Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person?

It’s no surprise that relationships form a huge part of our life. In our modern world, they have a more prevalent role, as we carry our social life around with us in our pockets. People are a button away, and this can be both a good and a bad thing. It’s harder to switch off or take a break from things that may be stressing us out. It can also be a great thing if there’s a big geographical distance between you, and phones help us keep our connections stable and healthy. You can also choose to respond to them later, but you can’t really walk away from a conversation in person and then expect to pick it up later!

While our brains often use faces from our daily life to populate our dreams, sometimes the same face makes more than one appearance. Sometimes they’re a recurring star and need a name on the credits. Studies have suggested that it’s impossible to dream of someone you’ve never seen before, and years of glimpses of people when out and about gives your subconscious plenty to draw from. Dreams about a recurring face often focus on relationships. The relationships in our waking life can reflect our choices, outlook, and our perceived identity. Families, of course, are a little less about choice as we’re born into them, but staying in touch and the degree to which we do so also reflects our choices. 

Repetitive dreams can be more forceful in trying to convey their meaning, as the idea is reinforced over several nights, and while that could be over weeks or months, this dream is certainly trying to get your attention.

 In spiritual terms, dreaming of the same person points to an aspect of yourself. This dream is focusing on you and where you feel you are in life. Your happiness, worries, hopes for the future, and regrets in the past. If you’re seeing more than one person recurring in your dreams, this may be a sign that you need to stir your social life up a bit, or a big event is coming that will need your input. If you’re dreaming of the same person night after night, there’s something important you haven’t yet learned from these dreams.

What is the Reason You Keep Dreaming of The Same Person?

Dreaming of an individual over and over has a meaning connected to the relationships in waking life, and the decisions that affect them.  A common interpretation of this dream is that you’re avoiding deciding to develop a relationship. Perhaps you like where it is, or you’re afraid of it nose-diving. 

Maybe the person you’re dreaming about is already in your life. If this is the case, and it’s a family member or a friend, it can reflect the current state of your relationship. You’re in a really good place with them, or maybe they’ve been annoying lately! In any case, it’s something big enough to slip into your dreams more than once. This dream is reminding you of the control you possess in the relationships in your life – you can change them for the better, or harm the other person, and ultimately yourself. 

If you’re dreaming of a stable, solid relationship present in your life – someone important to you whom you see most days, then this dream represents both your mental and physical health. This dream can be a sign you’re about to start an inner journey that will be emotional, and this can be good or bad. For example, if you’re dreaming about your boss or working life in general, and you felt stressed, this may suggest it’s time to look for a new career path, or you need a change in role in your current company. Perhaps the workload is too much, or someone on your team is not pulling their weight.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning behind Dreaming about the Same Person?

Sometimes there’s something you just can’t explain away. Dreaming about someone and then waking up to a message from them. Picking up your phone to ring them (see also Ringing Phone Dream Meaning), the same time they ring you. Thinking you should keep some money back just in case, and an unexpected bill comes at the end of the month. Instantly knowing whether a person will be a good or bad influence on your life. It’s been called many things over the years, a sixth sense, the universe trying to tell you something, trusting your gut, a red thread tying you and someone else together in the universe. Regardless, it’s important enough that a lot of people have taken note and given it so many names. Everyone in life has a connection to energy and spirit, and how the world reacts around us. 

An easy way some people refer to these connections is a ‘thread’ or ‘cord’ attaching you to others, no matter where they might be geographically. You may say the same things at the same time. In sleep, you might find yourself reaching out to them, and that’s why they appeared in your dream. If this is a negative tie and they’ve affected your life accordingly, or a decision of theirs has led to some emotional turmoil. If you feel this resonates with you, there’s a lot of information online to help you let go of this person. Matching up your beliefs with tools to let go is a positive and often effective way to approach the future. There are guided meditations to sever these links, designed to help you let go. Spookily, once you’ve made your way through one of these the person in question will often contact you. If you’re dreaming of a person (see also Dreaming Of People Symbolism) that’s caused you pain or has upset you or someone you love, it’s a good idea to cut them from your life. At the very least, you can lessen the impact they have on you, and clear your plate for more positive things.

Are You Dreaming About Someone You’re Missing in Real Life?

