Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With B — Part 4


Bobble Head

Dreaming of a bobble head indicates that you are too agreeable. You align yourself with other people’s opinions or interests, even if it’s not in your best interest. 

You need to stand on your own two feet, and think about what’s best for you. Don’t follow someone else for the sake of it.

Or, the bobble head in your dream can represent how you’re struggling to come to a decision. Weighing up each side hasn’t helped you come to a solid conclusion. Is it time to get a second opinion?

Bobby Pin

Dreaming of a bobby pin suggests that you need everything to be in its proper place. 

You’re trying to compensate for something that’s making you feel insecure or vulnerable, specifically a situation that you have no say over.


A bobcat making an appearance in your dream suggests that you need to invoke your listening or observational skills in waking life. You may discover something important.


Dreaming of wearing a bodice indicates that you are feeling emotionally restricted. 

You either cannot or won’t release your emotions. Perhaps you feel you can’t express yourself or show your true nature.

If this is within a romantic relationship, you may want to ask yourself why. This is usually a sign that the relationship isn’t viable, if you cannot be yourself around your partner.


Dreaming of your own body symbolizes the amount of self-worth and self-confidence you hold. 

The dream can also mirror how you feel, whether you feel healthy or rundown, and it can also represent your conscious identity.

Dreaming of dead bodies (see also Dream Symbols Starting With D) indicates that you are emotionally exhausted. You feel disconnected from those you love, and maybe it’s time to reach out to them. 

Dreaming of a dead body rotting suggests that you are devoting too much thought to a situation that’s long been buried. It’s in the past, and that’s where it should stay.

Dreaming of a dead body covered in blood represents something you’ve been ignoring, but that approach is no longer possible. You need to do something immediately.

Body Bag

Dreaming of a body bag reflects how you feel disconnected from people, or distanced from your own emotions. 

Something has caused you to withdraw, and you need to take some time out to figure out what this is, and why. 

Body Builder

Dreaming of a body builder can suggest you need to be less rigid in a situation that requires some spontaneity. Or, you need to exert your power in a situation which would benefit from your opinion.

Dreaming of being a bodybuilder reflects how you feel powerful in a situation in waking life. If you lifted weights with ease, you feel knowledgeable and respected in waking life, and comfortable with your own sense of your ability.

Body Odor

Dreaming of having body odor indicates that your behavior has been too brash lately, or your words have cut someone. 

Whichever it might be, you are unaware of what you’ve done. You need to consider your words and actions more carefully in the future.

Dreaming of smelling body odor can indicate that something remains unresolved which you need to conquer. 

Alternatively, you’ve been regarding misfortune as a personal attack, where it is just simply bad luck. Try to focus on the bigger picture, instead of tripping up on the small things.

Body Paint

Dreaming of being covered in body paint suggests self-acceptance after a long struggle. You are finally proud of the body you have, or of who you are.

Dreaming of someone being covered in blue paint symbolizes depression, grief, or a state of peace or tranquility, depending on how you felt when you saw them.

Body Swap

Dreaming of switching bodies with someone suggests that you desire a different body to your own. You are jealous of what this person has. 

Or, switching bodies with someone in a dream reflects how you’re trying to see things from their point of view. You want to understand them better, or reconcile the choices they’ve made.


Dreaming of having a bodyguard suggests you feel vulnerable or exposed in some way in waking life. 

You’re seeking help for your insecurity within your dream, or a refuge from waking life, where you’ve been hurt or offended by someone’s words or actions.

Dreaming of being a bodyguard mirrors your caring nature. You want to protect people from harm, especially if you’ve experienced a similar situation yourself.


Dreaming of a bogeyman represents the unconscious part of yourself that you’ve rejected. It can also embody a general fear. 

For children, a nightmare concerning a bogeyman symbolizes the parents’ stricter side, which brings forth an anxiety about discipline and potential punishment. 


