Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With B — Part 5



Dreaming of brewing something indicates that all the effort and work you’ve put in lately will pay off.

It may take no time at all, or it may take a very long time, but don’t let any obstacles eat away at your motivation. You’ve got this. You’ll be able to enjoy a period of rest and relaxation after you are finished.


Dreaming of being bribed indicates that you are easily persuaded. 

This dream can suggest that other people are shaping your opinions or your choices more than is healthy. It may be time to stand alone.

Dreaming of bribing someone implies that your expectations of other people are too high. You may be expecting them to do what you would do – whatever that means to you – and you’ll be disappointed when they choose something you wouldn’t have.

Specifically, if you dream of bribing a policeman or a judge, you feel that society’s rules do not apply to you. You feel you are above repercussions or consequences. You feel untouchable. 


Dreaming of a brick symbolizes what makes you an individual, and your important contributions – whatever that might be. Or, hardship, misfortune, and experience has hardened you, and you may no longer connect with people the way you used to.

Dreaming of building a brick wall implies that you’re putting your guard up, so you won’t get hurt. You’re cutting yourself off from other people. 

A brick wall can also signify that while you have a harsh exterior that you project to other people, secretly you have a much softer inside. You don’t show many people this because you’ve been burned before. 


Dreaming of a bride symbolizes a union which involves a lot of commitment. If you see or dream that you are a bride fleeing from her wedding, this mirrors how you’re not ready for something which is life-changing, but it’s here anyway. 

Dreaming of the bride being shot at her wedding indicates that part of you which is kind, trusting, empathetic, or naive has met a quick end due to an event in waking life, or someone else’s actions. It will take time for you to gather these aspects of yourself again.

If you are single in waking life, and you dream of being a bride, it can reflect desires of commitment, stability, and a loving relationship. 


A bridegroom appearing in your dream indicates that you are seeking a lifelong partner. You long for a meaningful and committed relationship with someone. 

This may not even be in romantic terms, but you want someone you can wholly trust and a profound connection with them. 


Dreaming of being a bridesmaid suggests that you will soon find romance. Or, you feel as though your turn for a “happily ever after” will never come, depending on how you felt during this dream.


Dreaming of crossing a bridge suggests that you will soon be faced with a crossroads in your life. A decision will affect your life positively, bringing a load of good fortune with it. This will open up a brand-new chapter in your life.

Was the bridge in your dream over water? This suggests that your journey will be an emotional one, which could be good or bad. 

Consider the state of the water. Was it choppy, or calm? This can indicate your feelings toward your journey, or how well you will handle it.

If you dream of falling from the bridge, and into the water, your emotions are holding you back. Or, you’re basing all your decisions off your emotions, and either approach may not end well. 

The bridge in your dream (see also Bridge Dream Symbolism) can suggest you are trying to meet two impossible things. Perhaps there are two opposing commitments which both need attention. Or you’re trying to make opposites attract.

Dreaming of a dilapidated bridge implies that now is not the time to make any huge decisions or try to transform your life. There will be time for that later.

Dreaming of a bridge collapsing suggests that you have either let a perfect opportunity go to waste, or you or someone else has let what could have been a lifelong connection fall apart. 


Dreaming of being bridled implies that you know you haven’t been as self-disciplined as you could have been. You know you need to show some control, either spiritually, mentally, or physically in the near future. 

If you dream of a horse wearing a bridle (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of Horses?), this can indicate that someone is manipulating you in waking life, somewhere. Your actions and thoughts are not wholly your own.


Dreaming of a briefcase points to how prepared you are for an upcoming situation that will steal all of your attention. 

If it feels a normal weight, you will handle it well. If it was nearly impossible to carry, you’ll struggle with it at first. 

This dream can also refer to your worries about travel and work.


Dreaming of something being bright points to your spirituality, a higher awareness, or divinity. It can indicate that you need to show your respect or appreciation to something or someone.

This dream can point to someone who is incredibly knowledgeable, or it can be a possible future where you’ll enjoy a lot of possibility and positivity.

If you dream that the brightness is blinding, it indicates that you’re not paying enough attention. There is some new insight that you could do with noticing. There’s something to be learned.


Dreaming of brimstone suggests that loss, destruction, or suffering is in your present. You feel as though you are being punished. 

