Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With B — Part 3



Dreaming of placing a bet indicates that your recent behavior has been hasty or risky, particularly in your professional or love life. You’ve made a choice that could have some nasty consequences.

It’s time to use your logic, and tread carefully. You may be able to minimize or even eliminate the risk of damage. 


Dreaming of being betrayed is your subconscious playing out your suspicions. You’re wary about someone, a relationship in your life, or an ongoing situation. This dream is providing you with a healthy outlet to these feelings, where you may not otherwise be able to confide in someone. 

It’s common to have this dream when you have a lot of commitments, but you’re not sure that you can handle them or your responsibilities.

Dreaming of someone betraying you reflects self-pity. You feel ignored, spited, or victimized in some way.

Betta Fish

Dreaming of a betta fish is a sign that your repressed thoughts are close to the surface of your mind. You may be ready to deal with them

If you dream of two betta fish, you are struggling to reconcile conflicting situations at once. This is particularly symbolic as betta fish are very aggressive, and can fight to the death. 


Dreaming of drinking a beverage symbolizes how well you absorb new ideas and incorporate them into your life. 

This dream can also be a play on your ‘thirst’ for something – wisdom, power, achievement, or wealth. 

If you were particularly desperate for a drink, but you couldn’t have one, or all that came out was sand, this reflects your fears of being unable to achieve your dreams. 

Try to remember what you were drinking during this dream to help inform the meaning.


Dreaming of being bewildered indicates you are torn between two conflicting opinions. 

You’re not sure how to go about reconciling them. This indecision may become paralytic if you’re not careful, and you could be in danger of letting the opportunities pass you by.

Dreams about intense confusion are often shock or confusion bleeding through from waking life, brought on by troubling situations.   


Dreaming of a bible represents faith, knowledge, and truth. Your dream is attempting to provide some comfort to you. It may also suggest that you need to turn to your moral compass for guidance.

If you dream of a specific verse, this may be advice that you need to take stock of. 

Dreaming of buying a bible indicates that you’re feeling guilty about your recent actions, and you feel the need to justify them.


Dreaming of riding a bicycle indicates that you are seeking a balance in life. This could be between work and family, or trying to spend time with your partner and your family and friends. 

If you struggle to ride the bicycle in your dream, you’re worried about your own capability.

Dreaming of riding a push-bike suggests that you want to take things at your own pace or within your own power, rather than have someone else interfering. Perhaps someone’s trying to help you, and they’re being a little too insistent. 

Dreaming of seeing a bicycle indicates that you’ve been focused too much on work. You need to get some rest, and do something for the sake of enjoying it.

Dreaming of riding tandem on a bicycle reflects the balance and acceptance you’ve achieved within your life. 

Previously, you’ve rejected parts of yourself or your partner, and you’ve only recently reconciled these, but it has brought you a lot of peace. 

Dreaming of being chased by two people on a tandem bike reflects how you’re fighting someone or something, which will be painful in the long run. It may also burn you out.

The color of the bicycle itself can inform the dream’s meaning. If you felt it was important, or it was the color of your childhood bike, this dream can represent your childhood at that point in time.


Dreaming of a bier symbolizes coming grief or loss in your life.


Dreaming of someone or something is bigger than it is in waking life suggests an inflated opinion, of yourself, of someone who doesn’t deserve it, or of a situation that won’t turn out the way you expect. 

Dreaming of a large figure is a reference to power, either of an authority figure or your own inner power. This dream could be telling you that you have a much greater say over something than you originally thought. 

Big Bird

Dreaming of Big Bird symbolizes a deep connection with someone, and accepting yourself. It can also embody a curious nature.  

Dreaming of Big Bird can also be a link to your childhood, reminding you of something important you have forgotten.


Dreaming of being a bigamist indicates you’re struggling to make a weighty decision. You don’t know what the right answer is, but you wish you could choose both options. 

At the very least, you’d like some insight into where each choice would lead you. Is it time to ask for some opinions?

Dreaming of marrying a bigamist is your subconscious telling you to be wary of others. In particular, someone close to you is deceiving you. 


Dreaming of Bigfoot embodies the supernatural, what is unknown, and your unconscious mind.

