What Does Kissing Mean In A Dream?

Kissing is a huge part of our lives, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it also makes it into our dreams. We kiss to express our love, joy, pride, sadness, passion, and so many more reasons.

But there are so many ways kissing can take place in a dream, just like in life, making it difficult to decipher. After all, a kiss means something different to everyone, and it also depends on who it is you are kissing, too.

You might dream of kissing a celebrity, someone you know but don’t have any feelings for, maybe you kiss your partner in your dream or your partner’s best friend. What does it mean?

Let’s find out. 

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Why Am I Dreaming Of Kissing Someone?

Kissing in dreams has a lot of spiritual connotations. The first and probably the most important is that a kiss is a spiritual bond. Kissing on the lips is often thought of as a spiritual contract or how you are sealing something into your life.

There are many dream scenarios where you might kiss someone, and each has its individual meaning. 

Kissing someone romantically who isn’t your partner suggests that you have grown bored with your current relationship, and you want something new within your relationship, or someone new entirely.

If you dream of kissing someone passionately, someone that you hate in waking life, this denotes a dangerous situation where you might turn to something against your morals to get things done.

A French kiss in your dream may imply that you’re not being honest enough with yourself or those around you, especially when it comes to your feelings.

Dreaming of wanting more from a kiss suggests that there is a chance you might get what you deeply desire in the future.

The meaning is also shaped by who you are kissing in the dream, what type of kiss you share, and how ‘urgent’ it feels within your dream. 

You’ll find that most dream interpretations of kissing are linked to joy, contentment, and the happiness you see when you’re with others. 

Because this is an act that you do with others, a dream of kissing draws your attention to your connection with people, and how this is going very well or badly. Maybe you’re not considering someone in a situation that affects them, or you aren’t being that honest. 

A dream like this may also focus on issues that are affecting how you interact with others. Perhaps you’ve never moved on from a situation that damaged your trust in people, and now you avoid getting close to them.

If you dream of kissing an ex, this can imply that you are not over them, or the feelings that lingered after the breakup still affect you now, and it’s time to move on.

Dreaming of a fiery, snatched kiss where there is little time reflects waking life, where you are short on time, or you’re wondering where the years have gone. 

You may still have all of your hopes and dreams from when you were a child or a young adult, but you’re finding it increasingly difficult to fit these goals into your everyday life. 

It may also be a warning dream. Perhaps you’re not spending enough time with the ones you love, or working towards your goals. Maybe you’re too anxious about getting rid of your current problems that you think you have no time for yourself or those you care about.

You might be in danger of explaining away why you can’t fit your goals into your life anymore, instead of believing you can get anywhere with them.

Rarely, but occasionally a dream of kissing someone can denote your attraction to them. It can be even harder to accept this insight, especially if having feelings for someone would make your life very difficult, such as a coworker or a friend.

You may not even be consciously aware of these feelings, because you know exactly how complicated it would make things, but your subconscious mind doesn’t have these hang-ups. 

These dreams are a way of releasing these feelings, and perhaps a way of getting you to acknowledge how you feel inside, too. 

Who Did You Kiss In Your Dream?

Who you kiss in your dreams dictates the meaning, as you might imagine. What your subconscious has to say about you kissing your partner’s friend is completely different from kissing your partner, and wildly different from kissing your boss or a teacher in your dream. 

If you dream of kissing a friend’s partner, for example, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you’re attracted to them! Instead, it suggests there is a problem with the connection between you and this specific friend. 

Usually, these sorts of dreams mean that you are being deceived, or you are trying your best to lie to someone. 

Kissing a stranger in your dream implies that the very near future doesn’t have anything great in store for you, but after you overcome current hurdles, things will improve in your love life, or all aspects of your waking hours.

It may also suggest an improvement in your lifestyle.

Kissing someone you hold a torch for in waking life reflects your feelings and desire for this person.

Kissing a boss can denote increased productivity and recognition, but it may also refer to power dynamics, the role of authority, and how it affects your life. 

If you dream of kissing a friend, this can point to an uptick in your social calendar soon or an improvement in your relationship.

Kissing your mother means that you’ll soon have to confront problems that you’ve been putting off, but you’re about to understand them better.

A dream where you kiss your father reveals a new relationship on the horizon, as well as good luck.

Kissing a sibling in your dreams signifies that someone you’re suspicious of will try to get closer to you soon. Be on your guard. 

Dreaming of kissing children reveals that your current plans will pay off, and luck will be on your side in the next few weeks. 

These scenarios are covered more in-depth a little further down, but this summary helps to give you an idea of what ballpark your dream’s meaning is in.

What Kind Of Kiss Did You Dream Of?

Another important aspect of your dream is what kind of kiss features in your dream. As you might guess, a peck on the cheek in a dream has something wildly different to say than dreaming of a fiery French kiss. 

Dreaming of kissing on the lips can refer to a spiritual connection with someone, but it may also denote a new stage in an existing relationship, or someone new coming into your love life. 

However, don’t take this dream as a promise, as this will only come about through a positive lifestyle and an open mind. 

A French kiss in your dream denotes an increased passion in your life. This could be in terms of a relationship, but it might also refer to any hobbies or long-term goals you’re working towards. 

A dream where you kiss someone for no reason refers to your inner power, and your spiritual vibrations. 

Whether you dream of running up to someone and kissing them on the street, in a nightclub, or somewhere else, it can denote how you feel disconnected from others, and you want to reconnect.

You may feel ignored by other people, or even yourself. Perhaps you’re putting your needs aside to focus on a certain task or goal, but this won’t work for long. You need to work on acknowledging your desires and dreams to move forward, and not feel blocked.

Dreaming of seeing yourself kiss someone from a third-person point of view implies that you need to be more careful about who you want in your love life. 

Sigmund Freud’s Take On Dreams Of Kissing

Perhaps one of the most famous dream psychologists is Sigmund Freud, and while his theories can be a little wild for some, they are always worth exploring for a different perspective on dream interpretation.

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams that involve kissing are caused by a build-up of desires and feelings that you don’t want to consciously acknowledge, but they do need somewhere to go, so they are expressed through your dreams. 

These desires might be ones that you’ve already repressed in an attempt to ignore them, where you could be ashamed of who you have feelings for, but again, this is just another interpretation to consider, and it might not apply to your dreams.

Dreaming Of Kissing Someone You Know

A dream where you find yourself kissing someone you know in waking life is a mixed sign and depends on how you feel about this person in your waking hours.

