Yellow Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Color plays an important role within dreams, nearly as important as how a dream makes you feel. Dreams are very visual, or that’s how we perceive them, and color is one of the biggest and most obvious indicators when it comes to dream interpretation.

Dreams can draw your attention to the color of something, and when it feels significant that an object is a certain color, it’s worth finding out what it means, as it can change the whole meaning behind your dream. 

It can change something from a negative dream symbol into a positive one, or what should normally be a positive interpretation into an entirely negative one. 

Color symbolism is a powerful thing. There is evidence that suggests different colors have a profound effect on the nervous system and can help provoke certain emotions.

Green, for example, can make someone feel calmer, which is one of the reasons why hospital wards are often painted green, and the color is associated with the natural world and healing.

But what about yellow? The most prominent symbolism attached to the color yellow is joy and optimism. Try to think of something yellow. I bet you think of the sun, which is of course itself associated with life, peace, and happiness. 

But like all colors, yellow holds some negative associations too. People can link yellow to danger or warnings, as it’s a color that makes us more alert. One of nature’s favorite warning signs is yellow decorating the scales of some snakes or other animals, to tell us that it’s dangerous.

For some people, yellow is linked to fear and uncertainty. There’s always two sides to a dream interpretation, and it’s largely about how you feel, which makes sense when colors provoke emotion.

The Symbolism Behind the Color Yellow

Yellow is a color that you’ll find hard to ignore. Your eye is naturally drawn to its brightness, and the same is true even in your dreams. 

Joy and Looking Toward the Future

For most people, yellow is linked to happiness, and optimism. Dreaming of the color yellow points to feeling content in waking life, where obstacles have no power to make you feel stressed or incapable.

Seeing yellow within your dream and feeling warm or happy also reflects how you’re looking forward to the opportunities the future may have for you. You welcome the chance to grow. 

Uncertainty, Fear, or Illness

Whilst yellow is usually associated with joy, it’s also associated with negativity, such as an overwhelming fear. This may be caused by a situation in waking life which has called into question your capabilities, or you’re worried that the future only holds pain and terrible things.

Yellow appearing within your dream can indicate that you are worried about falling ill, or it can be a manifestation of illness which you’ve already seen the signs of. Maybe it’s time to get checked out. 

There’s Something You Shouldn’t Ignore

Yellow is also used as a warning sign. Perhaps you know on a subconscious level that something isn’t right, but because you’re not sure how to approach this situation or how to begin to fix it, you feel it’s easier to ignore it.

The presence of yellow in a dream overwhelmed with fear or anxiety indicates that the last thing you should probably do is ignore the situation, or your gut feeling telling you something is wrong. 

Maybe you already know that a project you’ve undertaken at work is showing signs of failing, but you want to push on with it in the hopes that any issues will work themselves out. Start with the smallest step possible, and work your way up. You may find things will become much easier as soon as you begin.

A relationship might be showing signs of deterioration, but you want to carry on and pretend everything is fine. 

This dream is telling you that you need to face whatever is going wrong in your life. You’ll feel better for it in the long run.

Celebrate Your Differences

If you dream of wearing yellow, or searching for a yellow object, where it is the key to something in your dream, this suggests that you shouldn’t hide who you are for fear of being judged.

The traits that make you an individual are often what other people prize the most, and being comfortable in your own skin goes a long way when trying to connect with other people.

Change Your Perspective

If you see something ‘highlighted’ in yellow within your dream, whether that’s in a literal sense, or something a little more subtle like the sun lighting up an object or person in particular, you need to pay attention to it.

A vivid dream like this can imply that you need to change how you look at things. You may be missing something vital which could help you avoid disaster in waking life.


While you probably associate the color green with jealousy, it’s not the only one that carries this negative emotion as symbolism. Yellow is also associated with jealousy, but a more specific type. 

If you see an abundance of yellow within your dream, it can signify that you’ll either experience a lot of jealousy because you feel you don’t match up to other people’s skills.

Or, you’ll soon be on the receiving end of jealousy, in a situation where your skills will be praised or admired, one where your hard work might even be overlooked because of it.

What does Yellow Mean When it Appears in Your Dreams?

How to Decode Your Specific Dream of the Color Yellow

Think about your own associations with the color yellow, to start off with. What does it remind you of? Is it linked with any specific memories, and are these associations good, or bad? How do you feel when you see the color?

If the color yellow appeared in a certain object within your dream, the form of the object itself can change the meaning. If you dream of the sun (see also Spiritual Meaning Of The Sun), this points to future happiness or clarity.

Dreaming of a yellow key (see also Dreaming Of Keys Meaning) points to fresh knowledge which will help guide you in the future. A yellow car indicates that in order to be happier, you need to be in the ‘driving seat’ of your own life, where you make sure that you’re the one making the decisions, not someone else.

A dream where a yellow car crashes implies that uncertainty, fear, or mistrust is guiding your decisions, and you need to change something, otherwise you’ll end up with more than a few problems which you could have avoided.

If you dream of someone with yellow eyes (see also Eyes Dream Symbolism), you need to trust your gut. Your subconscious is telling you that you’ll need to rely on it in the near future, where you’ll face more than a few difficulties, maybe as a result of trusting someone you shouldn’t.

A field full of yellow flowers in your dream points to the joy which comes from success, or a sense of community which you’ll soon have a bigger part in.

Consider how you feel when you wake up from a dream which was saturated with yellow. How the dream leaves you feeling also decides whether it’s a good sign or a bad one.

Yellow: Chakra Color Symbolism

If you’re familiar with yoga, or chakras in general, you may know that yellow is a very important color.

It represents the solar plexus chakra, which signifies the ‘core’ of you, where your will resides, as well as your sense of resilience, your ego, and your identity.

This chakra is what drives you forward in life, knowing that knowledge and experience is important, and the willingness to stand up for yourself.

The solar plexus chakra resides in the upper belly, just at the diaphragm. If you believe in chakras, this is where your seat of personal power comes from, and the ability to choose, assert, and motivate yourself. 

Dreaming of a weak yellow light at your belly can reflect how you feel you are unable to stand up for yourself or feel confident about the decisions you make. You might feel a lack of purpose, motivation, or capability.

If you dream of a strong yellow light, this mirrors how you feel confident in waking life, unafraid to voice your opinion, or to make the big decisions. This dream reflects your high levels of self-assurance and confidence, and the power you have to change your life.


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