Dreaming of Bigfoot can also suggest that you are not being your true self in front of others. You are creating a false impression of yourself.

Driving a bigfoot truck in your dream reflects how you never let anyone take the ‘steering wheel’ of your life. You have complete control, and you know how precious that is when it comes to your own life.


Dreaming of wearing a bikini reflects a feeling of vulnerability, you feel exposed in some way, or you fear your behavior is inappropriate in a delicate situation. 

This dream can also point to regressing to your youth, or even focusing on immediate desires rather than a long-term goal.


Dreaming of bile reflects an upset in your equilibrium. You are quick to anger as a result. 

As horrible as it sounds, the color can reflect the root of the disruption. A dark color points to depression, or grief. A light color points to rage.


A billboard appearing in your dream is a ‘sign’. This message will help you toward achieving your goals, so try to think back to what it might be telling you.


Dreaming of seeing bills – unsurprisingly – indicates money worries. You are concerned about meeting your responsibilities.

Dreaming of receiving bills reflects a worry of something coming back to haunt you. 


Dreaming of playing billiards indicates that you’re either a sore winner, or a sore loser. Learn to be either with grace, and accept the things you cannot change. 

For those things you can, you may need to devote more time to them. 


Dreaming of being a billionaire points to your life-long desires. You want to be in a position of power, where you never need to worry about money again. 

Your subconscious mind may be telling you that you need to work more in order to get there. 

Or, your dream is calling your attention to the void between your aspirations and where you are now. This will hopefully serve as a motivational tool, rather than being a depressing thought.


Dreaming of a binder suggests that you need to be more organized. You risk veering off track. Is there something you’ve overlooked? Try to remember what was in the binder.

Or, this dream may indicate that you need to incorporate something into your life. There is a quality in someone or something that you could do with adopting.

Or, the binder can represent your responsibilities which keep you grounded.


Dreaming of playing bingo embodies an epiphany which will sneak up on you, and you will realize something important because of this dream. 

Pay special attention to it – the details will be able to point you in the right direction.


Dreaming of looking through binoculars is a clear sign that you’ve been overlooking something. Something needs your full attention. Perhaps you need to take another look at a recent decision you’ve made.


Dreaming of bioluminescence has two different meanings. Either, you are craving attention, or, now is the time to ‘glow’ yourself, to really show other people the best of you, and to prove it to yourself.


Dreaming of a birch tree suggests that something you’ve done in the past is still affecting you. You need to let go of self-punishing behavior, and forgive yourself.


Birds in your dream represent the highest goals you hold for yourself, both those which are plausible, and those which may be much harder to achieve. 

If you dream of flying or singing birds, you feel lighter than you did before, spiritually speaking. You feel free. 

Dreaming of dead, dying, or ill birds (see also Spiritual Meaning Of Dead Birds) represents a difficult time ahead. You will experience disappointments, or you’ll waste time worrying instead of enjoying the present moment.

Dreaming of birds attacking you indicates that you’re spiritually conflicted. You feel there are too many things to go wrong. You’re not in the right mindset to see opportunities, and all you see is potential problems.

If you dream of birds trying to break into a house, you’re not going after what you long for. People are making your decisions for you, and this is a slippery slope.

Dreaming of bird eggs (see also Egg Dream Symbolism) represents wealth. If you dream of birds hatching, this indicates that you will be successful, but there will be some delay before you find out that things have turned out well.

Dreaming of a bird nest represents a safety net, your independence, or thoughts of home. You may be in the middle of a tricky situation, where you long to have a contingency of some sort.

Dreaming of a bird’s beak being stuck in your neck indicates that you’ve been enjoying local gossip a little too much. You’ve stuck ‘your beak’ into the affairs of other people, and it may come back to bite you.

Dreaming of a bird singing near a fire represents someone whose passion for something is all-consuming.

Bird’s Eye View

Dreaming of a bird’s eye view indicates that you have a good handle on your own perception of life as it is, right now. It may refer to a new perspective that will serve you well in the future.

Or, this dream is warning you that you’re not looking at the full picture. There’s something vital that you’re missing.

