Relationships Dream Symbols

Relationships in waking life can have an interesting effect on dreams, and often appear when they cause extreme emotions, or issues you’re not sure how to solve. Dreams involving relationships are usually “fix it” dreams, where your subconscious can give you an idea of how to improve your life, or approach a problem differently.


Dreaming of being abandoned indicates you’re letting the past hinder your future potential. You may have regressed to past bad habits in order to cope with a present situation which is particularly difficult or troubling. This may be a surface-meaning dream, where the meaning is more obvious – perhaps you have a fear of being abandoned or left behind when it comes to other people. You may have been betrayed in the past, or this fear can be created by the loss of a loved one, whether that was through death or through other circumstances. Perhaps you just grew apart, and you’re still not sure why. 

A dream where you are abandoned may help process unresolved feelings or even help with a grieving process. It can suggest you feel lonely, and you’re worried it will get worse, or that no one is considering how you feel. An abandonment dream can also be your subconscious trying to nudge you into action – you may need to mix up your routine or enrich your life.

Dreaming of abandoning other people could indicate current problems are swamping your energy, and while you need to make a decision, deciding is impossible.


Dreaming of abusing someone suggests that actions you’ve taken in the past or the things you regret will resurface. You may still be feeling regret for something you did a long time ago. Perhaps you feel you haven’t atoned.

Dreaming of being abused, either emotionally or physically, suggests someone in your life is acting manipulative, or you feel powerless in a current situation where there’s no right answer.


Dreaming of committing adultery or being involved in an affair suggests you have unfulfilled sexual desires. It may also indicate you are betraying or sabotaging your life in some way. You may have found yourself in a situation which could risk your way of life, if you’re not careful.

Dreaming of your partner cheating on you suggests you have a fear of being abandoned, or you value what you have, and you don’t want to lose it. It may also be that you suspect they’re not telling you everything. If this is a recurring dream, it may be worth it to talk to your partner about how you feel.


Dreaming of being affectionate toward someone can indicate your current happiness in a relationship (see also People In Dreams) – and it may not be a romantic relationship. It may also suggest that you haven’t been affectionate or honest enough with those you care about, or you feel your life is lacking some affection. 


Dreaming of having to pay alimony suggests that you feel you’ve paid for your past mistakes, and you can now look toward the future.


Dreaming of being amorous suggests your desires are getting the better of your judgement, and you may find yourself the subject of gossip, if you don’t tread carefully. 

Dreaming of other people being amorous may suggest that other people will try to lead you astray, maybe even trying to persuade you to leave your morals behind.

If you see animals being amorous in your dream, this suggests that you shouldn’t give into any desires at present, as they won’t be satisfying, and they may cause more trouble than they’re worth.


Dreaming of getting an annulment suggests that a situation has affected you so strongly that you’ve become in denial. 


Dreaming of apologizing to someone can have several meanings. It reflects your desire for truth and peace in waking life, it may be that things are good as they are, and you don’t want any conflict, or you could be feeling guilty about something you did or said. Your subconscious might be calling you out for a bad decision you made recently. It may also indicate that you’re holding on to negative things – are you holding a grudge against someone, or dwelling on a negative memory?

Dreaming of someone apologizing to you reflects a turbulent present – do you feel taken advantage of, or has someone done something to upset you? Perhaps they haven’t apologized in your waking life, you didn’t feel it was sincere. 


Dreaming of arguing with someone suggests you’re currently facing an internal battle. Something unresolved is still causing you problems. Take a look at who you were arguing with, could the person in your dream represent another part of yourself that you’re going against? Are you facing a decision that doesn’t seem to have a right answer?


Dreaming of being betrayed suggests there is a lack of trust in your life, or it has been recently broken. Or, you feel suspicious of a situation or someone who seems insincere, and you’re expecting betrayal as a result. This dream usually plays when your insecurities team up with a heightened sense of responsibility, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Dreaming of betraying someone else is an anxiety dream. Perhaps you’re keeping a secret that you know will hurt someone else, or you fear you may mess up a deep connection with someone.

Blind Date

Dreaming of being part of a blind date is one of those dreams that your subconscious fills with the deepest parts of your personality. There may be no specific reason for this, other than your subconscious mind playing out different scenarios or processing the events of your day.


Dreaming about your boyfriend represents your waking relationship with him and the feelings you hold. 

