Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With B — Part 1



Dreaming of the letter ‘B’ is a pun on “to be”. Some things you shouldn’t try to change.


Dreaming of a baboon indicates that you need to be more open about your feelings, and you need to be vocal, as inaction can lead to problems which could have been prevented. 

Alternatively, you’ve been expressing yourself in a way that’s making other people uncomfortable, or in a situation that’s inappropriate.

Dreaming of a white baboon represents a complete disconnect from your emotions. You feel numb. Your body may be displaying your emotions, but you don’t actually feel them. This is a sign of intense stress.


Dreaming of a baby indicates a new beginning, responsibility, and innocence. In dreams, babies can embody a part of you that’s vulnerable, and uncorrupted by the world. 

If you dream of a smiling baby, this suggests you’re lucky in that you don’t need a lot of things to make you happy. If you dream of finding a baby, this is symbolic of stumbling upon a hidden part of your potential.

Dreaming of forgetting a baby embodies a need to try to bury your weaknesses where others cannot exploit them. You’ve been hurt in the past.

It can also symbolize that you’ve abandoned part of yourself or something that has defined you, like a creative hobby or pastime, because your priorities have changed.

This dream can be your subconscious’s way of reminding you that it was part of your life, and maybe it’s time to pick it back up and reconnect.

If you dream of a baby dancing, this indicates that the future holds many great things for you, and you’ll also have the benefit of feeling very positive, so you’ll be unlikely to miss out on opportunities. 

This dream can also suggest you need to take things slowly. Things will happen at the pace they are supposed to.

Don’t try to rush into the big things like new relationships, a new job, a different life goal or lifestyle. Just enjoy each part of the journey as it comes.

Dreaming of dipping a baby repeatedly into water suggests you’re regressing. You want to retreat to a time when you had fewer worries than you do now, but you were also less wise than you are now. 

This dream can also indicate that you’re trying to find a new comfort zone, either bigger or smaller than your old one. 

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Baby Bottle

Dreaming of a baby bottle can reflect dependency issues. It’s your first instinct to look to other people for help, when you can do just fine by yourself. You may have forgotten this in a tricky situation which is making you question your ability.

If you dream of drinking from a baby bottle, you have some growing up to do. You need to take things more seriously.

Baby Carriage

Dreaming of a baby carriage can suggest you long for a family of your own, or for a newborn baby. 

If you dream of an empty baby carriage, you hold some despair or unresolved issues when it comes to family. This dream can also indicate that you need to listen to your own inner child.

Baby Clothes

Dreaming of baby clothes signifies habits or perceptions you’ve outgrown. 

It can also suggest that you’re expressing yourself in minimal ways, and other people might not have an eye for such subtlety. This can lead to frustration.

Baby Food

Dreaming of baby food indicates that you need to approach a situation with kindness and a nurturing attitude. Some problems can only be made worse by tough love. Or, you might just be hungry.

Dreaming of being fed baby food suggests that you’re being forced to learn things you already know. This may point to an imbalance in how someone sees you or your progress. 

Maybe they see a younger version of yourself, rather than the person who you are now. 

Baby Shower

Dreaming of a baby shower suggests that you’ve found a new source of energy, or faith, that will carry you forward. You have a chance to do things differently, and it feels good. 

This dream can also point to a future celebration.


Dreaming of babysitting indicates that you need to listen to your inner child more. Forget about your responsibilities for a minute. Have fun.

Dreaming of organizing a babysitter or seeing one in your dream indicates that you need to be silly with other people. Do something fun together.


Dreaming of meeting a bachelor can suggest you feel your love life is stagnating in some way. You may want to meet someone new, or break from routine or expectations. 

The bachelor can represent the more assertive side of your personality which is open to new things, and maybe that’s what you’re missing, but not in a romantic context. Your expectations may be limiting you.


Dreaming of back-biting about someone is your subconscious warning you. If you carry on how you have been doing, you risk causing harm to someone or offending them deeply. The damage might be irreparable.

Dreaming about someone back-biting about you indicates turmoil in your family life. Something will upset your equilibrium within your family.


Dreaming of your back represents how you feel in life right now, how your strengths measure up against the burdens placed on you. 

If you see a naked back in your dream, this represents secrets. Secrets you’ve hidden from others, or parts of yourself that you don’t show other people. 

Your subconscious may have picked up on some hostility or ill will towards you that you’ve yet to realize consciously, and it’s warning you to “watch your back”. 

