re learning to forgive, which leaves you free to enjoy the present and the future, and the knowledge you have gained from your past experiences will help guide you in the future, too.

Progress In Your Career

Shoes appearing in your dream suggests new responsibilities in your work life, which will also come with bigger rewards.

It may take some time for you to adjust to the new workload and expectations, but you may find that you enjoy it a lot more than your previous role.

Remember To Be Considerate

Dreaming of shoes can imply that you need to remain considerate of other people’s emotions, especially if they move to hurt you in some way.

Understanding someone’s motives is one of the best ways you can anticipate what someone is capable of, too.

A New Beginning

Dreaming of brand-new shoes point to a new beginning or a fresh start in waking life, where you will be able to enjoy the novelty of a fresh start, a new chapter where things will change for the better.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Shoes In Dreams

Spiritually speaking, shoes appearing in dreams are powerful symbols. They represent your spiritual journey through life, and how well you’re moving along it. 

It also draws your attention to the importance of faith. When you are given no evidence to say that something will work out for the better, then faith is required to believe that it will.

This is why you often see shoes in dreams as a sign of hope.

Shoes also appear in dreams to remind you that you need to be considerate of others, too. Perhaps there’s something you are overlooking.

Common Dreams Involving Shoes And What They Mean

Dreaming Of Your Shoes Being Stolen

If you dream your shoes have been stolen (see also Losing Shoes In A Dream Meaning), this is a negative sign for the future.

You will lose out on an opportunity that will seem absolutely made for you, but despite your best efforts, you won’t be able to take it. Something will ultimately get in the way, which means you’ll be forced to watch this chance sail by.

If you dream of stealing shoes, this points to unexpected expenses which you will have to find the money for. 

Your Shoes Falling Apart In Your Dream

Dreaming of your shoes falling apart suggests there is something failing in your waking life, and you cannot salvage it.

Right now, you may think that you can save it – perhaps this is a relationship, or a way of living – but you will be proven wrong.

Sometimes it is better to let the pieces fall, and move onto something more worthwhile. 

A dream of this nature can also point to a missed milestone, such as a wedding or an anniversary which will be postponed.

Losing Your Shoes In A Dream

Dreaming of losing a single shoe implies that you’re missing something important, and it’s stopping you from reaching a certain goal. 

Before you try to move further towards this dream, you need to figure out what you’ve missed, otherwise your dream will always be just out of reach. 

If you lose both of your shoes in a dream, this indicates a troubling time in the future.

You’ll be so distracted by something that you’ll forget something you promised, or an important date or birthday.

It will be difficult to regain the trust of someone you let down here, so be prepared to make amends to the best of your ability.

Dreaming Of Shoes Not Fitting

Dreaming of trying to force your feet into shoes that don’t fit mirrors how you are trying to convince yourself of a different version of you.

You’re playing a part to other people, where you’re not being fully honest about yourself, and it may be starting to cloud your own perception of yourself, too.

The dream is urging you to be honest. The right people will love you for who you are, not for a shade of someone you want to be.

Dreaming Of Your Shoes Being Too Big

If you dream your shoes are too big, this indicates that you’re having trouble ‘filling someone else’s shoes’ in an area of your life. 

This may be in terms of your career, where you have replaced someone who was hugely popular, or you’re struggling to adjust to a new workload.

Remember that things take time.

Your Shoes Breaking In A Dream

Dreaming of your shoes breaking completely can suggest that someone who you’d usually rely on for support potentially cannot be there for you in the near future. 

It will be your turn to provide support for them. How well you do this may affect the future of the connection between you, so tread carefully.

Final Thoughts

Shoes in dreams are interesting symbols, and can mean a myriad of different things, depending on the context of the dream, as well as your own associations or memories of particular shoes.

It’s also worth examining the type of shoes that appeared in your dream, as this can add to the dream’s meaning. For example, hiking boots may suggest that you need to be more organized in the future, but they may also point to future adventures, too.


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