What Does Getting Married In A Dream Mean?

This may be a fantastic dream or a very worrying one! It all depends on who you were getting married to, and what happened during the dream.

For example, dreaming of marrying a celebrity crush doesn’t have much to tell you (besides your attraction toward this celebrity!). Still, a dream of a wedding, in general, does have some significance worth paying attention to.

Just picture all that effort, time, and money that goes into planning a wedding, for example. You’re setting yourself up for a huge event, and while it only lasts a day, it marks a new start that will also change the course of your life.

A dream that involves a wedding usually denotes a fresh start somewhere in waking life, whether that’s in terms of your approach to life, a new relationship, commitment, or something else entirely. 

Similar to a wedding, there will be a noticeable before and after period when this change happens. 

But that’s not the only interpretation worth mentioning. Let’s take a look.

What Does A Marriage In A Dream Mean?

Dreaming of marriage can refer to impending change, but it also reflects your hopes and ideas for the future. 

This may not necessarily be in terms of marriage or relationships, but more of how you want your life to look like, what it might take to get there, and how you plan on moving forward. 

It may also denote your unconscious desires for the future, and any that might also be connected to other people. 

Planning a wedding in your dream, but not seeing it go ahead suggests that you have a lot of talents or skills, but you haven’t yet made full use of them. 

If you dream of marrying a stranger, this suggests that your life is lacking a deeper connection. You long to be completely understood by someone, and for them to utterly accept you, too. 

If you dream of being terrified while marrying a stranger, this implies that you need to be wary about other people making your decisions for you. 

Dreaming of seeing yourself getting married from a third-person perspective implies that you need to take another look at your life. You’re viewing everything from a very limited perspective, and you’re missing something vital.

A dream where you see famous people getting married, or you get married to a celebrity denotes that a current or future relationship will be absolutely everything you want. 

Dreaming of attending a stranger’s wedding implies that you should do further work on your spiritual path in life. Figure out what it is that makes you truly happy, and what you want from the future. Not just what other people expect of you, or what you think is a good idea.

If you attend a royal wedding in your dream, this signifies joy, optimism, and getting the best out of life.

Dreams of weddings also refer to creativity, vitality, drive, and expressing yourself clearly and honestly. You may need to improve on one or all of these aspects of life if you keep dreaming of weddings. 

Is A Wedding Dream A Good Sign?

A dream of a wedding can be a mixed sign, depending on your circumstances in waking life. 

To some people, a dream of a wedding when married in waking life is a negative sign. It denotes that there may be some negativity around the corner, bad luck, or a misunderstanding that you are going to struggle with.

It may not emerge as the biggest disaster at first, but it will progressively get worse until you decide to confront it with everything you have. It’s worth noting that this is an older dream interpretation, and it is just one of a few possibilities.

Dreaming of a marriage when you are single may denote your desire to be attached to someone in waking life, but it can also suggest that an event is going to come along and open your eyes to something new.

This could be good or bad, depending on whether you’re currently seeing things objectively or not. Or, it may imply that you’re about to enjoy an uptick in your social life or make a new connection with someone.

Dreaming of strangers getting married suggests that you have several paths in life to choose from right now, and the enormity of your choice is weighing on you. If you let the pressure get to you, you may make the wrong choice entirely. 

Are Dreams Of Weddings Related To Death?

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? You may be wondering what the connection is between weddings and death in dreams.

Well, weddings tend to denote a significant change in waking life, and this is also true of death in dreams. Both signal an impending change or upheaval, but they don’t mean death itself.

Some older dream interpretations suggest that because the meaning is the same, the signifiers must also be linked, but this is not true. After all, if you consider that most dreams reflect your emotions, but not the same cause, this will make sense.

Consider what type of wedding you see in your dream, and what effect it had on the guests to help narrow down what your dream is trying to tell you.

For example, if you dream of a great time with everyone enjoying themselves, you’ll soon have a lot of fun and enjoy a lot of love in your waking life. If you dream of the guests being bored, or something terrible happening, this denotes potential disaster or despair in waking life.