If, for example, you fancy this person, and you have a lot of feelings for them, this is a great sign for the future. You’re about to enjoy a lot of good luck, and it also denotes success in your business relationships, as well as your personal goals. 

However, dreaming of kissing someone that you have no feelings for in waking life is a warning dream. It suggests that your current path or goal you’re trying to achieve will not make you happy in the way you might think or want, and it’s time to change course before things get tricky.

If you have criticized someone in waking life for kissing someone they shouldn’t, and then you have a dream of being a hypocrite where you do the same thing, this denotes some minor bad luck in the future.

You may fall sick for a short period, or suffer disappointment at the hands of someone you love and trust. But things won’t be all bad. After this period of misfortune, you will find a relationship deepening or transforming into something better.

Dreaming Of Kissing Someone You Like

Dreaming of kissing someone you like in waking life can make you ask all kinds of questions. Is this a wish-fulfillment dream? Or is this a prediction of the future? Are you about to get with the person you have a crush on?

Both are certainly possible. It may be that your subconscious mind is giving you the exact scenario you hope for in waking life, to give you some joy and some peace while your body sleeps. 

Maybe you don’t even know that you like this person on a conscious level, and your subconscious mind reveals it to you in a dream. It may also denote a spiritual connection with this person, too.

Another interpretation is that your dream is drawing upon the happiness you feel currently in waking life and giving it a different source entirely.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Kissing Dreams

Spiritually speaking, there is a lot to talk about when it comes to the interpretation behind dreams of kissing. After all, kissing is an intrinsic connection between two people and needs no words to be understood.

There is a kiss for every moment in life when you’re proud of someone when you want to show them how much you deeply love them, and when it’s time to say goodbye.

Kissing is a way of responding to your emotions, and this is also true of your dreams. Kissing in dreams reflects your deepest desires, those that guide you on your life’s path, and those you might be desperately trying to ignore.

Consider how you are kissing in the dream. A soft, tender kiss represents how you feel at ease with life, how things are going well, and how your relationships bring you joy and meaning.

A furious, bruising kiss implies frustration, passion, ignoring your intuition, those around you, or your progress in life. Things are difficult for you, and you may also run into some miscommunication problems with those you love. 

The kind of kiss can also mirror waking life circumstances. For example, kissing goodbye in a dream refers to how you’ve moved on to better things in waking life, where the past is no longer holding you back.

Dreaming of kissing someone and switching between loving and hating them at the same moment refers to upheaval in waking life, usually in a work context. 

If you dream of kissing someone and you don’t enjoy it, this suggests that you have a great imbalance somewhere in waking life between the different aspects of your life. 

Perhaps you’re not prioritizing your work life, or it is getting in the way of enjoying your personal life in some way.

Dreaming of wanting to enjoy a kiss but failing because your heart isn’t in it, your partner is a bad kisser, or you are a bad kisser reflects waking life’s anxieties. 

You’re not able to enjoy the good things in the present like you know you should, but this won’t be forever.

If you dream of kissing someone whose sex you’d never consider kissing in waking life, this implies that you want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and embrace who you are more fully.

This dream calls on you to adjust your life, as you are unhappy with at least one aspect of it. Perhaps you feel there’s something deeply missing from your life, and this unmet need is starting to shadow your every thought.

To some people, kissing is a vulnerable act, where you give an aspect of yourself to someone else. It can denote a spiritual connection between you or an energetic cord that ties you to them.

For example, I bet you remember your first kiss, and the details remain vivid. Who they were, how they felt, and how they made you feel in return. Whether they were any good, or if they were bad at it. 

What Does It Mean To Have A Dream Of Kissing That Feels Real?

This may in fact be a lucid dream. This is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming, to the extent that you can change the circumstances and events in your dream. 

These events are also very clear in your head, and you may wake up feeling confused because your dream felt so real. You may feel as though you are actually kissing someone in your dream, and this has some interesting implications for the meaning of your dream. 

But again, it also depends on who you are kissing in your dream as to what it might mean. Kissing someone you know in waking life can refer to the power you have to change your own life, and the influence you have over others.

Dreaming of kissing a stranger can suggest that you will feel compelled to forgive someone soon. Perhaps it’s not worth holding onto.

If you change something in your lucid dream, and the dream completely shifts in response, becoming a different scenario entirely, this may suggest that you need to look at circumstances in waking life a little deeper. There may be something you are missing. 

Or, a lucid dream of kissing someone may imply that you long for something to feel more ‘real’ in your waking hours. Perhaps you feel somewhat disconnected from others or the problems that are plaguing your thoughts. 

Sharing a very passionate kiss in a lucid dream can refer to the trust you place in other people, and how this may change your life’s direction more than you might imagine.

It can also denote your passion and joy for life itself, and how you are in a good place right now.

The Reason Behind The Kiss In Your Dream

This is another thing you need to bear in mind when you’re trying to find the meaning behind your dream of kissing, as it can change the interpretation completely. After all, there are many reasons why you might kiss someone.

Dreaming of sharing a passionate kiss with someone is regarded as the ultimate expression of love. There is a lot of love in your life, and you feel passionate about many things in life right now.

The more fiery the kiss, the better your relationships with the people in your life, and how they will develop soon. 

Dreaming of a caring or nurturing kiss can suggest you feel a loss of security somewhere in waking life. You may have money problems, or you don’t feel the love that you should have from someone close to you. 

Perhaps there is an imbalance in your relationship with them, where they take more than they give.

However, this dream can also draw your attention to your caring nature and doesn’t necessarily mean that someone in your life isn’t giving you what you need. 

Perhaps you’re in a situation that needs your caring side more than it needs your logic. Maybe empathy is the solution.

Sometimes that can be the most difficult task in the world, especially when your to-do list keeps getting bigger, and you get more and more frustrated. 

A dream like this urges you to find your peace in everyday life through the seconds and minutes, and feel love more deeply in your life. 

Dreaming of someone forcing you to kiss them implies there is something you’re trying to avoid in waking life, or something you’re living with but desperately hating. Your dream urges you to find a way forward.

Blowing A Kiss To Someone In Your Dream

A dream where you blow a kiss to someone suggests an uptick in your love life soon, especially if you are single. If you are in a relationship and you have this dream, this refers to your relationship going to the next level or developing a deeper understanding of each other. 

This dream may also suggest that your overall perspective in waking life is about to change completely. Perhaps circumstances will give you a different view on life, where you might be going wrong, and how you can adjust your course to fix things.

If you dream of blowing a kiss to someone you know in waking life, this may indicate your feelings towards them, or if you do so in a teasing nature, the connection between you.

