Mouse/Mice Dream Meaning

A mouse is an animal that can carry a lot of different meanings. Mice are tiny and cute, especially when we see them in a cartoon or a nature documentary. In real life, however, they can often cause fear. Many people are afraid of mice and seeing a mouse in your own home can make you feel unsafe. 

So, at a very basic level a mouse can be adorable and represent something fragile and hute, while on the other hand we can see it as a rodent invading our space involuntarily. But what exactly does dreaming of mice mean? 

Our feelings towards the mouse in the dream (and in waking life), should be taken into account, but that’s not all there is to it. Mice in dreams can also be connected to spiritual meanings and the mystical world of magic (see also Magic In Dreams) and the supernatural. In ancient Egyptian lore, all animals in dreams  were interpreted as messengers from the gods. This is why in many old almanchs mice carry messages from the other world. 

To add to this pile of meanings, mice are often also seen as bringers of luck. Especially in traditions of the far East, mice were seen as signs of luck ahead, especially financial gain (such as winning the lottery). 

So how should one find the right interpretation of a mouse dream. First of all, think about all the details you remember about your dream. Even the tiniest things can carry meaning and help you understand the message of your dream. It helps to write all of this down if you feel like it. Then, sit back and read our interpretation. Consider which of the possible meanings speak to you and you’ll be able to get insight into the meaning of your dream. 

Mice Dream Meaning and Interpretation 

When the mouse in your dream is small and playful, it can be a sign of timidness. You might be trying to make yourself small. Perhaps you have been too gentle to someone in your life. Mouses also love to hide in tiny warm spaces, and due to this a mouse can represent a care for your family, the desire to be comfortable and surrounded by people you love. 

A mouse eating cheese in a dream is usually a good sign. Abundance is coming your way. And more generally, mice in dreams – especially a single white mouse – are signs of a pleasant surprise. If you have invested into something or are waiting on a call, you might take this as a sign that a positive outcome is approaching. 

A common trope in mouse dreams is catching a mouse. If you actually manage to catch the mouse in the dream, no matter if within a mousetrap or otherwise, this is actually not such a good sign. This means you might be getting some bad news soon. 

However, if you kill the mice in the dream foretells positive news coming your way. You might also be getting rid of something you don’t need in your life. 

When you see a mouse running, or you are chasing the mouse but not catching it, it could be a sign of restlessness. You might have trouble sleeping at night or you could be feeling otherwise anxious and restless. 

Dreaming of lots of mice, or a mice infestation is usually a bad sign. It could be a sign of some trouble in the financial or business area. Dreaming of a mice infestation can also symbolize a hidden enemy. Someone or something could be eating your food, that is, your resources or your energy, without your consent. 

Dreaming of Mice and Psychology 

Anyone interested in psychology or dream interpretation must have heard of Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. First published in 1899, this book written by the father of psychoanalysis set the stage for psychological understanding of dreams. 

Freud does explicitly mention mice in his treatise on dreams. According to him, small animals in general and mice specifically are symbols of genitals. For him, the hariness of the mouse is what gives him this role in dreams. He also thought that rodents in dreams (see also Rat Dream Symbolism) can be representations of small children. Finally, a mouse infestation in your home is a sign of pregnancy, at least for Freud. One thing to keep in mind is that Freud interpreted many dreams in terms of sexuality, which is in line with his general theory of the psyche. However, they have been many different interpretations since then and you don’t necessarily have to believe in this theory. It could be true, but everyone is unique! 

In addition to this, the color of the mouse can guide your interpretation: 

White mouse: A white mouse is most commonly interpreted as a lucky sign. Good things are to come. 

Brown or gray mouse: A brown, gray, or in general naturally colored mouse can be a sign of the earth. You might need more grounding in your life. 

Black mouse: In traditional dream dictionaries black mouse brings trouble. However, it is also said it is not some overwhelming problem, you will probably not suffer. 

In Your Dream You Might Have 

  • Seen lots of white mice 
  • Seen a single white mouse 
  • Seen a mouse nibbling on something
  • Chased a mouse or set up a mouse trap
  • Seen your home infested with mice 
  • Killed a mouse 

Feelings You May Have Encountered During a Dream of Mice 

Dreams of mice often make us feel scared. We might be shocked, frightened, anxious, or surprised. A mice infestation could make us feel downright terrified. However, if you’ve dreamed of a mouse in a cute situation you could be feeling warm and fuzzy. What did your mouse dream include? 


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