Often, your subconscious will fulfill your wish to see them. They may not appear in the way we expect or hope them to. Dreaming of your spouse cheating (see also cheating dream symbols) on you can just mean that you’re missing them, and you’d still take the conflict because that means they’re still involved in your life. If someone’s not replied to your message, you may be dwelling on the reason why and keep dreaming of them as a result. Relationships are always more complicated than they seem, and we’re never provided with the full picture.  All you can do is decide what this person means to you. 

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of an Old Boyfriend?

Finding your ex in your dream over and over can indicate you’re not over the relationship. Perhaps it ended badly and you hoped they would have treated you better than they did. You might still be appalled at their behavior. It can be hard to let go of a situation, even if you’re no longer in the middle of it, as feelings can linger long past what you might think reasonable. But there’s no deadline for these things, no concrete date you underline on a calendar and say ‘that’s it now!’ and they magically disappear. 

It’s all about your intention. Are you still processing and making your way through it, or are you unwilling to move on? Thinking too much about the past, or especially a painful situation can be detrimental and even unhealthy. You can’t change the person your ex-boyfriend is, or who you are, and the choices you both made. The past is in the past, and nothing you can do will change it. It may take some time, but these dreams will disappear as you focus on what’s ahead of you. Your subconscious may be bringing up this part of your past as you’ve recognized something similar in your present. This can be good or bad nostalgia. You’ll know deep down which is which, and what your dream needs you to do. 

You may blame yourself or your ex-boyfriend for the breakup, or maybe the reason itself was never clear, and that’s why it still comes up in your dreams. One thing worth mentioning is that it’s important to forgive the people in your past – yourself included – and let go of that spiritual tie as the future holds greater things. There’s more to be said for the future and the great potential it holds, rather than looking back, and not recognizing good things when they come to you.

What does it Represent Dreaming of the Same Person Over and Over?

Finding yourself dreaming of the same person night after night can indicate that you need to establish some boundaries with this person. All the relationships in your life should have boundaries to some extent, and most of these are unspoken. When you know where you stand with someone, it’s much easier to be comfortable around them. This dream can reflect a problem in the waking world with this person, perhaps you’ve argued or come to an impasse with them. Dreaming of the same person can also mean they’ve crossed a line somewhere, which you might not consciously think about. 

If you don’t know the person that keeps popping up in your dreams, this can be a guide of sorts, trying to set you on the right path. It’s a call to evaluate where you are according to your deepest aspirations or to move away from a toxic person or behavior.  It can also occur as a reaction to a stressful situation, if they provide some sort of comfort or feeling of calm, this is telling you that you have the power to overcome any obstacle, no matter how hard it seems at the time. Only you can know what this dream figure stands for.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Someone Who is Dead, or has Died Recently?

Grief can be tricky to come to terms with. It’s never a straight journey from one stage to the next where you only move forward. Some days are much harder than others, no matter how long it’s been since the person died. It can be a testament to the strength of your bond and how much you still care for them when it’s so painful. The dream could again be a wish-fulfillment of sorts. You miss them, close your eyes, and they’re there in front of you. Your brain might be trying to fill in the void they’ve left behind, or give you some answers to why it happened, so you can make sense of their death. 

Sometimes people react negatively when you tell them you’ve dreamed of this person. It almost becomes taboo, but it’s not a negative sign to dream about someone who has died. It doesn’t mean another death is imminent. It’s a natural way to help you on the road of coming to terms with the abrupt end we’ll all head toward, regardless of whether you knew they were going to die or not. Death can bring all kinds of emotions to the surface, and most of them will take you by surprise. They won’t be reasoned or bargained with, and you’ll just have to experience each one as it comes. That way, when the death of someone you love no longer hurts, you know you’ll be ready for the future again. 

This person might reappear in your dreams because you remember what they believed in, and their presence may offer you some advice about a current problem you’re dealing with, or some comfort in what they would say to you now. Maybe they had dealt with a similar situation, and you’re remembering how they reacted, and aim to do something similar. 

It can be hard to accept that they’re gone. Your subconscious brings them into your dream so you can safely express how you feel, without anyone judging you, without fearing you might be judged, or you might be dealing with it badly. It takes everyone a different amount of time to accept that someone has died. If this was a parent, this dream is linked to the loss you feel in your life, that pillar of someone who was always there for you. When someone dies and they’ve always had your back in the past, this can propel you into a state of chaos, reflecting the loss of stability in your life. 