Blowing a caring kiss to someone such as your child, niece or nephew relates to how you want this person to have a good life, and you’ll do all you can to make sure that this happens.

Dreaming of someone blowing you a kiss implies that there is some confusion in waking life. You’re struggling to see the right course of action, especially if there’s a problem that’s overshadowing all your thoughts. 

A dream like this also acts as reassurance if you are lonely, or worried about the future. As long as you keep moving forward, there is no reason you shouldn’t get what you want. 

Greeting Someone With A Kiss In Your Dream

A dream of greeting someone with a kiss suggests that an important situation is around the corner. When this situation lands in your lap, it’s important to go with it, as it has a lot to teach you.

Consider who you are greeting in this dream, as this can add to the meaning.

If you dream of kissing someone goodbye, this signifies that you are letting go of something in your waking life. You’ve enjoyed your time with them or it, but you are ready for a new direction in life that can teach you more.

Kissing Someone On The Lips In A Dream

A dream of kissing someone on the lips denotes spiritual connection, desire, love, and joy. It’s a positive dream as long as you feel positive about the experience, suggesting that your relationships will be easier and better shortly. 

You’ll enjoy a more meaningful connection with the people you love, and perhaps new people who will come to mean a lot to you will enter your life soon.

This dream may also mean that you’re looking for someone to demonstrate their love or commitment to you, or you’re waiting on development in your professional life.

Dreaming Of Kissing With Tongue

A dream where you kiss someone with tongue is a positive one, denoting happiness in the near future. However, in order to get there, you should consider who you are loyal to, and what would make your life better when it comes to other people. 

Sharing a French kiss in your dreams refers to authority and the power you have over your own life, so make sure you take care of yourself and don’t brush your health aside for things that won’t matter in the long run. 

An alternative interpretation of kissing with tongue is that it mirrors your optimism for the future. You can’t wait to see how things turn out. 

It could also mean that, while things have been a little complicated, you’re more than ready to move on to fresh opportunities that will spur you forward. 

For some people, sharing a French kiss in a dream reflects emotional vulnerability, and being incredibly open with someone. This dream may urge you to continue to do so, so that you may understand each other better. 

Just be prepared to listen when someone opens up right back.

Dreaming Of Biting Someone’s Lips While Kissing

This is a negative sign. Biting someone’s lips while kissing in a dream suggests that you’re not being honest, you’re trying to cut corners in life, or you’re not considering what others have to say. 

You may be taking what you have for granted, where you think it will always be there, whether that’s a person or a situation that you consider a constant in your life.

Maybe you’re getting too impatient when it comes to your future goals, and because you’re not seeing any progress you’re getting frustrated, and you may be in danger of alienating those around you.

This dream also denotes a loss of spiritual connection between you and someone you love. It could be that you’ve spent too long focusing on yourself, and not enough considering what they want or need. 

Dreaming of someone else biting your lip while you are kissing them suggests that you are on the receiving end of lies, or there is a lot of doubt in your life. 

Maybe you feel you cannot trust the words that come out of someone’s mouth, and you’re looking at their actions for the real truth.

This dream may also suggest that you always talk about the future and what you want, but you make very little progress in terms of realizing your goals. It may be time to assert yourself and start moving toward what you want out of life.

French Kissing In A Dream

Dreaming of French kissing refers (probably unsurprisingly) to passion, desire, and romance. It usually reflects waking life, where you have a lot of feelings towards someone.

This dream is most likely to happen when you’re not sure if someone else feels the same way, but your feelings are weighing on your mind.

Taking Control Of A Kiss In Your Dream

A dream where you take control of a kiss is a very good sign. It reflects how you are not afraid to assume control of a situation in order to get things done, and you also practice this in your own life.

You know what you want, and how you might get there, making concrete progress towards your goals. 

This dream may also denote how you will meet someone new with who you will instantly ‘click’. You’ll feel drawn to this person, and they may become a very important part of your life. They may not necessarily become a romantic partner, but they will have an impact on you. 

If you dream of your partner taking control of the kiss, think about how you feel in this dream. If it feels good, this is your subconscious telling you that you don’t have to control everything in order to enjoy life.

Some of life’s greatest pleasures come about when you let go of your control and allow life to give you a little serendipity. 

Pulling Away From A Kiss In Your Dream

Dreaming of kissing someone and then pulling away might seem like a negative dream, and you’d be right. Just as you’re hesitating or not feeling the moment in your dream, this denotes similar feelings in waking life.

You may be filled with doubt about something or someone, or a situation in waking life doesn’t feel quite right. Always listen to your instincts, and if something feels off, don’t go through with it.

Or, a dream where you pull away from a kiss implies that you take other people’s kindness for granted, and you don’t give them anything in return. 

This dream may signal that you’re about to meet someone new who is willing to give you everything, and you should be careful that you don’t take advantage because they are so free. 

It can also advise that you should give them the same in return if it feels right, even if you might be slightly uncomfortable with the idea because it’s not something that you’d normally do.

On a more positive note, pulling away from a kiss in your dream suggests that there is someone in your life that you can trust deeply. This may not be a romantic partner, but you hold a great spiritual connection with this person, and your bond runs deep. 

Or, a dream of pulling away from a kiss suggests that you should always trust your intuition, as you’re going to need it shortly in an emotional situation, or when money worries come to light. 

Dreaming Of Chapped Lips While Kissing

This isn’t the image of a perfect kiss by any means. Chapped lips in a dream imply that there is something wrong with your communication with others.

Essentially, a dream like this draws attention to what gets in the way of your relationships. Chapped lips in your dream suggest that you see all advice as criticism rather than a gift or someone willing to help you, and this creates a rift in your connection with other people.

Dreaming of having chapped lips and you kiss someone implies that you are judging others too much, and you don’t know their full stories to have a valid opinion on their situations. 

This is a relatively rare dream scenario, so it is important to take note of it when it happens. Consider also how your partner reacted in the dream, and if they pulled away or not, as this can add some additional insight.

Leaving Lipstick Or Lip Gloss On Someone In A Dream

Dreaming of leaving lipstick marks or lip gloss on someone after kissing them is an interesting one. As you might think, the level of detail in this dream is fairly nuanced, not focusing on the kiss itself but on the ‘reality’ of the experience.

Dreaming of kissing someone and leaving lipstick or lip gloss on their skin implies that you’re looking for a more long-lasting connection somewhere in waking life. Your current relationships don’t satisfy you in the way you feel they should. 

You long to share a connection that means something more to you, and for it to be equal. Consider who you are kissing in the dream, as this can add to the meaning. 