Consider also what the guests are wearing. Traditional wedding clothes in normal colors suggest positive times ahead, while many people dressed in black suggest misfortune or despair coming with this change.

Dreaming of many elderly guests or relatives suggests you’ll need to use all of your wisdom to get around a current scrape or difficult issue, but you will get there. 

It also draws your attention to time, and the need to be patient. Not all good things can happen in a hurry. You may also want to start making some progress toward your long-term goals.

Getting Married In A Dream

Dreaming of getting married implies that you are starting along a new path of commitment, similar to marriage itself. This might be in terms of your job, career, relationship, or hobby that you enjoy. 

You’re just starting on a pivotal path that may decide your future, and this dream may also reflect any nerves you’re currently experiencing in waking life.

Being The Groom In Your Dream

Dreaming of being the groom at a wedding suggests that you want to change some or all of your waking life. You’re not happy with how things are, but you may not be entirely sure how you want to enact this change. 

Being The Bride In Your Dream

Dreaming of being the bride suggests an optimistic or very happy time in waking life. It may also denote commitment or a fear of committing to something, depending on how you felt in the dream.

Dreaming Of Anxiously Waiting To Be Married

This is an interesting one. If you dream of waiting anxiously for your wedding ceremony to begin, this implies that you are currently in a role in waking life that you’re not comfortable with.

This could be anything. Perhaps someone has come to you for advice, but you don’t know what the right answer is, and you’re scared you might give them the wrong answer and be responsible for their mistake.

Maybe you are worried that someone has a distorted view of you, and you don’t know how to live up to their expectations. You’re worried that you’ll be proven right, and the doubt you hold about yourself will be true.

A dream like this may also suggest that the expectations of others are getting to you. Ask yourself if their expectations are fair, or if they are projecting their wants and hopes onto you instead. 

A Dream Where You Get Ready To Be Married

Dreaming of getting ready for your wedding suggests that you are anxious about a future event in waking life. You feel unprepared – even though you’ve done what you can – and you’re worried things won’t go well.

Consider who you are marrying in this dream, and how this might affect the meaning. Did everything go to plan in your dream? If not, there are several obstacles in your dream in waking life. 

Dreaming Of Dying At Your Wedding

Oh, no! You’ll be glad to know that a dream of dying at your wedding is not a prediction, nor is it a bad sign. In fact, a dream like this suggests that great change is coming into your life, and it may come about because of a commitment you’ve made.

Seeing Dead People At Your Wedding

This is an unsettling one. Dreaming of getting married in front of dead people can have several meanings, depending on the context. 

For example, if you dream of getting married and a dead relative or friend attends your wedding, this might just be your wish that this person could see you now, and how much progress you’ve made in life.

Alternatively, if you dream of deceased strangers watching your wedding, this reflects an undercurrent of anxiety in waking life. Ask yourself what you are so afraid of and whether it is worth worrying about. 

Or, a dream like this can imply that you’ll soon need to decide between two very similar paths, and you’ll struggle to choose between them. The supernatural element reflects the enormity of this decision, so take your time if you can.

Repeatedly Marrying The Same Person In A Dream

A dream where you repeatedly marry the same person (perhaps even without divorcing them first) points to how you’ll soon make a choice that will impact your life greatly. 

It will shape the course of your life, and may be huge enough to even have a ripple effect on the lives of those you love.

But this choice may not be a single one. Perhaps it will appear as a cluster of small decisions, and you’ll only be able to see the path beneath your feet when it’s already laid. 

Ensure you are careful with the choices you make.

Replaying Your Wedding In A Dream

A dream that replays your wedding points to a time in waking life that you need to commit to a decision, no matter how difficult it may be, or how worried you are of the things that may come. 

Watching A Marriage In Your Dream

Watching two people get married in a dream is an interesting one, as you’re effectively a bystander, whereas in most dreams, things happen to you, not to others.

However, this dream is a good omen for the future. Expect good news soon. When it comes, it will have a great effect on your life right now, or even your mindset, allowing you to go after the things you want most. 