Or, if you didn’t feel negatively or bitter during this dream, your subconscious is telling you to use both your instincts and your logic in waking life in a particular situation. This circumstance will require both.


Dreaming of being in a broadcast indicates that you feel you’ve gone unnoticed or unheard for too long. You need other people to take notice of what you have to say.

If you dream of an emergency broadcast appearing on a TV or over a radio, this is part of you reaching out for some reassurance. You feel downtrodden or hopeless.


Dreaming of broccoli suggests that your spiritual self needs some nourishment. Perhaps things have been too stagnant lately, and you need to enrich your spiritual side.

Alternatively, broccoli in your dream suggests that you need to eat better. There’s a vital vitamin or nutrient you are lacking.


Dreaming of a brochure symbolizes how you are willing to listen to views who oppose you, or from those you don’t actually like. You believe that everyone has something useful to say.


Dreaming of bronchitis can point to a future illness if you don’t take care of yourself. It can also suggest there will be a series of obstacles one after another in your future. 

You need to push through them, but it would be wise to seek help for it, otherwise you risk burning yourself out by doing it on your own.


Dreaming of bronze indicates that you’ve been careless in some aspect of your life, or in a relationship that you need to keep. Or, you need to take good care of your health. Something in waking life needs your attention.


Dreaming of a brooch symbolizes part of yourself that you need to express. There is something that you need to say. Consider the design of the brooch to further inform your dream’s meaning.

If the design of the brooch was particularly elaborate or beautiful, whatever you need to tell people will be well-received, or it will change their opinion of you. 


Dreaming of a broom suggests it’s time to tackle anything that you’ve been putting off, which also includes any unresolved issues in your past. It’s time to let go of anything that’s no longer serving you.

Brooms in dreams also stand for domestic life, where you feel the need to settle down, or, the association with witches, which links to an unexplored feminine side of your personality, or an unknown aspect of yourself. 


Dreaming of being in a brothel indicates that you are deprived of an emotional or physical relationship, and it’s starting to take its toll. You need to address this.


Dreaming of your brother represents your relationship with him. It can also suggest that someone else in waking life has reminded you of him, as they share a similarity.

Dreaming of having a brother when you don’t have one in waking life indicates that there are parts of yourself that you haven’t yet acknowledged. It can also embody part of your identity which is protective of others.

A brother in your dream may also refer to someone who you share a close bond with. The bond of a brother can also have religious connotations, and represents any spiritual problems you may have.

A brother can also indicate that you are having problems with authority, control, or power, in terms of Big Brother.

Dreaming of being furious at your brother indicates you are holding onto a lot of repressed anger. You are either unaware of it in waking life, or you are afraid to be honest about it. Either way, it needs to be let out.


Dreaming of your brother-in-law embodies the characteristics he has, which you share. Think about your relationship with him in waking life. If you dream of fighting or arguing with him, you are trying to reject your similarities.

Dreaming of your brother-in-law being injured, specifically being unable to use his hands, indicates that you find his behavior or attitude very unhelpful or even grating. 

You may currently require his help or his insight, or perhaps he’s the source of a problem which could have been avoided. 

If you dream of your brother-in-law wearing a suit, this can point to underestimating him in some aspect. 


Dreaming of brownies points to self-indulgence or rewarding yourself. You feel that you’ve handled something well, and you should treat yourself.

Dreaming of baking brownies symbolizes your caring nature, and you often consider other people’s needs before your own.

Bruce Lee

Dreaming of Bruce Lee symbolizes that there is something incredibly negative in your life right now, and you need to defend yourself, and get it out of your life. Someone is conspiring against you.

Or, dreaming about Bruce Lee serves as an inspiration. This dream can suggest you need to bend the rules or subvert people’s expectations in order to thrive. Grow past their expectations, and don’t just assume they are correct.


Dreaming of having a bruise symbolizes the stress that you are under, which is only continuing to get worse in waking life. It can also point to old issues being dredged up from the past, specifically ones to do with your family or yourself.

This dream could also be your subconscious telling you that you need to accept the ramifications that come with your decisions. Try to remember where you were bruised in order to help inform the meaning. 


Dreaming of being a brunette or seeing one indicates that you need to reconnect yourself, and become well-grounded. You’ve been somewhat disconnected recently. It can also be a nod to your sexual nature.


