What Does It Mean To Cry In A Dream?

At first glance, dreams involving crying can seem wholly negative. A bad omen for the future, or reflecting the awful state of things as they are. 

Crying dreams can reveal repressed or hidden emotion, which can be positive or negative. Coming to terms with these will help you in the future. 

In an ideal world, we could express our emotions without fear of being judged, or creating the opinion of being unable to handle life and every problem it throws at us. 

You may have dreamed of crying and then woke up crying, which is a testament to how much your brain and your emotions affect your body. Your body is hard-wired to respond to how you feel. 

A dream of crying usually indicates that you need to look at part of your life more closely. Something needs your attention. Perhaps it’s only your feelings that you’re ignoring, or it’s something bigger.

If you dream of being unable to stop crying, you feel helpless in a situation. The sooner you confront these feelings and come up with a solution, the better you will feel. 

It can indicate that you haven’t fully resolved something, and you should avoid repressing your emotions, as this will only lead to more problems in the future.

If you were able to stop crying, or the crying only happened for a short period of time, this is a testament to how well you handle your emotions in waking life. You’re able to make decisions without dwelling on them, or regretting them. You move on. 

Below, I’ve included a quick glance at the meaning behind your dream if you’re in a hurry, according to the details you may remember. Further on in the article, you’ll find a more detailed interpretation of each dream situation. 

Table of Contents

At A Glance: The Meaning of Your Dream of Crying

  • Crying in your dream: this is your subconscious’s way of releasing emotions in a healthy and controlled way. Most likely, this dream happened because you’re stressed, or upset. 
  • A stranger crying: a new start will not turn out like you want it to. There will be something unexpected in the future.
  • A loved one crying: you need to emotionally connect with other people more. Or, you’re concerned about this person.
  • An enemy crying: you want revenge, or you long for them to understand exactly how they have hurt you, so they can truly apologize.
  • Seeing yourself crying as a result of problems in waking life: you’re still upset about this emotionally charged situation, or you’re still reeling from how it made you feel powerless. It can also suggest you need to stop concentrating on the negative energy in your life. 
  • Being unable to stop crying: you lack self-confidence, or you think you cannot handle a current situation. This is a mirror of your feelings, not of your ability. Don’t forget that you’re unique, and there’s a wealth of value in that. There’s no one quite like you.
  • Crying for a short while: you may experience some minor problems in the future, but you’ll also enjoy a lot of happiness. You’ll be able to turn a troubling situation into a positive thing.
  • Comforted someone who was crying: someone is being dishonest, or doesn’t want to see you succeed, like they’re making you think. Alternatively, you need this person’s help, or they need yours. You’re stronger together.
  • Cried over a loss: you’re worried about things which may never have a chance of happening. You’re worried about losing the people you value, but that’s a sign of how much you care about them.
  • Cried over something ridiculous: you’ll soon experience a very busy time, when you’ll feel like you have no room to breathe, but you’ll also enjoy the hell out of it.
  • You weren’t sure why you were crying: you’re disconnected from your emotions, or from the cause of them. You may need to do some soul-searching.
  • An animal crying: you’re worried about the people around you, or a pet. This dream also suggests you need to connect to your instincts more.
  • An inanimate object crying: this is a warning dream. Things are not what they seem to be, or not what you think they are.
  • Several people (and things!) crying: you’re in for a tough time in the near future, but you’ll be able to focus on what you hold dear, and how to keep it in your life.
  • Crocodile tears in your dream: you’re too worried. You need to be able to recognize when it’s time to push past your fear.

The Detailed Interpretation Behind Your Crying Dream

The first detail to try and remember about your crying dream is who was doing the crying, and then what turned on the waterworks. 

Did you recognize who the crying person was? Or, was it someone you feel you’ve never seen before? 

If the person crying in your dream was a stranger, this dream is illustrating your caring nature, and how you want to be there for other people. You want to help, and maybe reach out into the wider community, but you’re apprehensive about doing it.

If you dreamed of a friend crying, this reflects the struggle of someone close to you, and you want to help, but you might not be in a position to do so. 

Perhaps their situation doesn’t have a right answer, but there’s always a way you can help. Sometimes, the tiniest gestures mean the most. 

If you dreamed of an enemy or someone you don’t like crying, subconsciously you may be out to get them, or you want to do to them what they did to you. You feel as though you’ll have a consolation prize, if they end up understanding how they’ve affected you. 

If you comforted the crying person in your dream, it is a good sign for the future. You’ll be able to approach problems with a renewed sense of determination or energy after a dream like this.

Dreaming about crying where the reason was unclear, and then realizing why after the dream indicates a new insight going forward. You’ll be able to see things more clearly than you did before.

If you were crying about a sad situation in waking life, this is your subconscious’s way of giving you an outlet without the fear of being judged. Or, you were crying about a past situation, something in waking life has made these feelings resurface. 

If you were crying about something silly, you’re holding onto your emotions too much, and dwelling on how you feel. You need to shift your focus onto something more positive, or find a creative outlet to occupy yourself.

If something in your dream was crying, an inanimate object of some kind – that really has no business at all crying like that – this indicates a frustration with your own emotions. You feel they’re not called for, but you’re still feeling them anyway. 

