Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With C – Part 5


Dreaming of a corset points to control, reticence, or restriction. You feel you cannot express yourself, or you are putting other people’s needs before your own, and it’s costing you.

You need to learn to balance your emotional needs with attempting to help or please others.


Dreaming of something costing something is symbolic of your self-worth, and how capable you think you are. If the cost was expensive, this suggests a high level of self-esteem. 

If the cost is low, you aren’t measuring yourself by your true worth, or you’re not appreciating someone else.

This dream can also indicate that you’re weighing up your options in regard to something in waking life. You’re trying to come to a decision from a logical standpoint.


Dreaming of wearing or putting on a costume reflects how you don’t want to show your true nature to the world. You are putting on a performance.

Costume Party

Dreaming of being at a costume party indicates that you want a relief from your responsibilities. You want to enjoy each moment as it comes, and not be caught up in your worries.


Dreaming of a cottage symbolizes tranquility, simple pleasures, and respite. You enjoy the little things. 

A cottage can embody a refuge from waking life’s problems, specifically trouble in your home life, whether that’s specifically your relationships, or your home itself.

A dream which acts as a refuge from waking life can suggest that you need to break your problems down into much more manageable chunks.  


Dreaming of picking cotton points to how you’re starting to see the difference that your hard work is making. It can also indicate that you’ve started to achieve a good balance in your life.

Dreaming of wearing cotton points to simple pleasures. It can also symbolize a desire to have a simpler life. 

Cotton Ball

Dreaming of a cotton ball indicates that you need to focus all of your attention on an ongoing problem or project. 

A cotton ball can also point to sweetness, tenderness, or something which requires molding. It can suggest that something in your life needs your attention, or it needs a softer approach. 

Cotton Candy

Dreaming of cotton candy points to the joys of childhood, or sweet rewards in your future. Things are going well, and you’re enjoying each moment as it comes.


Dreaming of being on a couch signifies a desire to relax, a period of rest in your future, or entropy, depending on how you felt during this dream. 

It can indicate that your mind is clouded by worries, and you can’t see what you should. If someone else is on the couch with you, this points to your relationship with them. It may need attention.


Dreaming of a cougar signifies grace, intuition, raw power, and your initial emotional reactions. 

In dreams, a cougar usually symbolizes a female figure in your life, your first emotional reaction to something, or danger is around the corner.

Cough Drops

Dreaming of cough drops suggests that you won’t bring up an unresolved problem which has been troubling you for some time, but you’ll be persuaded soon. Something will convince you.


Dreaming of coughing indicates your ideas of the future aren’t going how you planned. Someone may be distracting you from achieving your goals.

Or, a dream of coughing signifies that you’ve made a wrong choice, which is having a knock-on effect on the rest of your life.

If you dream of coughing blood, this indicates that you’re wasting both your time and valuable energy on something that won’t help you. 

This may be something that’s hindering your productivity, or it might be a project that won’t turn out well. 


Dreaming of being a counselor reflects how you are searching for reassurance, validation, or a new purpose in life. Try to remember what you are advising someone on.

Or, if you see a counselor in your dream, this points to something you haven’t considered, something which you need to take a closer look at.


Dreaming of standing in front of a counter indicates that you’re looking for an outside perspective on an ongoing problem or situation in waking life. 

You suspect you may be biased, or too close to a situation to see it as it is.

The purpose of the counter can also provide further information. It can indicate that you’re desperately wanting something, which this counter represents. 


Dreaming of counterfeit money points to low levels of self-confidence or feeling powerless in a situation, or someone who is not recognizing your capabilities.

Counterfeit money can point to denial, where you are trying to be something that doesn’t suit you, or adopt a lifestyle beyond your current means.


Dreaming of counting suggests that you feel the need to be in control of everything possible. You need to learn to let go. It can indicate that your principles are getting in the way of something important.

Or, a dream of counting reflects how you’re the one people go to with their problems. They ‘count’ on you. 


Dreaming of moving to another country signifies impending change, or a new chapter in your life. Consider how you feel in these new surroundings.

If you react negatively, you either fight change the minute you feel it, or you’re not ready to move on.

If you feel positive about this new country, you’re ready to move on and ahead in your personal journey.

Dreaming of your home country points to your roots, your past, or unresolved emotions. Something is reminding you of the past. It can also point to nostalgia, and the security you find in your family life.

Country Club

Dreaming of being at a country club points to how you feel part of society, and the wealth in the sense of belonging you get from being with others. People respect you.


Dreaming of the countryside signifies that you want things to be much simpler than they are. You feel there are too many things demanding your attention.

This dream also suggests that you are searching for room to breathe or space to express yourself.