Dreaming of a brush represents something in life that needs to be tidied, or your own desire to sweep away any problems you have. You may be underestimating certain situations, or you see the scope of them and become overwhelmed.

If you dream of not being able to find your brush, this points to an inability to solve something, or your belief in yourself being lower than it should be. If you’re not careful, this will limit you in the future. Something you’ll be perfectly capable of won’t come to pass because you’ll think it’s impossible.

Dreaming of brushing your hair (see also Hair Dream Symbolism And Meaning) can indicate that you need to sift through your thoughts. They have spiraled out of control, and you need to get them in order. Or, you need to make sense of a situation which has caused you a lot of confusion. 

If you dream of seeing yourself brush your hair, this can indicate that you are too caught up in how you look in everyday life, rather than experiencing life as it comes. You are caught up in superficial aspirations rather than long term, meaningful goals.

Dreaming of brushing your teeth represents feelings of vulnerability or needing to protect yourself from criticism. It can also suggest you are too worried about what other people think of you. You may associate your self-esteem with other people’s ideas of your ability.

Dreaming of not wanting to brush your teeth suggests that you often speak without thinking, and this could get you into trouble, if it hasn’t already. You need to be more wary of how your words and actions can be interpreted.


Dreaming of being brutalized indicates that you need to push past your fears, otherwise you risk making no progress. This dream can also embody passion which is instinctual or animalistic. 

Brutality within your dream can also be your subconscious acting out violence, and seeing how you would react in life. It’s your subconscious’s way of preparing you for anything.  


Dreaming of bubbles stands for your childhood, fun, and joy. It can also represent unrealistic goals or unachievable hopes. It may also point to something not turning out the way you would hope.

Bubble Bath

Dreaming of taking a bubble bath, or seeing someone take a bubble bath points to either a future situation of complete relaxation, or the need for one. 

Either you have completely removed all of your worries and negativity that has built up, or you will shortly. 

Bubble Wrap

Dreaming of bubble wrap implies that there is a situation that needs a very delicate touch. Or, you’re trying to spare yourself from emotional pain.

Dreaming of popping bubble wrap symbolizes your joy at how life is turning out right now. You don’t let any negativity weigh you down, and you’re focused on the good things in life.


Dreaming of chewing bubblegum suggests you’ve been acting too carefree lately, and ignoring things that need your attention.


Dreaming of a male deer or a buck points to power, asserting yourself, a heightened sense of awareness and being well-grounded and full of life.

If you dream of two bucks fighting, there is an element of aggression in your life or how you handle things. You are either attempting to take control of an area of your life that’s gotten out of hand, or there is conflict within you.


Dreaming of seeing or carrying a bucket suggests that something about your current life will improve in the near future. If the bucket is full, wealth, love, and plenty are in your very near future. 

If the bucket is empty, this indicates you’ll handle a tough situation exceedingly well. It will give you more confidence in your ability in the future.


Dreaming of fastening a buckle can suggest you’re finally accepting a responsibility that you’ve been struggling with. It can also refer to how you’re ‘buckling’ under intense stress, or how you are resolved to ‘buckle down’ and fix a situation. 

In particular, an expensive buckle symbolizes status. Perhaps you’ll gain respect from an unexpected person, which could open up opportunities.  


A flower bud appearing in your dream points to a lot of potential in your future, possibly encompassing a lot of new relationships which will be meaningful, or new memories which you will cherish.

It can indicate that a project you’ve been working on for the long term is finally gaining some headway.

This dream can also point to someone you consider to be your ‘buddy’.


Dreaming of Buddha signifies wisdom, a higher sense of spirituality, and a new insight or perspective. This dream can suggest that the tranquility you seek needs to come from within, instead of without.

It can suggest that you need to tend to your spiritual side, or carry on along a spiritual path.


Dreaming of making a budget directly refers to your financial situation and how you should take another look at it. 

Or, you’re worried about achieving a balance in an area of your life, and while you’re attempting to make the best one possible, you can’t account for the unexpected.


Dreaming of a buffalo represents power, strength, and the ability to adapt and survive. If you felt nervous during this dream, you are straying from the path you need to take in life. 

A buffalo in your dream can also refer to your ancestors. If you see a white buffalo, any long-term goals you’ve been daydreaming about will be more achievable than you originally thought.