When you’ve expressed your emotions, you’ve been judged or someone had turned against you or told you that other people have it worse than you. They’ve said the wrong thing, but perhaps you still needed to hear it. 

If the crying in your dream felt false, it felt as though someone was acting, this dream can be a sign you’ve been overreacting to things lately. 

Yes, be connected with your emotions, but don’t fly off the handle at every tiny mishap. You may be misunderstood by people in the near future, and this could cause some problems.

Crying, as a dream symbol, indicates that you’re releasing your emotions. Their hold over you will loosen in the near future, and you’ll feel able to breathe freely again soon. 

It can also suggest that you’ll enjoy a lot of social situations in the future, and they won’t make you anxious or tired. You’ll feel energized by them. 

If you dream of crying due to a death in your dream, you need to take some time for yourself. To some, crying may be seen as weak, but it’s also an indication that you’re strong enough to express yourself without worrying too much about other people judging you. 

If you dream of crying, and then wake up crying, this suggests you’re suffering from a lot of stress. Or, you feel things deeply, and you’re an emotional person. 

You may also be crying out of relief – if your dream allowed you to let off some steam – or if it made you incredibly happy. Is what happened in your dream something you can achieve in waking life? What’s the first step to take?

Dreams of crying but being unsure of the reason can also be your subconscious trying to get across a point. 

Think about babies – they use crying to communicate, and it’s instinctual, it’s not something they have to think about, they just cry. Has something been bothering you, deep down? Are you afraid of the truth? 

Crying in dreams is often a way to release stress or built-up emotion. Maybe you didn’t know exactly what you’ve been feeling or why until you dreamed of crying, and you might wake up knowing the answer.

Sometimes your subconscious mind has a funny way of answering questions your conscious mind has been mulling over. It has its own sense of humor, which you probably won’t find funny at the time.

What does Crying Essentially Mean in a Dream?

While crying is the release of emotion both in waking life and in your subconscious mind within a dream, it can also be a response to a nightmare, and how you felt during it. 

It can be both a good and a bad sign of things to come – if it’s a sign at all, and not a reflection of how you’re currently feeling. 

You might be going through a period of emotional turmoil. This dream is a safe way of expressing exactly how you feel without fearing what other people will think of you. 

It’s also a call to reconnect with your own emotions, if a troubling situation has left you numb and feeling disconnected from everything. This may take some time, but before you know it, things will be back to normal once more.

If you feel helpless within your crying dream, the emotion is strong enough to resonate into waking, and you may find yourself crying when you wake. It can also suggest you feel vulnerable in waking life, and you need to do something about it. 

It’s also helpful to remember what you were doing, who you were doing it with, and how you were feeling in the days before you had this dream. These details can have an impact on the meaning of your dream. It may be that your crying dream was a reflection of your feelings in waking life. 

Crying in your dream can indicate that you’ll be overwhelmed  with positive emotion in the near future. You’ll have a lot of good things happen to you in a short space of time, and you won’t know what to do with any of it, or how to begin processing it.

A dream of crying can be a call to connect to the people you love – you may not be lonely, but sharing positive times with them now will help you in the future, as it will give you the resilience and energy to tackle any problems ahead of you. 

Remember how the people you love have been there for you in the past, as it might be your turn to support them. 

Dreaming about crying is a way of regaining control over your emotions, as you’re expressing the excess negative feelings which are causing you to act rashly, impulsively, or feel overwhelmed. 

These dreams can be a sign to focus on the positive things that are coming your way in the future, or you might miss them entirely. 

If you dream of crying from happiness or excitement, this is a good omen for the future, as it indicates you’ll get a lot of both. 

What does it Mean to See Yourself Crying in a Dream?

If you see yourself crying in a dream from a third-person perspective, there’s something hidden in your subconscious that you need to recognize. 

Any inner conflicts solved now will help you a long way going forward, and you’ll find change a lot easier to deal with. You’ll find making decisions takes a lot less time and effort, and you’ll be sure of yourself in the future. This surety will attract people towards you. 

If there’s something you’ve been avoiding, now is the best time to come to terms with it. You might not have the time, the energy, or the inclination in the future. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Your Father Crying?

Dreaming of your father crying points to amazing or nearly-impossible things coming to pass in the future. Something you’ve always dreamed of will be realized shortly. It will change your life for the better. 

In many cultures, a father is a symbol of protection, of wanting the best for you, and crying can be an unusual occurrence (though we all do it!). 

Seeing your father cry in a dream indicates the future will provoke a lot of emotion within you, and you’ll want to hide this, or you will feel publicly embarrassed because you’ll be emotionally overwhelmed.

Impending change is coming – either by your hand, someone else’s choice, or a shift in circumstance, and it will be largely positive. 

As a father figure is usually regarded as an authority figure, this dream can indicate changes in your career level or how much responsibility you have. You may have to choose between an amazing career prospect and something you’ve always wanted. 

What does a Dream of Crying from Grief Mean?

Crying from grief in a dream can reflect or even point to grief in waking life. This may not mean someone is about to die – dreams of death or the aftermath of someone’s death rarely do. This dream points to change, to an ending of some kind.