If you dream of him cheating on you, this may suggest you’re looking for a reason to leave, or alternatively, you fear the relationship ending. It may also suggest you have some self-esteem issues which you need to address.

Dreaming of having a boyfriend you don’t know suggests you’re ready for a relationship, if you’re single. If you’re taken, and you dream of a different partner, this could be your subconscious gauging your reaction to having a relationship with someone else. Perhaps your current relationship is suffering from some conflict, or you may not feel able to trust them. 

Dreaming of pretending to be someone’s partner suggests that you don’t want a relationship, or, if you’re already in one, it doesn’t suit you right now. You may prefer the freedom of being single, or the time it provides you. 


Dreaming of breaking up with your partner suggests that you’re holding onto something that’s long gone. This may not have anything to do with your relationship, but like a relationship ending – there’s nothing to be done. You need to move past it, or you may miss good things in the future while you’re dwelling on this problem.

Dreaming of your partner ending your relationship has a meaning you probably wouldn’t expect. It suggests that your relationship is progressing to the next level, although it might not feel like it in this dream! It’s an end to the current state of your relationship, and will hopefully be the start of a nicer period. Relationships always evolve over time, and this dream is a sign yours is going through change. It may also be your subconscious testing out different scenarios to figure out how you might react in the moment, and has no bearing on the future. 

If you dream about staying with a partner when the separation occurred in waking life, you’re not over the relationship, and it will take time to get there. You may also be wondering where the other person is now, and how they’re doing, and if they regret it. 


Dreaming of cheating on your partner is an indication you’re feeling guilty about something. This may be to do with your relationship, where you may not have been entirely honest with your partner, and you feel you are betraying them. You might have actually cheated on them, and this is a reaffirmation of your guilt.

This dream might not concern your relationship at all, perhaps you feel as though you’ve betrayed yourself in some way – wasting time on something you knew wouldn’t happen, or undercutting your beliefs or values, or not taking time to care for yourself in the way you should. Your subconscious mind plays out scenarios that you may or may not even consider doing in your waking life, and it’s a way of your brain reaffirming your moral boundaries, and can help you make decisions quicker. 

Cheating dreams can also reflect anxieties of changing circumstances and how you may cope. Maybe your relationship is going through a new stage – you might be getting married (see also What Does Marriage Mean In A Dream?), and this is not a rare dream to have in the interim! It can suggest you’re feeling anxious about living up to the commitment – this is not unusual, and doesn’t mean you feel you cannot commit or that you’re incapable – it’s more a sign of fearing the unknown. 

Dreaming of your partner cheating on you may suggest there’s an imbalance in your relationship. You may feel like you’re putting the work in, but you’re feeling as though you’re not getting anything in return. Before you talk it out with your partner, check to make sure that this feeling is not a result of some self-esteem issues, as it can get mixed up. Alternatively, your subconscious has picked up on some hints that your partner is not being entirely honest, or they could be holding back from committing fully to you, and you need to find out why.

Dreaming of a friend being cheating on suggests you don’t trust their current partner, or you feel the relationship may end badly. You may just not like their partner at all, and while your friend may have their rose-tinted glasses on, you can see they deserve better. All you can do is to be there for your friend.

On a lighter note, dreaming of cheating at a game suggests you’re committed to getting what you want whatever the cost. You could also be lying to yourself about something, or this dream can stem from feeling insecure or incapable of doing something.


Dreaming of crushing or obliterating something suggests your waking life is saturated with stress. You may be worried about making a huge decision which will impact your life or those around you, or you’re going through a tough time with a lot of things to worry about. This dream is telling you that you need a break, however small it may be. Things will work out in the long run. Take a deep breath. Dreaming of your body being crushed under something, partly or wholly, suggests you haven’t been expressing the ‘real’ you lately, and perhaps you’ve been feeling as though you’re playing a part. It may be time to be more honest with people, or yourself.

Dreaming of having a crush on someone (see also Dreaming Of Your Crush Meaning) reflects your attraction to them, funnily enough. This dream especially occurs when you’ve been thinking about this person throughout the day, so it’ll be no surprise that they’re making an appearance in your dreams. It may be time to let them know how you feel – if they’re available, and you are too, what’s stopping you? Once you know, you can move on with them, or without them.   

Dreaming of your crush dying may be your subconscious telling you to move on – perhaps you’re spending too much time thinking about them now, or your feelings are fading, and it’s not worth pursuing.  