If you see an injured or a dead buffalo, this is a warning dream. It may be wise to rethink any decisions, ventures, or projects you currently have on the go. They won’t turn out the way you hope.

A herd of buffalo appearing in your dream points to a wealth of some kind in your future, as well as a sense of belonging which you long for.


Eating too much at a buffet in your dream indicates that you are too swept up in a relationship. There’s a lot of emotion tying you to it, but this may not be a good thing. You need to find a new balance.


Dreaming of a bug indicates that you are concerned. It directly represents your fear, which has bled through from either your waking life or your subconscious. 

If you didn’t feel anxious at the sight of this bug, the insect symbolizes how a hobby or interest has transformed your life completely. You’ve been ‘bitten by the bug’.

Dreaming of endless bugs indicates that confusion or uncertainty is eating away at your resolve or your own idea of your ability. If you dream of bugs coming from a part of your body, this can reference self-image or self-esteem issues.


Dreaming of a bugle is a warning sign. Something is coming to an end, but that might mean a new beginning, too. 

If you hold a bugle in your hands in this dream, you have noticed something important, or you’ve realized something, and you need to tell others.

If you hear a bugle within your dream, it stands for remembrance, grief, or a solemn occasion.

Bugs Bunny

Dreaming of Bugs Bunny symbolizes your wit and your ability to act quickly. You will handle any unforeseen problems with ease. 


A building appearing in your dream represents your body, and your sense of self. Consider the floor you were standing in – a higher floor represents a heightened awareness or success in the future. A lower floor points to sexuality or instincts.

Dreaming of a ruined building indicates that you are trying to approach a problem from the wrong angle. A blunder has knocked your self-confidence. 

If you dream of a building collapsing, this suggests that your motivation is crumbling, and the long-term goals you were working towards no longer seem that important. You may have gained a new perspective which has changed your aspirations.

Dreaming of falling off a building or watching someone else fall represents your journey into your subconscious in this dream. You are exploring the previously unknown aspects of yourself. 

Alternatively, you are afraid that you won’t succeed in waking life in an important journey.

Dreaming of climbing a building suggests that you haven’t considered the scale of your long-term goal, and the time and effort it may take to reach it.


Dreaming of a plant bulb is a nod to your potential, encompassing your physical, intellectual, and spiritual capability. It can also refer to your growth through life, of a relationship, an ongoing project, or a situation you find yourself in.

A bulb in your dream also refers to your family heritage and traditions.


Dreaming of suffering from bulimia symbolizes your need for perfection, constantly comparing yourself to others, and how you lack self-esteem and self-acceptance. 

You need to learn to stop punishing yourself, and learn to love yourself instead.


Dreaming of a bull represents power, your strong will, a stubborn nature, or strength. This dream can be a call to stand up for yourself or to take control of a situation.

Or, the bull suggests that you have a life full of wealth ahead of you, where you’ll enjoy it to its fullest, with plenty of love and life running through it. 

If you felt stressed during this dream or felt the need to try to control it, this indicates that you are too ‘bull-headed’. You cannot control everything, and in this case, this dream is telling you to give way to someone. 

Bulls in dreams can also embody repressed urges, and sexuality. A completely wild bull in your dream suggests that your impulses are out of control. 

Bulls can also represent someone born under the sign of the Taurus.

Dreaming of bathing in a bull’s blood points to your desire for immortality and eternal life. You want your youth to last forever.

Dreaming of being chased by a black bull indicates that you have no idea how deep your stubbornness runs, and you need to be aware of it.

Bull’s Eye

A bull’s eye in your dream mirrors your goal of perfection. It can also be a sign of achievement in the future.


A bulldog in your dream can represent someone who has acted as a protective barrier throughout your life. It can also embody some other form of protection which has allowed you to move forward in life without much difficulty. 


Dreaming of a bulldozer indicates that you feel something has pushed you away from trying to achieve your goals, and while that may be no one’s fault, you are reeling and feel helpless. 

Alternatively, it represents a subconscious desire to be free of anything tying you down. 

Bulletin Board

A bulletin board appearing in your dream indicates that your subconscious has picked up on something that you need to know. Or, the bulletin board can represent what you’ve gained or the goals you’ve reached through your life.


