Bleachers & Grandstands Dream Meaning

If you are interested in sporting events, you will know about bleachers and grandstands. They are raised benches on tiers where you sit to watch a game. For example, you might be watching baseball, football, or soccer. Unfortunately, not many of them are really comfortable.

If you are used to going to or watching sports events on TV, you probably have heard the expression, ‘And the crowd roared from the stands’. If you hear this in your dream, it can mean that it is time to take action or that you are excited and looking forward to an event. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About Bleachers?

If you dream about bleachers and you are sitting down watching a sport being played can mean that you aren’t getting involved in things happening in your waking life. In effect, you are just on the sidelines. Perhaps you’re not mixing with your work colleagues or are not taking part in decisions. Maybe it is time that you got involved. If you see friends or family sitting in the bleachers, perhaps they are not participating in your life. Maybe they are letting you make all the decisions. Also, it could mean that you are doing all the work either at home or at work.

If you are standing and walking up and down in the bleachers, while someone you know is just sitting there, it could mean that you feel that this person isn’t pulling his or her own weight. 

A Crowd Uprising

It is rarely quiet in a sports arena with the crowd either cheering or booing. If you dream about a crowd shouting from the bleachers, it is possible that you feel that you have accomplished something, either at home or at work. You could have completed a DIY project at home or have received a promotion at work. 

If you see yourself shouting and cheering with a crowd, it can mean that you feel as if you belong and don’t feel alone. This is reinforced if you know the people you are with. They are good friends and they have accepted you as part of their group.

Empty Bleachers Dream Meaning

Seeing empty bleachers is a sign of sadness. You probably feel alone in your waking life or perhaps you want to gain approval. If you dream that you are at college it could be a sign that your hard work is going unnoticed despite the effort you have put in. Perhaps you feel that you are being excluded. Maybe you think that your family disregards you and being with them is difficult. 

If there is an event on, but nobody is in the bleachers, it can be a sign of disappointment. Perhaps you were looking forward to something, but it has been canceled.

Are You a Good Sport?

Most of the time, people at a sporting event are happy and are cheering their team on. However, there can be people who get angry if a call is made against their team. You have probably seen this at a baseball or football game. These people are negative and upset other fans with their swearing and shouting.

If you dream of an angry crowd, it can be a metaphor for yourself. Perhaps you are not a good sport in your waking life. Maybe you get angry if you are playing a game and are losing. Do you feel as if you have to win at all costs?  The dream doesn’t only refer to game playing. It can also refer to you in a work role. Perhaps you take credit for all the good work done, not giving other people any credit for their efforts. Even your home life can be affected by negativity. Perhaps you just take for granted that your partner will do all the housework, getting angry if you are asked to do anything. It is time for you to evaluate your life and try to be a kinder and more considerate person.

Life Isn’t Always Fair

As a child, we may have been told by our parents that life isn’t fair. As we go through life and come across obstacles we can still think that life isn’t fair.  Relationships end and people lose their jobs. Sometimes we can feel as if everything is against us. 

If you see an angry crowd at a game, it can mean that something has happened recently that you think was unfair. Has it made you angry?  You need to think if your anger is justified or are you acting like a spoilt child? If we consider that things are not always going to go our way and try to control our anger and frustration, we can be happier people. Things will go well eventually and we need to think that. things will turn around.

A Visit to the Past

When trying to interpret your dream about bleachers, it is a good idea to consider your relationship with them. Were you always sitting in the stands at school, instead of participating in the sport? Perhaps this signifies that you felt shunned by other students and you have never really got over this. If you are a parent, you might dream that you are sitting in the bleachers. If you see yourself enjoying yourself, it can mean that you are proud of your children. If you seem bored, maybe it’s a sign that you should pay more attention to the activities your children are involved in. 

If you dream that you are in the bleachers at school, it can also be useful to look at the meaning of schools and see if this helps you to interpret the dream. Schools are usually associated with knowledge, learning, and understanding. They can give you the opportunity for a better life. They can also be a memory from the past. What were your feelings then compared to now? How did you feel in the dream?

Tips to Understand the Meaning of a Grandstand, Bleachers, or Sports Benches

It is a good idea to keep a dream journal and note down your dream as soon as you wake up. Write down anything that you think is a significant symbol. This will help you to interpret your dream about bleachers or grandstands.

What Features Do You Notice About the Stands?

You might notice the physical features of the bleachers that can help you to interpret your dream. What probably stands out the most is what the bleachers are made of. Are they wood, metal, concrete, or plastic?

Because it does not rust, aluminum is often used to make the seats in the stands. As it is an insulating material, perhaps you are shielding yourself from something or somebody. 

If you see plastic seats of certain colors, it is a good idea to look up the meaning of the color. Red, for example, means anger or love. You need to look at the rest of the dream to get a full interpretation. Sometimes you might see your team playing in their home colors. These colors may also be significant and so might be the colors of the opposing team.

Some bleachers are made from wood even though they tend to look worn quickly because of the effects of the weather. If you see rickety wooden bleachers in your dream, it could be a sign that you are not sure if you should take part in something. Maybe your son is having marital problems. Perhaps you want to interfere, but the dream is telling you to stand back and let the couple sort it out for themselves.

Additional Symbols to Explore

It is rare to dream of just one symbol so if you have a dream about bleachers try and remember what else was going on in the dream. Were you in an arena and taking part in the game?  Perhaps you are having an uphill struggle trying to beat the other team. This could reflect a conflict in your life or that you are struggling with a project in your waking life. If you dream of an arena with crowds waiting for the game to start, it could mean that there is something you need to bring out into the open. Perhaps it is controversial and you are worried about how others will react. If the crowd is cheering, it is a good omen. If they are shouting foul, you are right to be apprehensive and you might need to have second thoughts about something. 

The numbers on players’ shirts may also have significance. For example, the number one often means new beginnings. It can also suggest that you are a unique person and you shouldn’t listen when people criticize you. The number one can mean that you are independent and self-reliant. Yes, you like other people, but you can make it on your own.

The number four symbolizes strength. Perhaps things have gone wrong lately, but you are strong enough to overcome these problems. Alternatively, it can mean that you have a solid foundation to build upon, be that in your career or in your personal life. Four is also a sign of practicality and responsibility. 

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