You may find that your job role changes, or you want to try something different in your professional life. If you’re unexpectedly let go from your job, it will lead to new opportunities, which may stem from a passion you have. 

A relationship might end, leaving room for a better one with someone you were meant to be with. 

Dreaming of crying at a funeral (see also Dreaming Of Your Own Funeral Symbolism) indicates a situation that will be full of negative emotion, but this situation will pass quickly. It will only be when the situation is over that you’ll be able to move on.

It may be that you will struggle due to a busy time at work, or a family member has a problem they’ll need your help with.

A dream of crying from grief can indicate success in work, or an uptick in your current finances.

What does a Dream of Crying Loudly Indicate?

Dreaming of crying loudly indicates positive events in the future, where you won’t be able to hold back the tide of positive emotion.

Something you’ve been working very hard for will pay off. Or, something you’ve been hoping for – that you thought could never happen – will prove you wrong.

If other people hear you crying in your dream, this can point to a change in your romantic relationships. 

If you’re single, and you have this dream, you’ll meet someone very compatible with you soon. If you believe in soulmates, you’ll meet this partner shortly.

The louder you cry in this dream, the more luck you will have in waking life, and the better things will be. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Crying Because Someone is Leaving You?

Dreaming of crying about someone leaving you indicates that you fear something going wrong, as things have been going well lately. This dream can also signify that something will go wrong.

Maybe a mistake in your professional life will take a long time to fix. It will leave you stressed, frustrated, and overworked. 

Or your private life will take a bad turn. Someone will come to you for help when you have so much to deal with, but you can’t bear to turn them away.

After having a dream like this, you need to keep your focus on the positive things in life. Trying to predict where this negativity will come from will only tire you, when you’ll need your energy the most. 

What does it Mean to See Your Mother Cry in a Dream?

Unlike the dream of your father having a positive outcome, a dream where your mother is crying has negative associations. 

Dreaming of your mother crying illustrates that the future will carry some sadness that you won’t be able to predict, and it will leave you reeling for a while. You’ll struggle to adapt, but you’ll get there eventually. Everyone copes with things at different paces.

The good news is that the mother in your dream represents your support system, or those that care for you. Her presence in your dream indicates that you’ll have all the support you’ll need to get through this situation, and those ahead.

This dream is a warning to be prepared. You may want to take a break now in order to be rested for the time ahead, where you might need all of your energy in order to push through. If it doesn’t take up all your energy, you’ll have some left over, at least. 

To see your mother crying in waking life is unsettling, no matter the reason. Don’t ignore this dream, as it’s a helpful one to have. It suggests that if you handle this situation in the right way, you’ll enjoy some success after it.

What does it Mean to Cry from Happiness in a Dream?

Dreaming of crying with happiness indicates you’ll soon receive a gift or something from someone which you never could get for yourself, or something you’d never think to get for yourself. It will be immensely helpful, or thoughtful.  

You’ll be overcome with positive emotion, and you’ll enjoy some time with your family soon. If your family has suffered from conflict, this time will help repair it.  

This dream suggests that you’ll enjoy a time free from worry, and you’ll have a lot of success in your work life, and you’ll enjoy a run of good luck. How nice!

What does Hysterical Crying Mean in a Dream?

Hysteria can present as strange behavior in a situation, both in waking life and in a dream. You may act completely differently to how you normally would, or behave in a way that’s inappropriate to a situation. 

Of course, this can be a normal part of dreaming. There’s usually at least one detail which turns out to be surreal, though you probably didn’t realize it at the time. 

Crying hysterically in a dream is a bad sign, as I’m sure you can imagine. It indicates that you’re suppressing your emotions, and these will only come back to overwhelm you all at once at a point in the future.

Or, you don’t want to move on from something. An inability to let go of some nostalgia or a situation that will never happen again is stopping you from moving on. It might even blind you to the good opportunities the future has to offer.

This dream is calling you to fix this issue, before it gets bigger. 

Alternatively, this can be an emotional reaction to the dream itself. Maybe the events of your dream were disturbing, and you’re wondering what made your subconscious think of these things. 

In spiritual terms, this dream can illustrate how you’re afraid of changing people’s opinions of you for the worst. You don’t want to lose the reputation you’ve got, and you certainly don’t want to be the subject of gossip. 

This dream indicates that you’ll face a tough time in the future, which may end in embarrassment or a worse situation. The hysteria in your dream points to a period of feeling liberated from doubt and fear.

The hysteria can also reflect your reaction to a threat to your reputation, or something that will change the dynamics of your relationships.

Dreaming of crying hysterically can also signify that you’ve been holding onto negative emotion too much. You have a lot of self-doubt, or stress, or frustration. You’re carrying these feelings from situation to situation, instead of letting them go.

Conversely, this dream suggests that you’ll finally be able to drop this negativity, through a troubling situation, where you won’t have room for it. You’ll finally be free of it.

Is Crying in a Dream a Bad Sign?

Dreams involving crying, though they might not seem positive at first, are a good sign for the future. It indicates that you’ll be free to enjoy the good things the future has to offer. You will soon release any pent-up emotion, or you’ll let go of any negative forces currently plaguing you. 

A dream where you’re crying suggests that you should look deeper into the details of your dream. 