Pulling back from someone and seeing your lipstick on their cheek suggests that you don’t want to feel suffocated in life, but you do want an emotional tie to someone that has some spiritual link, too.

Kissing Someone On The Forehead In A Dream

Dreaming of kissing someone on the forehead refers to great affection, without sexual desire or romantic attraction. Consider who you are kissing in this dream.

However, it can also be a warning dream, depending on how you feel during this experience. As the dream draws your attention to the forehead, it refers to the mind, and how any negative thoughts you’re having might be damaging your relationships or progress in life.

Dreaming Of Kissing Someone’s Cheek

A dream where you kiss someone’s cheek refers to your deep connection with others. This may seem a little counterintuitive, considering a peck on the cheek is usually a brief hello or goodbye, but it refers to your emotional ties with others.

For instance, think of a hello or a goodbye that has stayed with you. This memory endures because of your connection to this person.

Dreaming of kissing a stranger on the cheek refers to how you are seeking deeper connections than the ones you have in waking life. If you are kissing someone you know on the cheek, this invites you to think about your relationship with them, and how it might be going.

If you dream of leaving a lipstick mark on someone after kissing their cheek, this means that you should consider the people in your life, how you might be able to help them, or how they can offer you some guidance.

Kissing Someone’s Neck In A Dream

A dream where you kiss someone’s neck refers to the sexual desire you have for this person, wanting to let go of all your worries for a while, or how you need to communicate better.

If you are someone who believes in chakras, it’s worth looking at what the throat chakra means to get more out of this dream. The throat chakra is all about communication and self-expression.

If the other person pulls away from you, this may denote a misalignment in your throat chakra, where you are unable to communicate properly, or you feel you cannot be honest with someone.  

Kissing Someone On The Earlobes In Your Dream

A dream of kissing someone on the earlobes refers to sexual desire and emotional intimacy. You want to get closer to someone. Consider who you are kissing in this dream.

Kissing Someone On The Breast In A Dream

A dream where you kiss someone’s breast refers to intimacy and sexual power, but also the nurturing side of yourself, and how you might want comfort. It all depends on how you feel during a dream like this.

Consider who you are kissing in this dream. Dreaming of kissing someone’s breast can imply that you want a relationship with this person, as their caring nature is a great attraction. 

However, it can suggest that you are sexually frustrated, or you’re wondering if you should stay with a current sexual partner.

Dreaming Of Cuddling And Kissing

A dream where you kiss and cuddle someone is a positive one. It means that if you’re struggling somewhere in waking life, the people around you will give you the confidence you need to go on.

A dream like this may also suggest that something in your past is stopping you from achieving all you can in the present, and it’s time you did something about it.

Alternatively, a dream of cuddling and kissing someone implies that life has a trial in store for you and if you’re able to meet it with everything you have, and all the creativity you possess, things will be fantastic.

Dreaming of kissing and cuddling your partner refers to the affection you hold in your relationship, and how you might be considering taking this connection to the next stage.

Being Kissed In A Dream

Dreaming of being kissed is one of the most common kissing dream scenarios. If you dream of your current partner kissing you, this reflects your tenderness for them, but also your experiences in waking life.

A dream where you kiss someone you know but have no romantic feelings for suggests that you’re about to see a lot of this person soon, or how you appreciate your connection with them.

Your subconscious may have also chosen this person because they have some traits that you need to incorporate into your own life. 

This may be a solution you’re looking for, if, for example, you dream of someone who is very assertive and a situation in waking life needs you to take control.

Someone Kissing Your Hand In A Dream

A dream where someone kisses your hand represents respect, just like the gesture does in waking life. But that’s not all it signifies. 

Dreaming of someone kissing your hand symbolizes a new beginning somewhere in your life, but it also represents the special aspects of a romantic relationship that cast a new light on everything in your life. 

As hands in a dream refer to joy, creativity, and grace, they are also a spiritual nod to how your choices shape your life, and how you may create something from nothing.

Dreaming of watching someone kiss your hand from a third-person perspective symbolizes your innermost hopes and dreams. 

Perhaps you’ve been focusing too much on the day-to-day goals and problems life throws at you, and not the things you want in the future. 

This dream is a call to get back to those, otherwise, you might never see them realized.

If you dream of kissing someone’s hand, this means you’re about to take stock of your life and how things are going, and what will make you happy.

Someone Kissing Your Legs In A Dream

Dreaming of someone kissing your legs is an interesting one. Your legs in a dream refer to your spiritual journey in life, your motivation, and how well you feel you’re moving forward.

Consider the state of your legs in this dream. If they look normal this is a positive sign, where you feel you are moving just fine through life. 

If they are dirty, bruised, or scratched, and someone kisses them, this reflects how things are tough for you right now, and you want a break and some comfort more than anything. 

If you dream of kissing someone else’s legs, this suggests that you are comparing yourself to others too much, or that you want to help others reach a better place on their spiritual journey. You want to help out with their problems. 

This dream may also suggest that you aren’t going in the right direction in life, or you don’t feel you can move freely, or perhaps you’re unsure of where to go next. 

Dreaming Of Being Kissed On Your Body

A dream where someone kisses you in different places on your body is a good sign for the future. Kissing in a dream denotes happiness and joy, so dreaming of someone kissing you all over is one of the most positive dreams of this kind that you can have!

But this very much hinges on how you feel during the dream. If you dream of only feeling satisfied, this may be a good sign, but it can also mean that you are becoming too self-absorbed in your own life and behavior. 

Dreaming of being kissed all over and feeling quite uncomfortable represents how you feel vulnerable somewhere in your waking hours. Perhaps you’re waiting for a situation to fully reveal itself, where you’re waiting on news that may decide your future.

Dreaming of someone who cannot wait to get their hands on you and you can’t wait to do the same to them is very positive, and suggests that despite the odds being stacked against you, you will overcome anything.

Kissing Your Crush Or Ideal Partner In A Dream

A dream of kissing your crush can get your hopes up. Does it mean that you’ll be with them shortly? Or is this just a wish-fulfillment dream, teasing you and reflecting your feelings?

Both are equally possible. A dream like this may mirror your hopes of being with this person, or it could be that you’ve picked up on subliminal signs that your crush is into you, too.

Dreaming of kissing an ideal partner – knowing that they are perfect for you – but you don’t know them or their features are indistinct implies that you are lonely, but it can also refer to how you need to work on yourself and your own goals before you consider a relationship.

Some things you just have to do on your own, and you don’t need a partner to motivate you or validate you. 