Some people believe that this is a warning dream, and upon waking you should not lend any money to anyone, as it will cause relationship problems.

Dreaming of someone turning their back on you indicates that you need to watch out for jealousy, as it will cut deeply.

If you often have trouble with your back, this can just be reflective of your condition, and your subconscious mind including this in your dream as a way to process it.


Dreaming of a backdoor can suggest that you won’t find an answer in an obvious place. You may find it difficult to find a solution to what’s plaguing your waking life, but you’ll get there.

This dream can also indicate that you want to take shortcuts where there are none to be found. You long for something to be over as fast as possible.


Dreaming of doing backflips signifies that you feel ignored. Your efforts are going unnoticed. 

You might fall into the trap of doing too much for people, so they will notice you. They may take this for granted in the future. 


Dreaming of a backgammon game symbolizes an unwanted visitor or trespasser coming into your life. Someone will try to pry into your business.

Dreaming of losing at backgammon points to bad luck in love, as well as general misfortune. You seem to seek people who aren’t suited to you or your values. Your love life continues to be more difficult than it needs to be. 


Dreaming of carrying a backpack represents your past and present decisions that affect your life, and the weight this can end up being, if you think about it too much.

This dream is telling you to drop the things that no longer matter. You are as free as you make yourself. 


Dreaming of backpacking indicates a concrete self-reliance that you’ve proved time after time. You’ve overcome enough situations that you’re comfortable with your ability and resilience. 

You’re comfortable handling yourself in tricky situations, and you might be reflecting on the past problems that you’ve overcome to get this far. 


Dreaming of sitting in a backseat can indicate that you feel overwhelmed. Someone in your life might have stepped into help at one point, but they’ve slowly started to take over more aspects of your life. You need to be in the driver’s seat.

Someone sitting in your backseat indicates that you are feeling the pressure to help someone else. They are in the middle of a tough situation, and your input could make or break your relationship.


Dreaming of backstabbing someone can signify how far someone has pushed you. Try not to give into ruthless or aggressive words or behavior. It can have unintended consequences.

Dreaming of being backstabbed reflects trust issues, or how you feel insecure. You may believe that having a run of good luck inevitably leads to something bad happening to balance everything out.


Dreaming of being backstage indicates that you wish to see the inner workings behind something, whether that’s a creative process, or what makes someone act the way they do.

This dream can also symbolize that you’re in a good place where there’s lots of opportunities. The tricky thing is to choose the one that will suit you the most. You may not get another chance like this.

Dreaming of being backstage can also indicate that you’re reluctant to show parts of yourself to others. You prefer to be in the background when it comes to very public things.

If you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, dreaming of being backstage can suggest that you long for a break. It can also be your subconscious suggesting that you need to look at things from a different point of view. Your current perspective isn’t serving you.


Dreaming of swimming the backstroke indicates that you’re recognizing your emotions, but you’re not actually doing to process them properly. 

Given enough time, this will cause them to stack up and overwhelm you.


Dreaming of moving backwards can suggest that your current actions won’t take you forward the way you hope. You feel stuck in a rut, despite all the hard work you’ve been putting in to change this.

Or, this dream can also indicate that you need to step away from an emotionally charged situation. Letting your emotions get the better of you here will only lead to more trouble than it’s worth.

If you dream of falling backwards, this indicates that you’re not ready to push forward. You may need to take a breather. It can also signify that you’ve managed to save yourself from making an awful mistake.


Dreaming of your backyard can point to memories from your childhood, or your subconscious thoughts which are surfacing within this dream. 

Or, this dream represents all the secrets you keep, yours and other people’s, which may be weighing you down.

How well-kept your dream backyard is indicates how well your life balances, and how you feel. If the backyard is clean and well-cared for, you’re in the best place possible.

If the backyard is dirty or neglected, you need to work on juggling your priorities better.

A backyard in a dream can also refer to an attitude that is somewhat disconnected from life. As long as bad things don’t happen to you, it seems like they don’t exist. This may also show that you distance yourself from others when they are going through a tough time. 


Dreaming of bacon can indicate that you are hungry. If you aren’t hungry, this dream represents being selfish or greedy in one form or another.

Maybe you’ve been brushing away someone’s problems when they needed you to listen, or you’re experiencing a time when you are impatient for everything. This can point to a lack of control over your life, or comparing yourself to others too much. 

