Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With D – Part 1


Dreaming of the letter D indicates a sub-par quality or something which is acceptable, but only just about. There’s nothing wrong with something, but there’s nothing great about it.

Or, the letter D symbolizes being open to new ideas or opportunities, and a period of happiness. D is also the Roman numeral for 500.


Dreaming of a Dachshund symbolizes your strong sense of loyalty, being objective, or quick to anger, depending on how you feel during the dream.


Dreaming of daffodils represents a healthy amount of self-respect, joy, hope, and personal growth. 

These lovely flowers also symbolize new beginnings, a new long-term project or relationship, or a new chapter in your life.

If you give daffodils to someone in your dream, this signifies unwanted affection. Someone doesn’t return your feelings, and it’s time you moved past these emotions to focus on better things.


Dreaming of a dagger signifies words which have the power to wound others, or something that’s already been said. You may feel betrayed, or you’ve hurt someone else.

If you dream of removing a dagger from someone’s hand, this represents removing negativity out of an emotionally charged situation. 

It also indicates that you’ll see a solution to stop a problem before it has the chance to start. 


Dreaming of dahlias is a sign of good luck. If you see a field full of vibrant and healthy dahlias, you are likely to come into some money soon. 

If the dahlias are wilting, this indicates the end of something. 


Dreaming of a dairy farm represents the amount of love in your life, which has helped you move past misfortune.


Dreaming of daisies embodies grace, the beauty in simple things, tenacity, determination, friendship, affection, and love.

Dreaming of someone giving you a bunch of daisies represents sadness or a love that never had a chance to bloom.

If you dream of walking through a field full of daisies, this is a sign of good luck for the future. Any current problems will soon diminish, and you’ll enjoy a period of peace.

Dalai Lama

Dreaming of the Dalai Lama represents a significant spiritual message within this dream, or a spiritual journey which you’ll undertake soon.

Or, dreaming of the Dalai Lama implies that you’re putting too much value on materialism and immediate gratification. You need to find joy outside these.


Dreaming of a Dalmatian symbolizes that you put other people’s emotional needs before your own. You get a lot of satisfaction out of solving other people’s problems.


Dreaming of a dam is symbolic of emotions which you’ve been ignoring. These feelings have become harder to deal with, and you need to let them out in a healthy way before the slightest trigger causes an outburst.

If you dream of a dam breaking down, your emotions are ruling over you, and you can no longer think objectively.

Damask Rose

A damask rosebush appearing in your dream is symbolic of harmonious relationships, usually referring to romantic relationships.

Dreaming of receiving a bouquet of damask roses indicates that you’ll soon find a romantic partner who will seem like they were made for you. 

If you’re already in a relationship, and you have this dream, your connection with them will deepen.


Dreaming of being damned suggests that you should treat a developing situation in waking life very carefully. You need to be wary. 

Having a dream where you are damned points to overthinking other people’s opinions of you, and measuring yourself solely on them.

Or, dreaming of someone damning you is your subconscious telling you that you shouldn’t allow other people to make you feel inferior.


Dreaming of a damson tree suggests you have a wealth of possibilities in front of you. The amount of fruit – if it is plenty – indicates that you’ll soon enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

If you feel nervous when you see a damson tree in your dream, or if there’s no fruit on this tree, you’ll go through a period of misfortune, or loss.


Dreaming of dancing reflects the great place in life you’re at right now. You feel free to express yourself, and everything feels well-balanced. 

Dancing symbolizes many things, including joy, grace, freedom, fun, and sexual desire. If you’re not feeling these in your dream or waking life, this is your subconscious telling you that you need more of these emotions in waking life.

Dreaming of dancing with someone symbolizes the cohesion and balance of different facets of your character, or intimacy and a deeper connection with someone, depending on whether your partner was a stranger or someone you know.

If you are leading, you have full autonomy over your personal and professional life, striking a balance between the two. 

Or, you don’t give up control easily, and you’re being more aggressive than a situation calls for. 

In your dream, if you are asked to dance, this represents your tendency to follow others. You feel more secure or validated when you are going along with other people’s ideas. 

A dream where you dance with your ex signifies a final acceptance. You’re done with blame, anger, or negativity, and you’ve reconciled yourself with everything your ex is. You know it’s better to move on.

Dreaming of going to a dance indicates that everything you’ve strived for will make you as happy as you hope, and a period of joy and satisfaction. This dream also points to a wealth of creativity, new beginnings, and complete happiness.

