Children In Dreams

What does it mean to see a child in your dream? It would be nice if we could give you a quick answer to this question. However, we can tell you right away – that is impossible. Children in dreams cannot be reduced to any singular meaning. After all, children are the younger version of ourselves. 

To ask what it means to see a child in a dream is somewhat similar to asking what it means to see a human being in a dream. Obviously, there could be many meanings. 

What we can say at the beginning is that dreaming of children often points us in the direction of relationships with ourselves, our inner life, who we are and how we’ve grown over the years. Dreaming of children can also mean our dream is about our relationships with other people. 

What dreams that involve children specifically tell us about is often our inner child. Even if we don’t understand them immediately, these dreams can be about the unhealed trauma or other tendencies of the child that lives within each of us. This is especially true if the dreams you are having about children are repetitive. 

When interpreting dreams about children, it is important to take into account the overall context of the dream as well as any feelings you might have encountered. 

Below, we get into the details on how to interpret specific dreams that involve children. 

Common Scenes In Dreams With Children 

  • You might have seen yourself as a child 
  • Encountering or playing with a happy child 
  • Seeing a child who is sad or upset 
  • Dreaming about your own children 
  • Giving birth to a child 
  • Seeing someone else’s children 
  • Seeing children being kidnapped 
  • Dreaming that someone else’s children are your own 
  • You might have felt like a child in the dream or behaved in childish ways 

Your Dream Is A Positive Sign If: 

  • The child you’ve seen is happy 
  • The child was acting like a child, so to say; not acting as an adult or in other ways that don’t seem fit for a child 
  • You’ve seen yourself become a child again 
  • You gave birth to a child and were happy about it 

Children In Dreams: Detailed Interpretation

While the simple fact of seeing a child in a dream might not mean that much, there are certain characteristics about your dream that involved children that can point you in the right direction when interpreting it. Below you will find some of the most common interpretations of dreams with children. However, remember also to take into account anything else that appeared in the dream and try to figure out how the meanings fit together. 

Seeing A Happy Child In A Dream 

Often when we dream of children, we get a sense of how that child is feeling. Maybe it was you that was the child, or you’ve just had the general idea about the child’s emotions. In any case, it is definitely a good sign if you can see or feel that the child is happy. This indicates a healthy and satisfied inner child. You are able to forge your path in life and express yourself freely. 

Unhappy Child In Dream 

The same goes for what we said above: the emotions the child in the dream was feeling can tell us a lot about how to understand the dream. If the child in the dream is unhappy, consider seriously if the child actually represents you. You might need more self-care. Or perhaps, try just giving permission to yourself to do ‘childish’ things like playing games or watching cartoons. 

Becoming A Child 

Becoming a child in a dream can be both positive and a negative sign. In general, there is a positive meaning to this. Being able to feel like a child again means your spirit is alive. However, if the dream is repetitive and/or you are feeling stuck in the child’s body, it might mean there are some areas in your life where you are refusing to ‘grow up’. Whether it’s relationships, your career, or something else, there are changes happening that you need to accept. 

Giving Birth To A Child 

Giving birth to a child in a dream is usually a good sign. It’s a sign of fertility and good times ahead. However, it is not necessarily literally a child this dream is foretelling, but rather seeing the fruits of your labor in any sense of the word. On the other hand, dreaming about giving birth might express your desire to have a child in waking life. 

Waking Life Situations Associated With Dreaming Of Children 

  • New stages of life, growing up, but not just from child to adult – we grow during our whole lives and need to adapt to the new chapter of life. 
  • Major life changes and reluctance to accept them. You might be in denial and refusing to deal with something that’s happening in your life. 
  • Finding a new job, changing careers, starting school. 
  • New relationships. 
  • Our inner spiritual life and emotional health. 
  • All things connected with children, being a parent, and pregnancy 

Feelings Associated With Dreams of Children 

Dreams about children can be associated with a range of feelings. On one hand, you might have felt happy, peaceful, and loving while remembering this dream. On the other hand, feelings like carelessness, selfishness,and anxiety can also come out of these dreams. 


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