Dreaming of bullets is a warning. Bullets tend to represent aggression, bad intentions, or anger which is directed at you or someone you love. 

This dream is calling your attention to how easily your behavior could be taken the wrong way.

Bulletproof Vest

Dreaming of wearing a bulletproof vest suggests that you are intentionally distancing yourself from people in order to avoid being hurt, like you have been in the past.


Dreaming of watching a bullfight represents the constant war between your instinctual impulses and your more spiritual side. 

Dreaming of two bulls fighting points to how you feel off-kilter. You don’t have a good balance within your life.


Dreaming of being a bully can represent your suspicions of your behavior lately. You’ve not necessarily been a bully, but you are trying to control a relationship, a conversation, or a situation.

You may be blind to your weaknesses, or you have trouble admitting you need help.

Dreaming of seeing a bully, or being bothered by a bully points to a fury which you’ve buried, but not resolved. It can also point to an aspect of yourself that you have rejected.


Dreaming of being a bum points to feeling like an outsider, or that you haven’t achieved anything. Part of your life feels out of place, or out of your hands.

Dreaming of seeing a bum indicates that you are being too passive. You need to take control.


A bumblebee in your dream can be a sign of prosperity if there is more than one. If it’s only the one bee, this points to misfortune or problems in the future.


Dreaming of your bumper being damaged represents the blips in any plan, or the ‘bumps’ in the road that you’ll encounter through life.

Bumper Car

A bumper car in your dream represents your inner strength and adaptability. You always come through troubling situations without too many scrapes. 

If you feel stressed during this dream, your subconscious is telling you that you feel you’re going nowhere in life.

Bumper Sticker

Dreaming of a bumper sticker suggests there is something you want to broadcast. It may be something you are not consciously aware of. Consider the design and the message on the sticker for more.

Bungee Jumping

Dreaming of bungee jumping indicates that your resilience is greater than you know. You’ve always come back from setbacks. It can also point to the importance of having a ‘safety rope’ to fall back on, just in case.

Bunk Beds

Dreaming of bunk beds symbolizes childhood, innocence, and naivety. Or, bunk beds within your dream represent a conflicting sexuality. You either don’t know what you want, or you have trouble accepting it.


Dreaming of being inside a bunker represents a denial to come to terms with anger. You keep it stoked instead of letting it die out naturally, which would allow you to focus on the positive things in life. 

You are worried about being vulnerable in a social situation, and would prefer to remain disconnected from others rather than risk getting hurt.


A bunny appearing in your dreams can either be a symbol of the Easter holiday and spring, or the innocence and joy of when you were a child.

If you dream of a bunny fleeing from you, this either refers to your attention span and motivation, where you are drawn to novelty and new beginnings, or your fear of commitment.

Bunsen Burner

Dreaming of using a Bunsen burner indicates that you need to spend your time on more worthwhile things than you have been doing, or you need to be more vocal. 

A Bunsen burner in your dream can also symbolize a brand-new perspective which you’ll gain shortly, or you have started to use it. Either way, it will serve you in the near future. 


Dreaming of a buoy represents your adaptability in the face of adversity, specifically in an emotionally charged situation. It can indicate a period of tranquility soon. 

A buoy appearing in your dream can otherwise suggest that some long-buried things lurking in your subconscious have surfaced within this dream. It may be time to confront them.


Dreaming of dealing with bureaucracy indicates that a relationship has gotten stale, or your behavior mechanical. Something has pushed you into autopilot, and you need some serendipity in your life.


Dreaming of a burglar suggests that your energy or vitality is being drained somehow. While you want to deny someone something, your anxiety or fear of being judged is stopping you.


Dreaming of being burgled reflects your privacy or sense of security has been destroyed in some way. This could be in a relationship, an emotional situation, or something you always thought would be there. 

This dream suggests that you need to give yourself permission to use some time to adapt. You may have to take things a bit slower in order to do so.

This dream is also a common occurrence of people suffering with post-traumatic stress.

Burj Khalifa

Dreaming of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, reflects your desire to attain the highest amount of success possible for you. You never just make do with what you have, you always strive to make the most out of everything.

The Burj Khalifa appearing in your dream can also represent a spiritual journey which you’ll undertake soon. 


Dreaming of a burial suggests that you’ve put something negative ‘to rest’. This may have been a bad habit, or a source of negativity, or a previously unresolved issue. You have let go of what’s been plaguing you, and you’re free to move on.