Dreaming about someone having a crush on you suggests that you’re ready for a new relationship, or simply reflecting the good place you’re in right now – you have a good sense of self-worth and contentment.

Dreaming about someone you used to have a crush on is your subconscious looking back at that period of your life. Maybe things were simpler or nicer than they are now, and your subconscious is giving you a break from the present. It may also suggest that a relationship you’re currently in is showing similar patterns to your old crush, and only you can decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.


Dreaming of being on a date suggests you may be in for a period of self-discovery, if you’re not in it already. You might be discovering a new talent you didn’t know you possessed, or you may be worried about the process of dating, or feeling judged or rejected. This dream may be acting out your anxieties about an upcoming date, where you may find you’re calmer and happier when you do go on the date, so thank your subconscious later. 

Dreaming of dating two people at the same time suggests you have a lot of passion to give someone. It may or may not mean you fancy dating two people at once, and if you’re in a relationship, this may suggest you’re about to face some change.

If you dream of a specific date in time, this may be your subconscious reminding you of an important event, or you’re wondering how it may turn out when it arrives. Maybe you’re not expecting an event at all, and this date seems random, in which case the numbers or the situation itself may be significant.  

Double Date

Dreaming of being on a double date may represent both the parts of yourself you show to other people and those parts you rarely show at all. It may be a call to reconcile the two. It could also suggest you’re in need of spending time with people, or you want a break from your usual routine.


Dreaming of being engaged suggests you’re feeling lonely, or your needs aren’t currently being met. Your subconscious is trying to fill these needs, but dreams can only go so far. It may also suggest your desire for commitment, or your current relationship which you expect to take further, soon. You may be considering proposing to your partner, but you can’t be 100% sure what decision they’ll make, and that tiny doubt is the source of this dream, your subconscious trying to predict it for you. 

If you’re dreaming of being engaged to your father – don’t panic, this doesn’t actually mean you want to marry your dad – it implies you’re looking for a father figure or someone who can act as a pillar of security in your life. Maybe you don’t see your father much and want to reconnect with him. The dream may also suggest that you want someone who is as good a person as your father is.

Dreaming of ending an engagement suggests you’ll come to regret a decision you made in the moment. You may not have been thinking straight, or perhaps you were, and believed it was the best option at the time. Sometimes it’s the only way we learn. 

Dreaming of a business engagement suggests that you’re experiencing some problems in your professional life, or you’re expecting your hard work to pay off soon. 


Dreaming about your ex-partner may suggest that someone or something in your present life is bringing out similar emotions in you which they did. It may also be a warning, if your relationship ended badly or featured horrible behavior – your subconscious may have recognized some signs that you need to be aware of. In a more positive interpretation, you may just be reflecting on the positive times you had with that person, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Dreaming of getting back together with your ex may not reflect your present wishes, this may be a desire for familiarity – perhaps you’ve entered a new phase of your life, or your current relationship is changing, and this is your subconscious’s way of finding some comfort. 

If things ended badly between you, and you find past negative feelings resurfacing, this could suggest that you feel you’re in a situation where you feel similarly negatively, maybe you don’t know how to get out of the situation, or you know coming out of it will be unpleasant, but you need to go through with it. You may also be repeating patterns from your past relationship in your present one. 

You may also just miss the connection with that person and the dynamic you had together. It can also suggest that you’ve both moved on, and your subconscious is just reiterating the fact. 

If you dream of a friend’s ex, this suggests you may be drawing comparisons between you, and this could be a sign you’re worried about the security of your friendship, and that it might end similarly to how their relationship did. 

Dreaming of your ex can also suggest you’re neglecting parts of yourself, or it could symbolize parts that you thought you’d “crossed out” of your life.


Dreaming of a childhood ex-boyfriend may speak of past times which had less responsibility, and you may feel they were happier than your present situation, as you didn’t have any adult responsibilities to worry you. You may need to inject a feeling of freedom into your present relationship, where you can be spontaneous without life getting too much in the way. If your ex-boyfriend acts negatively in this dream or even lashes out (regardless of his personality in waking life), this is your subconscious letting you know it does no good to dwell on the past, and you should stop thinking about him.

This dream can also indicate that you want to be in a relationship again if you’re single, and you miss feeling wanted. 