Dreaming of being a bohemian or living such a lifestyle represents your easy-going nature. You’re happy to go with the flow and see where life takes you. This embodies a wealth of self-confidence and peace.

Or, this dream can suggest you lack direction, and while this might be a source of relaxation for now, later on this may mean trouble. You might become anxious about where you are in life and what you have achieved.


Dreaming of a boiler can indicate you are holding onto a lot of anger. It’s bordering on the risk of exploding, and this may cause some damage or fallout. It may even blind you to the good things in life.  

Consider the age of the boiler, as it can give you some idea of how long you’ve been holding onto this negativity.

Boiler Room

Dreaming of being in a boiler room suggests you are trying very hard to keep your temper under control. 

Anger is something that comes naturally to you, and you know the importance of keeping it contained, until you can express it in a healthy way. You’re trying to limit the risk of it exploding, especially in a wildly inappropriate situation.


Dreaming of something boiling suggests you’ll go through a period of transformation soon, or you may have to give something up. There’s a matter that requires your attention, and you need to get to the root of it in order to solve it.

If water is boiling in your dream, this reflects emotional turmoil in waking life that’s upsetting your equilibrium. 

This image can also indicate that repressed memories or unresolved issues are near to the surface, and you’re ready to deal with them. 

Bok Choy

Dreaming of seeing or eating bok choy indicates that you need to stop getting caught up in the small details, or minor problems. There is a bigger picture that you should be concerned about. 


Dreaming of bologna points to unstable finances. If you are in a financially unstable situation, this reflects waking life. If not, it could be a warning to do any finance admin you’ve been putting off, or to set some money aside.

Alternatively, this dream is referring to something in waking life that is complete nonsense. Someone has tried to pull a fast one over you, or you’ve recognized a large flaw in a system. 


Dreaming of a bolt can indicate you’re trying to protect yourself. You’ve shut yourself off from troubling emotions or situations. It can also refer to how you may want to run away from a situation.


Dreaming of a bomb suggests that a situation in waking life has the potential to be explosive. It can also suggest unexpressed desires or repressed memories which need to be dealt with, otherwise they could spiral out of control.

If you dream of being unable to disable a bomb, this indicates that your temper is exploding at the slightest pressure.

Dreaming of a bomb threat points to rage that’s buried deep in you, or an immense pressure, and either are nearly ready to explode. You need to take some time out.

Dreaming of a church bombing suggests you are ignoring your spiritual self or your journey. You have become disconnected from yourself. 

If you hear about a church bombing within your dream, you’re trying to cut away part of yourself, and resentment is starting to build. You need to learn to accept yourself.

Bomb Shelter

Dreaming of being in a bomb shelter indicates that the wall or guard you’ve put up has been up for far too long. You risk cutting yourself off from other people, or being unable to form meaningful relationships.


Dreaming of being in bondage suggests that a big part of you feels restricted, repressed, or otherwise trapped. This may be something you’ve done yourself, or circumstances won’t let you be your true self.

In sexual terms, bondage dreams suggest you want to be sexually submissive. 


Dreaming of bones symbolizes secrets which you have discovered, which concern you personally, or family, or your heritage. It can also point to inner strength that you haven’t yet realized you possess. 

Dreaming of burying the bones of someone who is alive in your waking life suggests that this person holds a lot of secrets, and you’re trying very hard to keep them from surfacing.

Dreaming of breaking a bone, or seeing broken bones points to a realization, specifically meaning that there’s a flaw in your perception or in a set of plans you’ve made. Whatever this means to you, you need to readjust accordingly, and quickly.

Dreaming of a dog chewing a bone points to your needs on a most basic level. 


Dreaming of a bonfire suggests that you need to let go of old issues or old patterns of thinking. It’s time to start a new journey toward a different goal, which will allow you to be more free.


Dreaming of a bong indicates that you are trying to avoid your feelings. You’re looking for a way to escape them instead, and this dream implies that your method of escapism is far from healthy. 


