Apple Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Apples are surely among the most popular fruits in the world. However, they are not only tasty and common in all corners of the world, they are also connected to many stories, legends, and have a deep symbolism. Just think about Eve, or Snowhite. But what does it mean when an apple features prominently in your dreams? Today, we tackle this topic. 

Here Are Some Possible Meanings of Apples in a Dream


Did your apple dream actually involve applesauce? Maybe you were making it, or it was just present in a dream. Dreaming of applesauce usually means something good will happen to you, which you did not expect. Applesauce sometimes also signifies a change of fortune, 

Apple Tree

Apples are generally connected with positive meanings, and dreaming of a whole apple tree usually gives additional grounding and stability to this positivity. Fruits on an apple tree usually signify fruits of hard labor. If you have been working hard towards something, this dream could mean it’s going to pay off soon. If the fruits on the tree in the dream are ripe, that means really soon. If the apples are still green, you are still going to have to wait a little while, but it means you have done what was necessary. 

If, in your dream, you see multiple apple trees, or a whole orchard, this could symbolize your friends or the members of your family. 

Cutting an Apple 

Cutting an apple is usually representative of the symbolic gesture of sharing an apple with someone. This picture points towards generosity and willingness to help others. 

Bushel of Apples 

When you dream of a bushel of apples, especially if it’s in your possession in the dream, it signifies abundance and blessings. It means you own something, maybe some favors through the universe that you might ot be aware of. 

Eating an Apple 

Well, we all know the story about the forbidden fruit, don’t we? Eating an apple signifies curiosity and a drive to acquire more wisdom or knowledge. It might also be some kind of knowledge that is forbidden, or that you are simply better without. 


Fruit, in general, is connected with fertility in many cultures. The connection is quite logical actually, since a fruit to a tree is what a child is to humans. If you have been thinking about children (or someone close to you has been), dreaming of apples is usually a good sign. 


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! We all know this saying. If you often have this saying on your mind, or you have heard it recently, there is high likelihood you will connect the meaning of an apple to health in your dream. This is especially true if the apple is looking especially tasty and healthy. Green apples also usually signify health. 

Rotten Apples 

When apples get rotten, it’s usually because we left them somewhere and forgot about them. Conversely, it might mean that something important in your life has been left unattended. It can also mean your efforts will go sour, no matter what you do. 

Some More Tips to Help You Interpret Your Dream About Apples

As you can see, apple dreams can have multiple meanings. As with any dream, to find the right way to interpret the apple in your dream, it’s important to take the wider context into account. Here are some question to ask yourself: 

What else was in the dream besides apples? Your overall dream and the context in which the apple appeared will most likely point you towards the right interpretation. Try to think of every detail you can remember from the dream. What other symbols were there? How does the apple fit in the story? 

What kind of emotions did the dream cause? How were you feeling inside this dream, and after waking up? Did the apples in the dream cause any kind of specific reaction from you? If you were eating the apple, was it tasty or not? Did you think it looked beautiful or not? Answering these questions can provide important clues. 

Do apples appear often in your dreams? If not, have you ever dreamt of one? If yes, how did it feature in the dream? Do you maybe have some alternative interpretations based on personal meanings? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we would love to hear from you.

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