Try to remember what you can, as this dream is one you shouldn’t ignore, and the smallest detail could change the meaning. How did you feel during this dream? Relief? Sadness? Happiness? These can point to similar feelings in the near future. 

If someone else was crying in your dream, was it someone you know? Someone you used to know? A stranger? Did you manage to help them, or were they inconsolable? 

If you dream of someone else crying, this suggests that while things won’t turn out exactly how you hope, it still means the future has a lot of good in store for you. They may even turn out better than you could have imagined. 

This dream is also an emotional release, especially if you’ve been worried about someone in your life, and how they are coping. 

Maybe they would be the person you’d usually go to with your problems, but you know they have enough of their own to deal with right now. This dream is your subconscious’s way of giving you a safe outlet, without bothering them. 

Crying in a dream is a positive sign, as it can leave you feeling a little better when you wake up. You’ll be less stressed, and that lesser amount will allow you to see things objectively. You may even come to a solution to that problem which has been hanging over you for a while.

You may find that crying in your dream gives you a sense of relief, and while it can reflect a state of grief in waking life, it’s also a signal that you’re processing your emotions. You won’t feel bad forever, and this in itself is a positive sign. 

If you dream of someone you know crying, but you’re not close to this person, this indicates you’ll soon have a better connection with them. You’ll help each other through issues which you’d struggle through alone. 

Crying in a dream may not be very common, but it’s a healthy way of your brain processing the situations you’ve been in, and your reactions to them. It helps refresh you for the future and the tasks ahead. 

What does it Mean to Wake Up Crying?

Waking up crying from a dream indicates that you shouldn’t ignore your dream. The message was powerful enough to resonate with you and cause a physical reaction to the emotion, so it’s particularly significant. 

This is also a sign of an emotional situation in the future which will throw you, and this is a forewarning. How much discomfort you felt, or how emotional you were, can give you an indication of exactly how powerful this situation will be, and how big its hold over you will be. It’s not necessarily a bad sign, as this dream can encompass positive emotion, too.  

What does Mourning Someone in a Dream Mean for the Future?

Dreaming of wearing black and crying over someone, maybe at a funeral, or maybe not, suggests good things are in your future. 

You’ll enjoy some success at work or in a project which you hope will further your career. All the effort you’ve been putting in will be recognized, and it will help you in the future. Maybe you’ll encounter a similar problem to the one you’ve just solved.

If you’ve recently suffered a loss, or something in your present has brought up old feelings, these are also reasons why this dream occurred. This dream is simply a reflection of how you feel.

What does it Mean to Dream of Crying Because Something Negative Happened in Your Dream?

This dream suggests that you’ve disconnected yourself from a troubling situation. It may be urgent, and it could impact your future, and the pressure is causing you to withdraw further. 

This is the only way you’re coping right now, but it will hold you back. Take a deep breath, and try it. 

Dreaming of crying because things were negative in this dream can suggest that you’ll enjoy a period of being carefree. You’ll get closer to the people you love and enjoy a deeper connection with them. You’ll be fully grounded, and connected to everything around you. 

If this dream was particularly upsetting, and it colored your whole day with some trouble, this suggests that you’ll soon find it difficult to cope with something. You’ll have trouble letting go of emotion.

Older dream interpretation indicates that dreaming of negative emotions will invite worry or conflict in the future. 

This is the law of attraction – the philosophy of actively thinking good thoughts will attract positivity, and thinking negatively will attract misfortune into your life. Whether you believe in it or not, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Crying Because You Miss Someone?

Dreaming of crying because you miss someone can just be a reflection of your emotions. You might not have even been aware that you missed this person so much. 

Or, you don’t miss this person at all, but you feel emotional, and this was just the reason your subconscious gave you an outlet. Your dream is calling you to recognize how you feel, and to see if you need to do anything about it.

If you dream of crying because you miss someone within your dream, and not in waking life, this can indicate trouble in the future. You will feel cheated, and this might come about with hindsight. 

Someone may have come between you and what you want – accidentally, or on purpose, and the frustration can prompt tears in your dream. 

Usually, a dream of crying because you miss someone is not an indicator of future loss or grief. Although it is possible, especially if you’re worried about someone in waking life. 

More likely than not, this dream is brought on by anxiety in waking life, and your subconscious is just giving itself a reason to expel this emotion.

You may dream of losing someone, and while this may have no connection to waking life, it can suggest that you need to look again at a decision you’ve made. Don’t dwell on what you can’t change, but adjust anything you need to. 

Focus on the positives you get out of life, and what you enjoy the most. 

Why Do We Cry?

Crying is one of the most human things we experience in life, though it’s not an exclusive trait to humans. Tears express a wide variety of emotions, or simply how overwhelmed you feel.

Any feeling from waking life can bleed into your dreams if it’s strong enough, and it can cause you to cry in your dreams in order to release it. It means that you’ll feel at least a bit better upon waking.

In waking life, the reasons for tears can be the same. You’re experiencing a torrent of emotion, or stress, and this causes your brain to release tears. 

Tears of emotion are called florid tears, whether it’s happiness or sadness. They are chemically designed to make you feel better, and release a chemical called Leu-enkephalin, which is a pain reliever. You’re crying out the emotion and purging it from your body. 