Dreaming of seeing or wearing a bonnet points to old-fashioned ideals, or beliefs that have come from a sheltered existence. 

Your limited perception is restricting both your long-term goals and what you think is possible. You need to widen your horizons.

Bonsai Tree

Dreaming of a bonsai tree points to the limitations of only listening to your conscious mind. You need to consider your gut instincts as well. It might offer some interesting insight.


Dreaming of picking a booger from your nose – while an odd image for a dream – suggests that you’re ready to confront what lies in your subconscious.

Dreaming of your nose being full of boogers points to your attitude which is somewhat rigid, stuffy, and unpleasant lately. If you cannot get them out in your dream, something is preventing you from being your most authentic self. 

This could be you worried about other people judging you, or where a situation calls for something else than how you are used to behaving.

Boogie Board

Dreaming of a boogie board points to the reliable way you’re dealing with life’s difficulties and bumps in the road. You’re taking it one problem at a time.


Dreaming of being booed or otherwise hearing booing implies that your perception of things is distorted, so you want to turn to other people for a second opinion. 

Or, you’ll soon be extremely embarrassed about something. It can even point to past behavior that you are ashamed of. 


Dreaming of being a bookkeeper can imply that you feel you need to be held responsible for something. Or, this dream is telling you that you need to keep yourself in check. You need a balance, and your current situation could throw you off kilter.


Dreaming of a bookmark symbolizes parts of your past that have shaped you as a person. This bookmark is a reminder of how far you’ve come, as it serves as a marker. 

It can also be suggesting that you’ve forgotten where you came from, the progress you’ve made, or why you started something in the first place. 


Dreaming of books points to tranquility. Any goals you currently have, you are moving towards them steadily, and in this way, you won’t burn yourself out.

Books also embody wisdom, information, and knowledge. If you dream of an open book, new ideas are easily understandable to you. If the book is closed, it represents part of yourself that is mysterious or unknown to you.

Try to remember what the book was, to help narrow down the meaning of your dream. It could suggest that there’s an area of life that you need to put more effort into, or a talent that’s remained undiscovered so far.

Dreaming of books covered in dust symbolizes forgotten or discarded wisdom, specifically concerning previous ‘chapters’ of your life. You’ve forgotten an important lesson.

Dreaming of children’s books points to your own childhood. You may desire an escape from waking life as it is, feeling as though your past was better.

A satanic book appearing in your dream indicates that you have a very narrow view of things right now. While you are at least partly responsible for something, you don’t want anything to do with it, and you’re putting the smallest amount of effort possible into it.


Dreaming of a bookshelf signifies the different ‘levels’ of your mind which store your ideas, beliefs, and memories. 

If the bookshelf is nearly empty, you need to gain more information or insight before acting on an instinct. 

It can suggest you need to take a step back from a decision you were thinking of making, as there may be something you’ve missed.


Dreaming of being in a bookstore symbolizes your drive for wisdom, new ideas, and knowledge. You want your mind to be keen and sharp.

It can also symbolize the sheer possibilities in front of you, and the many different paths you could take. 


Dreaming of a boomerang (see also Boomerang Dream Symbolism) represents how your choices always affect someone, somewhere. These decisions will have a ripple effect, which could be good or bad. 

If you threw a boomerang in your dream out of anger, this can imply that you want someone to suffer in the way they have made you, in order for them to understand. 

Booster Cables

Dreaming of booster cables suggests you’ve been stagnant for far too long. In waking life, you’ve either been afraid of making a decision, or you wanted to avoid it altogether.

This dream is telling you to go after what you want with everything you have.

Boot Camp

Dreaming of being in a boot camp indicates that you desire rules and discipline, and while chance or misfortune can be difficult to understand, you find safety within structure.

If you have been through a boot camp, this dream may simply reflect your time there. Perhaps something in waking life is bringing up memories or similar feelings.