Kissing Your Wife In A Dream

Dreaming of kissing your wife refers to the powerful nature of the connection between you. The love you feel for your wife has become synonymous with your love for life itself, and she gives you an amazing sense of happiness and satisfaction.

But your dream is also dictated by the type of kiss you had. Dreaming of a passionate kiss refers to the strength of your relationship and your spiritual bond. 

A kiss as a greeting or as a goodbye refers to the more casual, everyday connection you enjoy with each other.

Watching someone else kissing your wife in a dream refers to your worry that something terrible will happen to your relationship. It’s not that you don’t trust your partner, but rather that you value your relationship so much that you’re afraid something out of your control will ruin it.

Dreaming Of Kissing Your Husband

A dream where you kiss your husband is similar to the one above. It refers to your relationship with him, and the strength of your connection. 

But there is a little more to it than that. A dream of kissing your husband is also related to your relationships as a whole, and what they add to your life. It may suggest that someone is planning an act of kindness that you will be deeply touched.

This dream may also denote your enduring love and affection for your husband. Consider the kiss you share in your dream. A passionate kiss suggests that you’re about to enjoy a better connection with him, where every aspect of your relationship will improve.

Dreaming of not enjoying the kiss in some way, or even pushing him off denotes frustration and conflict beyond what you’d normally expect in a healthy relationship. Has your relationship reached an expiration date?

Dreaming Of Kissing Your Ex

As you might imagine, this is a common one! It can also raise more than a few questions. Does dreaming of kissing your ex mean that you want to get back with them, even though you are pretty sure you have no desire to do so?

No, you might be relieved to hear, depending on your situation. It may be that something in your present is dredging up the past because current events are fairly similar. Maybe you have met someone who reminded you of your ex, or you saw your ex, and things were friendly.  

Alternatively, it can symbolize how you miss them, and that part of your life where everything might have seemed a little better than it does now. It could be that you do want to get back together, or you want a connection that is just as deep as the one you had before, or better. 

The image of your ex represents the aspect of your mind that has been shaped by this relationship, and how you miss them. It may also have you asking yourself if you are happy with your current partner, which may have been the point of the dream all along.

Kissing your ex in a dream can imply that something about your current relationships in waking life doesn’t satisfy you. Something is missing. You’re looking to the past for whatever it is you’re lacking, and your dream urges you to look to the present, and how you might get it.

This dream also reveals any spiritual ties still surviving your break-up. Perhaps you’re still connected on some level through the experience you shared. 

A dream like this may serve as a reminder of this, and how you might want this connection to endure, or to fade away completely, depending on how you feel during the dream.

You might also have a dream like this when they are thinking about you, where you subconsciously pick up on this through your connection, causing you to have a dream of them.

Alternatively, you may be comparing your current relationship to the one you had with this ex, and how much better things are now. This dream is simply a way of processing those old experiences you’ve dredged up from the past, rather than a desire to get back with your ex. 

Dreaming Of Kissing At School

A dream where you kiss someone at your old school suggests that some emotions in your past are affecting your present. 

It could be that a situation in waking life is reminding you of painful memories, and this is dredging up more emotion than you care to deal with right now.

This dream may also come as a warning. Try to avoid withdrawing from people, and make sure you listen to what they have to say, rather than dismissing it out of hand. 

Consider if you played any of the games that involved kissing when you were younger in your dreams. Spinning a bottle in your dream implies that someone new is about to come into your life, and they will make a great impression on you.

Playing kiss chase suggests that you feel cut off from other people. You long to reconnect.

Kissing A Classmate In Your Dream

Dreaming of kissing a classmate refers to how you are looking for reassurance or validation in your waking hours. 

A situation in waking life has you feeling under pressure, and you are worried about how you might meet someone’s expectations or a sudden responsibility that’s been thrust upon you.

As a classmate is your equal rather than a teacher in this dream, your subconscious is telling you that you have everything you need in order to solve your problems. Have some confidence in your own abilities, and you may be surprised at how far this might take you.

Kissing A Teacher In Your Dream

Dreaming of kissing your teacher refers to your desire for knowledge, and how you want to gain more experience to draw upon, and increase your confidence.

Or, it may imply that you want a relationship where you feel you are more equal, or that you will push each other to better yourselves.

Kissing Your Boss In A Dream

Your boss appearing in your dream can be a stressful experience, depending on the dream. So a dream of kissing your boss can be confusing, and it might even cause some awkwardness at work!

Within dreams, your boss symbolizes productivity, authority, as well as the wealth you gain through your own success and hard work. 

Kissing your boss within a dream mirrors waking life success at work. You feel things are going well right now, and there’s nothing major to worry about. You’re comfortable in your job, and how it adds to your identity.

Dreaming of kissing your boss rather passionately implies that you want your work life to be great, but it’s not there. Your line of work just doesn’t do it for you, and maybe it’s time to consider a new career path.

Kissing A Colleague In Your Dream

A dream where you kiss your colleague or someone from your work life can be confusing at best. Luckily, this dream does not mean you are attracted to your coworker.

Instead, the coworker in your dream signifies how you want to help others and feel you have a role to play. This sort of dream may denote that now is the time to make sure you do this to the best of your ability, as the present is the right time to reach out to anyone in your life who may be struggling with something.

As your subconscious mind picked a coworker to deliver this message, it’s likely that the person who needs your help is someone within your professional life. 

Consider the coworker in your dream, and how their traits may be applied to your own life to benefit you. Perhaps they are very empathetic towards others, instantly striking a connection with anyone, or they are very productive.

There are two other interpretations to consider here. Kissing a colleague that you don’t like at all can imply that they may be trying to work against you in your professional life. 

If you like the colleague you’re kissing in this dream, it may indicate some underhanded tactics at work, so be cautious.

Dreaming Of Kissing Someone You Don’t Like

A dream where you kiss someone you have zero romantic or even friendly feelings for is a bad sign. It suggests you’re about to go through some tough circumstances in waking life that won’t be your fault.

Things will be difficult, and it may even be that you’re put into a situation where someone will be controlling or manipulative. 

If you have a partner and you have this dream, it refers to frustration in your relationship, and even how you may be questioning if your relationship will survive long-term.

Kissing someone you don’t like in a dream may also reflect how you want to sever ties with someone. You no longer consider your relationship worth the effort, and you want your life to be simpler, and that means not having this person in your life. 

This may even be in terms of your professional life. Perhaps someone is making your job more difficult than it needs to be, or they are pulling the team’s performance down.

Dreaming of kissing a murderer in your dream implies that you feel your choices are not your own, or you have little say in what happens in your own life, and this is a great source of frustration.