There are two other types of tears. Reflex tears act to purge irritation from your eyes, such as eyelashes, foreign bodies, pollen, or gases such as the one that’s released when you chop onions! 

Basal tears work to keep your eyes lubricated, and they act as a constant protection. Blinking restores the moisture that your eyes need to keep healthy, and you produce roughly a gram of these tears a day. Reflex tears only form when they need to – when your eyes are irritated. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Tears Running Down Your Cheeks?

Dreaming of seeing tears running down your cheeks represents a time in the near future where someone will comfort you. With their help, you’ll be able to move forward easier. 

They’ll be there for you in a time of need, whether you asked for them or not, regardless of whether you realized you needed them or not. 

If you see someone else crying in this dream, this can signify that someone you love will need you to be there for them in the near future. Your support will be vital, and they won’t forget it. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Friend Crying?

Dreaming of a friend crying symbolizes a period of luck, and you’ll be able to count on this friend soon. They’ll come through in a time you won’t realize that you’ll need them. 

It won’t be a problem, but you’ll require their help in a positive situation. You might be organizing a celebration for a mutual loved one, where you’ll need this friend as part of a deception to get them into the right place.

This person may also need your help, or your perspective in a personal dilemma. It might be something that only you can help them with. You might have been in a similar situation before. Whatever they need your assistance for, you’ll find it easy to help them with it. 

After dreaming of a friend crying, it might be wise to work on this relationship to maintain its strength. You might even have a chance to stop any problems before they have a chance to start, and to take some time for yourself.

What does a Dream of Weeping Mean?

Dreaming of weeping indicates that your emotional load is too much. You cannot help other people right now, though you might try. 

You might be caught up in someone else’s problems, and it’s causing you more stress than you need. You feel as though you cannot say anything, though, because they need you. 

This dream is a way of letting go of that stress without having to confront someone and causing more turmoil. 

A dream of weeping is a way of your subconscious protecting yourself, but it’s also a message to find another way to express your emotion. 

These dreams aren’t enough on their own. What you’re feeling is too big for that. Find another healthy outlet. It might transform your life. 

What does a Dream of Crying on a Bed Suggest?

Dreaming of crying while you’re sitting or lying down on your bed suggests you need to be more honest with yourself when it comes to your emotions. 

You need to acknowledge what you’re feeling, and let out what you’re feeling, even if that’s only venting to someone else. Only then can you stop concentrating on that, and you’ll move onto better things.

Your bed in a dream represents your comfort zone. It’s the place you most let your guard down, the place you’re most vulnerable, and seeing yourself crying there indicates that you’re going through a difficult place in life. Something’s upsetting your feeling of stability, of security, which you carry around with you wherever you go. 

Try not to take things personally. People don’t always mean things the way you think they do. The way you make people feel is what they will remember most about you, and try to cultivate a positive environment. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Other People Crying Uncontrollably?

Dreaming of someone else being unable to stop crying can symbolize how much someone cares about you. It shows the strength in your relationship with them, and how valuable this is in both your lives.

While this dream might have been unsettling, and you may have been nervous even as you woke up, this dream is a positive sign. You’ll spend a lot of time with your loved ones, which will bring all a lot of happiness.

If you’ve been thinking about making a big commitment lately, this dream could be a sign that you’re ready for a new chapter in your life. Try it. 

What does a Crying Baby Mean in a Dream?

The subconscious part of your mind will often steal things from waking life to fill your dreams with color and meaning, but they don’t always manifest in the way we expect, or ways we can make sense of.

A crying baby in a dream usually denotes that you are in need of unconditional love right now, without fear of being judged. There may be nothing going wrong in your life at all, but you need someone close. 

Love is a vital part of life, and how much you have in life can tie to how well you grow as a person. It also determines how far you get along a spiritual journey without stumbling, or needing help. A baby crying in life is hard to ignore, and so is the message of this dream.

If you dream of both a baby and a mother crying, this suggests that your family will enjoy good luck in the future, and something you will gain will feel priceless. You’ll enjoy the best time in the future. 

In spiritual terms, dreaming of a crying baby can indicate bad times ahead, where you’ll face problems in both your professional life and your family life. You’ll need to be careful after a dream like this. Choose your words wisely, and make your decisions carefully. Being the source of these problems will make you feel worse.

What does it Mean to Dream of Your Partner Crying?

A dream where your partner is crying indicates you’ll encounter some conflicts in the near future. They may affect your inner feeling of security. These issues will make you feel vulnerable, and could challenge you and your partner to your core, and test the strength of your relationship.  

Dreaming of your partner crying indicates that you’ll have some control over these problems, so long as you believe it. Neither of you are powerless in any situation. You can still decide how to react. 

If you comfort your partner in this dream, you’ll be able to stay collected and objective in these personal issues, and you’ll find a way to defeat them. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Child Crying?

A dream of a child crying can represent part of yourself, especially if you don’t recognize the  child in your dream. As adults, we can often be more disconnected from our emotions, and this dream can be your subconscious mind telling you to reconnect to your feelings. 

The crying itself may not represent a specific emotion, but the expression of emotion. Have you been bottling up your feelings lately? You may not even realize how something has affected you until now. 

