Teeth Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dreaming about teeth is extremely common. Probably most of us have had dreams about our teeth falling out and these dreams can be both clear and detailed. They can often wake us up with the feeling that this has really happened. However, losing teeth is not the only type of dream about teeth that we can have, and in this article, we are going to explore the most common types of teeth dreams, their meanings, and their symbols.

Here are Some of the Common Types of Teeth Dreams and Their Meanings

Teeth Falling Out

Teeth falling out can have different meanings. Usually, they refer to anxiety or a lack of balance in your life. Perhaps you are having trouble giving your work and home life equal attention and you feel guilty about it.  

Teeth are important. We need them to eat with and so sustain life. If you dream about them falling out, it can indicate that you are losing control and power over your life. You may be worried that you are getting older and less capable of getting around. Perhaps you are concerned about the way you look or that you are making yourself seem unintelligent in front of others. Maybe you feel that you are losing your independence. Dreaming about losing teeth (see also Rotten Teeth Dream Meaning) may be a sign that you should become more assertive.

Another interpretation is that you have said something that you wished you hadn’t, and you are feeling regret, but are unable to do anything about it. It could be a sign that you should think carefully before saying anything so that you don’t upset anyone. Once it’s out it can’t be put back in, just like a tooth.

Teeth falling out can also mean that you are worried about your appearance and what people think about you. Without teeth, we don’t look so attractive and perhaps we are feeling dowdy in the waking world.

Broken Teeth

People with broken teeth are often considered, albeit unfairly, ugly, poor, or unintelligent. If you dream of having a broken tooth, it can often reflect the way you are feeling inside or alternatively, the way that people see you. It can also mean that something is falling apart in your life and it needs to be addressed. Perhaps you are insecure, are holding on to past trauma, are feeling rejected and lonely, or are suffering from social anxiety.

We can often dream of broken teeth if we fear that people will see our flaws. The longer we feel like this the more vivid the dreams will become.

False Teeth

Dreaming about false teeth can be a negative experience. It can often mean that we are being dishonest or that other people are lying to us. Perhaps you are trying to cover something up and are afraid of being caught out. Maybe you are covering up your true personality or that you have said something hurtful to someone and are now feeling guilty. Perhaps you have revealed a secret and there have been unpleasant consequences and you feel guilty. False teeth can reveal that you have an internal problem that you don’t want people to know about, but you know that they are aware of it. You are feeling insecure that others know your secrets.

Healthy Teeth

If you dream about having healthy, straight, and white teeth, all is well in your world. Relationships are settled as is your work life and you are feeling content and confident. Perhaps you have been successful recently and are feeling proud of yourself. Dreaming about healthy teeth is a positive experience.

Losing Teeth

Rather than your teeth falling out, you may dream that you have lost a tooth, but can’t find it. This could mean that you have lost something important to you or that you are worried that you are going to lose something you care deeply about. If you dream that you are worried about losing something this could be an indication that there is still time to do something about it. 

Another interpretation is that there is something not complete within yourself. It allows you to address the problem. 

If you dream that you see that you have lost a tooth while standing in front of a mirror (see also mirror in dreams), it could relate to your appearance. Perhaps you are worried that you are losing your looks, or it could mean that you aren’t making enough of an effort to look presentable.

Loose Tooth

If you dream that you have a loose tooth, it can mean that you fear something or someone and that you must confront these fears. It can also mean that you are afraid of losing someone important in your life. Another interpretation is that you are worried about saying something inappropriate which allows you to address this. 

Pulling Teeth

The word ‘pull’ means to exert force. To dream of pulling teeth could mean that someone is exerting too much force on you or it could be the complete opposite, that you are trying to make someone do what they don’t want to do. 

You could dream that you are pulling out your teeth. If you are doing this easily, it can mean that it won’t take much to reach your goals. However, if it is a struggle you could be facing a difficult decision or situation. Pulling your teeth can also mean that something is going to be forced out of you, like a secret perhaps.

Rotting Teeth

Rotting teeth is not a good sign by any means. It can indicate that something is going badly in your life and you are not sure how to deal with the problem. 

Teeth rotting indicates neglect and dreaming about this could mean that you are neglecting something in your life, and it needs to be addressed. 

Another interpretation of rotting teeth is related to our anxieties and fears. These fears are now coming to the surface and other people can see them. You will probably find that you are not happy that others can see into your inner self. 

In addition, rotting teeth can mean that you have been speaking badly about others and are now regretting it. 

If you are looking into a mirror and see rotting teeth, it can show that one side of you is repressed and needs to be brought out into the open. You could be hiding your good attributes. 

Other Meanings of Teeth Dreams


You may feel guilty that you have lied to your nearest and dearest. If so, you can dream of your teeth falling out. However, it can work the other way and you may be being lied to. If you are suspicious that someone is lying to you and you dream of teeth falling out, perhaps it’s time to confront that person.

Dreaming about false teeth can also signify that you are lying, or someone is lying to you. The whole aspect of your teeth being false indicates that there is something false in your current life.


As a child, you are told that if you put your tooth under your pillow, the tooth fairy will come and leave money for you. In that respect, it isn’t surprising that dreams of teeth can be associated with money. If you dream about losing a tooth, this could indicate that you are going to come into money and any financial problems you have will be solved.


If you have an argument with a friend or loved one and then dream about losing your teeth or your teeth fall out, it could mean that you regret the things you said and it is time to make up with that person.


Sickness (Sickness dream meaning and interpretation) is not usually associated with teeth dreams except in some cultures. They believe that teeth falling out can mean that you are going to become extremely sick or that someone close to you is going to become ill or even die.

Analyzing Your Teeth Dreams, Applying Your Own Personal Interpretations

Dreams are personal to each individual and dreaming of say, falling out teeth, could mean one thing to one person and another to somebody else. It is best to take the general interpretation and see how it compares to your waking life. 

Here Are Some Tips for Interpreting Your Dreams About Teeth

How did the dream make you feel? The first thing to consider is how the dream made you feel. Were you sad, happy, depressed, or embarrassed? This will determine if the dream was positive or negative and the impact it will have on your life. Perhaps it is a warning or maybe it reminds you of previous events that have not been fully settled.

What was the Context of Your Dream? To fully interpret a dream, you have to consider if there was anyone else in the dream and what relationship they have with you. Also requiring consideration are your actions throughout the dream and if there were any other important symbols in the dream that may help to interpret the dream fully.

What Events are Going on in Your Life Right Now? If you dream of perfectly white and straight teeth, this could mean that you are in a great place in your life. If your teeth are falling out, you could be in the midst of an argument with someone or are depressed.

Compare This Dream to Other Dreams. If you have had other dreams around the same time, there might be an underlying trend. There is nothing wrong with interpreting your dreams in conjunction with others. It can lead to a bigger picture.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed delving into teeth dream meanings. They are one of the most common types of dreams, but they can be either positive or negative.  


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