If your ex-boyfriend has some wise words for you in your dream, this is a sign to avoid making the same mistakes you did in the relationship with him. Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend giving you a massage suggests your past relationships have given you trust issues, and keeping that wall up between you and a current or future partner will only mean you’ll fail to connect. 

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend proposing to you suggests that you positively affected his life, and made him feel complete. This may mean that you’re wanting a relationship which makes you feel the way he made you feel, not necessarily that you want him back. Conversely, it can also suggest you’ve moved on. 

If your ex-boyfriend gives you a stuffed animal in your dream, this suggests you are in need or some reassurance in a current situation or relationship, or it could even suggest that the past relationship you had with him was immature in some way, and wouldn’t have lasted.

Dreaming of running (see also running dream meaning and interpretation) away with your ex-boyfriend suggests that your current relationship is not measuring up to your past one! Don’t forget that establishing a connection can take time, and you may be measuring this new relationship against one which had a lot of time to develop.

Dreaming of being kidnapped (see also Kidnapped Dream Meaning) by your ex-boyfriend suggests he still has some form of power over you. No one is worth that. 


Most of the ex-boyfriend dream scenarios have the same meaning if you dream of an ex-girlfriend, but there are a few distinct ones which require mentioning.

If you see your ex-girlfriend’s mother in a dream, this is a manifestation of guilt or otherwise unresolved conflicts you had with your girlfriend. You may be wanting to reach out to her mother in order for your ex to consider your point of view. Alternatively, perhaps you had a good relationship with her mother, and the relationship with your ex ended badly, and you feel bad, or you miss one or both of them. 

Dreaming about your current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend suggests you feel insecure in your relationship. Perhaps you keep making the mistake of comparing yourself to her – you are different people after all – or he sometimes mentions her, and you feel worried he may still have feelings for her. They might just be good friends still, or his memories of her are fond, and there’s nothing wrong with either of those things.  

Dreaming that your ex-girlfriend is pregnant is an odd one. You may not be over this relationship! Alternatively, it could be a testament to how much you still care for her as a person, while you’re happy in your current relationship or being single. 


Dreaming about flirting with someone indicates you may be lonely. Perhaps you’re in a relationship, but you don’t feel you’re getting the level of intimacy, affection, or attention you need. This dream can also point to a future relationship. 

Dreaming of your partner flirting with someone else – not as a joke – suggests you feel disconnected from them. There may be a physical or emotional distance between you, or you may not be honest with each other.


Your girlfriend appearing in your dreams is a testament to how much she is involved in your life, and how much you care for each other.

If you dream of pretending to be a girlfriend, this suggests a committed relationship is a source of anxiety – you want things to be casual, and you don’t want to feel confined in any way.

Dreaming of meeting your girlfriend’s family is your subconscious rehearsing this scenario. You may be worried about what they may think of you. If you’ve already met them, this dream is calling you to be the best version of yourself. 

Dreaming of your girlfriend cheating on you suggests an insecurity or two. You may feel that she’d be better off with someone else, or you feel you’re not good enough, or you may suspect that she’s being unfaithful. It’s important to talk with her after a dream like this, and to be honest.  


Dreaming of going through heartbreak suggests you’ll shortly experience a change in your life. It may also reflect waking life where you’re experiencing an emotionally charged situation, which may not be heartbreak at all. You may not know how you’ll get through it, but you will. This dream can also indicate that loneliness has a big hold on you right now, and you need to reach out to others.


Dreaming of hugging someone signifies your affectionate personality, and the caring side you may not always show. It may also be your subconscious telling you that you should be more affectionate to the people in your life, perhaps you’ve picked up on a few cues that someone else needs some company or your advice.

Dreaming of someone else hugging you suggests that you haven’t been expressing your true feelings, and you need to do so. It may also indicate that you need to take some time out in order to be at your best.


Your husband appearing in your dream is a testament to the strength of your relationship and how much of a pillar he is in your life. Dream-husband’s behavior will also be interesting – if he acts out of character, or suspiciously, you may need to have a conversation with him. Perhaps there’s something you’ve recognized on a deeper level, but you’ve been ignoring it, and pretending everything is fine.

Dreaming of having a husband when you don’t have one in your life is a symbol of commitment, or the dream-husband embodies qualities you want a future partner to possess. 

Dreaming of your current partner having no teeth suggests that you feel suspicious of them, and think they’re lying about something. Is it time to confront them?