Dreaming of a couple points to your parents, commitment, or a romantic connection with someone. The behavior and actions of the couple can also inform the dream’s meaning. 


Dreaming of having great courage suggests that you’re about to gain a whole new perspective on something. It may come about through confronting old issues or problems. 

This dream may also point to needing to muster up your courage for what’s ahead. It could decide the difference between a good outcome, and a bad one.


Dreaming of coupons indicates that you need to save your energy right now. There’s something larger ahead. Or, you are starting to feel drained, and you need to take things at a slower pace. 

If you feel satisfied during this dream, you’re making the most out of every opportunity you can.


Dreaming of being in court reflects waking life, where you’re struggling with a period of uncertainty and anxiety. 

You feel as though everyone is judging you, or you feel guilty or responsible for something.


A courthouse in your dream reflects feelings of being scrutinized or judged. 


Dreaming of your cousin symbolizes a trait that you both share, but this dream is calling your attention to your own character. You may need to work on this particular trait.

If you dream of your cousin ignoring you or reacting negatively to you, you’re ignoring this trait, habit, or talent you possess. 

Dreaming of you or someone else falling in love with a cousin signifies your acknowledgment or acceptance of your cousin or yourself. 


Dreaming of covering something mirrors how you’re trying to pretend part of you doesn’t exist. The object you are covering in this dream will also give you some clues as to what this might be.


* See Animal Dream Symbols


Dreaming of someone being a coward indicates that you’re not being honest with yourself about where you are in life, or who you are. 

Instead of allowing yourself the room to grow, you feel safer in the way things are right now. You don’t want to try anything new.


Dreaming of being a cowboy symbolizes direction, purpose, a great resilience, or your masculine side. 

You have a great handle on your emotions, and you’re getting things done without wasting energy on things that don’t matter.


Dreaming of your coworkers represents your connection with them, and any issues or advantages you have in maintaining the relationship with them. 

If you dream of coworkers which aren’t your real colleagues, they may be a representation of facets of your personality that you need to use or work on in a waking life situation.

Dreams involving work usually indicate a prolonged situation at work which is proving difficult to resolve.

Dreaming of being replaced at work with no warning, or training a replacement, indicates that you’re shedding old habits or ideals. You’re bettering yourself.

Cowrie Shells

Dreaming of cowrie shells represents a carefree period in your life, or a relaxed approach to life and everything it may have to offer. Or, a cowrie shell can represent fertility or parenthood.

Cowrie shells are also a metaphor for the value you place on the things in your life.


Dreaming of seeing a coyote indicates someone isn’t telling you the truth, or you’re not being fully honest with someone, and this could even be yourself. 

A coyote appearing in your dream can also suggest a lapse in judgment or in willpower.

Dreaming of a band of coyotes attacking you implies that you’re struggling to balance your responsibilities with your impulses.


Dreaming of doing CPR suggests that you’ve finally managed to let go of some stress or worry which has been plaguing you. 

Or, a dream involving CPR points to your wisdom, and how you think outside of the box.

Dreaming of someone doing CPR on you mirrors how you feel completely drained as a result of a waking life situation. You’re doing your best, and you can feel yourself flagging.


* See Animal Dream Symbols


Dreaming of something cracking, or seeing a crack in something, is your subconscious drawing your attention to the impossibility of perfection. 

You may be holding yourself or someone else to a standard which is far too high, or an ideal which is unrealistic. 

This dream can also be a reflection of how you feel the pressure in waking life. Something is draining you of energy.


Dreaming of crackers points to your habits of trying to care for others before making sure to take care of yourself. 

You’re not taking your own needs seriously enough, or you’re making sure other people are okay at the expense of your own health. If you don’t take enough care, you won’t be able to help others.

A dream involving crackers can be symbolic of someone you feel isn’t being entirely honest with you, and you feel you need to ‘crack her’.


Dreaming of a cradle points to a relationship which has become dependent. You, or the other person in this relationship, is dependent on it, and you need to regain a sense of balance. 

A cradle can also suggest a new start is on the horizon, or a long-term project which will rearrange several aspects of your life. 


Dreaming of crafting something represents your wealth of capabilities, as well as your positive attitude. It can also be a nod to your creativity and well of ideas.

Or, a dream of crafting something can point to being underhanded, or manipulating other people to turn a situation in your favor.


Dreaming of having cramp suggests that you need to take some time out, and look again at the decisions you’ve made or are planning to make. 

The location of the cramp can give you some clues as to what’s gone wrong, or what’s going awry.

A cramp can also indicate that you are spending far too much time working, and there isn’t enough of a work-life balance. 


Dreaming of cranberries points to enjoying your health, and a long life. Or, cranberries symbolize the peace and comfort you find in other people.

