What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

Everyone who comes into our lives changes them. This may be a temporary perspective that their presence lends us, or something more profound which provokes a plethora of emotions. They may even change your life, even if you drift apart. Spiritually speaking, you may believe in soulmates or energy fields, or you may not. In terms of physics, every particle you’ve come into contact with has been forever changed by your presence, whether for the better or worse. Every time you’ve smiled, laughed, or cried, you transformed countless ones. 

Einstein’s theory of spooky action at a distance suggests that if you separate a particle and move half to the opposite end of the universe and alter it, the other will be identically altered. There is still so much we don’t understand about ‘crushes’ in the same way we don’t know everything about physics. There are countless old tales about being unable to sleep because you’re in someone else’s dream, and any old ties can make this more profound.

There is a myriad of meanings to dreaming about a crush (see also People In Dreams). Read on to narrow down the potential meanings, and find the one specific to you. 

What does it Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

Dreams help us make sense of our feelings, memories, and relationships. It’s also the brain’s way of checking that everything’s working the way it should. On average, we dream a new dream every 90 minutes, which is why things can change so suddenly in your dream. Maybe it was only a location change, or maybe your crush turned into someone else. Sadly, we forget the majority of our dreams when we wake, and it tends to be that the last 90-minute dream you had will be the one you remember. 

  • According to dream dictionaries, a crush featuring in your dream is your subconscious fulfilling your wish. 
  • Your dream can also focus on current relationships that influence your waking life. 
  • Strangers populated in your dreams can be different aspects of yourself. 
  • Your dream may also manifest hidden feelings about your crush, whether old or new.

Your dreams also recycle experiences, faces, and feelings in your waking life. There has been evidence to suggest that if your brain is incapable of recording memories, then you will have a lot of trouble dreaming, as memories are one of the core aspects your dreams draw from. If you found yourself thinking of your crush during the day, it’s no surprise to find them in your dream. 

Is this Dream Good or Bad?

Dreaming about your crush is a good dream. It’s a dream created from your own desire. Sigmund Freud wrote a lot about dreams, and how they are manifestations of our unconscious desires. In this perspective, our dreams seek to fulfill our deepest wishes, which may only get an outlet in dreams. In some cases, crush dreams can provide us with what we feel we lack in our waking lives, such as a deep connection with someone. 

What does it Mean if You Dream about Your Current Crush?

Dreaming of a current crush usually occurs in a dream focused on your desires. In traditional dream lore, dreaming about a current lover symbolizes a happy and long relationship, as long as you’re willing to put the effort in. It also means that this relationship will bring a wealth of positivity to both of your lives. If you felt the dream wasn’t a nice dream, perhaps you argued with them, or you don’t quite feel the way ‘dream you’ was head over heels for them, this may be that you’re worried about an aspect of your relationship, or the future of the relationship. 

What does it Mean if you Dream about an Ex Crush?

Dreaming about someone you once held a torch for is a warning. In some way, you’re not attaining what you want from a relationship, you’ve got an ideal image about what a relationship should look like, and this isn’t it. This dream can make you anxious, especially if the situation is complex, as things in dreams can be very cut and dry. Dreaming of an ex-crush is a call to examine your current relationship. Discover the source of your anxiety, and what this relationship might be lacking.

 If you’re single and dreaming of someone you once liked, this can reveal left-over emotions from that time. You may want a new relationship and your dream just happened to pick the person who your brain has associated with these feelings before. Dreaming of an ex-crush can result when you’ve been thinking of life goals, big changes, or the important role any kind of relationship can have in your life.

What does it Mean to Dream About Being Rejected by a Crush?

Dreaming about rejection can be caused by any kind of rejection that may have occurred recently in your life. Perhaps you’ve been let down by someone who you thought you should trust, or you might have a rejection in your professional life, such as a declined job offer or promotion. If this is a recurring dream, this is your subconscious telling you there are more interesting things to be concentrating on. A dream of this nature can also suggest a positive transformation occurring in your inner emotions or outlook on life.

What does it Mean to Dream of Getting Back with Your Crush?