Bird of Paradise

Dreaming of a bird of paradise suggests that you have closed yourself off to other people. Your exterior is cold and alienates other people, whom you could otherwise connect with really well.

Or, a bird of paradise can also indicate that you need a vacation of some kind.


Dreaming of a birdbath indicates a new start is on the horizon, one which will give you a renewed sense of purpose. It will also set you along your spiritual path.


Dreaming of a bird cage reflects how you feel trapped in waking life. You feel as though you cannot be honest about your feelings.


Dreaming of a birdhouse can refer to spring, and the sense of renewal and relief it brings. You will soon experience this in waking life, something of a new start.

Or, the birdhouse can represent your own house, and where you let your guard down. You may need to work on your spirituality, and be present more often in your life. 


Dreaming of feeding birds with birdseed reflects how you are feeding your spiritual side. You feel fulfilled and at peace. 

Or, if you felt stressed during this dream, you will not be rewarded for your hard work in the way you hope for. 

Dreaming of throwing birdseed onto the ground indicates a small success in your business ventures.


* See our dedicated post on dreams of giving birth here

Dreaming of birthing an extremely heavy baby indicates that you fear the responsibility and the pressure that comes with someone being dependent on you. You worry that you’re not capable, or this will make your life unrecognizable.

Dreaming of giving birth to a premature baby indicates that you feel completely unprepared for a situation that’s been sprung on you, but you need to go through it anyway. 

Dreaming of giving birth to something that’s not human when you are pregnant in waking life reflects the very common fear of your baby’s health not being right. You’re terrified about your baby being unwell, and while this is understandable, you are probably worrying for nothing. 

If you aren’t pregnant, and you have a dream of birthing a nightmare, you’re very concerned about a project or the outcome of a choice you’ve made. You’re afraid you’ll struggle to move past any unresolved issues from your past.

Specifically, if you dream of giving birth to a monster, your creativity hasn’t found the right outlet, or you’re only just finding the right path for it, and this new project is too new for other people to look at. You fear that someone will judge you harshly.

Dreaming of a mother dying during a birth indicates a future transformation, or ‘rebirth’ of sorts. You may be going through a transitional phase, and afterward your life will change significantly.

Dreaming of a child dying during childbirth (see also What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Child Dying?) indicates a worry about a venture, risk, or creative project turning out badly.  


Dreaming of your own birthday reflects your self-acceptance. You finally feel comfortable with who you are and your ability to handle the tough situations that life throws at you.

Or, dreaming of your birthday can indicate that you fear old age, and everything that comes with it. 

Dreaming of your birthday going unnoticed reflects feelings in waking life of loneliness, or feeling ignored. Maybe now’s a good time to reach out to those you love.

Dreaming of having a terrible birthday represents a past regret that you’ve yet to resolve. 

Birthday Cake

Dreaming of a birthday cake signifies that the most dear wish that you hold close to your heart will be realized. 

It will come from being open with someone, and not closing yourself off, though you may feel vulnerable at the time.

Dreaming of the candles on the top of the cake embodies your positivity about the future. You know the possibilities are very nearly endless.

Birthday Card

Dreaming of giving or getting a birthday card is symbolic of loyalty and remembrance, either of a past relationship or someone who has passed on.

If you dream of shopping (see also Shopping Dream Symbolism) for birthday cards endlessly, you’re worried you will forget a very important date.


Dreaming of a birthmark represents something that you must repeat, something vital to your life, or something you must never do again. The first time still haunts you.


Dreaming of being bisexual when you’re not in waking life reflects sexual repression. This dream may be giving you an outlet of your desires. 

Alternatively, you’re experiencing some confusion when it comes to who you desire. 


Dreaming of seeing a bite indicates that you need to be careful in the near future. Someone wants to do you harm, and this could be physically, mentally, or even financially. You need to be wary, especially if a motive seems too good to be true.

Dreaming of being bitten directly reflects an emotional vulnerability that you have. A current problem or situation is dredging up unresolved issues. 

Or, this dream is telling you that you’ve taken on more than you can handle. You need to step back, or ask someone else for help. 

Dreaming of a vampire biting you (see also Vampire Dream Meaning) symbolizes how you need to cut someone out of your life. They have been using you, to some extent, for their own purposes, and you will suffer for it. 