Drinking cranberry juice in your dream suggests that you need to reduce the amount of things causing you stress. You need to be able to focus without putting off things.


A crane appearing in your dream refers to immortality, joy, or a charitable nature. It can also suggest that you need to pay attention to your home life or family right now. 

A crane also symbolizes a watchful nature, or a new opportunity coming your way soon.

Crank Call

Dreaming of making a crank call suggests you feel you’re being overlooked, ignored, or someone’s not considering your thoughts or feelings in a situation that directly affects you.

Dreaming of someone crank calling you reflects how you feel out of touch or isolated. You feel someone isn’t telling you the whole story.


Dreaming of a car crash indicates that no matter how hard you try, your ideals are too different from someone else to be able to find a middle ground. 

Dreams of crashing can be symbolic of something which has threatened your sense of security or your capability. 

* See Also Car Dream Symbols

Crash Test Dummy

Dreaming of a crash test dummy references your choices, and the choices of those around you, which have a ripple effect.


Dreaming of a crate symbolizes your hopes for the future, your capability, and where you want to be.


Dreaming of a crater references parts of yourself that live in your unconscious mind, including your memories. You’re slowly uncovering them, or unresolved issues. 

It also signifies you’re looking toward your past. Maybe a present situation in waking life has reminded you of a previous situation which shares some similarities. 


A crawfish appearing in your dream symbolizes your determination to get things done. It has served you well, and as long as you feed it, it will continue to drive you forward.

Crawl Space

A crawl space appearing in your dream represents your subconscious mind. If you are going through a crawl space in your dream, you’re protecting yourself. 

You want to discover those things which are hidden in your subconscious, but you’ll do so carefully.


Dreaming of crawling suggests that you’re making steady progress towards your goals. You’re not trying to get somewhere without planning for the potential outcomes first.

Or, a dream of crawling indicates that you’re not trying hard enough. Your standards have slipped.

Dreaming of crawling out from something dangerous – a wreck, a collapse, or something else – signifies your determination to succeed and push on.

Someone crawling towards you in your dream suggests you want to have power over someone. Consider who is crawling towards you for more clues.


Crayons appearing in your dream are symbolic of childhood, or a time when you didn’t have anything to worry about. Crayons also point to creative expression or potential. 

A dream of crayons can indicate you’ve been taking guidelines too seriously, or you’re looking at things from a very fixed perspective. You need some new insight.


Dreaming of going crazy reflects how you feel a loss of purpose, or you feel your goals are too impossible to achieve. 

You’re feeling the weight of your responsibilities or your to-do list, and neither are showing signs of letting up. 

Dreaming of being crazy also points to a loss of support, someone who was there for you no longer seems to have time for you, or you feel ignored. 

If you dream of a stranger acting crazy in your dream, this suggests that you haven’t fully processed something, or you’re refusing to acknowledge part of your life which needs your attention.


Eating cream in your dream signifies how you get great satisfaction out of the little things in life. Cream in a dream also symbolizes luxury and a nurturing nature.

Dreaming of face cream points to those aspects of yourself which you readily show other people, those parts which you edit in order to appear a certain way. 


A faceless creature appearing in your dream represents a problem or situation you’re vaguely aware of, but it’s something you’re unwilling to consciously face.

Unidentifiable creatures appearing in your dream points to anxiety bleeding into your dream from waking life. 

Your uncertainty in waking life is making an appearance in your dream, and this is your subconscious giving you somewhere to acknowledge your feelings.


Dreaming of receiving the credit for something refers to how you’re handling your responsibilities well instead of being cowed by them. 

It also symbolizes your pride, and relief at the recognition.

Credit Card

Credit cards in your dream link to how well your sense of self-confidence helps you in tackling new challenges, and also refers to your relationships and credibility. 

Seeing a sea of credit cards can reflect waking life debt or fear of owing money, or being in debt to someone.

Dreaming of owing money to a credit card company indicates that something in your waking life is out of balance. Or, you’re placing too much pressure on yourself or others. No one is a machine.

Dreaming of losing a credit card indicates that something is sapping your vitality, and you need to pull the plug on it, and regain your reserves of energy.

Dreaming of your card being declined suggests that you don’t feel deserving of the good things that happen to you. Or, it can be a warning dream, where you’ve been living a lifestyle you cannot afford right now.

Credit Score

Dreaming of your credit score refers to how well you relate to others, and if you feel ‘in step’ with them or not, if you feel like you’re making progress at a similar pace.

Credit score dreams can be a direct reflection of money worries. 

If you dream of a low credit score, this is a manifestation of some anxiety or worry plaguing your waking life. It also points to a need to develop your sense of self-worth and confidence, as your lack of both is hindering your personal growth.