If you dream of searching for your husband, this suggests you feel your needs are being neglected, and more often than not, he’s not there for you like you feel you are for him.


Dreaming of ignoring someone or being ignored suggests that you’ve overlooked something which could really use your attention. It may also reflect your waking life, if you feel you’re not being heard.


Dreaming of being independent points to your nearly-limitless potential for the future. Your subconscious may be telling you that you need to break away from someone who’s trying to make your decisions for you, or that you need to stand up for yourself.


Dreaming of acting indifferent suggests you feel the need to hide your feelings – perhaps you feel scrutinized by someone – or you don’t want to be judged on your emotions. 

Dreaming of someone else feeling indifferent towards you suggests that you’re unsure of them in some way. Perhaps their decisions are confusing you and don’t seem to have an explanation, or they’re not being fully honest. 


Dreaming of infidelity indicates unresolved issues of abandonment when it comes to relationships. You may also feel emotionally trapped in a current relationship, or it doesn’t meet your needs. You may be searching for freedom or satisfaction elsewhere, in which case, this may be a sign that your relationship no longer enriches your life.


Dreaming of a kiss symbolizes tranquility, love, affection, and a sense of contentment, or fresh romance.

This dream can be a call that your life needs more romance in it, even if you’re in a relationship right now. Dreaming of others kissing may suggest that you’ve involved yourself too much in the lives of others, perhaps in a relationship context, and you need to give them some breathing room, or focus on yourself for a while. If you wake up while you were about to kiss someone, this indicates you’re unsure of your feelings for someone or how they feel about you, and the dream wasn’t able to play on. Dreaming of kissing someone who you are not attracted to can suggest they’re a projected part of your personality, and you have fully accepted yourself for who you are, or forgiven yourself for past mistakes. 

Depending on where the kiss lands in your dream, this can also have different meanings. A kiss on the hand is a sign of admiration or appreciation for who you are. Kissing someone’s foot suggests humility or a respect for them which is greater than the respect for yourself. A kiss on the cheek in a dream represents friendship, or warm affection. A kiss landing on the neck indicates desire, or wanting to give into desire.

Dreaming of kissing someone who’s taken (see also What Does Kissing Mean In A Dream?) suggests you may be jealous of what they have, or you just want something similar.

Dreaming of kissing your ex suggests you’re focusing on the past. You may also long for what seems like a simpler time, but this may not be the case – you could be remembering things as better than they actually were. 

Kissing a close friend in your dream speaks volumes about your connection and mutual respect. You may also want to get romantically involved with them. 

Dreaming of kissing a stranger suggests you’ve worked hard to accept yourself, and it will benefit you greatly in the future. Dreaming of a stranger kissing you suggests you don’t know yourself as well as you may think, and a future situation may prove you wrong.

Dreaming of kissing someone you’re angry at or a person who was an enemy in your dream suggests hostility, betrayal, or some kind of reversal in a relationship. If you dream of someone trying to force affection on you, you may feel that in your waking life, someone is not giving you the space you need, and they want their opinions to be yours, or they want you to do something you don’t agree with on any level. This dream may also indicate you’re refusing to accept a choice you made, or you’re ignoring part of yourself, and that will hurt you in the long run.

Dreaming of a bloody kiss signifies your passionate nature, and your full commitment to a relationship.


Love is one of the driving forces of humanity, so no wonder it appears in our dreams so often. Dreaming of love usually stems from powerful feelings in your waking life bleeding into your dreams, and you may feel satisfied with where you are in life, or what your life has. This dream can also be a wish-fulfillment dream, if you feel lonely or dissatisfied, and you need to adjust your life accordingly. 

Another form of wish fulfillment might be dreaming of a friend being in love with you. Alternatively, it’s a testament to the strength of your connection you share. This dream may not have a specific meaning at all, perhaps it was just the face your subconscious chose.

Dreaming of making love in public suggests your desires are going unfulfilled. You may also be questioning your ideas about love, sex, or marriage.

Dreaming of a love which you missed out on is an indication of an ‘ideal’ relationship, as your past love was not realized, so there were no problems to manifest, and you consider it perfect. In waking life, you may be searching for something new.

If you have a nightmare where someone tells you that you’ll never be loved, or you never were, this is a projection of an insecurity. It isn’t true, but as long as you feel it is, it will get in the way of your happiness or future relationships.