Or, your dream can reflect how you are juggling your responsibilities as well as trying to keep some of your independence when it comes to spending time with other people.

Listening To A Couple Give Their Wedding Vows

A dream where a couple gives their wedding vows to each other suggests that things in waking life have been tricky lately. 

This may be in terms of your relationship with your own partner, or within your work life, something that has cast a shadow over other aspects of your life.

Or, this dream may predict a deepening bond between you and someone else. This may not be in terms of a romantic relationship, but a connection that will still last through difficult times, and see you through the worst that life may throw at you.

It may also denote a better understanding of the people in your life, and perhaps of yourself. You are starting to see things from a better point of view, and this perspective will serve you well in the future. 

Seeing A Wedding Band Play In Your Dream

A wedding band playing in your dream can have several meanings. The first, if you have a current partner, is that you constantly find yourself doing what they want, but at the expense of your own dreams and goals.

You may feel you have no time for the things that matter to you, and you’re only prioritizing what matters to them. 

Dreaming of an organ playing at a wedding denotes that your confidence is growing in a tough situation. It may also indicate that you have undiscovered talents which you will soon use to your advantage.

Dreaming Of A White Wedding

A white wedding in your dreams is a very good sign. If you see the bride in white, this is a good sign for the future, and denotes success and love. 

Dreaming that everyone wears white to a wedding is also very positive, denoting times of celebration and joy coming your way. It also suggests that you need to think positively, especially in difficult times.

Dreaming Of A Hindu Marriage Celebration

A Hindu marriage in your dream is a good sign. It reveals elation, joy, and how you will soon celebrate something with the people you love. It also denotes emotional acceptance from others.

Dreaming of having henna applied to your arms, hands, or feet suggests that you need to be more systematic about how you approach your problems. 

A dream where you watch a Hindu marriage suggests a period of tranquility soon.

A Dream Of A Muslim Marriage Ceremony

A Muslim marriage in your dream represents how you’re about to enjoy renewed satisfaction or love in your relationships. 

Dreaming of attending a wedding within a mosque means that you should expect good news soon.

Dreaming Of A Jewish Marriage

A Jewish marriage in your dream is a good sign for your own relationships, where you’ll enjoy an increased connection with them. If you dream of seeing a kittel, this implies that you are approaching difficult people and delicate situations in the right way.

Dreaming Of A Christian Wedding

Attending a Christian wedding in your dream refers to how your relationship is ready to go to the next level, whatever that might mean to you. 

If you’re single, and you dream of a Christian wedding, it may suggest you are ready to commit to something that will shape your life, or how you are helping to carry someone’s emotional load in waking life.

A Dream Of A Chinese Marriage

Dreaming of a Chinese wedding ceremony implies that you should expect some news soon. This could be good or bad.

Pay attention to the details in this dream. If you dream of a traditional red wedding dress, this denotes joy, prosperity and happiness coming your way. The brighter the dress and the surrounding decorations, the better things will turn out for you.

If you dream of attending a tea ceremony at a wedding, this suggests that any past hurts you’ve been carrying with you will soon be over completely. 

Dreaming Of Eloping To Get Married

A dream where you elope to secretly get married suggests that you’re trying to push past difficult problems with everything you have. 

You know you might not see progress straight away, but you trust your abilities that you’re not worried about things going too wrong, and you know you will eventually get through to the other side.

If you dream of running away from a wedding, this reflects your denial about a situation in waking life, or how you want to walk away from something or someone. You want things to be easier.

Dreaming that other people elope to get married suggests that your responsibilities are weighing down on you. 

You may be resentful of someone who seems to be enjoying themselves, apparently free of any responsibilities, and you wish you could be the same.  

A Dream Of A Civil Ceremony

Dreaming of a civil marriage or ceremony is a positive sign. It denotes that you’re about to enjoy a period of freedom, where you feel happier and younger than you have in a long time. Things will be really enjoyable.

A dream like this also encourages you to let go of anything that you’ve outgrown, including past events that you’re still dragging around with you wherever you go.