Dreaming of a high credit score, this symbolizes your concrete sense of ability, security, or level of self-esteem. The number can also give you more clues about this dream’s meaning.


A creek in your dream refers to your emotional outlets, and how well you feel in yourself. A fast-moving creek can point to turmoil or trouble being around the corner in waking life.

A dry creek in your dream indicates that you’ve used up all your reserves of energy – whether that’s emotional or physical – and you need to take some time to recharge.

This dream can also point to problems in your spiritual self, or losing a sense of who you are.


Dreaming of a creeper indicates the approach you’ve been using to try and move closer to your goals is no longer worth it, or it doesn’t work in this situation. You’ve sustained it as long as you can.  

You may need to take stock of how far you’ve come, and any other perspective that might be worthwhile.


Cremains in your dream represent impending change, where you may be forced to rearrange parts of your life. 

It also indicates that any circumstances which have been altering your behavior or sense of control will soon be over, and you’ll be back to your normal self.


Dreaming of a cremation indicates a new stage in your life, where your current worries are no longer a problem, and you’ll be free to concentrate on your goals.

If you dream of someone being cremated and that person is alive and well, this is your brain gauging how you would react if they died.

If the person being cremated is no longer alive, this dream is a way of processing your grief and loss. 


Dreaming of eating a crepe implies that you don’t sacrifice your needs in order to get things done. 

You may feel as though you’re in over your head, but you’re still finding time for necessities and keeping up appearances.

Dreaming of wearing crepe fabric or making something from crepe fabric signifies that things cannot always go the way you want them to, even if you plan for every eventuality. 

Every bump in the road can be another piece of experience or wisdom along your personal journey. 


A crescent appearing in your dream suggests that while things are changing very slowly, you’ll soon notice a shift in circumstances. 

It can also indicate that you need to be more empathetic towards others. You may have been less than considerate lately.


Dreaming of a crib indicates that an idea you’ve been exploring is not yet ready to be put into practice. Or, a crib in your dream symbolizes your caring side, where you cannot bear to see someone struggle.

A crib can also refer to parenthood, or wanting a family.


Dreaming of crickets implies that you’re seeking validation. You want to know you’re on the right track, or your actions are the right course.

Hearing but not seeing crickets in your dream suggests that you’re focusing on all the wrong things. You’re letting tiny things frustrate and distract you from what’s important.

Dreaming of playing cricket indicates new possibilities are on the horizon, and it also refers to your determination in achieving your goals.


Dreaming of committing a crime or watching someone become a criminal reflects your shame, or how you instantly jump to the worst case scenario. 

Crime Scene Tape

Dreaming of crime scene tape suggests you feel constrained or trapped in waking life. Something is preventing you from achieving your goals. 

Or, you want to explore your subconscious, but now isn’t the right time to do so. You’re protecting yourself.


Dreaming of being a criminal suggests you feel you are getting nowhere, or you feel you cannot do something. 

You desperately want a shortcut, if one exists. Or, it can point to feelings of entitlement. 


Dreaming of being a critic is your subconscious calling you out on your behavior. You’re focusing too much on the negative things. 

Or, this dream can be referring to your sense of self-control, which has always helped you in the past.


Crochet appearing in your dream suggests that you’ll be drawn into some difficult circumstances, which you’ll struggle to break free from.

Dreaming of crocheting can reflect your love of the craft, or it mirrors your hard work, which you continue to layer upon.

Crock Pot

A crock pot appearing in your dream indicates that you need to approach something from several angles in order to solve it, as it is more complicated than it appears. 

Or, a crock pot indicates that the work you put in now will lay the groundwork for your success later on. Don’t be discouraged by delays or problems. 


* See Animal Dream Symbols


A crocus appearing in your dream suggests that you need to clear your head. Try to approach a situation logically.

In a dream, a crocus is also a symbol of hope and new beginnings. It’s a sign that anything particularly stressful won’t last forever.


Dreaming of a croissant suggests you are lonely. You feel a lack of a profound connection with those you spend time with. Maybe it’s time to reach out.


Dreaming of something being crooked mirrors how a situation in waking life feels ‘off’. You may not be able to single out what particular thing feels odd, but something definitely isn’t right.

To dream of something crooked can also point to your suspicions about someone not being who they say they are, or meaning everything they say.


Dreaming of caring for crops represents your personal growth, sense of pride and achievement. You know that your actions will help pave the way for your future.


Dreaming of a cross can be symbolic of your faith, or suffering, perseverance, giving up something you value, or repentance.

This dream can indicate that you are struggling, and you’re seeking guidance. 

Or, something is weighing heavily on your conscience, and you want to know you’ve done your best. You may be searching for validation that you’re doing the right thing.