Or, a dream of a boot camp can indicate that you’re longing for a new start, something that seems to add purpose, something that will shape your life.


Dreaming of being a bootlegger implies that you feel karma does not apply to you. You feel as though nothing can stop you, not the law, and certainly not other people’s beliefs or opinions.


Dreaming of wearing boots points to how you feel you are moving forward through life, and the power you have over your life’s direction. 

If you felt nervous in this dream, it could reflect your suspicions or worries about ‘getting the boot’ in some way. You have attained some security, and you are scared of losing it.

If you dream of dirty boots, this is referencing your hard work and willingness to ‘muck in’ to get things done. Dreaming of cleaning your boots indicates that you are moving forward under your own power. 


Dreaming of crossing a border points to a transitional period or even a brand-new chapter in your life. You will soon come across unfamiliar territory. 

This dream can also point to the merging of two somewhat-opposing attitudes into one worldview.


Dreaming of borrowing something is a signal that you need to stop holding your pride so closely. You need to ask for help or someone else’s thoughts on a situation in your waking life.

Or, you’ve yet to use a hidden talent of yours, which could transform your life for the better. You may not even know what this talent is yet.


Dreaming of your boss embodies the authoritative part of you, or the part which holds all the power. Within your dream, your boss points to your assertive side, and your self-confidence. 

How your boss acts within this dream reflects how well you utilize your power and confidence within your own life. 

Your boss appearing in your dream can indicate that you are spending too much time thinking about work. You’re not allowing yourself to rest. It can even point to a lack of freedom, or your own limitations which are holding you back.

Dreaming of being in trouble with your boss is a reminder that you are answerable to them, as well as your behavior having a ripple effect over the people in your life.

If you are afraid of your boss within this dream, you fear authority and what it is capable of. You are afraid that someone will dictate your actions beyond what is reasonable.

If you dream of having a relationship with your boss outside of work, this points to how you long for power and authority, and how you want to control everything.

Dreaming of a boss while being one in waking life indicates that you need to make your authority known. Or, this could simply be a reflection of your identity in waking life. 

If you aren’t a boss in waking life, but you were in your dream, this indicates that it’s time to take control of your life on a more concrete level. Actively move toward your goals.


Dreaming of getting Botox indicates that you’re trying to hide something. This could be your emotions, or more specifically your anxieties about getting something done, or aging. 


Dreaming of a bottle indicates that you’ve been trying to repress your feelings rather than actively processing them. 

Consider the contents of the bottle. Champagne points to being lonely and needing to reach out to others. Poison indicates intrusive or nasty thoughts. Wine suggests feelings involving your sexuality.

Dreaming of an empty bottle implies that you’re exhausted. You feel drained, and have nothing left to give. It’s time for a break.

Bottle Brush

Dreaming of a bottle brush implies that you either are processing your emotions and ‘clearing your plate’, or you need to do so. Don’t let anything fester, or allow bitterness to hold you back. There are much better things ahead.

Bottomless Pit

Dreaming of falling into a bottomless pit points to anxieties of not being able to recover from something. There is a situation in waking life that seems impossible, and you have no idea how to solve it.


Dreaming of bougainvilleas points to protection.


A boulder within your dream represents a huge problem or setback in your life that you currently are overwhelmed by. This dream is suggesting that you may need outside help to tackle it.

Bounce House

Dreaming of a bounce house suggests that you lack focus. Something in your life is off-balance. 

Alternatively, it symbolizes your desire for simple fun, or a return to childhood where there were no responsibilities. You want a reprieve.


Dreaming of a bouncer can point to suppressing your own desires.


Dreaming of being bound indicates that a relationship you are in is constricting your freedom or shaping your life in a way you don’t want. 

Or, from a Freudian perspective, this dream is a repressed sexual fantasy.