Dreaming of burying a living person symbolizes a horrible situation which involves a lot of negative emotion. This dream can also mean that your worries are burying you.

Dreaming of being buried alive indicates that you feel powerless in an aspect of your waking life. Something has gotten the better of you.


Dreaming of burlap implies a rough or coarse exterior, where you don’t shy away from being honest with people. People know where they stand with you.


Dreaming of something burning indicates that powerful feelings are clouding your judgment somewhere. Or, there is a situation that you’ve been putting off, and you can no longer do it.

This dream may be telling you to take a step back, and carve out some time for yourself. It can point to burn out.

Dreaming of someone being burned alive warns that your ambition or goals could cloud your judgment and awareness. You may become blind to everything else.


Dreaming of burping can be a sign of going through a period of transformation. Your perspective is shifting as you gain more experience.

Hearing a burp in your dream points to a huge step forward when it comes to tackling your unresolved issues. Everything will be a little easier.


Dreaming of wearing a burqa points to feelings of sexual repression. You feel constricted, and unable to express yourself.

Dreaming of someone else wearing a burqa implies that you are being kept away from a revelation. Someone is concealing something important from you.


A burr appearing in your dream points to something you’re choosing to ignore, though it’s still managing to irritate you.

Dreaming of an animal being covered in burrs represents someone in your life that is reluctant to show their more vulnerable side.


Dreaming of a burrito points to how quickly and effectively you deal with something.


Dreaming of something bursting mirrors how much stress you are under. You are ready to explode.


Dreaming of burying something implies that you’re hiding your true emotions from someone. It can also indicate you are hiding a behavior or a decision you’ve made.

If you bury a body in your dream, you are trying to reject part of you that you find unattractive or even sickening.

Dreaming of burying a living person points to a tremendous amount of pressure in waking life, and how overwhelmed you feel.

Dreaming of being buried alive indicates that you feel cornered, helpless, or undermined. You feel you cannot breathe.

Dreaming of burying the bones of someone who is living in waking life implies that this person knows your secrets, and you hope they never come to the surface.


Dreaming of waiting for a bus points to a blip in your progress, which will delay you for now, but won’t harm your path to a goal. If you miss the bus in your dream, a part of your life is spinning away from your control.

If you take the wrong bus, this reflects your fears of choosing the wrong path. You may be torn between doing what other people want, and what you want for yourself.

Dreaming of being on a bus indicates that you are following the people ahead of you. You are afraid to strike out on your own.

A bus passing you implies that you are either going against a popular decision, or you feel isolated or cut off from others.

Dreaming of driving a bus suggests that other people look to you for advice. Driving a stolen bus suggests that you are desperate to meet your goals in any way you can.

Dreaming of being involved in a bus accident indicates that you’ve been relying on your support system too much. It’s time to strike out on your own and go on your own adventure. 

If you dream of a bus driving into a building, it suggests that your opinions or beliefs clash with the majority.

Paying a bus fare in your dream indicates that while you please other people, this will come at a price, as you’re putting their wants and needs before your own. 

Seeing a bus drive into water in your dream implies there is an emotionally charged situation in your future, not just involving yourself, but others, too.

Bus Driver

A bus driver appearing in your dream symbolizes someone who has a great deal of leadership in a collaborative project or plan, and also embodies a power held by a group. 

If you felt nervous when you saw the bus driver, this implies that you aren’t getting anywhere with your goals. You are treading water.

Dreaming of being a bus driver signifies that you are pushing forward with your goals, but you are nevertheless pushing too hard. You need to learn to be patient. 

If you dream of being a school bus driver, this suggests that you’ll move forward in life through learning and gaining wisdom.

Bus Station

Dreaming of being at a bus station refers to starting a new chapter in your life, whether that’s spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

Dreaming of needing to get to the bus station and failing to do so reflects feelings of helplessness. Something is preventing you from moving forward. It can also point to feeling disconnected from part of your life.

Bus Stop

Dreaming of being at a bus stop mirrors a pivotal moment in your life. You have a choice you need to make. 


Dreaming of a bush points to ‘feminine’ emotions, goals, and desires.

If you are hiding behind a bush in your dream, this suggests you are seeking shelter from something in waking life, or you’re not being honest with yourself or someone else.