Enjoying A Hen Night In Your Dream

Taking part in a hen night in your dream reflects how you are about to enjoy some great times in the near future with the people you love. 

However, there may be an undercurrent of anxiety, where you feel you’re not making as much progress as other people seem to, or you don’t know exactly what you want out of life. 

Dreaming Of A Stag Night

A stag night in your dreams suggests that there may be a hidden secret lurking somewhere in waking life. 

Alternatively, it may imply that you should better connect with your emotions, and what they are telling you. Accept them, and try to see the positive side of them. This may also denote progress in understanding yourself more.

Seeing A Wedding Dress In Your Dream

One of the most important details of any dream that involves a wedding is the wedding dress. Consider the shape and the color. 

If, for example, the bride cannot move in the wedding dress because it does not fit, this is not a positive omen. 

It implies that something in life doesn’t suit you, or you’re struggling to adapt to something, such as a relationship, a job, or a lifestyle.

It may also denote problems with people’s expectations of you, or within your relationships. 

If the wedding dress fits the bride perfectly, you feel you have found the right balance in life, or the place you feel you belong. 

A red wedding dress is considered a very lucky sign, as well as a sign of peace, love, and joy.

An ivory or cream wedding dress suggests that you or someone else has the best intentions, even if this may not translate in the way you think. It also suggests that you’re willing to be more vulnerable around those you love, and commit to someone or something. 

Dreaming of a wedding dress that has many colors implies that you’re about to enjoy a run of good luck, so you might as well go after what you want with everything you have. 

Setting A Wedding Dress On Fire In Your Dream

This is an interesting one. To some people, setting a wedding dress on fire in your dream reflects how you want to break free from other people’s expectations. You feel trapped by them.

To others, a dream of setting a wedding dress on fire relates to repressed anger, outward frustration, and even hostility. You’re harboring a lot of resentment towards someone – whether that is your current partner, yourself, or someone you used to know.

It may also indicate that you’re not over someone or something that should really stay in your past. Maybe you keep dragging it around with you, and you’re unsure how to let go of it, or a current situation has you dredging up past issues that you’d rather forget.

If you dream that the whole wedding is set alight, this may point to trying to find disaster wherever you go in order to prevent it, keeping in a state of hypervigilance. 

Or, it can imply that you’re letting go of any ties with people you no longer know. It might have been a good while since you’ve seen them, but you were holding onto your connection anyway.

Trying On A Wedding Dress In Your Dream

A dream where you try on a wedding dress implies that you’re worried about a fast approaching new chapter in your life. 

You may not know much about this new phase and that’s a source of worry, or perhaps you’re doubting how you will adapt to it.

You may be questioning whether you should stay with your current partner, or try to keep your life how it has been, wondering if things would be better if they changed. 

Trying on a wedding dress in your dream refers to how you’re weighing up your options as best you can. Maybe your work life has given you a new opportunity, and you’re unsure of whether you should move on, or stay in your current job.

This dream may be a way of exploring your options and expressing your doubts so that you may wake up a little clearer about the situation. Consider the phrase ‘sleep on it’. 

Wearing A Wedding Dress That Is Too Big In Your Dream

Dreaming of wearing a wedding dress that is too big implies that you’re trying your best to fit into a role that doesn’t suit you, or one you were not made for. 

This doesn’t mean that you are unsuited for marriage or a long relationship, but perhaps you’re trying to be someone you’re not, or you’re incompatible with someone or a goal you’re trying to reach is not on your path.

It may be that you’re trying to reach a goal that you’re utterly unprepared for, or a dream where you don’t have the experience you need to fulfill it. Your dream may be telling you that you need to be patient, as you’ll make progress when the time is right.

Alternatively, wearing a wedding dress that is too big in your dream suggests that something impossible has come between you and your partner. Your relationship cannot move forward. 

It could be that your nearest and dearest believe that your partner isn’t right for you, and this is causing a lot of conflict and perhaps some doubt. Maybe you feel you can’t trust your partner in some aspect, which is undermining the stability of your relationship completely. 