Dreaming of a crying girl traditionally signifies that you’ll soon experience a torrent of emotion, which will then force you to reconnect with ideas and feelings you’ve been ignoring. 

It will feel like a negative experience at the time, but you’ll be stronger for it. Further problems will be easier to deal with.

A boy crying in your dream suggests you need to be more assertive. Someone may need your help. 

You’ll spot a problem before it has the chance to become bigger. Acting on your instincts will solve it quicker and easier than if you take the time to think about what solution is best.

A child crying in your dream can point to someone new entering your life. 

This person will be immensely helpful, and they’ll give you the tools to overcome a long-standing problem. They might become a big part of your life, where you can’t imagine living without them, or what life was like before them.

What does it Mean to Dream of a Deceased Baby Crying?

Needless to say, this isn’t a nice dream. A deceased baby crying in your dream indicates major health problems in the future, so you need to look after yourself now. 

This dream also denotes an unexpected tragic situation which will be beyond your control. 

Babies represent a spiritual transformation and great change coming into your life, which will rearrange everything.

You may be struggling between trying to keep things as they are, where they’re predictable and safe, and feeling caged and needing to do something new. You’re afraid of change. You know that not everything the future can bring you will be good, or kind. 

Experiencing a traumatic event like this in a dream can give you some further resilience going forward, where things won’t seem as bad in the future. 

You will fear the uncertainty the future holds a little less. This will allow you to go after bigger things, those that you’ve always wanted. You’ll feel much freer for it.  

What does it Mean to Dream of Someone Crying Unexpectedly?

If you are in the middle of what seems like a normal dream, and someone starts crying out of the blue, this can indicate that you’ll be helping someone emotionally in the future. 

You may have to drop whatever you’ll be working on in order to help them, but it might be vital that you do.

If the person in your dream was a stranger, you’ll be at the receiving end of some aggression in the future, and you’ll need to stand up for yourself to stop it going further. 

While, through life, we get more and more resilient, it’s important to stay connected to your emotions. Unresolved feelings will resurface in the future, and you’ll need to confront them for good. 

Something in the past will cause you to feel uncomfortable, or as if you never made any progress at all. This is usually a signifier of being near the final hurdle of solving something long-standing, so keep going. 

This dream can indicate that you need to be careful around people, as they could mean you harm, or involve you in some sort of trouble. Keep close to your support network. Focus on your goals. How far away are you? What will bring you closer?

What does it Mean to Dream of a Crying Statue?

Statues in dreams usually indicate you’ve hardened your heart to someone’s problems in order to focus on your own, or you’re being arrogant, or you’re underestimating a situation. 

A weeping statue in your dream can represent how you feel about the people in your life, or someone is being unsympathetic or even cold towards you. It’s possible that they’ve got a lot on their plate right now, and they are unable to drop anything to come to your aid. 

Alternatively, your relationship with someone might have broken down, or you’ve both outgrown it because you’re different people than when you started. 

The weeping of the statue can indicate your grief over this relationship, or how the other person has acted. Maybe you’ve been making excuses for them for too long. You need to let them go. 

If you dream of standing below a famous statue, and you look up to see the statue crying, this indicates that you feel you’ve lost the power to control an aspect of your life. 

You’re unhappy with the way your life is turning out, and you desperately want to break free from someone else’s influence, as they have a big say over your life. Life isn’t how you pictured it. 

A dream like this can occur when you stop focusing on your life to look around at other people’s lives, and instead of just looking to see if they’re doing okay, you’re comparing yourself to them. This is a source of conflict for you. 

If your dream focused on the tears of the statue, you’re feeling the effects of someone who is acting cold towards you, especially if they have given you no explanation. This is eating away at you, and you’re spending a lot of time wondering why. Is it time to ask? Would it be better just to move on without them?

What does Consoling a Crying Person in a Dream Mean?

Dreaming of comforting someone who is crying indicates that you need to be more emotionally connected to those in your life. Ask them what they need, if they do need something. 

You need to be sympathetic towards their problems. Listen to what they have to say. Work out exactly what they want from you – not what you feel they need, and this will help strengthen your relationship with this person. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Hugging Someone while They Cry?

Dreaming of hugging someone while you both cry is a good dream to have. It’s a positive sign for the future, where you’ll enjoy a celebration of some sort together. 

No one will feel left out, and there will be no undercurrent of anxiety or old conflicts resurfacing, like family events are known for. You’ll all share a feeling of contentment or happiness.

What does it Mean to Dream of Someone Crying in a House?

Dreaming of someone crying within a house can suggest that you’ve been waiting for an outcome to a situation for some time. You’ll soon discover it.

Unfortunately, it’s not the result you’ve been hoping for, and you’ll experience a run of bad luck. It could threaten your sense of security within yourself, and affect your opinion of how well you can adapt to a changing, challenging situation. 

This situation will most likely be one you’ll have no control over. The only thing you will be able to control is your reaction, and how you react to this will color your future for a while. 

Make sure it’s the one you think will help you.  

What does it Mean to Dream of Crying Over a Dead Body?