This particular dream can mean wildly different things. It may mean that you miss the connection between you, rather than the person you had it with. Perhaps you want to rekindle the relationship, or it may mean it’s time for a new one. Dreaming of getting back with a childhood crush reveals there will be good news in your future, the kind you won’t be expecting. 

What does a Celebrity Crush in Your Dream Mean?

If you’re dreaming of a celebrity (see also celebrity dream meaning ) crush, this can be a confusing dream, as the desire here might not be the celebrity. They could be a placeholder for your relationship goals, a projection of the kind of person you may want to be with. They can represent someone already in your life. This dream is trying to pull your attention to something you want and are afraid of going after. The advice to take from a dream like this is to focus less on being sensible or being caught up in your day-to-day worries. Instead, shake things up a bit. Go after what you want, so long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else. 

What does a Crush on a Stranger Mean?

Dreaming of crushing on someone you don’t know often links to a new perspective. It can suggest there’s a new relationship on the horizon, or problems prevalent in your social life. If you have a very specific dream about a stranger and it feels very real – the kind where you forget your waking life – this reveals that you haven’t been showing your emotions lately. It’s also a sign of fear, perhaps you’re not keen on the idea of feeling vulnerable or looking weak, but no one can be strong 100% of the time. If you’re hiding from something or someone, this dream suggests it’s time you got out into the world again. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Crush on Someone of the Same Gender?

If same-sex relationships aren’t your thing, this is not a dream with a surface meaning. Dreaming of a same-sex crush symbolizes a desire for change. Our rigid ideas and what we think we want in waking life don’t always translate to our dreams, so the gender of your crush in a dream isn’t always significant. A straight woman dreaming of a crush on another woman can indicate a good time with friends in the near future. A straight man dreaming of a crush on another man can foretell future professional success or an unexpected journey. 

From a psychological perspective, this dream indicates you’re ready to start something important. This can be anything from a new creative endeavor that you’ve been planning for a while or a change in your career. Dreaming of a crush of the same gender can reflect the good quality of the relationships surrounding you, or reveal a new period of spiritual growth, or the chance of a new relationship that will change everything. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Crush Hugging you?

To dream of an embrace with your crush symbolizes that your wants are the biggest thing on your mind at the moment. A dream embrace can stand for a need to be comforted or reassured in some way. Perhaps you’ve had some bad news, or you feel lonely. It can also come as a positive sign for the future, that any current worries you have will shortly be unfounded. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Crush on a Friend?

If you’re dreaming of crushing on your friend, this can signify the positive importance this person has on your life. Maybe they’ve done something amazing to help you recently. It can also represent a deep desire for things to go right for you. Maybe there’s something you’re hoping for in the future, an upcoming chance at something or a new job opportunity. Rarely – though it does happen! – this dream can reveal your hidden feelings toward a friend. If these feelings are returned, then of course this is a positive dream. 

What does it Mean to Dream of Your Crush Cheating on You?

Dreaming of a crush cheating on you can represent insecurity or a worry similar to one in your waking life. It can simply be an outlet for this feeling, or it can represent your feelings towards others. Maybe you’re worried about a specific relationship developing further – perhaps you like the place you’re at now and don’t want to ruin it. 

Our dreams have a way of distilling our inner emotions to play out as we sleep, and any desire to push those down is silent. If you’re experiencing betrayal or any kind of rejection in your dream this can indicate how you’re feeling in your waking life. Is there a negative influence affecting you somewhere? Where have you felt this way, and why did it happen? What can you do to prevent the source of the negative energy? Taking a closer look can limit these feelings from happening to a certain extent. 

What does it Mean to Dream of a Crush on a Teacher?

While this dream isn’t one you’d usually share, it’s a common dream! It may be there’s a quality that you admire about a teacher (see also teacher dream meaning) and the association has got confused in your dream. Maybe they’re personable and approachable, and this is something you highly value in a partner. A teacher in dreams can represent our growth or what we’ve learned in life. While probably embarrassing, this dream is unlikely to be literal. This dream crush can signify a need to understand your inner thoughts better, or a need for an inner journey. It can also be a sign of good luck. 

What does it Mean if You Dream about a Crush that Dies?