Alternatively, dreaming of kissing someone you don’t like implies that several of your needs are going unmet, or something you wanted to happen has not come to pass. 

It may also be a call that you need to learn how to stand on your own a little better than you have done. Don’t expect others to sort out all of your problems for you.

Kissing A Celebrity In Your Dream

A dream where you kiss a celebrity is a very common dream experience, and it’s widely regarded as a positive omen. 

However, it also suggests that you are lonely in some aspects of your life. Your current relationships aren’t giving you what you need. Perhaps you don’t know what this is, but you must find out.  

A dream of kissing a celebrity implies that your relationships aren’t what you imagined they would be. If you’re in a relationship, perhaps the reality is vastly different from the idea of it, and you’re struggling to come to terms with this.

Being single in waking life and having a dream where a celebrity kisses you passionately refers to your desire for a meaningful romantic relationship. A dream where a celebrity kisses you on the cheek implies that there are many changes in store for you soon. 

Dreaming of your celebrity crush kissing you forcefully and you pulling away can imply that someone in your life is manipulating you. Your relationship isn’t what you thought it would be.

It may also denote that you feel you’re being ‘watched’, as celebrities live their life in the public eye. Not enjoying the kiss refers to how you want to keep your life more private than other people want you to, and this is creating discord in your life.

Consider also the ‘type’ of celebrity you dream of. Kissing a celebrity that is known for their sex appeal, for example, carries a completely different meaning to someone who is known for their documentaries!

If you dream of kissing someone who is known for being responsible and a good person, this reflects your morals in life, and perhaps a desire to meet someone who matches your views.

Kissing a celebrity to who you have a deep attraction for means that your needs are going unmet in waking life, or someone will confront you with an ultimatum of some kind.

This ultimatum may be in terms of your professional life, or your romantic relationship. Whichever it might appear in, you must consider your words and choices carefully before you act.

Dreaming of kissing a famous actor suggests that there is the possibility of a brand-new lifestyle or life stage, but you need to be your authentic self to achieve this.

Celebrities are a symbol of something far removed from your daily life in a dream and can signify how you want to start over in some aspect, or all areas of your life. 

Celebrities in your dream rarely signify the celebrities themselves. Instead, they symbolize the ‘ideals’ and the hopes you have for your life, and those ‘what ifs that may keep you up at night.

Kissing A Stranger In Your Dream

To some people, kissing a stranger in a dream represents your drive to achieve, as well as how open-minded you are when it comes to new people and experiences. You may long for change and a break from your current routine.

This dream may also be a call to assert yourself. It could be that you’ve fallen into the trap of being too passive, letting everyone take what they want from you, or allowing other people to make decisions for you.

A stranger in your dream can represent part of yourself, so interacting with this stranger can reflect your inner feelings towards yourself, where you are grateful you took the path you did in life, or you’re proud of how much progress you’ve made in life.

Some believe that dreaming of kissing a stranger suggests that you are focusing on all the problems in life instead of trying to enjoy yourself where you can. Perhaps it’s time to let your hair down a little and have some fun.

Kissing someone you don’t know can imply that you feel guilty about something in your waking life. It could also suggest that while you have responsibilities, you want to go after your dreams, and the rift between the two is making things much more difficult than you feel they need to be.

It may also denote something that is holding you back in waking life. Maybe you’re enjoying how things are, but you know this is not where you need to be in the future. 

It could be that you’re dragging your feet in a relationship or career, without really questioning why. Your subconscious urges you to explore why this is, and how you might unbind yourself, allowing you to move on and focus on what is important to you.

Consider also the appearance of the stranger in your dream. If you dream of kissing a stranger who is covered in dirt, and blood, or whose clothes are torn, this can imply that a situation in waking life has damaged your drive for life, and you’re not sure how to get it back.

Dreaming of kissing someone elderly implies that someone is slowing you down in terms of trying to reach your dreams. This might be intentional or by accident.

Dreaming Of Kissing And Cheating On Your Partner

Dreams are powerful enough that they can cause you a lot of guilt, even for something you’ve never done in waking life, or considered doing. A dream where you kiss and then cheat on your partner is certainly one of them.

However, it doesn’t usually denote a desire to cheat on your partner. But the feelings of betrayal are similar. 

You may be worried that your partner will one day hurt you in this way, not because you mistrust them, but because you value your relationship greatly, and you don’t want to lose them so badly that you’re worried something will come along and end it.

You might be surprised (or not) to learn that a dream of cheating on your partner is common after an argument, too. Your subconscious takes the resentment and frustration, and turns it into a revenge dream.

Kissing Your Partner’s Best Friend In A Dream

Hmmm! This one is arguably worse than the one above, but not by much. Dreaming of kissing your partner’s best friend doesn’t mean that you want to hurt your partner in this way, thankfully!

Instead, a dream where you kiss your partner’s best friend simply refers to their emotional connection with their best friend, which you are very much aware of. 

A dream like this can also happen when you get on well with this friend, but it doesn’t mean that you’re considering cheating on your partner. 

However, it can denote that there is something lacking in your relationship with your partner, and perhaps it’s time you explored what this might be.

Kissing Two Or More People In A Dream

Dreaming of kissing two or more people implies that you give pieces of yourself away too freely. You expect that by making yourself vulnerable to most people, you will strike a better connection with them, and it’s unlikely that you will get hurt.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. A dream like this can warn you that you’re trusting the wrong people, and you will soon learn this. 

A dream like this may also call on you to accept the emotions that other people are making you feel, no matter how strange they might be. 

A dream where you kiss more than one person may also suggest that there is a vulnerability in you. You want to be liked by as many people as possible, and this comes from a place of insecurity rather than anywhere else.

Dreaming Of Kissing Someone Of A Sex You’re Not Attracted To

A dream where you kiss someone of a sex you’re not attracted to is an interesting one. It implies that you have a lot of influence, and you let romance or your passion guide your way through life.

If you feel uncomfortable in this dream, as it’s not a scenario you want in waking life, this may suggest that there are people in your life that you should be paying attention to. Listen to what they have to say, and help them out if they need it.

This dream may also be a way of confirming that you are only attracted to the sex that you think you are in waking life. 

Sometimes dreams are a way of exploring life’s possibilities, and exactly how open or not you are to them, especially subconsciously, where your biases don’t really get a say in your dream scenario.

Alternatively, a dream where you kiss someone of a sex you wouldn’t consider in waking life can have the same meaning as kissing anyone in a dream, your subconscious just happened to choose someone different for the same symbol.