Dreaming of biting someone indicates you’re leaning too heavily on people. The pressure is beginning to crack in their resolve or kindness. 

Perhaps you are aware of this already, and in which case, you probably have some unresolved issues of anger or regret, which you are projecting onto other people.

This dream is warning you to ease up. Be mindful of the burden you are putting on other people, and by proxy, yourself.


Dreaming of something tasting bitter suggests that an aspect of your life is becoming harder and harder to handle. You may be suffering from jealousy or guilt. 

Black Cat

Dreaming of a black cat suggests that you’re scared of listening to your gut. Perhaps you’ve misinterpreted it in the past, and you’re still dealing with the repercussions. 

You may link the image of a black cat to negative symbolism such as betrayal, bad luck, or evil people, but this usually indicates a mistrust of yourself. 

It can be a sign that any deliberation you then undertake may dramatically slow you down. 

If you dream of a black cat attacking you, either biting, clawing, or a combination of both, you desperately need to listen to your dream and your instincts. Now is not the time to ignore your intuition.  

Black Eye

Dreaming of getting a black eye indicates that you have some large unresolved issues, and these will continue to slow you down.

If you dream of giving someone a black eye, you are angry with someone’s decisions, or their reasons for making the choices they have. You refuse to see their point of view, and this will cost your relationship with them.

Black Hole

Dreaming of a black hole indicates that you cannot unmake a certain decision, or turn back from the path you have chosen. You’re feeling trapped, or unsure that it was the right option.

Or, the black hole is a representation of your subconscious, and what desires and repressed thoughts are encompassed within.

Black Light

Dreaming of something being under a black light suggests that you’re not seeing things as they are. Your perception of a situation is distorted, either you refuse to see the truth, or it hasn’t occurred to you.

Or, the black light symbolizes your instincts, which you should listen to. Specifically, those that don’t give you a reason why you suspect someone or something is false.

Black Widow

Dreaming of a black widow is an embodiment of fear. You’re worried about something and the lasting effect it might have on you, and specifically, this may refer to a relationship. 

You may even harbor some hatred toward your partner, which you need to unpack.

As the female black widow spider (see also Tarantula Dream Interpretation And Meaning) eats its mate, this dream can also represent a type of feminine power, and domination.


Dreaming of eating blackberries indicates that your behavior has been reckless lately, or your attitude to something needs work. 

This dream can also point to hidden sexual desires, which are surfacing in this dream. 


Dreaming of a blackbird indicates that you’re finding it hard to find your driving ambition. Something is making you reluctant to move forward, and you’re not fulfilling your potential.

Or, a blackbird can point to strong impulses or jealousy.

If you see a blackbird diving in your dream, it represents how you are similarly submerging yourself into your subconscious thoughts within your dream.


Dreaming of blackmailing someone indicates that you have trouble letting go of control or power. You’re letting your impulses get the better of you.

Dreaming of being blackmailed indicates a fear of someone preying on your insecurities. You feel vulnerable, and you don’t feel you can handle an uncomfortable situation right now, you have too much going on elsewhere.


Dreaming of a blackout symbolizes your own lack of intuition or perspective in a current situation. Your limited view will ‘blind’ you to the real stakes and consequences. 

This dream can also reflect your experiences with frustration and obstacles in waking life. You’re not confident you can push past them.

A blackout can also embody ignorance, your subconscious as a whole, or a fear of the unknown and how capable you may be in the future.


Dreaming of a blacksmith embodies your wealth of inner strength and resolve, which you only need to tap into. 

This dream can be your subconscious telling you that you are worlds more capable than you ever imagined. It can also indicate that you need to act before the metal cools, whatever that means to you.


Dreaming of your bladder suggests that while you are capable of taking control of a situation or exerting your power, now is the wrong time to do so.


Dreaming of a blade symbolizes the difficult choices you’ve been making, which may affect the rest of your life. 

Perhaps you’re walking along a ‘knife’s edge’ in life, where you’re not balancing different aspects of your life well, and you’re just prioritizing as you can.

Dreaming of a blade broken in half signifies uncertainty, confusion, or being torn between two different points of view when it comes to making a decision. 

