Mother Dream Meaning


A dream about your mother may be a representation of your internal guidance or intuition. A mother is a reflection of your own ability to make decisions that will have an impact on your future. She reflects how well you are at making choices using your gut instincts. Likewise, your mother indicates how fortunate you feel regarding sound foresight or coincidences. She represents feelings of how to safely achieve something.

Everything that your mother tells you in your dream may shed some light about where your intuition sense is guiding you towards in your waking life. It may also be about how you feel in terms of your future.

What It Means To Dream Of Your Mother

If in real life, your mother is already deceased (see also What does it mean to dream of a deceased mother?), her symbolism for appearing in your dream will most likely remain as intuition. When we dream about dead relatives, its symbolic value is usually the same whether that person is dead or alive. If your mother recently passed away or you may have been spending a lot of your time reminiscing lately, her appearance in your dream may likely reflect how much you miss and long for her.

If your mother gives you advice in a dream

Your mother dream may indicate your sense of intuition (see also Family Dream Meaning) that is knowing that a particular choice is best for the future.

If your mother is very angry in a dream

Does it seem like your mother is very angry at you in your dream? This may signify your negative feelings regarding bad luck or disappointments. In this instance, you may feel as if you cannot catch a break. Likewise, it may feel like bad luck seems to keep on creeping back at you while the choices you make appear to be of no help. Hence, you may regret the choice you made.

If you are frustrated with your mother in a dream for making bad choices 

This dream of your mother may express your jealousy or frustration in your waking life about making bad choices after another. Sometimes, pregnant women may experience dreams of being frustrated with their mothers, especially if they are gaining a significant amount of weight and not choosing the right clothing.

If your mother is evil-looking in a dream 

If your mother looks evil in your dream, it may be a representation of negative intuition sense and for making bad choices in your waking life. It may also indicate your wicked intentions down the road. Moreover, it may indicate the feelings you have that anything you choose does not work at all or that bad luck or fear is consuming you. 

If your mother is happy in a dream

A dream of a mother wherein your mom is happy signifies that you feel luckier or you have a positive outlook on your future. It is as though you applied really good foresight or you have dodged something not so good in real life.

If your mother is pregnant in a dream

This type of mother dream may symbolize the choices you have for your future or an opportunity that is working towards something. It can be a new idea, a new experience, or even a new way of living that is about to occur in your waking life.

To dream of murdering your mother

This expresses your feelings of hurting your future or stopping opportunities. “Killing off” your good luck or creating a harsh reversal of past choices. Killing your mother in a dream may also indicate feelings about a decision or plans you regret. And now, you feel you have to put an end to it.

If your mother dies in a dream

The dream may indicate your awareness of constantly making bad decisions or losing your sense of intuition. You feel as if you have inadequate foresight. Likewise, it seems like you are not able to provide solutions to your problems, get out of negative life circumstances, and most of your problems remain unresolved. 

Her death in your dream may likely mean you have compelling moral dilemmas or fears that you need to overcome. Additionally, you may feel that you cannot stop yourself from making the wrong decisions or a strong sense of bad luck when it comes to important matters.

To dream of your mother driving you in your car

A dream that involves your mother driving a car may imply the situations in your waking life wherein your urgent need to plan ahead is imperative. Long-term planning or intuition appears more vital to you in your current situation, such as pregnancy.

Examples Of Dream About A Mother

Asthma sufferers usually dream of themselves being victims. This will depend on a mother figure. This symbolism may be a reflection of how they dislike themselves for being dependent on their inhalers. Likewise, it may imply their need to be always careful regarding their reactive feelings.

On the other hand, pregnant women frequently dream about their mothers. There’s a high chance that this reflects their heightened need to plan ahead intuitively once they give birth (see also giving birth dream meaning and interpretation) to their baby.

Example 1:

A woman dreamed of her mother saying that she was fat. In the woman’s waking life, she felt that she had gained a lot of weight. Her mother informing her that she gained a lot of weight is a reflection of her intuition feeling that there’s a need for her to be more careful about what she eats. She also needs to exercise as she moves forward.

Example 2: 

A young girl has recurring nightmares about her mother dying (See also parents dying dream meaning). In her waking life, she felt as if she was incapable of deciding what college was best and that making a decision right now might screw her life up for good.

Example 3: 

A man dreamed of being comforted by his mother. In his waking life, the man a bad drug experience. He said to himself that it would be a good idea to quit using drugs. His mother is a representation of his intuitive desire to look out for himself in the future by making a sound choice to withdraw from drugs.

Example 4: 

A woman dreamed of seeing her sister dragging the corpse of their mother around the inside of a house. In waking life, the woman was experiencing her sister having a very tough time in life overcoming her drug addiction.


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