Dreaming Of Being A Different Gender And Kissing Someone

A dream where you change gender and you see yourself kissing someone is an interesting one, and it can be rather difficult to unravel. 

Some believe that if you dream of being a man and you kiss a woman in your dream, this represents the ‘dominant’ or what we typically consider the ‘male’ aspect of your sexual identity, and vice versa.

This sort of dream scenario may denote that you need to adopt the traditional qualities of the sex you were in this dream in order to solve a problem in waking life. 

Perhaps you need to be more assertive and assume control of a situation, or you should make sure that you are considering the needs and emotions of other people, and this may solve a problem for you.

It’s also useful to consider Sigmund Freud’s perspective in a dream like this. He suggested that dreams that involve physical affection refer to the power dynamics in a physical relationship, and the profound effect that sex can have on your mentality and the connection between two people.

Kissing Your Best Friend In A Dream

Dreaming of kissing your best friend refers to how comfortable you are in each other’s company and your strong connection to them. It may not imply that you have any romantic feelings for them, but this is certainly one interpretation worth considering. 

Dreaming of passionately kissing your best friend can denote some desire for them, or pent-up sexual feelings in general.

This dream may just denote the importance of this person within your life, and how much you value them. You always want their opinion and their advice, and you provide the same support to them, too. 

However, this dream isn’t wholly positive. It can imply that you are too dependent on each other, or other people in your life. You might be tempted to run to other people the minute you spot a problem in your own life, rather than weighing up if you can handle it yourself.

Making Out With A Friend In Your Dream

A dream where you passionately kiss a friend implies trouble with this person in waking life, unfortunately. 

If there’s something that’s always been a point of contention or conflict, this is about to widen into a fissure in your relationship, and you will both suffer for it.

No friendship is perfect, but you’re about to feel more disconnected from this person. 

Kissing A Female Friend In Your Dream

A dream where you kiss a female friend is rarely manifested through romantic feelings for this person. Instead, a dream like this usually focuses on your perception of the relationship you have with your friend.

Dreaming of kissing a female friend implies that there is a new relationship in your future, but this may not be romantic, or it can refer to an existing connection with your partner which is about to enter a new stage.

Alternatively, a dream where you kiss a female friend suggests that you have a lot of curiosity, and this has served you well in waking life so far. You are always looking for the next ‘new’ thing or experience to expand your knowledge.

Dreaming Of Kissing A Male Friend

Kissing a male friend in a dream represents how you always rely on him in times of need, and you expect him to be there for you no matter what. 

This dream is a testament to the connection you share, and how you can trust him with anything.

If you aren’t attracted to men, and you dream of kissing a male friend, this dream does not have any sexual connotations. Instead, it demonstrates the important role that this person has in your life, and how well you treat each other. 

A dream like this may also denote the emotions in this relationship that might overwhelm you occasionally, and it also speaks of your spiritual connection with this person, too.

Kissing Family In Your Dream

Dreaming of kissing a family member relates to your creative path, and how well you use your creative side in everyday life, not necessarily just in a creative hobby or job.

This also feeds into how your creativity drives you, and if your creative juices are blocked lately. Dreaming of kissing family in your dreams also refers to your caring nature, and your motivation to help and care for other people.

Consider which family member you are kissing in this dream, as this affects the meaning. Kissing your grandparents in a dream draws your attention to how you give a lot of joy to other people in many ways.

Kissing your aunt refers to your efforts in trying to strengthen your connection with a woman in your family. Kissing your uncle in a dream suggests that you have some hang-ups when it comes to family, ones that you haven’t managed to move past.

Kissing a cousin in your dream implies that they will ask for your support soon. Dreaming of kissing a nephew or a niece points to a fantastic time shortly.

Kissing a step-dad in your dream suggests that you want someone to solve any outstanding problems you have weighing on your mind in waking life. Kissing a step-mom reflects how you need someone to emotionally support you in a difficult time.

Dreaming of kissing your family sexually is a disturbing dream, so you’ll be relieved to know that it only refers to your hope that they will look after you in the same way you try to look after them.

Kissing Your Mother In A Dream

Dreaming of kissing your mother is an interesting one. As you might imagine, the meaning hinges on your waking life relationship with your mother.

While popular media and even society usually assume that your relationship with your mother is one of the most important, this isn’t always true, and will still reflect in your dream. 

For example, if you have a troubled relationship with your mom at best, and dream of kissing her, this reflects your deep desire for resolution. You want things to be good between you. There have been too many years when things have been bad.

Dreaming of kissing your mother as she dies is a horrible experience, but it doesn’t denote death in waking life. It mirrors the great connection between you.

If you dream of being a child again and you kiss your mother, this mirrors how you are looking for comfort and support in waking life.

The act of kissing your mother in a dream refers to how you look to her for emotional support, and your connection is a strong one.

Kissing Your Brother In A Dream

Kissing your brother in a dream relates to your connection with him in waking life, especially if the kiss was a caring one.

If you dream of kissing your brother sexually, it does not mean you hold feelings for him. 

Older dream interpretation suggests that to kiss your brother in a dream means that you’ll run into conflict or arguments in the future, but things will turn out as well as they can.

Dreaming Of Kissing A Baby

The dream symbol of a baby is overwhelmingly positive, denoting new opportunities that will come to shape your life for the better. They represent innocence, hope, and fresh chances in life, as well as a turning point in your spiritual path.

This is especially true if you don’t have a baby in your waking life. Otherwise, they denote the powerful connection between the both of you, and how you hope your baby will have a good life.

Dreaming of kissing a baby on its forehead reflects your caring nature, but also your affection that you hold for someone in waking life. 

If you dream that someone else holds your baby and doesn’t let you have it back, this can imply that you’re giving away some of your power or agency over your own life. You’re letting opportunities slip through your fingers.

Showing affection to a baby in your dreams can represent how you will push through any current worries, achieving tranquility and happiness. 

A dream that focuses on the appearance of the baby may be a reference to how you feel a loss of security somewhere in waking life, or some sort of upheaval. 

However, dreaming of seeing someone hold a baby and you kiss its forehead implies that you’re about to see a lot of interesting events in the future, and they may open up new paths for you.

Kissing A Dog In A Dream

Firstly, it’s useful to know what a dog means in a dream to help you understand this dream scenario. In dreams, a dog represents the ultimate loyalty or someone who is completely loyal to you, and you to them.

This dream scenario may also refer to honesty, the safety you feel around those you love, belonging, intuition, and connection.

If you dream of kissing a dog on the head, this refers to the guiding values that see you through life. You have a pretty good idea of what you want life to look like, and this motivates you more than anything else could.