This dream can suggest your choices up until this dream hasn’t helped you in the way you would have hoped. Or, you’ve been holding onto anger, and while it’s helped you in the past, this dream is warning you it won’t serve you now. 


Dreaming of being blamed for something reflects waking life, where you’re experiencing similar feelings of powerlessness or vulnerability.

Dreaming of blaming someone else for something you did within your dream reflects how you want to avoid repercussions for your choices or your responsibilities catching up with you in waking life.


Dreaming of a blankness indicates there is a void within your life. You’re lonely, something’s not turned out the way you hoped despite your hard work, or you feel nothing.

A blank dream can also suggest you are disconnected from your life or your feelings. 

Or, you simply woke up during a different stage of your sleep cycle, and either didn’t get deep enough to dream, or you simply cannot remember your dream.


Dreaming of a blanket signifies love, protection, and security. This dream can be a way of giving yourself an escape from the problems of waking life. 

If you felt anxious during this dream, there’s something in waking life that’s not quite ringing true. Something about it feels false.

Dreaming of being wrapped in a blanket suggests that you are afraid of the future. Something has made you wary, someone’s behavior has been cold, or you have a vague feeling of a threat hanging over you.

Dreaming of wrapping someone up in a blanket shows your affection for them, and your caring nature. If you didn’t know the person, you are providing this comfort to yourself.


Dreaming of seeing or using bleach indicates you’re putting the past behind you. You’re letting go of all the negativity, and you’re ready to confront any unresolved emotions.


Dreaming of bleachers signifies you’re looking back on how far you’ve come in terms of your goals.

The state of the bleachers themselves can reflect how you’re feeling about this, with clean, almost-new bleachers meaning you’ve made a lot of progress. The bleachers can also embody your experience of high school and how you felt about it.


Dreaming of a blender represents how you’re able to ‘blend’ various elements into a whole, cohesive project.  


Dreaming of a blessing indicates that you can now move forward. You may have been waiting for a sign to start something new, or a project that will take a long time, and this dream is it. 

This dream can also be a reflection of the recognition you’re receiving from other people for your hard work. 


Dreaming of a blimp or riding in one signifies your highest goals or hopes for the future. It can also suggest you have an inflated opinion of yourself. 

Or, the dream can be analogous to any self-image problems you have regarding your physical appearance. 

Consider the message the blimp may have had on the side, as your dream may be trying to tell you something.  


Dreaming of being blind indicates that you refuse to accept something, or you’re currently not aware of something that you really should be. This refusal will be bad for the future, and it will hold you back in some form or another.

Dreaming of a blind person signifies that you’re being too passive. New chances are cropping up regularly for you to take, but you’re doing nothing with them. 

Dreaming of a blind person regaining their vision indicates that you need to rely on your instincts instead of leaning so heavily on what your eyes tell you. Listen to your gut.

Blind Date

Dreaming of being on a blind date points to efforts of trying to reconcile your conscious self with your unconscious mind. Within this dream, you’re trying to connect the two and gain some insight.


Dreaming of wearing a blindfold suggests that someone is ‘pulling the wool over your eyes’. They are trying to deceive you in some way, or they’re taking advantage of your trusting nature. Or, you’re closing yourself off from the world and everyone else in it.

Dreaming of blindfolding someone indicates a need to hide your true self. You either feel you are not enough for others, or you want them to see a ‘curated’ version of you, with all the ‘bad’ parts hidden away. 


Dreaming of shutting blinds suggests that you are so strongly in denial about something that you are only recognizing it in your dreams. Are you hiding something?

Dreaming of opening the blinds indicates that you are ready to be honest about something important which may have a lot of impact.


Dreaming of using blinkers can suggest that you are seeking reassurance or approval for something. 

If the blinkers don’t work, you’re uncertain about the choices you’ve made.


Dreaming of blinking rapidly or for a long time points to how you are trying to reject an obvious truth.  


Dreaming of having a blister suggests that what should be a minor problem is taking up all of your spare time and your thoughts. What gave you the blister in the dream can add to the meaning.