Dreaming of children dancing reflects your domestic life, which is carefree and happy.

If you dream of ritualistic dancing, you need to take care of your spiritual needs.

Dance Class

Dreaming of being in a dance class indicates that you’re too focused on trying to control every aspect of something, you’ve forgotten how to relinquish control and have some fun. 

A dream of a dance class also symbolizes the stages of learning a new skill, starting a new project, or a new chapter in your life. You’re adjusting to a new equilibrium.

Dance Floor

Dreaming of a dance floor indicates that you need to express what you’re feeling without fear of being judged.

If the dance floor is empty, this symbolizes that you feel you cannot be who you are, or you cannot show people the real you.

Dance Recital

Dreaming of being at a dance recital indicates that you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life, and to grow as a person.


Dreaming of dandelions signifies harmony and happiness. You’re overjoyed with the way things are going right now. 

Or, your subconscious is reminding you of your childhood with some nostalgia. You could do with remembering how things were.

Dreaming of blowing away dandelion seeds from a stem signifies how you feel time is slipping through your fingers. It’s also symbolic of something fleeting, and you want to hold onto it for as long as you can.

Dreaming if you dream of eating dandelions, this is both a reminder and a warning to take care of yourself, or you could stand to lose what you have.


Dreaming of having dandruff implies that you’re carrying a lot of tension, and the weight of stress is taking its toll. 

This dream is also a message to take stock of where you are, your habits, and your choices. You may need to start doing things differently. 

This dream can also point to low levels of confidence or self-worth.


Dreaming of being in danger implies that a recent decision you’ve made is not the right one, or your subconscious has picked up on something which is making you feel uneasy. You may need to be more wary.

Or, you’ve been listening to some sort of negative influence too much, and it’s starting to bleed into the rest of your life. You have a bleak outlook right now.

Dreaming of escaping danger suggests you’ll soon enjoy an uptick in your social calendar or people’s opinions of you. It will open new doors.


Dreaming of creating a dare for someone signifies that your behavior is inappropriate. You are trying to control everything, or your attitude is abrasive.

If you dream of someone daring you to do something, this suggests that you’ll soon be faced with a situation which will cause a lot of embarrassment or regret. How you react to this situation may have a knock on effect.


Dreaming of being a daredevil is your subconscious calling you to action. You’re in danger of becoming a bystander in your own life, and you need to take a risk on something.


Dreaming of darkness foretells defeat or frustration in a current project or situation, no matter how hard you’ve tried.

Darkness within a dream symbolizes fear, uncertainty, confusion, death or an end to something, or malice. 

If the darkness in your dream subsides, you’ll overcome this period of bad luck, stress or frustration without too many problems.

If the dark feels safe in your dream, this represents how you are happy to let some things lie. You feel you are better off ‘being in the dark’ about some things.

Dreaming of searching for someone in the dark and being unable to find them signifies that you need to keep control of your emotions, your anger in particular. You may find the near future challenging, and it’s important that you don’t lash out.

Dreaming of being lost in the dark reflects signs of depression, low levels of self-worth, or something in waking life is pushing you into a corner. You feel desperate.

If you dream of trying to feel your way around in the dark, this mirrors how you are attempting to make a decision without all the facts. You need more information before you can act, otherwise you risk making the wrong choice.


Dreaming of being in a darkroom indicates that you’re waiting for a situation to ‘develop’. You’re happy to take your time to see what unfolds.


A dartboard appearing in your dream indicates that you’ve picked up on someone acting hostile towards you, either openly, or subconsciously. You may need to confront them and see what the issue is.

Or, a dartboard in your dream represents what you want in the future. You are being held back by a fear of failing, so you don’t feel motivated to try. Even if you don’t succeed, there is value in trying. 

Darth Vader

Darth Vader appearing in your dream indicates there’s a conflict between your conscience and your impulses. You’re torn between the two. 

Or, Darth Vader symbolizes the unconscious part of your personality, and what lurks within.

Dreaming of someone in waking life being Darth Vader symbolizes that you need to look for the good in this person, or help bring it out in them. Don’t just judge them on their bad days.


Dreaming of playing darts symbolizes a hurtful comment you or someone else has said that you keep replaying in your head. You may be wondering where it came from, or why it cut so deeply.

Or, playing darts in your dream symbolizes your long-term dreams, and how you keep your attention on trying to fulfill them.


Dreaming of a dashboard (see also Dreaming Of Fuel) signifies your life’s direction, how you feel it’s going, and how far away from your goals you feel you are.