Dreaming of a cross swinging like a pendulum reflects how your faith or security in your faith isn’t as solid as you thought. Something is causing you to question your faith.


Dreaming of cross-dressing indicates that you need to adopt the qualities that are traditionally associated with the opposite gender. 

You may need to be more in touch with your emotions, or you need to assert yourself. 

If you dream of a family member dressing up as the opposite sex, there is a discord between you. You want your connection to be better, for both of you to understand the other on a deeper level.


Dreaming of crossing a street indicates that your actions or impulses are harming you, or you prefer to go against the flow, standing alone from the crowd. 

While this makes you more vulnerable, you are more likely to be noticed. 

Dreaming of crossing water indicates a spiritual growth in your future, or your perspective widening.


The crossbones symbol appearing in your dream refers to a toxic situation, person, or risk in waking life. It can also be symbolic of pirates. You want to live a life free of outside influences.


Dreaming of a crossbow indicates that you need to better develop your plans in order to get where you want to be. Your plans need to be more specific, or you need to be more vocal in what you want.

Crossing Gate

Dreaming of a crossing gate implies that you’ll encounter many setbacks before you get to where you want, but these are all temporary. 

If the gate shuts on you, you may be closing yourself off from others.

If the gate is up, or it rises for you, you know you have handled worse than your current obstacles right now. They don’t faze you. 

Or, your determination has carried you through a tough period in your life, and it will do so again. 


Dreaming of being at a crossroads reflects a vital choice which you cannot opt out of, but you’re not sure what the right decision is. 

This decision may define your immediate and long-term future, and you know the importance of getting it right.

Or, the crossroads symbolizes a new direction in your life, one which will come about through your own actions or through serendipity.


Dreaming of a crosswalk reflects how cautious you are when it comes to taking chances. You know what’s worth the risk, and what isn’t. 

You always take chances from a position of security.

Crossword Puzzle

Dreaming of a crossword puzzle indicates that you need to use your logic in order to solve a current or upcoming issue. This dream may also refer to ‘cross words’, where you’ve had a heated conversation with someone.


Dreaming of croutons indicates your inspiration or motivation has dried up. You need to expand your horizons, or explore other options. 

The first option you think of isn’t necessarily the one to go for. 


A crow appearing in your dream symbolizes the less than noble facets of your character, intelligence, or death. 

To hear a crow calling reflects annoyance. Crows in dreams can often carry messages from your subconscious mind that you feel you need to hear. 

Dreaming of crows swooping or attacking you reflects discord and conflict within yourself. You are at odds with your subconscious. Maybe you know a decision you’ve made is the wrong one, but you’re reluctant to accept it.

If you dream of killing a crow, this suggests that you cannot let go of a habit, though it’s costing you.

Dreaming of a crow killing someone foretells of an unavoidable end. The door is closing on something in your life, and that may be a habit, an ideal, the end of a situation or a relationship.


Dreaming of a crowbar implies that you’re impatient to confront whatever might be lurking in your subconscious, but you haven’t prepared yourself properly for these troubles. You’re rushing yourself.

Dreaming of someone attacking you with a crowbar indicates that someone in waking life is forcing you to acknowledge something you cannot deal with just now.


Dreaming of being in a crowd implies that you’re looking for some space where you can get some peace. You feel drained, and you need some time to take stock of a situation. 

Dreaming of a crowd can suggest you prefer the safety of the majority opinion, but you’re in danger of losing your individuality, or people will start to see you as someone who only follows others.

Or, a crowd in a dream implies that it would help if you adopted some of the traits of this crowd into your own behavior.

Dreaming of being away from a crowd signifies loneliness, or how you like to stand out from others. You celebrate what makes you different, but you may be in danger of focusing too much on what others think of you.

Dreaming of stopping a crowd from doing something or going somewhere reflects your argumentative nature. You want to challenge everything.

Dreaming of a dangerous crowd mirrors anxiety in waking life. You are feeling overwhelmed and things aren’t in your control.

A joyful crowd appearing in your dream refers to your strong support system, who you know you can lean on at any given moment.


A crown appearing in your dream represents recognition, achievement, and respect.

Dreaming of wearing a crown indicates that you hold a lot of influence over people, or you’re recognizing how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved.


A crucifix in your dream refers to renewed vitality, a spiritual journey, or salvation. The dream may be connecting you to the nurturing and all-loving side of your subconscious.

Or, the crucifix in your dream symbolizes your suffering in waking life, and the problems you’re going through.

Dreaming of an inverted crucifix indicates that your faith or hopefulness has taken a hit. Something in waking life is challenging your beliefs and how you see the world.


Dreaming of being crucified reflects your self-punishing or self-sabotaging behavior.


Dreaming of someone being cruel serves as an outlet for repressed negative emotions or impulses. You may be ignoring the less than kind facets of your personality.