A flowering bush in your dream stands for becoming a better version of yourself.


Dreaming of a business deal mirrors problems or obstacles you are trying to negotiate in waking life. Try to remember how the deal went, and your behavior. 

Alternatively, a business deal dream signifies the parts of yourself you need to negotiate with in order to get things done. You may have to bargain with yourself to push through a tricky situation which you don’t want to face.

This dream can also refer to how packed your life is, and how you’re trying to maintain a balance between everything. It can also suggest that you need to put ‘business’ before the things that you want to do.

Business Card

Dreaming of handing out business cards suggests that you need to meet more people and make some more meaningful connections, in addition to those you have already. It will come in handy in the future.

Business Trip

Dreaming of being on a business trip suggests that you find it hard to turn off. It takes you a long time to relax.


Seeing a businessperson or being one in your dream refers to the logical and organized version of you.


Dreaming of a butcher refers to your emotions in their rawest form, and your impulses. It can suggest that you’re handling something badly, by ‘butchering’ it. 

Dreaming of being a butcher points to repressed anger or built-up fury.


A butler appearing in your dream suggests that you aren’t being independent enough. Or, it can point to your ambition and desire for wealth and comfort.

Dreaming of being a butler suggests that you are being submissive, or that you enjoy the structure that someone else sets out for you.


Dreaming of butter suggests that you long for gratification, satisfaction, or indulgence. You cannot remember the last time you felt that way. Alternatively, this dream implies that you need to ‘butter’ up someone, or be nice to them in order to make a situation go smoothly.

Dreaming of churning butter points to a hard slog ahead, where you’ll need to put in a lot of work in order to succeed.

Dreaming of melting butter suggests that you’ve been too coarse or brash lately. You need to ‘soften up’.

Butter Knife

A butter knife appearing in your dream suggests a time of ease or tranquility, like a knife gliding through butter.

Dreaming of using a butter knife indicates that you don’t have the right tool to tackle a situation. You are blind to something important.


Buttercups appearing in your dream point to your childhood and your past. You long to return to a simpler time when things seemed easier and brighter. Or, buttercups can embody feelings of humility, or being well-grounded.


Dreaming of a butterfly embodies romance, creativity, happiness, and spirituality. You are either going through a transitional phase or you have adopted a way of thinking that will serve you better.

If you felt nervous in this dream, you lack focus, and you need something to ground you. 

The butterfly itself can represent someone in your life who is outgoing and thrives off socializing with others, or how you would like to be.

Two butterflies in your dream represents a lifelong romance. More than two symbolizes inspiration, freedom, and social acceptance.

Catching or killing a butterfly in your dream suggests you are being too shallow, careless, or even cruel in waking life. Or, this can point to a possessive nature.

A dead butterfly in your dream points to long-held dreams you have given up on.

Dreaming of pinning a butterfly to a board suggests you are sexually repressed in some way.


Dreaming of buttocks points to your impulses and gut instincts. It can also point to insecurity, or how you’re struggling to push through a situation in waking life.

Dreaming of misshapen buttocks indicates that part of your psyche is wounded or has never had a chance to develop.

Dreaming of someone smelling or kissing your buttocks mirrors how someone in your waking life isn’t being honest or true. They have concealed their true intentions.


Dreaming of a button points to security or wealth. If you felt nervous or confronted when you saw this button, it suggests that you are too reticent, controlled, or ‘buttoned up’. You need to enjoy yourself.

Dreaming of unbuttoning your clothes refers to how you’re letting someone see your vulnerable side. 

Losing a button in your dream suggests that your confidence or ability has taken a blow.


Dreaming of buying something suggests you’ve finally accepted an idea or how a situation is going. Try to remember what you were buying in order to discover the meaning. 

Or, buying something in your dream can point to trying to fill a void in your life within something that won’t entirely work. 

Buying a car within your dream points to a life-changing decision or level of commitment you’ve decided upon.


Hearing a buzzer within your dream suggests that you are second-guessing your decisions, due to relationship problems or a tricky situation. You regret your actions or feel you made the wrong choice.

Or, there is something in this dream that requires your attention. It could help you in waking life.


Dreaming of a buzzard can indicate decay or death in the future, or an ‘ugly’ part of your personality that is ruthless.


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