Ah, what a horrible dream. The meaning tied to this particular dream is nearly as unpleasant as experiencing it in the dream itself. A dream of this type isn’t a positive one, but it doesn’t necessarily mean someone you love is going to die soon. It may just be emphasizing the impact they have on your life, and how lost you’d feel without them. That’s a testament to the positivity they bring into your life and the strong connection between you. How lucky you are. 

In older dream interpretations, dreaming of the death of a lover suggests a need to bring something important to a close. This may be a creative project you’ve not been willing to let go of, as it’s familiar and you don’t want the uncertainty of starting something new. It can be something with more impact, like changing a car or selling a house, or leaving a career you no longer find fulfilling. Dreaming of death also represents transformation and big changes in your life.

What does it Mean if you Dream about an Old Crush All The Time?

If you regularly dream of an old crush, over, and over, this suggests you still have feelings for this person deep down. While this can be annoying if you’ve moved on or if this crush was a long time ago, this is generally a positive omen. As long as you don’t get carried away by these emotions, this dream is an outlet for how you feel.

 If this dream carries on for months, it can symbolize a vicious circle you’re currently in the middle of. Have you got any negative habits or perhaps a negative frame of mind that’s pulling you back? Is your current relationship having problems? This can be a sign to confront your significant other and resolve it. Maybe you’re not in a relationship but have a crush on someone. The appearance of an old crush in this time frame suggests that you should express your feelings to them, as the crush in your dream doesn’t necessarily represent the person they appear to be. 

It’s also important to consider the people in your dreams may represent aspects of your personality or subconscious mind. In this way, having conversations in your dream can be particularly interesting! They can signify parts of yourself that you ignore to focus on a task when what your dream really wants you to do is to focus on yourself. Analyzing the overall tone of the dream in the context of its theme can be useful in decoding its meaning. This can unravel how you feel about your past crush, which you may not have considered. Details such as the weather, the setting, and how your old crush reacts to you can represent your inner feelings. 

What does it Mean When You Dream of Kissing Your Crush?

Dreaming of kissing your crush signifies a need for affection, love, and general harmony in your daily life. Perhaps this is something you currently lack and seek to change. This could also mean your life could do with a bit more adventure. 

What does it Mean When You Dream of Arguing with Your Crush?

Arguing with a crush in your dream suggests that you may not be right for each other. It can equally mean that you will never be with each other. Arguing in a dream represents the conflict it creates and any negative tension already present. This may stem from your uncertainty that you may never be together, or it can be a sign of your internal struggles manifesting themselves. Maybe your crush on someone is unrequited, and they don’t notice you. Perhaps it’s a resentment of the crush itself, and the power you give to someone else, and the vulnerability that comes with it. It may be a case of low self-esteem or a sign that you’ll meet the person who’ll compliment your personality soon. 

What does it Mean When You Keep Dreaming of Someone Else’s Crush?

This can be an uncomfortable dream! Are you feeling guilty about your brain focusing on the object of someone else’s affections? Perhaps you feel uncomfortable with the thought of your friend spending less time with you. It could be that you have a great dynamic with your friend and want something similar out of a relationship. Maybe you secretly want to be with your friend’s crush. Older dream texts suggest you may be feeling jealous or frustrated of their connection, but the beauty of interpretation is that you ultimately decide what your dream means to you. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of Your Crush?

Dreaming of a crush you once had signifies something new coming your way. This can manifest as fresh luck, new adventures, relationships, and opportunities. Like with most dreams, the meaning depends on the feelings you experienced. If you felt miserable, or there was something uncomfortable about the dream, a problem from your past will reappear. It can be an old mistake or an old, less-than-healthy way you used to cope with problems. 

Dreaming of a crush can indicate present problems, and dreaming of an old crush represents past problems that are still unresolved. If you’re in a relationship and dream of a different person romantically, this can be a sign of an unhappy relationship in some way. It can be that your brain remembers the qualities you loved in your old partner and you’re seeing them again in your current relationship. This is a good sign, as it means you know what you want, and you’ve got it! Conversely, maybe this relationship doesn’t fulfill what you hoped it would. Maybe you had a different vision of it, and the present just isn’t measuring up to your ideal. 

Maybe you and your crush are meant to be together, but if you don’t do anything about it, it may not happen at all and there won’t be a chance in the future. Expecting good things to happen and not actively cultivating them isn’t a great approach to a happy life, and you can apply this to anything. 