Dreaming of crying over a dead body symbolizes a great nostalgia for the past, but it is impossible to “revive” this situation, as the dead body implies. This dream points to how you should be focusing on your waking life in the present, and what you can do now.

Alternatively, a dream of crying over a dead body indicates that you feel helpless to change a part of your life that you’ve lost control over. This just means you may need to change your perspective of the problem, or that you need to seek some outside help in order to resolve it.

You’ve been overthinking this situation for so long, you’ve backed yourself into a corner you didn’t need to. Make a tiny decision. Act on it. Do it again. And again. Suddenly, everything will seem a little easier.

What does a Dream of an Animal Crying Mean?

An animal crying in your dream has a particularly spiritual meaning. It may suggest that you’re ignoring your instincts in a time when you need to be emotionally sensitive toward someone else.

Maybe you hope to spare them from your honest thoughts, which you know they won’t want to hear.

It could be that you think something they’ve taken on won’t work out, but you don’t want to shatter their hopes. You want it to work just as much as they do, but that doesn’t mean it will. 

Dreaming of an animal crying can also suggest you’ll be up against some tough competition in your working life, working toward a project which will compete against others. You’ll need to guard your words, your actions. This will ensure the other teams can’t steal your ideas.

Or, your dream of an animal crying can denote you’ll be swept up in a conflict which will have a lot of repercussions going forward. There’s a lot of stumbling blocks ahead, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them. 

If you dreamed of a pet crying, this indicates that you will succeed, despite chance being stacked against you. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Crying While Saying Goodbye to an Ex?

Dreaming of someone specific usually means one of two things. Either, you’ve been thinking about them a lot lately, or, they’ll feature heavily in your life in the near future. 

Dreaming of crying while saying goodbye to an ex indicates you’ll soon meet them again in a situation you couldn’t have expected. 

If you dream of them leaving you and this is why you were crying, this dream indicates a point in the near future where you’ll take a big risk, as the payoff would be even bigger. Only time will tell if it is the right decision to make.

It may lead to a new relationship, which could see you grow and better yourself along a spiritual journey.

What does it Mean to Dream of Crying with Someone?

Dreaming of crying with someone mirrors a shared emotional experience with them in the future. It’s a good sign, as you’ll have a reason to celebrate. Maybe more than one. 

It may be a traditional celebration, or a milestone of some sort, like a baby shower, an engagement, or a wedding, and it will mean a lot of positivity going forward.

This dream is telling you that when you find yourself in the middle of this event, enjoy every second, as it will make looking back even better.

What does a Dream of Losing Your Partner and Crying Mean?

Dreaming of losing a partner suggests that a current relationship is experiencing some problems. This might not even be a romantic relationship, but one that’s just as important to you. 

You are conflicted about it, or you’re experiencing several arguments which you could do without. You feel frustrated, or it isn’t going as well as it has done in the past. 

You may have even been taking this connection for granted, in the midst of stress and life’s everyday issues. Take a small break. Come back refreshed, and you’ll find the energy to repair this relationship.

Dreaming of losing your partner can also mean that while you don’t have any problems in your relationship, you value what you have, and you’re scared of losing them. 

This is your brain’s way of playing out your worst case scenario. It’s not a sign you will lose them. Instead, it’s your brain taking stock, and deciding what it would do in that situation. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Friend Crying?

Dreaming of a friend crying can signify future trouble, which will affect both of your lives and possibly even the connection you share. 

This trouble may be caused by dishonesty, indifference, or being too trusting of someone. If you realize what could potentially cause this problem, you can also prevent it from happening.

What does Dreaming of a Daughter Crying Mean?

If you have a daughter in waking life, understanding dreams that concern her can bring great things into your relationship with her. Your dreams can provide you with a deeper insight, subconscious cues you’ve picked up on, allowing a better connection between the two of you. 

Dreaming of your daughter crying can reflect the worry you have for her in waking life, and the love you share. You want her to have a good life.

Maybe you’re worried that she won’t tell you if she’s going through a rough time, and you want her to be able to come to you when she needs help. 

In this case, it’s worth reaching out to her to make sure she remembers that you’re there for her. 

Or, a dream where your daughter is crying can mirror your frustration with her. Maybe she’s ignoring your advice when it’s a problem you’ve had yourself. You know what the outcome will be. 

If you don’t have a daughter in waking life, this dream indicates that part of your life is out of balance. Your conscious mind is at odds with your unconscious, and this will lead to judgment errors in the future.

Having a dream of a daughter crying when you have no children can also suggest disappointment and anger. Someone has not supported you through a difficult and emotional situation, when you needed them most. 

What does a Dream of Crying with Family in a Hospital Mean?

Dreaming of being in a hospital and crying with family is a bad sign for the future, as it points to difficult news about someone you love, indicating a health problem. Someone close to you will come to you for support in this.

It might not be as bad as it sounds. Maybe they’ve sliced a finger, or sprained something. They might even blow it out of proportion, but you’ll be so relieved you’ll forget to be angry with them. 

What does an Unknown Woman Crying in Your Dream Mean?

An unknown woman crying in your dream indicates a busy future. It won’t be all positive or negative, it will involve a bit of both. 

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll have trouble with your partner, or they’ll go through something that will require you to put something on hold in order to support them. It will cause a lot of stress for both of you, and it will either cement your relationship or break it.