If you dream of bacon that’s gone bad, this points to a taboo desire or situation you can’t get out of your mind.


Dreaming of feeling bad mirrors your levels of self-esteem, or how something in your life is off-balance. You’ve had to compensate for a lack of something.

Bad Breath

Dreaming of bad breath is a warning to guard your words. You are in danger of offending someone, or landing yourself in trouble which could easily be avoided with some care.


Dreaming of owning or flashing a badge to someone reflects people’s respect for you, or how you value the way other people see you. 

It can also suggest that you have a need to belong somewhere, and this drives a lot of your decisions. 


Dreaming of a badger can indicate that you’re “badgering” someone, or someone has been bothering you for a long time. It’s starting to creep into your everyday thoughts, and may affect your behavior.

Someone has tried to assert their power over you, perhaps they have a right, or maybe it’s completely uncalled for. 

Either way, this is stealing your attention away from other things that need your input, and you need to get back on track.  

A badger in your dream can also signify how your persistence is paying off, or how you will have the final say in something, though someone currently believes otherwise. 


Dreaming of playing or watching a badminton match suggests that you need to be able to react to things as they happen. 

You are in danger of missing a great opportunity due to indecision, and hindsight will only make this worse.


Dreaming of a bag symbolizes the stress, the responsibilities, and past regrets that you carry with you through life. If you saw a damaged bag, you need to unpack the weight that you’re carrying. 

Dreaming of carrying a bag full of useless things indicates that you’re weighed down by things that don’t matter. Try not to focus on the little things that keep adding up. 

Look toward the bigger picture for clarity.


Dreaming of a bagel can suggest that your life isn’t whole. Something is missing, and you need to find out what that is. You may also have a bagel craving.


Dreaming about baggage mirrors the problems and the negativity you are carrying right now. Something is hindering your progress. Are you looking back on the past too much? What are you concentrating on? 

Baggage Claim

Dreaming of being at a baggage claim indicates that you’re struggling with a sense of purpose. 

You may be out of ideas when it comes to confronting a problem, or you don’t know which path to take, or you don’t like yourself as you are, but you’re unsure how you should change. 

Baggage Scanner

Dreaming of being at a baggage scanner suggests that you feel judged with each action you take, or someone has invaded your privacy, which is a difficult thing to regain.

Maybe someone has betrayed your trust, or you feel their scrutiny is uncalled for. 


Dreaming of bagpipes points to tradition and strength. Any current problems will soon be part of the past. You have more resilience than you know.


Dreaming of being bailed out of prison suggests that you need help in your professional life. You might need another pair of eyes when it comes to business ventures or an ongoing project.

There’s no shame in needing another point of view. They could see something that you had overlooked, saving you a lot of trouble and time in the long run.


Dreaming of a bailiff suggests that you’ve gone too far in something. You’ve pushed yourself too hard, or someone else to breaking point, and now you need to own your actions.

Dreaming of a bailiff arresting you symbolizes conflict in your professional life, or a need to improve your overall morality, before it gets you into trouble.


Dreaming of bait can indicate you want to “lure” someone or convince them of something. It can also represent a business deal which you are close to making. 

You’re hoping it will pay off, as it could mean big things for the future.


Dreaming of a bake-house can refer to the effort you need to put behind your goals in order to achieve them. It can also symbolize pitfalls or obstacles that you’ll encounter on the way.


A bakery appearing in your dream indicates that your future will be full of satisfaction and joy, as you’ll have laid the foundation for your success. 


Dreaming of a balaclava represents a secret. Regardless of who it belongs to, it is getting too difficult and weighty to keep. 

It might affect someone else, and you desperately want to tell them, but you can’t break the trust of the person who told you. You are also wary of the potential fallout. 

A balaclava in your dream can also indicate a loss of identity. You wish you could be more anonymous. 

Maybe a recent fiasco has left you embarrassed. Or your recent behavior which you thought was justified has come back to haunt you.

Dreaming of someone else wearing a balaclava represents parts of your psyche that you are unfamiliar with. This person embodies your repressed thoughts and fears.


Dreaming of losing your balance signifies that you’ve lost some stability in life, or you are at a crossroads when it comes to making a decision. You don’t know which path to take.

Balance Beam

Dreaming of walking along a balance beam suggests that something in waking life needs every bit of concentration you can muster, as it’s a delicate situation. You’re afraid of making things worse.  

A dream of a balance beam can also represent how well you’re juggling everything in life. If you stumble, you’re struggling to cope.