Dreaming of a boundary suggests that something is hampering your progress or freedom. You feel trapped or helpless. 

Or, you have a picture in your mind of how you’d like something to be, and someone has refused you without giving you a proper explanation.

Bounty Hunter

Dreaming of being a bounty hunter represents your journey of trying to reach your goals, and your determination to do so. 

Alternatively, your driving motivation is money, and somewhere you may be lacking a connection with others, or your priorities are wrong.


Dreaming of giving or receiving a bouquet points to love, a process of healing, or affection. The color and type of flowers can further inform the meaning.


Dreaming of wearing a boutonniere implies a special event or milestone is on the horizon. You may need to watch your behavior or your words. 


Dreaming of tying a bow points to a cause or ideal which you may be contemplating joining. The color of the bow can inform the meaning here. It can also represent innocence.

Dreaming of an archer’s bow symbolizes your path to your goals, and your long-term dreams. You are looking ahead.

Bow And Arrow

Dreaming of a bow and arrow can indicate that you’re striving for perfection. 

Within the dream, if you shoot the bow and miss, you may need to readjust your expectations, or adjust your current method. If you hit the target, this is a good sign for the future.

Dreaming of a bow and arrow can also embody your libido, or anger, or tension, which is affecting your behavior.

Bowel Movement

Dreaming of having a bowel movement reflects how you are letting go of emotions which could affect your outlook negatively, such as hatred or old habits or patterns which are harmful.

If you dream of having a bowel movement in a public place, you regret your behavior or your words in a waking life situation. You didn’t think, and you worry about the consequences.


Dreaming of bowing signifies humility, honor, and respect. You may be thinking about a higher power, or you feel you need to ‘bow’ to someone else’s wishes in a situation.


Dreaming of a bowl points to your sense of security, and is symbolic of the womb. Try to remember the condition of the bowl. Was it dirty? Cracked? Immaculate? This can point to how you feel in a relationship in waking life.


Dreaming of bowling represents the chances and endeavors you’ve seized, and the ones that have paid off, and the ones that haven’t.

If you dream of losing at bowling, you are experiencing a lot of regret, either subconsciously or in waking life. Maybe you’ve encountered a lot of obstacles, and you’re worried about your ability to handle them. 

If you dream of bowling strike after strike, this points to a largely successful future. It’s representative of your ability and the belief in yourself.

Dreaming of a gutter ball indicates that your current routine has you stuck in a rut. You need to adjust something and break free of the monotony.

Dreaming of bowling can also allude to sexual conquest, and how much you base your self-worth off of your sex life. 

Bowling Pin

Dreaming of a bowling pin indicates your attempts to push through an obstacle of some sort.


Dreaming of a box points to a protective part of your personality, where you are trying to preserve part of yourself that you may have outgrown. 

Or, you’re feeling trapped by something, maybe by ignoring your instincts, or listening to destructive thoughts.

Dreaming of trying to open a box indicates a self-discovery, either within this dream, or in the waking world. You’ll soon discover a hidden part of yourself, and this could be good or bad. 

Try to remember how you felt as you opened the box. If your feelings were negative, this revelation could make you anxious.


Dreaming of a boxcar points to financial security, and the end to money troubles. This dream may be the sign you need to get your finances in order to avoid any financial disasters.


Dreaming of boxing or even being a boxer suggests that you’re struggling with an inner conflict of sorts, maybe even something you’ve repressed. 

If there was a focus on the ring, you may be limiting your goals, or you haven’t realized your potential.

Boxing Gloves

Dreaming of boxing gloves suggests there is an awful situation in waking life which you’re trying your hardest to push through. 


If you are female and dream that you are a boy, it can suggest you are trying to be more assertive or protective in waking life. Or, it can represent your emotions towards a boy that you know in real life. His behavior within this dream points to your subconscious feelings toward him.