If you’re dreaming of a crush, the meaning may not concern the crush at all. It can be a signal that you need to focus on yourself – and I’m sure you’re familiar with the ‘Date Yourself’ advice. Maybe you’re not treating yourself how you’d treat a partner – with time and respect – and this is something you could be working on. 

What does it Mean When You Kiss Your Crush in a Dream?

Similar to before, you may be lacking affection or intimacy in life. Maybe there’s an element of trust or connection you need and just aren’t getting from the people you currently know. It can even mean you’re just bored with things as they currently are. It could be a rare surface meaning dream – you just actually really want to kiss this person! 

If your crush made the first move in your dream, it reveals you’re waiting around for them to start something. This might be a suggestion that you should make a move, as people can miss the most obvious signs in the world. Sometimes they only catch on when you explicitly yell “I LIKE YOU!” Leave no room for misinterpretation here. If you dreamed of yourself making the first move, you might lack the confidence to try in real life, and a fear of rejection will hold you back in any form of life. 

What does it Mean When You Dream of a Partner’s Ex-Crush?

This particular dream has a rather concrete meaning. If you find yourself dreaming of someone your partner used to date, you’re probably jealous of the connection they had together. Maybe you feel as though you don’t have one as strong, but that may just be that you haven’t been together as long. Perhaps you don’t think very highly of yourself and don’t believe you’re good enough. Putting your partner on a pedestal only leads to trouble and heartbreak. You may think that their ex-lover was better suited to them, but they may have just complimented each other in a different way to you. Stop focusing on the Ifs, and start focusing on the present. Don’t assume that they’ll see “what you really are” and run away to shack up with their ex because you’re so “horrible”. Trust that they love and respect you, and do the same for them. 

What does it Mean When Your Crush has Dreams about You?

This is a really nice one. If your crush told you that they were having dreams of you, chances are they’re giving you some pretty big hints. They might be testing the water of how you feel about them, so they don’t risk rejection with an all-out confession of how they feel. Pretty clever, huh? This may be one for you to use! 

Dreaming of crushes can mean new relationships and great opportunities in the future. How nice! If someone’s constantly thinking about you, it’s natural that you’d make an appearance in their dreams. A crush may not work out, but the experience will stay with you.

Is Dreaming of my Crush a Prediction of the Future?

It’s a nice thought that dreams can predict the future. A great illusion of control that gives us some comfort from the unknown. The reality is that while we can’t concretely predict anything from our dreams, dreams can include things we’ve subconsciously picked up on, what we wouldn’t normally notice while we’re awake, and that can point to the future. Dreams can reflect our current feelings, or how we think other people think about us. Dreaming of a crush allows our inner feelings about them to rise to the surface. To an extent, your intentions influence your dreams and can shape your future. Do you want to go out with your crush? Will you try and make it happen?

What does it Mean When You Make Love to Your Crush in a Dream?

If you dream of making love to your crush, it reveals that you’re ready for a serious relationship with them. If you’re already in a relationship, perhaps it’s lacking some love. A more negative meaning is that you believe love can fill a void in your life. This isn’t a healthy reason to pursue a relationship and suggests you need to work on your self-confidence and try to figure out what your life is lacking before you go into one. After all, you are your best friend. Once you’re comfortable with yourself, you’ll feel much happier. 

What does it Mean When You Dream of Splitting Up with a Crush?

A relationship coming to an end is rarely a nice experience. Dreaming of splitting up can symbolize a new beginning. If you were crying in your dream, and your crush was the cause, you may be afraid to say how you feel. Fear of rejection is common, but it’s not useful! It only holds us back from finding the truth. Don’t you want to know if your feelings are returned?


Dreaming of a crush can mean a lot of things. Perhaps you want someone new in your life, or you desire a better connection with the person you’re already with. While this dream can be a sign of a new beginning – or just wanting a fresh start – it’s important to look to the relationships already in your life. These dreams can represent emotional or physical desires, lacking or present in your life. To know the meaning behind your dream, examine your life and see what’s missing. It may be you already have it, and just haven’t come to appreciate it yet.


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