Dreaming of being on a balcony indicates that you feel you need a better point of view to consider a situation. 

It can also suggest that you want to be noticed by people, and you crave more respect and attention than you get. 

If the balcony is sturdy and clean, other people hold you in high regard, and you command a lot of respect. If the balcony is rickety or dirty in your dream, you need to find a way to repair your relationships. 

A balcony in your dream can also reflect how you feel undecided about a pressing situation. You don’t know how to handle it.


Dreaming of going bald can signify a worry of baldness, or a lack of self-esteem, if you felt horrified in this dream. 

If you felt comfortable with your dream-baldness, this symbolizes confidence, purity, or sacrifice. You’re also at a stage in life where you know what things are important to you, what things aren’t worth thinking about.


Dreaming of playing with a ball can suggest you need to reconnect with your inner child. It represents simple pleasures, as well as feeling whole and fully present.

If you see a ball rolling in your dream, it might be time to act on that plan you’ve been making, no matter how vague the plan might be. 

Dreaming of watching a ball game can indicate that you need to stop watching from the sidelines somewhere in your life. 

Any insecurities are greatly holding you back from some of the best things in life.

Dreaming of a ball with invites and formal dress indicates you’re in a very good place right now. You’re loving everything that’s coming your way.

Ball Pit

Dreaming of a ball pit indicates that while you have a lot of responsibilities and to-do lists, it’s important to put those down once in a while and remember to be carefree occasionally. It embodies youth, happiness, and fun.

Dreaming of being inside a ball pit can suggest that you need to put in all the effort you can into a dream or a relationship.


Dreaming of being a ballerina indicates a need for perfection. 

A ballerina also embodies strength and vulnerability, as well as innocence and a passion for art. 

You’re in a great place in life where you feel that any obstacle is relatively easy to overcome. You’re enjoying any challenge that comes your way.

Or, you feel it’s impossible to hold to society’s ideas of perfection and beauty. Remember, they’re only constructs.

Dreaming of seeing someone you know as a ballerina can point to this person’s hesitancy. They are “dancing around” an issue, instead of tackling it head on. This dream can represent your concern for them.


Dreaming of watching a ballet symbolizes harmony, hard work, and teamwork. It can embody a love of art of all forms, and the hard work that goes into them. 

Ballet Shoes

Dreaming of ballet shoes (see also Shoe Dream Meaning) signifies your constant drive for grace and perfection, as well as getting on easily with others.

It can also indicate that you need to treat a situation with care. You’ll need to “tread” carefully in order to prevent further problems or harm coming to yourself or someone else. 


Dreaming of balloons suggests a spiraling disappointment in the search for love. You may be losing hope or trust in people right now. You’ve had more than your fair share of drama and break-ups. 

Balloons can also suggest you have an “inflated” opinion of your character.

Dreaming of blowing up a balloon symbolizes your hope for the future, and how it will help you along the way. 

If you see black balloons in a dream, this points to despair, and if the balloons are deflated or limp, this symbolizes depression.

Seeing a balloon rise into the sky symbolizes how you are trying to rise above life’s everyday frustrations to focus on what you really want out of life. You want to escape your problems. 

Balloons also symbolize celebrations, a reminder to enjoy life wherever you can, and to reconnect with your inner child.

Dreaming of a balloon bursting suggests you’re under a tremendous amount of pressure in waking life. It can symbolize a lost goal or dream you can’t find time for.

Dreaming of being in a hot air balloon suggests you need to regain your passion for life, as things have been feeling bleak lately. 

It can indicate that you’re becoming less grounded, or you’re disconnected from those around you, or you’re losing control of a situation. 


Dreaming of a ballot symbolizes you’re at a crossroads in your life. If you dream your name is on the ballot, you desire approval or support from those around you.


Dreaming of being in a ballroom indicates celebration, either in your waking life now, or in the future, where everything will feel easy and free. 

Or, dreaming of a ballroom indicates that you feel the need to be more open about something. Something has been bothering you, and you can’t let go of it.

You need to be honest.

Ballroom Dancing

Dreaming of ballroom dancing (see also What Does Dancing Mean In Dreams?) indicates that you have a lot of drive when it comes to your ambitions, and you won’t ease up until you get where you want. 


Dreaming of bamboo speaks of boundless energy, trust, and resilience. Obstacles don’t hold you back for very long. You refuse to be weighed down by negativity. 