If you are a man, and you dream of a boy, this points to your inner child. You may need to reconnect with your past or your roots, or become more playful. Alternatively, this dream can suggest you are too immature, and you don’t react appropriately to situations. 

Boy Band

Dreaming of being in a boy band suggests there’s a certain image that you have in your head of yourself, which you want to project to others. Or, this dream can point to using your creativity to contribute to something.

Try to remember if the boy band had a name, and what it might mean to you. It may even be your subconscious offering you some advice about something you’re currently worried about.

Boy Scout

If you were never a scout, but in your dream you were, you may long for direction, routine, or feeling prepared, or having a greater sense of community.

If you see a boy scout in your dream, this is a good sign for the future. All your hard work will pay off. There will be a situation that will need your input, and you’ll know exactly how to handle it.


If you dream of having a boyfriend when you don’t have one in waking life, this can indicate your desire for a relationship or a deeper connection with someone. 

Dreaming of your boyfriend (which you have in waking life) represents the state of your relationship with him in waking life, and any hidden feelings you’re harboring toward him. 

His behavior within your dream can also represent any suspicions or insecurities you have about the relationship itself.

If you dream your boyfriend walks away while you are socializing, this suggests you need to be less socially dependent on him. Spend time with people outside of your relationship.

If you dream of your boyfriend dying, this represents something within you which you have outgrown. Or, you feel you cannot be yourself around him, and perhaps it’s time to end the relationship. 

Dreaming of your boyfriend dying can also point to a new stage in your relationship.

If you dream of him while he is away in waking life, this reveals how you really feel about him. If, for example, he only annoys you, you are glad for the space. If you are overjoyed at him being there, you miss him.

Dreaming of your boyfriend getting married to someone else (see also Marriage Dream Meaning) suggests your relationship will change significantly in waking life. You are either questioning how long your relationship can weather the future, or it’s moving into a brand-new phase.

Dreaming of your boyfriend telling you that he is gay, or that he no longer loves you, is a mirror of your own insecurities. Perhaps your relationship is moving too quickly or slowly, and you’re not sure where you stand.

Or, you’re spending too much or too little time together, and this imbalance is affecting you more than you know. You may have trust issues.

Dreaming of having a different boyfriend implies that your waking life relationship has moved onto another level, and has become more serious.

Dreaming of pretending to be someone’s boyfriend indicates that you fear commitment, or you’re not ready for that.

To discover more about what a boyfriend dream means, visit our Relationships Dream Symbols page.


Dreaming of wearing a bra represents protection or support. It can suggest that you need a bolster of positivity. You may be losing motivation or your positive outlook. This dream can also point to your kind nature.

Dreaming of not wearing a bra may point to your lack of control in a situation, or how you’re acting on your impulses.


Dreaming of a bracelet is synonymous with passion. 

It can suggest that you feel lonely and desire a more meaningful connection with other people. This dream can point to needing to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with.

A broken bracelet appearing in your dream points to your habit of sacrificing your happiness or security in order to provide it to others. It may be a warning, as doing this too often could risk something you hold dear.

Dreaming of eating a bracelet suggests that your needs aren’t being met in some way. You need outside help for this, but for whatever reason, you refuse to seek it. You may not have even recognized the need to involve someone else.

If the bracelet you were eating within this dream was a gift in waking life, the person who gifted it feels out of reach. You have drifted apart. 


Dreaming of wearing a bracer indicates that your confidence in your abilities has taken a blow. 

You may be holding back from giving something everything you have, as you’re not sure that it will be worth it. You’ve been proven wrong in the past, but that doesn’t mean that something cannot turn out well, either. 


Dreaming of having braces indicates that you’ve been too critical of other people, while you don’t know what they’re going through or the full extent of their problems. You may not be able to deal with something as well as they are handling it.

Or, this dream can suggest you need to listen to others, and refrain from talking for the sake of it. Soon, someone will have something incredibly important to say, and it’s vital that you listen. 