Dreaming Of A Wedding Veil

A wedding veil appearing in your dreams implies that you want to share your life with someone, but you’re not being fully honest about how you feel. 

You may be worried about being rejected, or committing and then finding that someone isn’t suited to you after all. But this dream is telling you that you won’t know if you don’t try. Consider also the color of the veil for additional insight into your dream.

Attending A Wedding Reception In Your Dream

If you dream of having a good time at a wedding reception denotes your great connection with other people. 

If you dream of having a difficult time, or that you are bored, this implies that you are uncomfortable or detached from people in waking life right now.

Wearing Pink To A Wedding In Your Dream

Dreaming of wearing pink to a wedding or seeing a pink wedding dress relates to happiness, affection, love, and finding the one who seems completely made for you.

Wearing Ivory To A Wedding In Your Dream

Wearing ivory or seeing an ivory wedding dress refers to how you want to make a relationship more permanent than it is now, or you want to find someone to spend the rest of your life with. 

It may also suggest that you’re weighing up your current relationship, and if you should carry on with it or ditch it completely.

Wearing Many Colors To A Wedding In Your Dream

Seeing or wearing many colors to a wedding in your dream suggests that you are weighing up your options in waking life, and there are many things you need to consider. 

This is usually in terms of a commitment of some kind, whether that’s in the context of a relationship with a romantic partner, a job, hobby, or a change in career or lifestyle.

Consider the different colors you saw in your dream. Pink represents love and affection, and black and white represents objectivity and wisdom, for example.

Marrying Your Current Partner In A Dream

Dreaming of marrying your current partner reflects how you feel you are perfect for each other. Your relationship has ups and downs, like any other, but your connection is one of the best things in your life.

It may also come as a reminder that you should appreciate your partner more than you sometimes do. 

Seeing A Friend Get Married In Your Dream

A friend getting married in your dream suggests a period of transformation is around the corner, but it may also reflect a commitment you’ve recently made in waking life.

If you feel nervous during this dream, you’re notably worried about something in waking life, such as being swamped with problems, or having money worries.

If you see an old friend get married in a dream, this may just be a reminder of your previous connection with this person. Or, it may be a signal that you should consider reconnecting with this person. Perhaps they need your help, or you miss how things used to be.

If your old friend is dressed in white in this dream, they may be reaching out to you to help them in terms of relationship problems. 

Watching Your Children Get Married In A Dream

Dreaming of going to your son’s or daughter’s wedding refers to how you want them to be happy in life. You want them to be healthy, happy, and live long and fulfilled lives with someone they care about.

If your child is still a child in waking life, this reflects your anxiety that they will grow up in the ‘right’ way. 

If you dream of disapproving of your child’s partner, and you don’t want the wedding to go ahead, this refers to your denial of a problem in waking life. 

There’s something that you feel is going completely wrong, and you may not have any say in how to change it, just like the dream situation. Maybe you feel it’s not your place to interfere, or you will go against your instincts in order to keep someone you love happy.

Missing Your Child’s Wedding In A Dream

What a stressful dream. As you might imagine, missing your child’s wedding within your dream points to the pressure and stress you are currently facing in waking life. 

You may feel utterly unprepared for a fast-moving situation in waking life, where you feel you can’t find your feet, or your child is growing up too fast, more than what you are comfortable with. 

You are worried about what the future holds for your child, and you hope with everything you have that it will be kind.

Dreaming Of A Wedding Planner

Dreaming of seeing a wedding planner implies that you need to be more organized in waking life. You won’t get anywhere without a plan. You may have vague ideas of where you want to head in life, but without any sort of action plan, it will be difficult to get there. 

You’re not pushing yourself far enough, and you’re falling short of your huge potential, with nothing currently to show for it but frustration. 

Final Thoughts

Wedding dreams have a lot to tell you, depending on the context of the dream. They can also be incredibly detailed, so it’s worth noting down your experiences in a dream journal, so you don’t forget them. You can always revisit your dream later if you need to.


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