Dreams About Being Killed – Meaning and Interpretation You Should Know

Do you sometimes have dreams about being killed?

It can be a very distressing and disturbing experience when this happens. You wake up feeling absorbed in that frightening vision you have in your dream.

Nobody wants to go through this situation, without a doubt.

So, what does it mean when you dream of someone or even yourself being killed? Is it bound to happen in the future?

Read along to learn more about this dream and the underlying explanations about it.

Murder in Your Dream – Premonition or Fiction?

Our dreams are expressions of our subconscious. When we see things in our dream, chances are, we often think of these during our waking moments.

But what about when we dream of a murder?

Naturally, we are not murderers or even have thoughts of killing someone.

There are, however, certain reasons why these dreams occur. For instance, there is something in your present life that is about to end or needs to go.

It also means that a significant change is going on in your life. Perhaps, there is a job or career change happening, or you are moving to a new home.

Another explanation behind the dream is your feeling of hostility and anger towards someone. This is specifically true if that person is someone you are close to.

Murder dreams also present your guilty feeling or remorse towards a situation in your life. Did you hurt someone’s feelings intentionally? Was there something that you said or did to a loved one, which you wish you could take back?

Dreams are a way to release those hang-ups in your life. This is why it helps to address these during your waking moments. Otherwise, negative dreams may end up occurring much too often.

Different Types of Dreams About Being Killed

Now, let us talk about the different scenarios in your dream that involve murder. Here they are:

1. Dreams About Being Killed By Someone

If you were killed in your dream, you are about to undergo a change in your life. There is something in you that has to “die” or completely end. It may be your beliefs, principles, and ways of thinking that no longer serve you any purpose.

These are things that hold you back from becoming your best self. Thus, you need to let go of these, so you can unfold into a better version of you.

Was there a great struggle or resistance between you and the attacker in your dream? In this case, it shows your reluctance to move on. You are not resolute in letting go of what needs to be left behind.

2. Dreams About Someone Else Being Killed

What if the dream involves someone you know was murdered?

It is very disturbing but it does not lend a literal meaning at all. Just like in that dream about being killed, this particular dream has a deeper meaning.

You may have some issues with this person who died in your dream. An existing feeling of jealousy or rage may exist between you and this individual.

In addition, the murdered person may also pose a particular personality you possess, which you loathe. This is why you dreamt of that person dying – you also want that undesirable trait within yourself to go away.

3. Dreams About Witnessing a Murder

Now, this is a little bit more intense.

If you have seen someone being murdered in your dream, it can be a tough image to let go of. You wake up with a sweeping feeling of pain and anguish and distress. In fact, this feeling may even bother you throughout the day.

But this dream’s meaning is simple – and no, it has nothing to do with dying literally.

Instead, it means you are trying to distance yourself physically and emotionally from that person in the dream.

In your waking moments, you are sure about not wanting to be a part of that person’s life anymore. As a result, you witness in the dream that you are completely tearing yourself away from him or her.

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Dream About Murder – What It Really Means?

Death in the dream is a sign of moving on, a change, and a new life.

The same holds true with murder.

In fact, in the tarot card, it does not necessarily mean that death means dying. It is a more optimistic message.

Death symbolizes an end and a new beginning. And no matter how death unfolds – murder, natural death, etc – it is always a positive meaning.

But there is one thing to note about those who often dream of committing murders…

These dreams are a reflection of your personality in your waking life. Murdering someone is an act of rage, aggression, revenge.

Therefore, if you often dream of yourself as a murderer, it shows your personality that needs to be tweaked a bit.

You may have a tendency to be more aggressive, more hostile, or perhaps even have difficulties getting along with others.

Dreams signify your real-life emotions and thoughts. These come to the surface when you sleep, and murder dreams are amplified scenarios of your personality.

Should Dreams About Being Killed Make You Worry?

Considering the deeper meaning of such dreams, the short answer is no.

There is no need to be alarmed if you end up dreaming about murder.

It is not a literal dying or killing of someone. You are not involved in such bloodshed, and neither is that person you dreamed of.

But if you have dreams about being killed, it requires some contemplation and analysis of your daily life.

These dreams signify a change. There are things in your life that require a shift, so you can live each day happily and more fulfilled.

Such a dream is an invitation to a closer reflection on where you are in your life. Analyze what needs to be changed, why it needs to change, and how you can go about the change. Afterward, you will be able to eliminate those hang-ups and negativities clouding your subconscious mind.


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