If you’re dreaming of a stranger who has died, this is a sign you’re at a crossroads in your life. Big things are headed your way, and you should take it easy now to make sure you’re ready to meet them.

What Happens When We Keep Dreaming of Someone that Died Recently?

A death in your life is never easy, and it always takes a different amount of time and several ways of coping to come to terms with it. 

There’s a lot of support that floods in after someone’s death. You may wade through flowers (see what does it mean to dream of flowers?) and notes you can’t bear to read, casseroles you can’t swallow and phone calls that you can’t return because there are no words for how you feel. Less support comes when you’re dealing with hospitals, solicitors, wills, and what they leave behind.  You may have to make important decisions and the person you’d normally ask is no longer there to help, and that’s especially frustrating when it concerns them and what they might have wanted. It can be really difficult to get your mind to think of what needs to get done while it still reels from the loss. Dreams can be a source of comfort and escape from this, and it’s a common coping mechanism. It will take time for you to gain a new sense of equilibrium.  

Sometimes it’s easier to deny that the person you care about is no longer around. Our brains are particularly fond of this method and can refuse to accept that they’re gone. If any of this section applies to you, I hope your healing comes quickly so you can focus on the positive things.

What does it Mean to Dream of Someone and it Becomes a Complete Nightmare?

Nightmares are never nice experiences. They can often leave us confused, especially if the source of the nightmare is not a problem in real life. Perhaps your subconscious has gotten a wire crossed somewhere. Maybe you’re feeling stressed about something and it’s all blended into a nightmare, and you’re struggling to unravel the meaning. Maybe that’s why you’re here. Nightmares are emotionally charged, and they’re often difficult or impossible to process. If you’re dreaming of an ax murderer, this doesn’t mean there’s a psychopath in your life. This could just be a build-up of negative emotion, and it’s your brain’s way of taking out the trash. Nightmares happen at any time, but they particularly like cornering you when you’ve been stressed or angry. While it’s rare to be able to turn a nightmare back into a dream, you can negate the nightmare’s impact with the right mindset. It doesn’t have to affect the rest of your day. 

Do you know the person that’s turning your dream into a nightmare? What kind of relationship do you have with them? Do the negative feelings bleed into your waking life? Do you feel wary of them when awake because of the nightmares? It also depends on how often these nightmares occur. You might have a different nightmare with similar themes. You may suffer the same nightmare night after night. Repeating nightmares usually have something to say about emotional boundaries. You might be in the middle of an awful situation with no easy answer, and this could be connected to the person you’re dreaming of. 

If the person in this particular nightmare is someone you don’t know, it can stand for a troublesome relationship with someone you do know. Our brains like to project our problems as different things when we’re asleep, which can make translating them into something we understand difficult.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Your Mother?

Mothers play one of the most important roles in our lives. We always perpetuate a strongly positive role of a mother, where they are always caring, willing to help at any cost, and always bring only good things into our lives. This isn’t always accurate, and they may provide the opposite. Dreaming of your mother is directly tied to your relationship with her, whether it’s a good or a bad relationship. Maybe you’re worried about her health, her mental wellbeing or you just miss her. 

Society’s view of mothers is starting to shift from the traditional stay-at-home moms to include those who focus on their professional life, or someone whose a single parent and does both. The relationship you form with your mother can set a precedent for the majority of the relationships you encounter in later life. Carl Jung, who created the list of archetypes common to our dreams, theorized that many elements are a representation of our mother, reflecting the relationship we have with her. 

Dreaming about your mother (see also Mother Dream Symbolism), regardless of your relationship with her, is a positive dream. If you have a positive relationship with a lot of love and mutual respect, this dream may be a sign that you need to spend some more time with her. If you don’t have a great relationship, find it difficult to approach her, or if she is no longer with us, this dream can be your subconscious trying to make sense of your relationship. 

What does it Mean When You Keep Dreaming Of Your Boss?

Dreams about your boss reveal a drive for success or a crossroads in your life of some kind. Essentially, you associate your boss with your professional life, worth ethic, or the professional image you hold of yourself. Do you enjoy what you do? Is your boss fair? Do you get on with your boss and find it easy to discuss any problem you may have? 

