Most of us wear a lot of proverbial hats in our waking lives. Similarly, hats in dreams are often a symbol of the role you play in real life. 

You will have a better understanding of the meaning of your hat dream if you will take note of little details, including the color and type of the heat and also the other things occurring in your dream. 

Usually, hats signal you to be more attentive to how things currently seem. What are you revealing to other people? How do other people appear to you?


Profession Hat

Whether that hat in your dream is that of a firefighter, nurse, or construction worker, every single one of these profession types of hat may signify the need for you to change your career. It may also represent that role in your waking life. One example is if your dream involves a firefighter’s hat, there may be something ablaze in your current life that you need to put out.

Losing a hat 

Losing a hat in a dream is a common symbol of your financial state or losing in business. Likewise, it may suggest losing something valuable or of great significance to you. If in your dream, the hat gets blown away by the wind, it may symbolize the change that has happened in your waking life. 

Taking Off a Hat

When you take off the hat in your dream, it may imply the respect you have for something or someone. This may also be a sign of a specific thing you are uncovering about yourself.

Top Hat

Deception or illusion is the most likely meaning of a top hat, like that of a magician’s hat. Likewise, it may indicate power, influence, and wealth. 

Sports Hat

Dreaming about a sports (see also bleachers and grandstand dream meaning) hat may be a simple reminder about your beloved or favorite team. It may represent your competitiveness as well.

Fancy Hat

When the hat in your dream is something fancy, it may be a sign of you wanting admiration and attention. Moreover, it may symbolize social status or fame.

Many Hats

If you see a lot of hats in your dream, it may imply the numerous confusions of confusion you have regarding the role you need to play in your waking life.


Pay Attention to Color and Size 

Whatever the size and color of the hat in your dream will carry a lot of weight into its meaning. For example, if the color of the hat you are wearing is orange, it may mean that you are most likely feeling outgoing and friendly. On the other hand, a hat with a red color may represent rage or embarrassment. To further understand the meaning of the color of the hat, make sure to have a look at the meanings of color and symbolism in dreams.

What are your personal associations with hats? 

Is there something or someone that reminds you whenever you think of hats? For instance, whenever I see a hat, it reminds me of my grandfather, who never goes out without wearing one. Whenever I dream about a hat similar to the one my grandpa wears, I would always dig deeper into my dream for any other dream symbols to see if there was any connection between that dream and my grandpa. Also, do you have a favorite type of hat that you love to wear or other personal connection with hats? Knowing these can provide you more insight into what the dream may mean to you.

What “hat” are you wearing in your waking life? 

As mentioned, we all wear a lot of different hats and play various roles in our daily lives. Think about the role you are currently playing in your waking life. Then, ask yourself if the hat in your dream corresponds to it. Considering this will give you a better understanding of how the dream symbol may relate to your life right now.

Did you have a dream about hats? What’s your interpretation of it? Share your experience and the meaning of your dream by leaving a comment below.


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