Dreaming of being on a date indicates you want to know more about yourself, your talents, your limits, and how far you can push both.

* See Also Relationship Dream Symbols


Dreaming of dates growing on a tree symbolizes optimism for the future, and present happiness. If you can, you should take some time for yourself to enjoy the moment. 

A dream involving a date tree can represent an important event or date you’re going on, and the state of the tree represents how you think it might go. If there’s plenty of fruit on the tree, you’re feeling optimistic.

Dreaming of eating dates indicates that you feel there’s a hole you cannot fill in your life, or you’re trying to fill it with the wrong things.

Dating Show

Dreaming of being on a dating show signifies that while you want a relationship, you’re not looking for it in the right place, or you’re trying too hard. Some things you just have to wait for.

Or, dreaming of a dating show suggests a lack of privacy. You feel your love life is being mocked or being displayed for everyone to see. 

For more, think of the dating show you are dreaming of, and how it might apply to your love life.


Dreaming of your daughter symbolizes the ideal version of you that you’re trying to reach. Or, it symbolizes your connection with your daughter, or the aspects which she embodies.

If you don’t have a daughter and dream of one, this points to parts of your personality which are traditionally considered as feminine. You may need to show these qualities in a waking life situation soon.


Dreaming of your daughter-in-law symbolizes that something will take you by surprise. How you react to this situation will be imperative.

Look closely at your daughter-in-law’s behavior in this dream. If she’s acting positive, this situation will give you a renewed sense of purpose or happiness. 

If she acts negatively, this situation will cause a great deal of stress or other problems. 


Watching the dawn in your dream symbolizes a renewed energy, purpose, or adopting a completely new perspective. 

You are coming out of the other side of a spiritual journey or a new beginning, and you’re ready to move forward with your new understanding.


Dreaming of an airy, sunny day represents a simple peace or a sudden understanding. Things are becoming clear. 

A dream of a rainy, dark day, or a day full of clouds (see also Cloud Dream Meaning) represents your current mood, frustration, confusion, or sadness.

If you dream of a specific day, or a specific memory of a day, there’s something important to learn from it, some aspect which you can apply to your current waking life and any ongoing situations.

Dreaming of a whole day passing you by suggests that you’re not pushing yourself enough to get what you want, or you need to learn how to manage your time more effectively.


Dreaming of daybreak is synonymous with achieving your goals. You feel you can handle anything the future throws at you.


Dreaming of being at a daycare signifies that you are overwhelmed with worry. You want nothing more than for someone to take care of you, and render your troubles meaningless.

The state of the daycare can also inform the dream’s meaning. If it is clean, well-organized, and feels like a happy place, you feel you’re capable of handling any issues.

If the daycare is messy, chaotic, or out of control, it reflects how you feel. You feel weighed down by your problems, and you’re not sure how you are going to tackle them.


Dreaming of talking to the dead indicates that you need to break free of something. This is a warning dream, and usually refers to people, where someone wishes you ill or doesn’t have your best intentions at heart.

Dreaming of the dead is a safe outlet to express your feelings of grief or despair, especially if someone has recently passed.  

If you dream of someone who died a while ago, someone whose death you’ve made peace with, something in waking life is reminding you of them. 

It could be a specific quality, habit or behavior which is reminiscent of the person who died. 

This dream can be a warning sign that you need to let go of a relationship or relinquish a situation that you’re trying to change. 

Dreaming of someone who has died is your subconscious’s way of telling you that part of them is still with you, or you’re still trying to reconcile their death.

If the deceased person tries to persuade you to go with them, this is a manifestation of the fear of being alone, and also a way of trying to understand the loss.

A dream where you talk to the dead is also a cathartic way of saying goodbye, perhaps in a way that life didn’t offer.

Dreaming of a deceased family member or friend as they were when they were alive signifies the scope of your loss, and how you might still be struggling with it. It’s also a way to experience past times with them once more. 

If you dream of an unknown child dying, this indicates  that a long-term project or goal you’ve been working towards will come to an abrupt end, or a loss of opportunity. 

Dreaming of a child who died in waking life reflects your loss, and it’s also your subconscious’s way of keeping them alive, which may lessen the grief a little.

If you dream of a deceased person who dies again in your dream, this mirrors your desire to share your achievements with them. These kinds of dreams often happen when you feel things are going really well, or during certain milestones.