Often, dreaming about your boss reveals new obstacles heading your way, and this may present new opportunities. We can feel that we’re being taken advantage of, or our efforts aren’t appreciated, and this may not be your boss, but someone else at work. The lines between authority and a friendly, approachable colleague have blurred over the years, and it’s never been more true than now. Sometimes it’s hard to play the boss and make the tough decisions, be supportive and act as the sounding board. It may take some time to decode the meaning of dreaming of your boss, but it will come clear eventually. 

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of a Friend?

Dreaming of a friend unsurprisingly relates to the relationship you have with them in waking life. It may be that you’re in a nice stage of friendship where everything is easy and you support each other without any problems. Maybe they’re going through a rough patch and you’re concerned for their wellbeing. Of all the relationships we have in life, friendships are the easiest to choose. While they can turn out brilliantly and have them for life, some drift apart or weren’t greatly compatible to begin with. If you’re dreaming of the same friend repeatedly, there might be something you’ve forgotten about in your waking life. Your subconscious might be telling you that you’ve forgotten their birthday, or an event important to them. 

You might be dreaming of someone you’ve known forever or someone you’ve only met recently. Dreaming of a friend of a friend can be one of the hardest meanings to unravel. It can be especially frustrating as you might not have any kind of connection with them apart from the obvious social one, and they just keep appearing night after night. Friends don’t usually end friendships with you abruptly, but rare situations do occur. If you don’t feel a particular friendship is serving your life, it may be time to look at what the person means to you. This dream might not have any significance to your waking life at all, as some dreams don’t make sense, and don’t have any bearing on our day. 

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Your Son or Daughter?

Dreams of your children can be emotionally charged, like the relationship between you. It’s a connection like no other and can bring out the best or the worst in both of you, depending on how things are going. The dream itself may just reflect the connection between you or the importance of caring for one another as you’ll be stuck with this person for a long time! To keep dreaming of your child is a testament to how much you love them, and how involved you are with their life. 

If your children are on the cusp of becoming adults, your dream may just be reflecting this big change. Many parents with teenagers sometimes dream that their child is small again, this can represent how much you care, or maybe sometimes you’d prefer the age where they didn’t argue back! 

If nightmares stalk your dreams, specific to harm coming to your child, if they get lost, or something violent happens to them, don’t worry. This is just a mirror of anxiety, all parents want their children to thrive, and not have bad things happen. 

If you’re dreaming of children over and over but you’re not a parent, this may be a connection to your “inner child”, or who you were and what you wanted when you were smaller. Maybe it’s time to go after that pipe dream again if it wasn’t wanting to be a dinosaur (see also dinosaur dream meaning) when you grew up. That one might be a bit hard to cross off the list.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Babies?

Babies in our dreams to some extent resemble our inner child, a new start, and rebirth. In spiritual terms, a baby in your dream is a recognition of accomplishment. You’ve done the hard work and it’s time to kick back for a bit and enjoy the good things coming your way. If this dream repeats night after night, you may be feeling confused about an inner conflict. They can also represent yourself and your deepest inner thoughts.

What does it Mean to Keep Dreaming of Work Colleagues?

This particular dream is similar to dreaming of your boss. They both represent the work environment in some way or an aspect of your working life. It may be a suggestion to examine where your professional life has led you. Seeing a colleague in several dreams can signify a need to move onto new things, or maybe you’re ready for more responsibility. It can also be a dream stemming from work worries, or generalized future worries. Unless there are problems in your professional life that you’re bringing home, this isn’t a dream you need to analyze. 


While different people often appear in our dreams, if you’re dreaming of the same person, whether they’re familiar or if they’re a stranger, this dream usually has a concrete meaning that you should take with you into your waking life. Dreaming about someone who has died can be a distressing experience because of course, they’re on your mind anyway. It can make a painful situation worse, but try to focus on the positive things they brought into your life. These dreams resemble our relationships in all their forms, they help us to reflect and improve our waking life for the better. They may imply that a relationship needs some attention to get it back on track, or maybe a behavior (yours or theirs) has negatively affected your connection. 

Dreaming about someone constantly can mean you’re overthinking about the past or even the future. It can also symbolize the future working out well for you, or that you’ve learned from past mistakes and this will serve you in the future. 


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