If you’re single, and you dream of a strange woman crying, this can indicate how you want to take care of people. 

You don’t have anyone that needs anything from you right now, and there’s a lot of energy that has nowhere to go. Think a little bigger.

A stranger crying in your dream for no apparent reason can indicate that someone will want answers from you in the future, and it will be an uncomfortable experience. This encounter will exhaust you, and you may feel powerless in a social situation.

If you comfort this stranger in your dream, this is a good sign. As the stranger might represent part of you, this dream is you resolving an inner conflict with yourself, maybe even one you didn’t know you had. 

What does a Grandmother Crying in Your Dream Mean?

Dreaming of your grandmother crying represents the love and the concern she has toward you. It can also suggest you’re feeling awkward in a family matter, or you’re keeping a secret for someone which concerns someone else. 

A dream of your grandmother crying can point to a hidden conflict in your family, that someone is trying to spare you from. You’ll discover it anyway, for good or bad.

If you have never known your grandmother, this dream suggests that because you’re so focused on other people, a situation will take you by surprise. This situation will affect your family, and that might be positive or negative. 

What does it Suggest to Dream of a Dead Person Crying?

Dreaming of a dead person can be traumatic by itself. Dreaming of a dead person crying is another level. 

The first thing to consider is the relationship you had with this person. This dream may just reflect your grief for them, or any other feelings you have when you think of them. 

If you don’t know the deceased person in your dream, this person represents your caring nature, and how it might be struggling in a situation you cannot influence. You are finding it hard to watch someone suffer, though it’s something you can’t help with.

This dream may be telling you that there is a way you can help. It’s small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it might help them push through their problem.

This person can also embody your inner knowledge. While you are going through a difficult period in life, you know you have the courage to be vulnerable where it matters, and you’re open to great possibilities that will mean great things in the future.

This dream can be a call to realize what your inner emotions are telling you, and this scenario is a way of them coming to the surface in a controlled environment. You need to confront what problems you can, in order to move forward as best you can.

Dreaming of a dead person crying also has a spiritual meaning. It indicates that you’re unfortunately going to be in the middle of conflicts, or arguments. 

This will leave you with little or no time to work on yourself and your dreams, but it will be necessary to get to the path you need to be on. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Your Twin Crying?

If you are a twin, and you dream of your twin crying, this signals they’re going through a negative period in their life. Their health isn’t great, or they’re worrying about something important. 

It symbolizes the link between you – as if you could forget – and you might have been experiencing some problems lately where you’re unable to agree on something.

Dreaming of your twin crying can point to future disappointments or arguments, or you feel you have no say over your own life, and it’s causing resentment. 

Your twin can also embody your inner drive, your guiding spirit, and how you need to focus on yourself. Think about your goals, what you want, and what the differences are between you.

This dream is also calling you to strike a tricky balance. Keep this relationship strong, but also stay independent. You both have your own lives to lead, and one of you preventing the other from achieving their goals will only lead to hatred.

What does a Dream of a Sister Crying in the Dark Mean?

What a horrible dream. A dream where you hear or see your sister crying in the dark can represent your own sadness. While you may be refusing to acknowledge how sad you are (and you can be happy and sad at the same time), the feeling has made it into your dream.

Though you like to appear strong to those you love, so you won’t cause them unnecessary worry, you’re filled with worry. Insecurity colors every choice you make. 

Or, a dream of your sister crying can reflect how you’ve recognized someone in your life is struggling, and that might not be your sister, but it was the first person your subconscious picked to fill this dream.

Your subconscious is urging you to help them, if it’s in your power to do so. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Crying Because You’re Lonely?

This dream is a good sign. No, really. Dreaming of crying because you’re lonely indicates you’ll enjoy a lot of time with others in the future, and you won’t feel bored or conflicted. 

While you have been feeling alone, or you currently feel isolated from people, this dream is a message that it won’t last forever. In the same way that dreams are transient, so is your current state. 

Your dream might be indicating that you need to act. Waiting around for what you want doesn’t always happen. Reach out to someone. 

What does a Dream of Crying to Your Mother Mean?

If you dream of going to your mother (or a mother figure) for comfort, this indicates you feel a lack of support in waking life. Maybe they’re also working through problems of their own, and you don’t want to trouble them.

This dream can suggest you have some issues of insecurity which you need to work through in order to grow, as they are hindering your relationships, and you feel you aren’t good enough to enjoy what you have in life. 

Maybe you seek out validation from your loved ones to compensate for this.

Or, a dream of crying to your mother can suggest you’re frustrated with those you feel you’re close to. They’ve rejected you, or you feel insignificant when you’re with them, and your expression of sadness in the dream is calling you to change your life into what you want. 

Feelings You May Have Experienced During Your Crying Dream:

Listless. Depressed. Lonely. Alone. Empathy. Misunderstood. Wanting to comfort others. Emotional. Powerless. Uncertain about the future. 

Positive Changes Are Coming, If:

  • You only cried for a short while.
  • You realized why you were crying, or you knew already.
  • You were able to stop crying.
  • Someone else was able to stop crying.
  • You comforted someone who was crying. 

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