Dreaming of bragging points to a longing of feeling secure or confident. In some way, you’re compensating for this insecurity in waking life. You might feel the need to project an image of yourself to others that isn’t quite true.


Dreaming of your hair being in braids symbolizes your determination, your orderly character, and how you like things to be in their proper place.


Dreaming of reading Braille indicates that you can’t find the right words to express how you are feeling in waking life. You need to find a better way.


If you dream of your brain, this points to a lot of stress and pressure that you’re currently under. You need to come to a creative solution to help you through this.

Or, this dream suggests that your ideas aren’t getting the attention they deserve. You’re worried that they aren’t coming across the way you want them to.

Dreaming of brain surgery is a clear sign that you need to change your way of thinking. Something important that you’ve been contemplating needs a closer look.


Dreaming of being brainwashed indicates that you’re relying too heavily on other people’s opinions in order to form your own. You need a new sense of perspective.


Dreaming of using the brakes suggests that you need to slow down in one or more areas of your life. While you are living hard and fast, keeping this up for too long will have consequences. 

This dream points to needing a break. This could be in terms of your lifestyle – maybe you’ve gotten bored with the way it is – or in your professional or personal life. Perhaps it’s time a relationship ended.

Dreaming of brakes failing at the wrong moment is a warning dream. A part of your life has spun away from your control, and you need to adjust accordingly, and you need to do this now.

It’s also worth checking your bike brakes and your car brakes, just in case.


Dreaming of being tangled up in brambles indicates emotional entrapment. A relationship has turned sour, or a spiral of negative thinking has you feeling cornered.


Dreaming of branches indicates renewal, increased prosperity, and a good deal of good luck in the future. Or, this dream may be referencing your family and the family tree, the state of the tree can mirror how you feel your family is doing, and the state of the relationships within.

Broken branches appearing in your dream reflect a problem in your personal life or to do with work. This may hamper your progress.

Dreaming of a branch snapping symbolizes intense stress that you’re under in waking life. It’s causing you some insecurities. 


Dreaming of being branded indicates that you feel wrongly labelled or thought of. You feel misunderstood. Or, this dream is telling you that you need to give someone more lee-way. Cave into what they want.

If you were willing to get this brand in this dream, this indicates that you are being too passive in everyday life. 


Drinking brandy in your dream suggests that you are too caught up in focusing on money and the things you could/should/want to buy. You’re forgetting that there are more important things in life.


Dreaming of brass points to some sort of foolhardy bravery, or arrogance. It can also suggest someone is being false, or they are deceiving you.

If you dream of polishing brass, there are some brasher parts to your character that others find abrasive.


Bread appearing in your dream embodies the staple needs of life, as well as life itself. It can point to your future being full of prosperity, or it can represent the many things you’ve gained out of life so far.

Or, the bread in your dream indicates that you need to ‘rise above’ a petty situation or behavior. 


Dreaming of breaking something isn’t necessarily a bad sign for the future, but it does suggest that change is imminent. You may need to ‘break free’ from your life’s direction if you feel it isn’t serving you, or from a relationship that is no longer meaningful.

This dream can also indicate that you need to take some time out, or, money problems are weighing on your mind, and you need to do something about it.

Dreaming of objects breaking all around you is a warning. You’re at your breaking point. 


Dreaming that someone is trying to break into your home symbolizes something from your subconscious that needs to be recognized. Something you’ve long buried in denial needs to be confronted.

Or, dreaming of a break-in can symbolize a situation or relationship that’s threatening your sense of security. You feel exposed or vulnerable, or you’re in danger of losing part of your identity.

Dreaming of breaking into someone’s home indicates that you are looking for answers in your subconscious mind. You may not be willing to give yourself the answers you need.

It can also point to expanding your horizons, gaining a deeper understanding, or being ashamed of something.

Dreaming of someone breaking into your car indicates that your meticulous planning hasn’t helped in a situation, as there are things you cannot account for.