Love Triangle

Dreaming of love triangles may suggest there’s an imbalance in your waking life, most likely in a relationship. You may be wrestling with feelings of jealousy or a power-imbalance, perhaps you don’t make enough of the decisions, or you feel you have to cast the deciding vote each time, all of which are frustrating things. If you were in love with two strangers in your dream, this suggests that you may not take your current relationship all that seriously, or you long for a connection with someone else. A kinder interpretation of this dream is that these people are all aspects of your personality, and perhaps you’re using this dream to come to a decision and resolve an inner conflict.


A lover appearing in your dream indicates self-acceptance, or you’re acknowledging your value, which you have ignored in the past. It may also represent the misguided belief that you need a romantic partner in order to feel complete, or it will somehow fix most of your problems, or the lack of one in your waking life is a source of pain. The dream may also represent what you look for in a partner.

Dreaming of an old love may point to some unfinished business, or your current relationship facing similar problems, or you felt you had a deeper connection with your ex-lover.


Dreaming of lust usually represents desires which are going unfulfilled, or, conversely, you have been enjoying yourself too much, and you need to practice some self-control.

Dreaming of someone lusting after you suggests an inflated sense of self-esteem, or an otherwise distorted perception.

Making Out

Dreaming you’re making out with someone suggests that you want a relationship with someone you’ve only been friends with up until now, but you don’t want to lose the connection you have. Alternatively, if you don’t see the person in your dream this way, your subconscious is drawing your attention to traits they possess, traits you find attractive.


Dreaming about miscommunication or a conflict arising from it, suggests you may be finding it hard to be honest, or to explain. You may feel you’re not worth someone’s time.

Opposite Sex

Dreaming of being the opposite sex suggests there are some traits they have or stereotypically possess,  which you could do with adopting. Perhaps you need to be more outgoing, or you need to develop a more sensitive side.


Dreaming of someone proposing to you suggests you’re questioning your sense of commitment, or how far you’re willing to work towards a goal or a relationship. You may also be accepting part of yourself you had previously rejected. This could also be a surface meaning dream, in which case, I wish you all the luck in the world.


Dreams concerning waking relationships tend to be wish fulfillment dreams, and may be emphasizing what you want, or your subconscious is acting out your fears to take the sting out of them. Perhaps your relationship is suffering, and you don’t know how to approach it, so your subconscious is giving you different scenarios to play out. 

Dreaming about having a relationship with a stranger suggests you’re trying to connect with a part of yourself you haven’t been in touch with for a while. You may also be approaching unknown aspects of yourself in this dream.

Secret Admirer

Dreaming of having a secret admirer may suggest your subconscious has interpreted some social signals as a romantic interest in you, either rightly or wrongly. Alternatively, perhaps you haven’t been paying enough attention to your surroundings, and if you don’t start paying attention, it will cause some conflict. This dream may also suggest you need to reconnect with yourself – perhaps there are parts you’ve forgotten about, or you’re undervaluing a skill you possess. 


Dreaming of seduction is your sexual desires coming to the surface. Perhaps they haven’t been met lately. Another meaning is that you may be pressured into something you don’t want, or you want more time in order to make a decision. Perhaps you’ve given up your power to choose, and given that power to someone else. 


Dreaming of separation can mean that you’re longing for something to end. This may be as simple as your work day, or something bigger, like a relationship you’ve outgrown. Conversely, you may be afraid something will end, and you’re trying to eke it out for as long as you can. You may also be suffering from a sort of separation anxiety, which could indicate you need to work on spending more time alone.


Dreaming of being single when you’re in a relationship indicates that you’ll be offered help when an ugly problem rears its head, and while the offer is nice, you need to do this by yourself. It may suggest that you’ve forgotten how self-reliant you can be. Conversely, this dream may mean that you long for the freedom of being single again. 


Dreaming about your wife has a similar meaning to dreaming about your husband – it shows the strength of your relationship, the depth of your connection. Or, if you weren’t pleased to see her, there’s some underlying conflict present in your relationship which you need to pay attention to. You may not have been honest with her about something, and this dream is a sign you need to come clean.

If you don’t have a wife in your waking life, this dream wife represents traits you’d like in your ideal partner, or that you’re longing for a deep connection with someone. It may even be suggestive of parts of yourself you need to reconnect with.


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