Bamboo also embodies strong relationships, and a sense of fairness when it comes to deals within your professional life. It indicates that you have a lot of support when you need it.

If you dream of rotting bamboo, this suggests that your life is out of balance somewhere.


Dreaming of bananas (see also Banana Dream Symbolism) can represent sexuality, as well as repressed desires.

Dreaming of eating bananas (see also Banana Dream Meaning) suggests that all the hard work you’ve been putting in lately won’t result in much of a reward.

Dreaming of banana peels indicates that it would be very easy to slip up in the near future. 

A mistake will potentially come with great consequences. Dreaming of rotten banana peels points to a mistake you will be unable to fix.


Dreaming of watching or playing in a band points to a desire to belong, and to be fully present in each moment. This dream can also suggest that you need to “band together”.


Dreaming of bandages suggests you need to take time to heal. You are hiding how you feel from others or even yourself. 

Try to remember exactly where on your body the bandages were. This may point to the area of your life that needs your attention the most.

Dreaming of someone throwing bandages at you indicates that someone is causing you some emotional turmoil. While you’re trying to act happy and normal, you’re reeling on the inside.


Dreaming of a bandana signifies that you need to think more logically about something, away from your emotional reactions which can color a situation. 

Step back from your immediate emotional reaction. Take some time to think things through. 


Dreaming of being a bandit indicates that you long for more freedom, or you want to act on your impulses without fear of repercussions. 

This can suggest you feel trapped or cornered in a situation. 


Dreaming of playing the banjo indicates that you need to spend more time with the people you love. 

Hearing or seeing someone play the banjo within your dream points to future happiness.


Dreaming of a bank can reflect your financial goals and your desire to be free of money problems. 

This dream may be your subconscious telling you that you don’t need to worry as much as you think.

Dreaming of robbing a bank suggests you’re taking things too fast. You may want to get ahead, but you’re in danger of burning out and depleting every resource of energy you have.

This dream can also indicate that some money that is owed to you will be delayed.

Dreaming of watching someone rob a bank indicates that you have a lot less financial security than you would like. You dream of better stability.


Dreaming of a banker indicates that your finances are spiraling out of control, and while you are too proud to admit you need help, it would take at least some stress away.


Dreaming of being bankrupt indicates that you know you’re on the path to burnout. You’re either physically exhausted or emotionally overwhelmed, or both. 

This dream can also reflect feelings of hopelessness or despair. 

Or, dreaming of being bankrupt can indicate that you have issues with insecurity or self-esteem.


Seeing a banner in your dream suggests that you are ready to fight for what you believe in. Or, you need to push through some troubling obstacles to see something through. 

This dream can also point to a need to plan something more thoroughly. You haven’t considered something vital.


Dreaming of being at a banquet indicates that you need more social interaction. You may be feeling emotionally deflated. You need to find more meaning in your life.


Dreaming of a banyan tree symbolizes protection, shelter, and a connection between spirituality and the earth.


Dreaming of a baby being baptized indicates a new approach to life. A fresh perspective when it comes to living or how you treat other people will guide you forward. 

Dreaming of being baptized indicates that the guilt you’ve been carrying has been washed away. You may be seeking forgiveness for a mistake you’ve made in the past. 

In dreams, immersion in water points to feeling things deeply, reconnecting with your emotions, or even a ‘death’ of some kind.

Emerging from water in a dream symbolizes rebirth, letting go of the past and negativity, and making room for a better version of yourself. 

This dream can also indicate a renewed faith.


Dreaming of being at a public bar reflects how you desperately want to drop the stresses of your everyday life and escape to somewhere more light-hearted. 

Or, you long for acceptance and to connect with others. Things have been feeling off lately.

This dream can also suggest that you feel excluded or isolated from others, and this is made worse by circumstances being out of your control.

Dreaming of a metal bar can indicate aggression, or wanting to hold people away at an arm’s length. It can also symbolize your own strength when it comes to your inner drive. 

Bar Mitzvah/ Bat Mitzvah

Dreaming of being part of a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah represents a milestone in your life, or a transitional period. It relates to your morality, responsibilities and hopes for the future.


Dreaming of being a barbarian can be your subconscious’s way of giving your wilder side a safe outlet. 

It embodies the more instinctual part of yourself, before your morality has a chance to say anything. 

This dream can suggest that you’re being too abrasive around others. Your behavior is brash or inappropriate, though you may mean well.


