Yellow Color Meaning

We often see colors in our dreams and each color means something different. If we see objects in the color yellow, it can be a sign of happiness and good luck. As we perceive the sun as being yellow, even though it is technically white, it can mean that God has got our backs. It is often thought to be a spiritual color and symbolizes peace and tranquility.

However, yellow can have negative connotations and we have to interpret the dream as a whole to understand the bigger picture. Sometimes people are called ‘yellow’ meaning that they are cowards. The color can also sometimes refer to deceit, illness, or betrayal. Another interpretation is that the person dreaming is sacrificing his own interests for that of others. This can be good in one way, but it can be dangerous to completely neglect yourself. You can’t help others if you don’t take yourself into account as well. There must be a balance between the two.

Common Meanings for the Color Yellow

Yellow is one of the first colors that we can see when walking into a room (see also house with hidden rooms dreams) or going outside. It is a mentally stimulating color and is often used to paint offices and school classrooms. In this article, we will look at some meanings of the color yellow and what it can mean if we dream about it.

Bright, Sunshine, & Happiness

Yellow is very much a color we associate with summer. There aren’t many people who don’t feel bright and cheerful when they go outside and see the sun, especially after a long, cold, and dark winter. The sight of yellow daffodils in the spring promise days of brightness ahead. If you see these flowers in a dream you can be assured that your coming days will be happy and cheerful. Things will go right for you and you will experience some happiness. 

Yellow Means High Visibility: Calling Attention

The color yellow is extremely visible and is bright and impossible to miss. Just think of the golden rays of sunshine warming us up as we sit outside with a cold glass of something.    

Because the color yellow draws us to it, it can be a symbol of attention-seeking. This can be either positive or negative depending on the way you look at it. Perhaps you are trying to get someone’s attention. Maybe you are hoping to have a new romantic partner or a promotion at work. On a more negative side, the dream can warn you against continually trying to look for attention. You want to be the center of attention and while this is okay now and again, you shouldn’t steal the thunder all the time. 

When we wake up in the morning and see the sun we are energized, but this can lessen as we are confronted with the problems of our daily lives. Perhaps we should carry a photo of the sun with us to remind us of how we felt when we woke up. 

However, yellow is so powerful that it can also be associated with warnings, for example, the yellow stripes on warning signs. Dreaming of such signs can make us feel anxious. Take into account the rest of the dream before deciding that your day is going to be bad.

The Color Yellow Can Help You Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

If you dream of yourself wearing yellow, expect to be noticed. It’s not by accident that advertisers often use the color yellow to package their products. Yellow can draw the attention of customers in a way few colors can emanate. Just think of the yellow cabs in New York City. They are visible from a distance, much more so than nearly any other color. 

Notice the Highlights – See the Good

Often when teachers are marking homework, they will highlight parts of the text in yellow so it stands out and the students will be alerted to their mistakes. If you dream about highlighted text, see if you can read it as it could be important. If you can’t, just be aware that something is going to happen that will require your attention.

Weakness/Feeling Afraid

You must have heard of the expression, ‘yellow-bellied’, indicating that the person is weak or scared of something or someone. It is strange because yellow can be such a positive color, yet it has a negative side. 

Yellow can also refer to health. If you see a person in your dream with yellowish skin, it can refer to ill health. Jaundice, for example, is characterized by a yellow skin tone. If you see a person you know who looks yellow, it might be a good idea if you persuaded them to see a doctor. If it is you with yellow skin, perhaps it is you who should be seeing a doctor. However, we often just see that skin tone as a sign of not feeling well, but it doesn’t mean that you have a serious illness. It’s often an indication that you should be taking more care of yourself.

Yellow: The Color of the Solar Plexus Chakra

If you are interested in Eastern medicine, you will know about chakras. Chakras are energy points in our bodies that promote both our physical and mental health. Yellow is the chakra that helps you to understand your feelings of power. It is located at the diaphragm in the upper belly and as well as power, it governs personality, personal freedom, and choice. If you dream of yellow, it may be time to examine these aspects of your life. 

If you are feeling powerless, it is a good idea to imagine yellow light around you. It can give you hope and optimism for the future even if you feel out of control of a situation you are in. Remember that there’s always time to rectify matters.

What Does the Color Yellow Mean in Dreams?

We often dream of different colors, but they can mean different things to different people. While yellow is usually positive, it isn’t always so, and the symbols and your emotions will give you a clearer indication of what the dream means. Here we will take a look at the meanings of some symbols that may appear in our dreams.

If you dream of a banana, which of course has yellow skin, it can be an indication that you are going to come into some good fortune, either monetary or in a romantic way. Perhaps you applied for a new job. Seeing a banana in your dream could mean that you’re going to be successful. 

Dreaming of a yellow tree can mean that changes are afoot. They could be either good or bad. If the tree is healthy and full of leaves with high-reaching branches, you will likely have some good fortune. However, if the tree is dying, your dreams could be shattered. 

If you dream of crashing into a car and you see the color yellow, it could mean that you need to pay attention to some aspect of your life. Perhaps you haven’t been working as hard as you should, or you haven’t put enough time into a relationship. It could also mean that you are unable to take control of something important in your life.

Dreaming about washing clothes that are yellow is a good sign. It could mean that you are clearing out the past and are starting on a new journey through life. You are revitalized and ready to take the next step.

Here’s Some Questions to Ask to Help you Understand your Dreams About Yellow

As we have said, to understand what our dreams mean, we have to examine the dream as a whole. What are your emotions? Do you feel sad, happy, afraid, excited, angry? Any of your emotions can influence the meaning of your dreams. If you have had waking experiences with the color yellow, you need to look at these events. They are important when translating your dreams. Perhaps your favorite color to wear is yellow and you feel comfortable wearing this color. Then, the dream is usually positive. However, if you have a yellow motorbike which you have crashed, the dream might not be so positive. It could be that something untoward is going to happen or perhaps it already has, and you aren’t sure how your life is going to pan out.

The way you feel when you wake up is influential in the interpretation of the dream. It’s a lot different waking up feeling afraid and miserable than it is to wake up feeling positive and happy. Dreams usually reflect our waking lives, although sometimes they can predict the future. 

If you read more about the color yellow, it can give you a deeper understanding of your dreams. Think about how you feel about the color. Does it make you feel positive or negative, or does it have no particular meaning for you? We hope that we have given you enough pointers about the color that will help you to interpret your dreams. 

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