Dreaming of someone acting cruel towards you implies that you have a lot of emotional vulnerabilities. You need to become more resilient.


Dreaming of being on a cruise signifies a significant journey you’re going through in waking life, which has a lot of emotional implications. 

A cruise in your dream can also refer to the easy-going lifestyle or approach you have right now.


Dreaming of crumbs indicates you have either lost your bearings and what drives you in waking life, or you feel isolated from others.

A trail of crumbs in your dreams suggests that you need to create something which you can fall back on, in case things don’t work out. 


Dreaming of crushing something indicates that a choice you need to make is causing you a lot of worry, and you’re under a lot of pressure. 

If you dream of part of your body being crushed, you feel you cannot be honest, or you cannot express yourself the way you feel you need to. 

* See Also Relationship Dream Symbols for dreams related to having a crush.


Dreaming of using crutches indicates that you need outside help in order to overcome a problem in waking life. 

You feel you cannot handle it alone, or you’re being too stubborn and suffering needlessly, when asking for help would solve your issue. 


If you dream of crying and no one asks what’s wrong, or they blatantly ignore you, you’ve got some communication problems in waking life. 

You’re experiencing a lot of frustration or anger because of these. You feel you’re not being heard, and this dream may be telling you to make sure you’re understood.

* See also Crying In A Dream


Dreaming of being cryopreserved reflects how you’re focusing too much on the past. Maybe you feel things cannot get any better than they were, but you won’t know until you let the past go.


Dreaming of a crystal symbolizes peace, grace, a period of healing or personal development, moving on from old problems, or feeling more whole than you did.

A crystal in a dream embodies the best version of yourself, or your ideal version of yourself which you want to achieve.

Dreaming of a crystal can point to something which is materializing within your life, something which you’ve worked very hard for.

Dreaming of examining a crystal points to searching your subconscious for clues on where you feel your life should be going. You’re searching for a new purpose and meaning. 

Crystal Ball

Dreaming of a crystal ball reflects your desire to see something of the future. You want to know that a decision you made was the right one. 

Or, you’re losing motivation to see something through, and you want to know that your efforts won’t be wasted.

A crystal ball in your dream also represents how you think the future might shape itself. If the crystal ball is cracked, you have a dim view of the future and what it has in store for you.

Crystal Skull

Dreaming of a crystal skull points to something you can’t fully wrap your mind around. This may be a situation you cannot come to terms with, or someone makes what you think is the wrong decision.

If you dream that your skull starts turning into a crystal skull, this implies that you think others see straight through your actions or words to the intentions beneath. You feel judged or scrutinized.

Or, this dream can indicate an increased sense of perception, inner knowledge, the power of your consciousness, or introspection. You need to see something from another perspective.


Dreaming of a cub represents your childhood, relatives, or children. It also embodies the need to keep a watchful eye, mischief, innocence, and the importance of not taking things too seriously.


Dreaming of a cube represents consumerism, or being too self-disciplined, taking things too seriously, or being ‘square’.


Dreaming of a cuckoo represents someone in your life who is a trickster figure, or someone untrustworthy. A cuckoo in your dream also embodies disloyalty, madness, or flighty behavior.

A cuckoo indicates that you or someone else is ‘sticking their beak’ into something that is best left alone.

Or, a cuckoo embodies the idea of time, and making decisions at the right time, as well as fate and will. 

Your subconscious may be telling you that you need to change the way you’re trying to handle a situation or come to a decision. 


Dreaming of a cucumber indicates the need to restore your health or vitality. You need a break to recharge and recuperate. 

Or, a cucumber in your dream may represent the phallus and sexual desire.


Dreaming of cuddling with someone reflects your lack of physical or emotional contact which you are longing for. 

If you cuddle a stranger in your dream, this suggests that you need to be kinder to yourself, or your subconscious is providing you with the connection you feel you lack in waking life.

Dreaming of cuddling someone you know represents your relationship with them, or wanting to be closer to them, and maybe feeling as though that is impossible.

If you dream of cuddling someone you don’t have any desire to have a connection with, this suggests that you need to incorporate some of the aspects of their personality into your own.


Dreaming of being part of a cult mirrors a manipulative dynamic or dangerous relationship in your waking life. You are being influenced whether you know it or not. 

Or, dreaming of being part of a cult reflects your desire to be the best version of yourself you can be, and speaks to your commitment in trying to achieve this.

Dreaming of being surrounded by a cult but not taking part signifies that you feel you cannot practice your faith, or you lack purpose on a spiritual level.

If you dream of being a cult leader, this symbolizes your desire for power, respect, authority, or leadership. 

You want nothing more than people to admire you, and you certainly don’t want anyone questioning your actions. 