If you got the blister through heavy lifting or otherwise hard work, it indicates that you need to do more in order to push through these ‘minor’ problems.

If the blister formed from a burn, this points to an issue that has a lot of emotional weight to it.

Where on your body the blister formed can also change the meaning of the dream. The blister being on your hand suggests problems in your own ability or concerning your power.

A blister on the face suggests a struggle with your identity, or the opinion other people have of you is wildly different to your own sense of self.


Dreaming of a blizzard indicates that you feel emotionally ‘cold’. This may be due to someone who has been giving you the ‘cold shoulder’, or you feel a lack of emotional warmth in your life, from people you trust.


Dreaming of being bloated reflects how you have no outlet for your emotions. If you’re not careful, they will explode. 


Dreaming of a block reflects problems in waking life which are holding you back, or will significantly hamper your progress in terms of the goals you want to reach. 

Or, these can resemble ‘building blocks’, the tools in which you use to carve something out of your life. 


Dreaming of reading or writing a blog indicates that you’re attempting to change your memory of the past, or you desperately want to rewrite it. Try to remember the contents, if you can.

Or, the blog in your dream can represent a memory integral to you that you need to keep in mind, always. 

Dreaming of someone reading your blog suggests an increase in your popularity. You are enjoying the attention.


Dreaming of a blonde person indicates that you need to liven up your life. You need to enjoy yourself more, and stop worrying about the consequences so much.

Dreaming of dyeing your hair blonde indicates that you need to ‘lighten up’. Try not to focus on the negative things in life, and focus on the positive. 


Dreaming of blood represents disappointments, life, and love. If, instead, you see the word blood written somewhere, it suggests that a situation or event in your life cannot be changed, and it is permanent.

If something is written in blood within your dream, it is symbolic of the effort, energy and time you’ve sunk into a project of some sort. You are unwilling to give it up now, as you’ve dedicated so much time to it. 

If you see blood on the walls within your dream, this is a warning. Have you been ignoring anything lately? If you have, it’s time to confront it, as ignoring it any longer will have serious consequences. 

Dreaming of blood on bathroom walls indicates that whatever you need to face will involve a lot of emotional turmoil.

Dreaming of bleeding out or otherwise losing your blood alludes to being emotionally drained in waking life. You’re exhausted. It can point to future conflicts, full of bitterness and nasty intentions.

If you dream of blood while you are pregnant, this is symbolic of the life you’re carrying, and that which you are creating. It is not a bad sign for the future, but more of a reminder to take things a little easier.

If you dream of others bleeding, this suggests that you need to reach out to someone, particularly if the person injured was someone you know.

Dreaming of drinking blood indicates a renewal of energy. You feel good. 

If you dream of coughing (see also Dream Symbols Beginning With C – Part 5) blood, this is the opposite. Your energy is going to waste, and this is more frustrating than anything. It can also suggest that you’re spending your energy on all the wrong things.

Dreaming of donating blood suggests that stress is sapping your strength. If blood spills everywhere, this stress is emotional in its roots.

Blood Pressure

Dreaming of your blood pressure suggests that waking life is causing you more stress than you can handle. 

If you dream that your blood pressure is too low, your routine is too fixed. You need some more spontaneity within your life, and the easiest way to do this is to socialize more.

If you dream your blood pressure is too high, this indicates that you need to try and actively stop things from getting to you so much. 

Dreaming of someone taking your blood pressure suggests you need to look at your health. Consult your doctor. 


Dreaming of a bloodstone refers to understanding, empathy, and peace. It’s through these qualities that you’ll overcome any issues in the near future. 


Dreaming of a blossom suggests that you’re recognizing the beauty and quality within yourself that others already see. 

If you see the blossom opening, it reflects how you are ‘opening up’ to someone or the idea of something. This can also indicate that everything you’ve worked towards will pay off in the near future. 


Dreaming of buying or wearing a blouse suggests that you are searching for a new outlet for your emotions. The color of the blouse can also help add more detail to the meaning of your dream.

Consider the fit of the blouse – if it was ill-fitting, something in your current waking life doesn’t suit you in the way that you hoped it would. If it was too tight, this indicates that something is constricting your sense of freedom. 