Dreaming of kissing a dead or dying dog (see also Dead Dog Dream Meaning And Interpretation) goodbye implies that a situation in your life is about to completely change. Your loyalties may change as a result. It may also suggest that you will go to other people for advice.

Seeing a dog ‘kiss’ another dog refers to two people in your life who you have an easy and important relationship with.

If you dream of kissing a dog that is upset or aggressive, this may represent someone in your waking life that you are loyal to, and how this person needs your help. 

A dream where you comfort an abandoned dog by kissing it and then rescuing it implies that you are about to overcome an internal struggle through your own power, without the need to talk to someone else.

Dreaming Of Kissing A Cat

A dream where you kiss a cat suggests that you trust your intuition more than anything else, and it’s not led you astray so far. 

A cat in your dream also refers to your independence, your confidence, and your willingness to take a different path from what people want or expect of you.

A dream where you kiss and stroke a cat refers to the way you express yourself, and perhaps how honest you are when it comes to expressing your truest emotions to others. 

A cat may also appear in your dreams when it’s time to listen to your instincts, and how a situation will turn out much better than you might imagine if you make sure you follow your intuition, not what people want you to do, or advice you trust over your own experience.

If you dream of kissing a black cat, this denotes great luck in waking life, but it may also refer to your shadow self, where you should be taking a look at any repressed thoughts or memories you may be held back by.

A dream where you kiss a black cat and it attacks you suggests that you are ignoring your instincts, and this will prove to be your downfall. For some reason, you don’t trust yourself nearly as much as you should, and this may cost you in the future. 

Dreaming of kissing a kitten (see also Kitten Dream Meaning And Interpretation) implies that you have the potential to make a great deal of progress or to make your own luck. You are on the right path.

Kissing A Statue Or The Ground In A Dream

This dream isn’t as common as kissing someone, but it is worth looking at. Dreaming of kissing a statue or the ground can denote a problem in your relationships. 

You may feel that you don’t receive the respect you treat other people with, and this is a source of great frustration and hurt. 

A dream like this may also imply that you should share your knowledge with others in order to get further in life and strengthen your relationships. 

It can also suggest that you’re not seeing other people’s motivations clearly, and you’re taking things the wrong way. 

Kissing Someone Who Is Dying In A Dream

Not exactly the most pleasant of dreams, but it is worth exploring. A dream where you kiss someone who is dying can refer to the past if you have had to do this in waking life. 

It also denotes the connection that still exists between you, and how much this relationship still means to you.

If you haven’t had an experience like this in waking life, do not worry. It is not a sign of things to come. Instead, it refers to an impending transformation in your life, that will come to change everything you are, and perhaps everything you want, too.

Death in dreams usually denotes great change that will see a complete shift in your responsibilities and priorities, and it will come with a lot of upheavals. It suggests that in order for this change to happen, something must ‘die’ to make room for it to begin.

This might be a lifestyle, an outlook you’ve outgrown, or a relationship that no longer means anything near what it used to. 

Dreaming Of Kissing Someone Who Has Died

Ah, how horrible. A dream where you kiss someone who has died implies that you are worried someone has betrayed you in some way, and this may even be yourself, which is especially true if you dream of a stranger dying.

Perhaps you’ve gone against your morals in some aspect, or done something you promised you never would. 

Consider the person who died in your dream. Is it someone who has passed in waking life? Or just someone you know now? 

The person who you are dreaming of dictates the meaning behind this dream. 

For example, dreaming of kissing an ex while they are dying suggests that you don’t appreciate what someone in waking life does for you, or you are unable to forget about your relationship with your ex.

Dreaming of kissing a parent who has died in your dream means that you have some new responsibilities that you need to concentrate on.

Kissing A Vampire In Your Dream

This is an interesting one. A kiss from a vampire in your dreams can be a sign of luck, but it may also denote great unhappiness in your relationships right now. 

It depends on how you feel during this dream, and exactly what might be happening in your waking life. 

For example, if you are dissatisfied with your romantic partner, perhaps all you do is argue these days, and you have a dream of a vampire kissing you, this represents your despair, and anxiety that things are not salvageable between you. 

It can also represent an element of danger, as a vampire is a deadly hunter of humans in folklore. It could be that you feel there’s a great imbalance between you and your romantic partner or a situation you’re deeply involved in.

Dreaming of kissing a vampire can also be a positive sign, especially if you wanted the vampire to kiss you. It denotes great passion in your love life, as well as an uptick in your social calendar soon.

A vampire kiss that turns into a bite in your dreams can suggest a current situation that will lead to a few problems with the people you love. Perhaps someone’s weakness will turn into an issue.

It may also denote emotional vulnerability in a relationship, whether that’s romantic or otherwise.

Kissing Someone Unstable In Your Dream

This is an interesting one. Dreaming of kissing someone mentally unstable to the point where you cannot predict their behavior suggests that you feel overwhelmed by waking life and its problems. 

Things are very unpredictable for you right now, and you don’t know where to begin when it comes to tackling your to-do list. 

Maybe you’re facing a lot of upheaval, where things you once took for granted, such as your job or a relationship are now not as stable or as constant as you once thought.

What Does It Mean To Keep Dreaming Of Kissing?

While dreams of kissing can be very positive, recurring dreams involving kissing tend to be less so, as repeating dreams usually have a message that you’ve not taken notice of just yet. 

Repeating dreams about kissing refers to feeling exposed or vulnerable in waking life. Unfortunately, these feelings are becoming familiar to you, making this dream symbol a signifier of anxiety rather than positivity. 

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad dream to have. Yes, it does have a somewhat negative interpretation, but this can be positive, drawing your attention to how you can change your life for the better.

If you don’t have these recurring dreams, then you might not feel as motivated to adjust your life, and you might be tempted to just carry on as you are. Repeating dreams of this kind can be a call to action, to make your life into more of what you want.

Positive Changes Are Coming, If: 

  • You enjoy the kiss in your dream
  • You feel positive during this dream
  • You wake up happy
  • You feel loved during this dream

Final Thoughts

Dreams of kissing can be difficult at first to unravel, simply because there are so many factors to consider, and each dream is different. 

Most dreams of kissing refer to a spiritual connection you have with this partner in your dream, but this may not be in romantic terms. 

Dreams like this are usually very positive, and can mean a new path in life, a deeper connection with someone you love, or a desire to start afresh somewhere in your waking life.

Always pay attention to the details in your dream, as these point the way to the dream’s individual meaning. Consider who you are kissing, and how this might apply to your daily life and current events.


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