Dreaming of cultivating something points to how your mindset can change everything. You need to limit any negativity you’ve been spiraling into, and keep your optimism going.


Dreaming of a cup embodies potential, a caring nature, and fertility. It can also represent a period of healing, renewed vitality or personal growth.

Or, a cup appearing in your dream signifies a heightened state of awareness, and points to a much larger perspective than you have had previously. 

How full the cup is in your dream points to your outlook, and how varied your life is. If it looks nearly empty, you need to concentrate on adding some spontaneity into your life, or break free from your routine.

Dreaming of a cup with a damaged handle reflects how you feel about a situation in waking life. Circumstances have you questioning your ability, and you feel you may not measure up.

A broken cup appearing in your dream points to feeling helpless in a situation, overwhelmed, scared, or distanced. Maybe this situation has no answer.


Dreaming of opening a cupboard indicates new information or knowledge that will change your way of thinking, a recent decision, or your approach to something.

Dreaming of closing a cupboard means you’re in denial about a situation, or how you’re handling something. You want to keep someone from discovering something.


Dreaming of cupcakes indicates that you are enjoying treating yourself for a job well done. You want to keep yourself motivated. 

Or, a cupcake in your dream implies that you need to break some facet of your life down into more tolerable parts. Start small and work your way up. 


Dreaming of cupid suggests that a new romantic love, or a renewed romance, is a possibility in the near future, and you’ll have to take a chance to get there. 


Dreaming of a curb represents the boundary or the limits of something. You may have reached the end of a specific journey, or a certain approach has reached the end of its usefulness. 

Or, a curb in your dream reveals that you’re not being self-disciplined enough to ‘curb’ or cut something from your life. You need room to grow.


Dreaming of finding a cure for something represents a renewed sense of optimism, joy, or hope for the future. 

It also symbolizes good luck, and the power to change something significant if you put your mind to it.


Dreaming of being restricted by a curfew suggests you’re feeling the pressure. Time is a factor in waking life right now, and you need to act.

Dreaming of missing a curfew or staying out past a curfew indicates that you cannot change or control everything you want to. 

Or, you feel uncertain about what the future holds, and whether you can handle it. Your support network is not what it was, and you’re not sure if you can cope with significant change by yourself.

A dream of a curfew can indicate that you need to be more picky in what you devote your time to. Not everything can be finished.


Dreaming of curlers implies that you’ve got yourself caught in a vicious cycle, or you’ve been deliberating about something and no matter how hard you try, you cannot come to a decision.


Dreaming of playing curling or watching a game of curling suggests that you would benefit from someone else’s advice. They may be able to see something you can’t. 

It also points to a situation where you’ll need to help someone, or you’ll need someone else’s input in order to solve a long-term project.

Or, a dream involving a game of curling refers to your capability in carving out the life you want. 

Losing a game of curling indicates that you need to be more determined when it comes to achieving your goals.

Winning a game of curling signifies the great sense of accomplishment or faith in your capability you have right now. Things are going well.

Curling Iron

Dreaming of a curling iron means that you’re hiding your real intentions or emotions in a situation that may be emotionally charged.


Dreaming of a current mirrors the way your life is going, and how well you’ve managed to shape it into what you want. 

A current embodies the circumstances and ideals that you react to, which help shape your life.

Dreaming of a current can also be a representation of your feelings, or your initial emotional reactions to an ongoing situation in waking life.


Dreaming of curry represents passion, a great desire for everything life may have to offer, your connection to your family, and domestic life. 

Curry in a dream also represents wisdom, thinking on your feet, and trusting your intuition.

If you eat curry in your dream, and it turns out to be impossibly hot, this may indicate that you are consistently caught up in minor details or problems, when there are more important things you should be focusing on. 


Dreaming of someone being cursed or watching the effects of a curse on someone indicates that negativity is ruling your life, or you need to be wary in a relationship. 

Dreaming of you or someone else cursing is your subconscious providing you with an outlet for your frustration, but it can also represent your underlying fears or anxieties. 

It can also suggest that you are developing a stronger resilience to what life throws at you.

Curtain Rod

Dreaming of a curtain rod implies that you are being too open or honest. Not everyone wants to hear complete honesty all of the time. 

Or, a curtain rod suggests that you need to keep some things to yourself, or you’ll find that they are used against you.


Dreaming of shutting curtains implies that you’re hiding something from yourself or someone else. 

You may be concealing part of your personality from someone, or a project that’s not ready yet.

Opening curtains in your dream indicates that you’re ready to confront something, or it’s time to be honest with yourself or someone else.

Dreaming of a stage curtain rising suggests you’ll soon get the recognition or rewards you deserve for your hard work, and you’ve also developed a better sense of who you are.