Blow Dry

Dreaming of blow drying your hair signifies how you are making a conscious effort to clear your mind to make way for new ideas and concepts. You’re ready to start something new.

Blow Torch

Dreaming of a blow torch symbolizes how you are trying so hard, almost violently, to get rid of a part of you that you’re ashamed of. This will rarely end well, and usually, this dream is an indication that you’re going about things the wrong way. 

To look further into the dream meaning, try to remember what it was that you were trying to torch in your dream.


A blowhole appearing in your dream symbolizes emotion that’s been repressed for too long. It will be explosive, if it hasn’t already. You need to look for a new way to let this emotion out safely. 


Dreaming of having a blowout suggests that you’ll soon encounter unexpected problems when it comes to trying to achieve your goals. There will be more bumps in the road than you originally thought.

Blowup Doll

Dreaming of a blowup doll suggests a relationship is one-sided.

Dreaming of having sex with a blowup doll reflects how your needs are going unfulfilled.

Blue Jay

Dreaming of a blue jay (see also Blue Jay Symbolism) suggests that you’ve greatly overestimated your own ability in something, and you’re acting arrogantly. Or, the blue jay may be trying to tell you that you need to look closer at something. You’re missing something important.


Dreaming of bluebells indicates that you’ll soon receive some news.


Dreaming of blueberries indicates that you are hopeful about what the future might bring. It can also be a nod to your youth and aspects of it which you wish you still have. 

If you felt anxious or sad during this dream, the blueberries represent a period of depression or grief.


Dreaming of a bluebird symbolizes both joy and melancholy, as well as binary opposition and paradoxes as a whole.


Blueprints appearing in your dream suggests that you need to pause for a minute before you set your plans into motion, whether that’s a new endeavor at work or a new relationship in your personal life. You need to look closer, and perhaps, alter some details accordingly.

This dream can also suggest that you’re going through a period of change or transformation within yourself.


Having a blurry dream suggests that you’re either refusing to see something, or you need to clear your ‘plate’ in order to view things clearly. You have too many worries occupying your attention. 

A dream which is blurry can also indicate that there are some secrets being kept from you.


Dreaming of blushing denotes something embarrassing that you are ashamed of. Wearing blush within your dream points to wanting to be more loving to the people in your life.

Boa Constrictor

A boa constrictor appearing in your dream can indicate that a relationship is causing you to feel trapped in some way, or you cannot be yourself. Or, this can also indicate that you have some repressed sexual desires.


Dreaming of a boar suggests that you need to do some introspection. You have a lot of questions, and this is the only way you will get some answers.

Board Games

Dreaming of playing board games can symbolize your progress in life so far. The obstacles you encounter in the game refers to the ones you overcome in waking life, as well as the achievements. 

If you can remember the specific board game that you were playing within this dream, this will help you clarify the dream’s meaning.


Dreaming of being in a boarding house indicates that you are going through a tough time emotionally. A situation has cut you to the core. 


Dreaming of walking along a boardwalk symbolizes your life’s journey. It can also embody your social life. How you felt walking on the boardwalk directly relates to how you feel about your life and the way it’s going. 


Dreaming of a boat relates to your ability to express your emotions, and to be able to process them healthily. Try to remember the water. Was it still, or choppy? Could you see all the way to the bottom, or was it cloudy?

These conditions mirror how well you’re doing in life. Or, this dream can suggest that now is the time to explore the parts of yourself that are unknown, deep in your subconscious. If you felt nervous, this dream is warning you to be cautious in a situation in waking life.

If you dream that waves strike the boat and throw you overboard, this reflects how you are making your decisions based on your emotions, rather than logic. While this is useful in some circumstances, it’s not a great approach 100% of the time.

Dreaming of attempting to jump from a boat indicates that you want to face your emotions and any underlying problems. You’re past the point of letting them lie, and you want them over with.


Dreaming of a boathouse or living in a boathouse indicates that you are well-grounded. You don’t suppress your emotions, and you process each one in a healthy way that doesn’t drag on. 

The water in your dream can also provide some insight as to how you are feeling subconsciously. 

Or, this dream can suggest that you need to use some time away from your daily problems or responsibilities. You could do with a break.


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