*See Also Dreaming Of A Dead Body

Dead End

Dreaming of a dead end signifies that the way you have been moving toward your long-term dreams is no longer viable, and you need to adjust your approach, attitude or reasoning accordingly.

Or, a dream of a dead end reflects how you feel you’re in a rut or a vicious cycle. It can also point to a relationship that is no longer serving you, one that could turn toxic, or a job that no longer suits your situation or needs.

This dream is telling you to take stock of where you are, and adjust course as necessary in order to get where you want to be.


Dreaming of a deadline mirrors how caught up in your responsibilities you are, and how you feel time is slipping away from you. 

This is an anxiety dream, and relates to how you feel you cannot manage your goals without having to drop something in order to do so.


If you’re not deaf in waking life, but you dream of being deaf, this signifies how you are closing yourself off from the world, or withdrawing from loved ones. 

This may be a stress response, where you feel you need to take some time for yourself in order to regroup.

Dreaming of being deaf can also reflect how your guard is up. You feel you cannot relax right now, or you’re in denial, and you refuse to listen to anything that may count as proof of something you’re trying to ignore. 

Or, dreaming of being deaf indicates that you need some time out from the world or from a specific social circumstance. You’ve had enough for now, and you need time to order your thoughts.

Dreaming of someone else being deaf implies that someone you care about is withdrawing from the world, or your connection with them is suffering. You may need to check on them.


Dreaming of someone close to you dying points to needing to incorporate the qualities that this person embodies into your own life. 

Consider what you admire most about this person, or what their defining trait might be, or what is missing from your life, which would add new meaning. 

Or, dreaming of someone dying implies that the quality or aspect that this individual represents has no place in your life. You have outgrown it.

If you dream of your living parents dying, this points to an impending change in waking life which will change everything. It could even affect your relationship with them.

Dreaming of a child dying suggests that you need to own your responsibilities instead of finding excuses (see also Why Am I Dreaming Of A Child Dying?). Show people what you are really made of. It can also symbolize the time when your child no longer needs your everyday input, where they really start discovering the world for themselves.

If you dream of faking your own death, this mirrors how you long for a new beginning. You desire something that will shake up your life, but you don’t know exactly what you want to change, or how to go about it.

If you dream of your partner faking their own death, this indicates that something in waking life or their recent behavior has changed your whole opinion of them. 

You’re starting to understand them on a much deeper level. Or, it turns out that they are nowhere near the person you thought they were.

Dreaming of narrowly avoiding death suggests you have a new chance at something, one which you feel you wouldn’t ordinarily get. 

Or, you’ve fallen back into old habits which were hard to break the first time around, and you use them as a coping mechanism as you did before. 

Dreaming of dying within your dream points to a new path of self-discovery, resolution, change, or a dramatic transformation which will provide you with a wealth of benefits. 

You may feel more spiritually fulfilled and capable at the end of this road. A dream like this can make you feel anxious or worried about your own mortality, but this is a largely optimistic dream symbol. 

Dreams of dying generally point to positive changes ahead of you, where you’re able to let go of the past and focus on the present moment, and what the future might have in store for you.

Very rarely do these kinds of dreams suggest negative changes, and the death within them usually symbolizes the end of old habits, outdated ways of thinking or approaches that no longer matter.

If you dream of someone warning you of your own death, you feel a lot of stress in waking life. There is a need to make a decision or incite a change, but you don’t know which way to go. You have a feeling things are going to change.

If you dream of someone who has died, and within your dream they survived that time, but you’re watching their grave fill in, this represents your need to reconcile yourself with their death. 

Maybe you argued with them beforehand, and never got a chance to make it up to them, or you could really do with their advice. Something feels unfinished.

Dreaming of watching yourself die is a bad sign. It suggests that you’re involved in a relationship which will only serve to hurt you in the long run. 

It also indicates that you’ve developed or fallen back into bad habits which will stop your progress or scupper everything you’ve worked so hard for. 

Or, you feel completely powerless in a situation in waking life, and your subconscious is offering you a brief reprieve or a complete distraction to take you far away from your problems.

Alternatively, you desperately want to avoid making a difficult decision, or you want to avoid responsibility for something entirely. You feel life is demanding too many things from you, and it feels like it’s more than you can give.

If you dream of someone you know in waking life dying, this can indicate that your relationship with them is no longer viable, or the feelings you had for them are well and truly dead. 

Or, this person represents a facet of yourself which you’ve outgrown. Consider what traits you associate with this person.

A stranger dying in your dream signifies that you feel far away from the changes which are happening in waking life. You feel as though you’re in a bubble. 