* See Break-Up under Relationship Dream Symbols.


Dreaming of breakdancing symbolizes how you hold an immense amount of control over your own behavior. Everything you do or say is deliberate.

Dreaming of someone else breakdancing suggests that you need to be less rigid when it comes to accepting new ideas.


Dreaming of your car breaking down indicates that you are pushing yourself too far when it comes to trying to achieve your goals. You risk burning yourself out, causing physical damage to your body, or being unable to think clearly because you are so tired.

Dreaming of a breakdown is your subconscious pleading with you to take a break. If you immediately think of all the things you need to do, you need this break more than you realized. 


Dreaming of breakfast suggests there is a new stage of life or a new beginning on the horizon for you. 

Or, you might have briefly considered what to have for breakfast before you fell asleep. You’d be surprised at how fleeting thoughts manifest themselves in dreams!


Dreaming of nursing a baby points to love, security, affection, and tenderness. It suggests that good things are in your future. 

If you felt uneasy during this dream, this dream is warning you to be careful of who you trust or confess your troubles to.

Dreaming of someone else breastfeeding suggests that you are developing a hidden aspect of yourself, consciously or not.

Breast Implants

Dreaming of having breast implants points to insecurities about your body and your self-image. You feel as though you are not enough. Or, this dream is an outlet for your subconscious wish for bigger boobs.

Breast Pump

Dreaming of a breast pump points to your ability to give love and affection to others.


Dreaming of seeing or wearing a breastplate indicates the need to protect yourself. You have distanced yourself in order to prevent love and the heartbreak it can bring. You don’t want to get hurt.


Dreaming of breasts can represent the instinctual need to be cared for. This dream can also embody dependency, a nurturing nature, and a parental love or role. It can also symbolize sexuality or motherhood.

Naked breasts in your dream can be a symbol of an invasion of privacy that’s bled through from your waking life. It can also indicate worries about becoming an adult or a parent.

If you dream that one of your breasts is missing, you feel unworthy of desire or a similar insecurity. If you dream of your boobs being wildly lopsided or asymmetrical, your sex life has a large imbalance or lack of satisfaction.


Dreaming of being out of breath or struggling to catch your breath implies that waking life is causing you a lot of tension or anxiety. Something has changed, and this interim of not being able to keep your balance in life is making you feel awful.

Dreaming of having bad breath signifies that you feel trapped, or someone doesn’t care about your privacy or personal space.

Dreaming of holding your breath reflects your stubborn nature. It’s not in your character to give way to others, but you still need to consider someone else’s point of view.


Dreaming of breathing rapidly or hyperventilating is typical when your equilibrium in waking life has been disturbed or disrupted by something. This dream serves as an outlet for your insecurities which have cropped up during this stress. 

Dreaming of breathing underwater is a comfort dream. It provides a sense of safety, enveloping you away from waking life’s worries. 

The security you may feel in a dream like this is similar to the safety in the womb. You may want a reprieve from your waking life’s responsibilities, or you feel unable to care for yourself as you have so much going on. Or, this dream can suggest you are ‘submerged’ in your feelings, after a long time of being disconnected from them. 

Dreaming that you cannot breathe reflects how you are feeling emotionally or physically drained. People with asthma often struggle with dreams like this, as it is a very real fear.

Dreaming of someone breathing into your mouth indicates that you need to be more like them in some way. Think of their positive traits, and what you could benefit from if you actively tried to be a little more positive, or strong-willed, etc.

If the person breathing into your mouth in your dream is not alive in waking life, this person still lives within you, and this dream is reminding you of that.

Breathalyzer Test

Dreaming of taking a breathalyzer test implies that your recent bad decisions or poor behavior will have repercussions. You may want to take it easy for a while.


Dreaming of a breeze can be a breeze in waking life making it into your dream, or, small changes or subtle shifts in ideals are about to pass. 


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