The Meaning of Color: Color Symbolism in Our Dreams

Most of us dream in color, but often don’t think that there is a meaning to the colors seen. We tend to look at what is happening and the objects in the dream rather than the symbolism of the colors. However, the colors we see are especially important in interpreting the true meaning of your dreams.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Different Colors?

Colors in dreams don’t only connect with our emotions, but they also show us what our personalities are like. However, colors can have different meanings for different people. For example, if you like red, your dream will be interpreted differently from someone who hates red. Colors can have different meanings and in this article, we will be taking a look at the major colors we might see in our dreams.

Here are Some of the Common Color Symbols and Their Meanings

Black Color Meaning

Black is the darkest of colors and while it can be associated with depression, sadness, and loneliness, the meanings are more complex and diverse. Yes, you might be feeling anger towards others, but if you are wearing black clothes as you might in a work situation, it can mean that it is time to become more serious about your goals within your career. 

If you dream of blackened windows in a church, it tells you that you should be aware that trouble is coming your way. If you simply see black windows in a normal house, it means that friends of yours are going to be jealous of you. Blackening teeth can mean that you are going to become ill. On a more positive side, if you see something which is a shiny, luxurious black it means regeneration of yourself. If you see yourself on the Black Sea, rest is coming for you, but if the sea itself is black, you need to restrain your emotions. One of the worst things to see in a dream is a black flower. This means that you will have sorrow and anguish. If someone gives you a black flower, you will be extremely upset.

Blue Color Meaning

Blue is a tranquil color, often associated with the sea (see also dreaming of swimming in the sea) and the sky. Usually, it refers to honesty, loyalty, and creativity, but sometimes it can mean sadness. Think of the expression ‘feeling blue’. The dream can be a combination of the two. You can be optimistic about your life, but there is still something making you feel sad.

A blue sea signifies the importance of the subconscious mind and deep secrets, while a blue sky symbolizes openness. You are going to reveal your soul to the world.

Meaning of the Color Brown

The color brown is associated with wood and earthliness. If you dream of this color you will be surrounded by friendly and trustworthy people. However, if you dream of a dirty brown color, it can mean illness, either for you or for people close to you. Light brown means predictability, while a natural wooden color, often on furniture, refers to family and children, usually on a positive note. It can also mean that you are looking for your true self.

Meaning of Gray in Dreams

Gray is a neutral color. It is a mixture of black and white. It is a sign that we are trying to keep away from unpleasant situations and that we are trying to go through the motions without getting involved. You may be trying to escape from a situation you don’t want to be involved in. The color gray can also mean that you are trying to escape from problems that are occurring. You simply want to keep away from unpleasant situations.

Green in Dreams

Green, like blue, is a cool color. It is generally a positive color to see in your dreams. It encourages you to reach your full potential and that you need to establish yourself in the world. It can also mean that you want recognition in your career and that you want control over your life. Green can also symbolize newness and the opportunity to gain wealth.

Orange Dream Meaning

Orange is a bold and bright color. If you dream of orange, you can expect vigor and hope in your life. It makes you feel alive and you can shake away anything that’s holding you back and make new friends. You may feel restless and therefore know that it is a time for a change.

Pink Colors in Dreams

Pink is a lighter shade of red. Although red is forceful, pink is less so, but it can still be associated with love, sharing, kindness, and affection. 

There is, however, a negative side of seeing the pink color. Think about the ‘pink slip’ which means that you could be laid off from your job. 

If you try to dye your hair pink (see also hairdresser dream meaning), but it turns out black, this is a sign that you are becoming overwhelmed. However, if your partner dyes his hair pink, it means that he will be faithful to you. If a pregnant woman is painting walls pink, this is a sign that she will have a daughter.

Purple and Violet in Dreams

Purple is a combination of blue and red and is spiritual. It inspires creativity with a mixture of passion and calmness. It can also mean that a controversial issue has reached a head and that both sides can see the opposite point of view.

Violet has a myriad of explanations, from wishes being fulfilled and your intuition being heightened.

The Color Red in Dreams

Red can have many different meanings and you have to look at everything in the dream to be able to interpret it. For many people, it refers to love and romance, passion, and intimacy. However, to others, it could mean anger. 

Dreaming of a red color could also mean that it’s time to stop doing something. All you have to think about is the traffic light which is red and tells you to stop.

The color red (see also The Color Red Dream Meaning And Interpretation) is intense and can urge you to go out to be forceful, but on the other hand, it can warn you that it’s time to stop being angry or too imposing.

Dreaming of the Color White

White is the opposite of black and symbolizes love, purity, and brightness. It is generally a positive color although n some Eastern cultures it can be negative as it is a sign of mourning. 

In general dreaming of white symbolizes joy and new beginnings. The year ahead will be better. Perhaps you will have big changes in your life like getting engaged or married. 

However, if you dream that you are bleaching an item of clothing (see also clothing dream symbols), it can mean that you are arguing with a sick family member. It is time to sort this problem out as their health is at risk.

To see a white mouse (see also mouse dream meaning) means that your relationship will be happy. However, to see a white snake means that you could have some health problems.

Yellow Color Meaning

To see the color yellow, there could either be a positive or negative meaning. On the positive side, it could indicate hope for the future and looking for a change in your life. However, it can also mean illness and indecision. To fully interpret the color yellow, you need to take notice of how you felt in the dream. Were you happy, sad, angry, or lighthearted? It is important to note that too much yellow in a dream could make you anxious or upset.

Some Useful Tips for Decoding Dream Colors and Symbolism

If you Remember a Color, it’s Probably Important

Quite often, we can’t remember the colors in our dreams. However, if you do, remember to interpret that color as well as the objects, people, and actions taken. It will all add up to the meaning of the dream.

Look for Color Combinations

You may see several different colors in your dreams. All need to be interpreted to get the full interpretation of the dream.

Consider Your Personal Relationships with the Color

It is important to consider how you feel about the colors in your dream. If you love red for example, there will be a more positive meaning to the dream. If you hate green, the meaning of the dream will probably be negative.

You will need to consider other factors, for example, do you see that color a lot in dreams or is the color prominent in your waking life? All this can add up to the interpretation of the dream.

Remember the Context of the Dream

The context of the dream is also important. If you are trying to escape from a person you know who is wearing black, the dream is probably negative, and you need to reassess your relationship with that person. However, if that same person (see also dreaming about the same person) is wearing blue and you are walking towards him, the dream has probably got a positive outcome.

Remember to Write Your Dreams Down

It is a good idea to keep a dream diary (see also How To Keep A Dream Diary) by the side of your bed. It is easy to forget dreams in our waking life, but if you write them down as soon as you wake up, you will have a better chance of remembering them.

Think About Color Names and Different Shades of Colors

Colors have different names, for example, red could also be crimson or blue could be turquoise. These shades can also have significance in your dreams. Consider them while interpreting your dreams. For example, consider whether the shade is light or dark.

Final Thoughts

Colors are extremely important in dreams. They can change the whole meaning of them, so it is a good idea to try and remember what they are.


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