Dreaming of a stage curtain closing reflects how you need to reconcile yourself with something ending. Nothing can last forever.


Dreaming of curtsying is a sign of respect, and also points to the need to recognize when something is bigger than you. 


Dreaming of a cushion reveals that you have been ignoring your depleting energy levels. You need to take some time out to recharge.

Or, dreaming of a cushion can suggest that you need to ‘cushion’ or protect yourself from getting hurt.


Dreaming of custard reflects your enjoyment of simple pleasures. It also points to living a full life full of affection, kindness, and sweet gestures.

Custard Apple

Dreaming of custard apples indicates you feel you’re on the right path, spiritually speaking. You’ve found a great source of tranquility and purpose in your life.


Dreaming of customers points to people who share similar interests, outlooks or life goals as you.

If you dream of being in a store and there are no customers, you feel no one shares your point of view or is willing to consider your ideas. 

Dreaming of being a customer signifies that you’re looking for support or affirmation that your ideas are valid, or that your current method or approach is the right one to take.


Dreaming of going through customs reflects feeling watched or judged in waking life. Or, dreaming of customs can be a warning, where you need to be vigilant.


Dreaming of receiving a cut indicates that your own sense of your capability or power is being affected by something outside of your control. 

If you dream of your legs covered in cuts, this indicates that something in waking life has thrown you off-balance. You feel you cannot stand on your own two feet, and you may need help recovering your sense of confidence.

Dreaming of cutting yourself implies that you are under immense strain in waking life. You cannot recover a sense of peace or self-confidence right now, and you desperately want to distance yourself from waking life and the pain it’s causing you.

Dreaming of someone else being cut signifies that you want to better understand them, or regain a meaningful connection with them. You want to know why they’ve made the choices they have.

If you dream of a stranger being cut, this suggests you’re trying to gain a deeper insight into your own actions or parts of your subconscious mind. You want to understand.

A dream where someone cuts you, reflects how their decisions or words have affected you negatively. Or, you don’t trust this person on some level, though you’re not sure why.

Dreaming of a wall covered in cut marks mirrors how you feel the need to be free from something. You feel trapped.


Dreaming of your own cuticles refers to being too emotionally reactive. You are basing your decisions off your immediate emotions, and not the thoughts of your rational mind.


If you dream of cutting something, this reflects a breakdown in communication, or a loss of a close friendship. 

Or, a dream of cutting something is your subconscious telling you to ‘cut’ something negative out of your life. 

This could be a type of food which isn’t doing you any favors, a habit that’s harmful for your health, or something that’s causing you a lot of stress.


Dreaming of cuttlefish implies that you are very in tune with your emotions. You know exactly why you are feeling what you’re feeling, and how to process them in a way that’s constructive.

There’s no confusion in what you’re feeling, or what you think about a situation in waking life. This offers you a great bedrock to build on, whatever life throws at you.


Dreaming of being a cyborg can suggest your logical mind is at odds with your emotions. 

You are either not thinking rationally enough, where your emotions are clouding your judgment, or you’re focusing too much on being objective rather than paying attention to your feelings. 


Dreaming of cyclamen symbolizes passion, desire, femininity, and sexual needs.


A cyclone appearing in your dream reflects your emotional state in waking life. Something’s disrupting your sense of peace, confidence, and sense of power.


Dreaming of Cyclops indicates that your field of perception or perspective is much too narrow. 

While you cannot focus on much, you need to work on widening your gaze. Concentrate on something further ahead.

Or, a cyclops appearing in your dream suggests that one thing is taking up all of your time and energy. There are other things which need your attention.


A cylinder appearing in your dream indicates that now’s the time to develop new ideas or projects. 

If one or both ends of the cylinder is closed, this signifies that you are being careful about what you share with others. 

You know that some projects won’t come to fruition if you share them too early.


Dreaming of playing the cymbals mirrors how you are clamoring about a situation that really doesn’t need such a large reaction. 

It may be a minor setback, or something much more inconsequential than you’re making it out to be. Either way, it is transient, and it’s not worth the amount of energy you’re spending on it.

Or, a dream involving cymbals refers to a spiritual connection or a heightened sense of purpose and meaning.


A cypress tree in your dream can be a sign of coming misfortune. It signifies repression, the subconscious, death, or immortality. 

Dreaming of seeing a cypress tree and feeling uneasy suggests that you’ll soon experience a period of melancholy.


Dreaming of having a cyst indicates that something’s been festering in your mind. You’ve kept an opinion or emotion to yourself for too long. 

You’re holding onto negativity, which you need to put down in order to move on with your life, or you risk being stuck in a rut. 

The location of the cyst in your dream can also offer further insight into the meaning behind the dream.


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