Dreaming About Your Own Funeral – Fascinating Truths Behind It

We hear you – dreaming about your own funeral is a bizarre experience.

It is surely something that no one would like to dream of. After all, it can boggle your mind throughout your day.

But does it really mean the literal thing when you see your own funeral in your dream? Or does it take on a different meaning?

Today, we look into the truth behind this strange, yet eye-opening dream. Find out what it truly means to dream about your funeral. Discover the message you need to know that can impact your life.

What Does a Funeral Mean in Dreams

Dreams are always symbolic.

It is never what it presents itself to be. This is why you need to look deeper into dreams and the symbolism you see when you sleep.

For instance, a funeral has a number of meanings. But the prevailing definition of a funeral is closure. It depicts an end or moving on from one phase in your life to another.

This is why if you find yourself in a lingering traumatic memory or an abusive relationship, closure is something your conscious and subconscious mind yearns.

Your dream reflects what you wish for or ponder about during your waking moment. The emotions are carried over in your dream. Thus, you see weird symbols and metaphors. But the truth is that these symbols are telling you something important…

Something that you desperately need, yet not completely aware of when you go about your usual routines.

Dreaming About Your Own Funeral – A Deeper Meaning

A funeral in your dream can also stand for your emotions or feelings that are repressed. These things are longing to be acknowledged and accepted. You may be feeling stuck in your life, yet you try to push this feeling away.

Perhaps you are still doing that job you hate, you are in a toxic relationship, or you’ve been wanting to move to a different location but never proceeded to do so.

Thus, you may see yourself in your dream as someone who has departed the living world. You are in a state of death or close to your death.

The same holds true when you see yourself in a coffin in your dream. It means that you are desperately seeking ways to escape. You are in an enclosed space but you have a strong longing to get out of it.

More Than What Meets the Eye

There are different types of funerals in a dream.

And yes, these differ in terms of meaning and symbolism.

Let’s say you dreamt that you were observing your own funeral. In your dream, you are floating above instead of being in the coffin.

This dream actually has a positive message. If you are floating in the dream while observing your funeral, it denotes a victory. You have triumphed over a difficult situation.

Thus, you are no longer stuck. You are freely floating up in the sky as a victorious win over your struggles and suffering.

On the other hand, there are funeral dreams where you see yourself buried. The meaning is different in this case.

When you are buried, it means you want to be free. You are in the state of going through the same things over and over. This is why your subconscious is also feeling trapped. You want to experience freedom and liberation, and that it is only a matter of time before it happens.

This actually has a slightly similar meaning as a dream of being buried while still alive. For instance, someone forced you inside your coffin. This is obviously against your will, but at the same time, you just succumbed to it completely.

The dream is more of a grim and foreboding one. It is definitely disturbing and haunting, which releases negative emotions.

But basically, this dream means that you are in a sticky situation. You feel – and are – trapped. It could be a tough relationship, painful job, and other things in your life causing you to feel you are stuck.

Then again, there are funeral dreams where the details are limited. You don’t know exactly what is happening or where you are buried. You may even not see clearly the size of your coffin, how many people went, etc.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that it is still a funeral dream. As a result, it denotes the feeling of being stuck and not following your heart.

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Why Do You Dream of Your Funeral

It is never fun to dream of death.

Or your own funeral.

This is why if these things arise in your dream, it means you need to make some serious changes in life. There is a closure that needs to be done.

Your reactions and moods are your body’s stressful occurrences. What this means is that you are dreaming about what message you need to receive today.

The brain is able to process new information you feed it with. In addition, your funeral dream calls for contemplation. It helps to analyze what areas in your life right now need some work.

As a result, you can analyze the message and make some changes in your life. You need to analyze your dreams to enter a whole new word feeding you with answers.


It is not a fun experience to dream of your own funeral.

You may feel that you are odd or strange in this sense because you witness your actual funeral in your dream. For some people, this can be a frustrating experience. There are those who may see beyond the dream, which is more spectacular for people who go through serious contemplation on their lives.

So, the next time you dream of your own funeral, you should know what to expect. You will be able to interpret it better since this dream does not mean the actual death. Instead, it is about making changes in your life after considering these things do no t do you much good anymore. So go ahead, make some tweaks in your life and have more positive dreams from now onwards.


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