Dreaming of being at a barbecue suggests a small obstacle in your future, which will change how you approach something slightly differently. 

While this change will be small, it will make everything go smoother.

Dreaming of barbecuing indicates a time in the near future where you’ll get a lot out of your social life. It will add some serendipity into your life.

Barbed Wire

Dreaming of barbed wire indicates that you’re finding it difficult to express yourself. You haven’t found the right words, or someone won’t even consider hearing what you have to say.

Dreaming of being caught in barbed wire represents feelings of being trapped or oppressed, usually pointing to a relationship which is less than ideal. It might yet be fixable.

Barber’s Pole

A barber’s pole appearing in your dream embodies nostalgia for the past or for your childhood. It can reflect how you’re considering a huge change in your life, and what that would look like for the future.

Barbie Doll

Dreaming of a barbie doll embodies society’s expectations, and those of your loved ones. You may feel trapped by these ideals, or you’re struggling to meet them in some way.

Barbie dolls are also a symbol of childhood, of wanting to regress to a simpler time when you didn’t have any responsibilities weighing on your shoulders. 


Dreaming of barcodes suggests feelings of isolation, or disconnection, as well as a relationship which has become somewhat cold and impersonal. Your dream is calling on you to act.

On a lighter note, barcodes can embody ease, automation, and technology’s progress.


Dreaming of riding a horse bareback (see also Horse Dream Interpretation) signifies your wealth of ability, where you can handle several things at once with relative ease. You’re in tune with your instincts and your body’s ability.

Dreaming of riding bareback can also indicate that you don’t hold back when it comes to relationships, you give them your all. You’re not scared of being hurt.


Dreaming of being barefoot indicates that you are well-grounded and carefree. You’re not afraid of being vulnerable or letting your guard down. 

On a more negative note, this dream can suggest that you’re greatly misreading a situation or someone’s intentions, or you have a huge lack of confidence which is holding you back.

Dreaming of walking barefoot on a building site suggests that you’re in denial about your abilities. You need to apply yourself in order to improve, and to get anywhere near where you want to be.


Dreaming of trying to bargain for something can signify that you’re either not putting enough of your energy into your work or a relationship, or you’re being undervalued, and your effort isn’t being recognized. 

The item itself and the demeanor of who you were bargaining with can add to the meaning of your dream. 


Dreaming of a baritone voice reflects suspicion and lies. Try to remember what the voice was telling you.


Dreaming of barking can indicate that your behavior is abrasive to someone right now. Are you being too vocal in an inappropriate situation? Are you being too downhearted about something or someone?

This dream can symbolize you or someone else is “barking” orders at people, and this attitude is grating on you or others. There’s only so much that people are reasonably willing to put up with.

Dreaming of tree bark symbolizes your resilience in life. If you dream of tree bark made into clothing, you have put your guard up against a situation or someone, to protect yourself.

Or, this dream can indicate a connection with nature.


Dreaming of barley suggests that you’re making good progress in your life. You’re enjoying a state of wellness, and satisfaction.


Dreaming of a barn refers to your unconscious feelings. 

You may have repressed your impulses or troubling emotions. This dream is a way of reconnecting with that lost part of yourself.


Dreaming of barnacles can indicate a desire to hide from problematic situations. There are problems which you need to directly confront before they get out of hand.


Dreaming of a barometer represents your innermost feelings and reactions to waking life. This dream is a way of taking stock of how you feel.


Dreaming of living in barracks can indicate you want more structure to your life. Alternatively, this dream suggests that you’re feeling trapped in some way. You can’t do what you want.


Dreaming of an empty barrel suggests you feel numb. Your needs and desires are unfulfilled. If the barrel wasn’t empty, consider what the contents might signify.

If you dream of putting a stopper in a barrel, you should hold onto what you have tightly. 

This dream can indicate you feel insecure, or that you’re worried about what you have disintegrating in front of you. 


Dreaming of a barrette suggests that being open to new ideas will present a wealth of new opportunities in the future. 

It can also signify that you have been working on improving yourself, and you want to show others exactly what you’ve achieved. 


Dreaming of a barrier suggests something is preventing your emotional or spiritual growth. 

You might be resisting change as it’s out of your comfort zone, or you feel you cannot be honest about something.


A barrister in your dream embodies knowledge and wisdom. They can be a modern version of an elderly wise figure, which indicates that you’re seeking guidance or that you want help in making the right decision. 


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