Apple Dream Meaning And Symbolism

While you might not think about apples regularly, think about what symbolism they’ve held for centuries within religion and folklore, such as Snow White, and the story of Adam and Eve. 

These tasty fruits have not only sustained us for centuries, but they have also sparked our imaginations. So what does it mean when you dream of apples?

Things To Consider When Interpreting Your Apple Dream

How the Apple Manifested in Your Dream

Apples appearing in dreams have a multitude of meanings, and it will also largely decide if your apple dream is a good sign or not. What kind of situation did it appear in? 

Did it fall from the sky? Things have been going well lately, or you’ve been dreaming about a possibility that you haven’t made any effort to realize. Reality will make you come back to earth with a bump, either pushing you to start, or to consider something else entirely.

If you pick an apple from a tree in this dream, this indicates that you’ll soon seize an opportunity with some relish. If the apple turns bad in your hand, things won’t go as you hope. 

Did someone throw the apple to you? This suggests that you’ll soon be provided with new opportunities from someone you didn’t expect.

The Appearance of the Apple Itself

What did the apple look like? Was it crisp and ripe, or mushy and rotten? Apples can often represent possibilities and outcomes. The state of the fruit within your dream can be one of the deciding factors to turn your dream into a good experience, or a bad one.

Your Emotions in this Dream

This is one of the most important things to think about when you consider the possible meanings behind your apple dream, as it connects to your personal associations with the image or idea of an apple. 

Did you feel wistful when you saw the apple? You may only be recognizing a past opportunity for what it could have been.

Did you feel happy? You’re excited about the potential the future holds for you.

Did you feel guilty? This is one of the most common meanings behind an apple dream, linking back to Adam  and Eve, where the apple represents temptation, and acting on impulse, or under someone else’s influence.

The Meaning Behind Common Apple Dreams

Ancestry and Legacy

Consider the popular phrase ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. While you may or may not be familiar with this phrase or its meaning, this symbolism also applies to your apple dreams.

If you see an apple fall from a tree, this can mean you’re looking back on your family roots, or forward to what your family might look like in the future. 

If you have children, you might be noticing more and more similarities between their path and yours, maybe mistakes you’ve made that you think they might repeat, or patterns of thinking which are very familiar to you. 

Be Wary of Those Around You

If you dream of an apple which is being eaten by worms, wasps, or other creatures, this is your subconscious trying to warn you. 

Someone in waking life isn’t who they seem, or someone will shortly come into your life, and they may not have the intentions they say they do.

Pay attention to people’s actions rather than their words, as they often speak louder, and they are more honest.

Or, this dream may not be warning you of other people, but of a possibility or long-term project which the best-case scenario seems too good to be true.

Look After Your Body

Maybe work has got you caught up in so many projects or items on your to-do list that you’re skipping corners when it comes to taking a break, or making time for a proper lunch. 

Consider the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and make an effort to regain some balance within your work and personal life.

The Spiritual Interpretation Behind Your Apple Dream

Apples have become entrenched in religions, folklore, idioms, and popular culture, to the extent that they have solid interpretations that your subconscious mind may use to communicate.

For example, the biblical image of an apple relates to temptation, which is an image which has endured for hundreds of years. Regardless of your personal associations with the thought of an apple, this is a tough interpretation to shake. 

It can suggest that something has gotten the better of you, and you need to consciously guide yourself back onto the path you’re meant to be on.


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