Dreaming of smelling death indicates that you’re living in the past, or you keep your attention on a past relationship, ideal, or way of life which no longer suits you. It’s time to find something new.

Death Penalty

Dreaming of the death penalty points to taking a wrong turn in life. You’ve made a wrong decision somewhere, or the path you’ve chosen won’t work out in the long term.

Or, a death penalty in your dream reflects being under pressure. You feel you don’t have enough time to get everything sorted, or you feel you cannot make the right decision when it’s time sensitive.


Dreaming of being part of a debate indicates that you are torn between two viewpoints or opposing desires, but you’ll be able to reconcile which decision is the right one for you.


Dreaming of being in debt suggests that there’s something out of balance in your life. You’re experiencing issues in either your home life or workplace, and you’re not sure how to resolve them.

Or, dreaming about debt suggests you’re not considering the strain you’re putting on someone, or you’re expecting them to do something about your problems when they have their own to worry about.

Debutante Ball

Dreaming of attending a debutante ball represents your optimism for the future. You’re excited to see what life will bring you.

Dreaming of a debutante ball is held in honor of your achievements indicates that you’re enjoying a new journey, and you know this will shape your future.


* Please see Behead


Dreaming of something decaying reflects a waking life situation which is breaking down, or an ideal which no longer holds true.

A dream of decay also signifies the end of a chapter in your life, making room for a new one.


* Please see Dead


Dreaming of December represents unity, family get-togethers, and a profound connection in your friendships. 

Consider what December means to you personally, whether that’s to do with the holiday itself, a birthday, a special memory, or nearer to a brand new start.


Dreaming of deceiving someone indicates that you are in denial about the reality of a situation. You are pretending everything is fine, but deep down, you know things aren’t quite right. 


Dreaming of sitting out on a deck represents your connection with nature and your innermost self. In order to feel more connected, you may need to spend more time noticing your surroundings. 

Or, a deck can signify how you’re sparing no expense, or you’re going all out for a specific purpose.


* Please see Decay


Dreaming of decorating indicates that you’re trying to pretend something isn’t happening, or you’re masking the signs of something when you should get to the bottom of the issue.


Dreaming of using a decoy implies that you have a habit of misguiding people, leading them to think something of an ‘edited’ version of the truth. Your subconscious is calling you out on your behavior.

Dreaming of being a decoy reflects how you are lying to yourself. On the surface, you want to believe something is true, but you know it cannot be.


Dreaming of signing a deed indicates that you are making a decision that’s not in your best interest. Or, you’re wanting to commit to something long-term.


Dreaming of somewhere or something deep symbolizes emotions or memories which you are pushing into your subconscious. 

Or, your instincts are telling you not to discard someone or judge someone on just their actions. There is more to see. 


Dreaming of feeding or saving a fawn refers to your caring nature. It can also symbolize an innocent or long-held ideal which you are trying to keep to.

* See Animal Dream Symbols for more dream deer symbolism


Dreaming of being defeated suggests that you’re not making the best choice for you right now, even if it seems like the right decision. You’ve made a wrong turning.

Or, this dream is your subconscious’s way of telling you that you need to learn from your experiences. There’s something you haven’t taken on board.


*Please See Toilet Dreams


Dreaming of defending yourself indicates fear of becoming vulnerable, or feeling attacked in waking life. You feel you need to stand up for yourself.

Dreaming of defending someone else signifies that your opinion of them is shaped by your own shortcomings or ideals. You’re not seeing them for who they are, or you’re not facing your own fears or beliefs.

If you dream of someone defending you, this represents your strong sense of who you are.


Dreaming of someone using a defibrillator to save you implies that you are flagging. You need a ‘surge’ of energy or motivation to carry you forward.


Dreaming of an object deflating, such as a balloon, tire, or an inflatable castle or toy, symbolizes how your self-confidence or sense of self-worth has taken a huge hit. You’re questioning your ability.

In Freudian terms, dreaming of something deflating suggests a fear of impotence.


Dreaming of something being deformed indicates there are parts of your personality or latent talents which are going to waste. Ignoring these traits is holding you back.


Dreaming of defriending someone suggests there’s a discord in one or more of your friendships. You’re feeling isolated, or your friends aren’t engaging with you in a way you expect.

Or, this dream mirrors your behavior. You’re unwilling to acknowledge facets of yourself.

Dreaming of your friends cutting all contact with you reflects feelings of disloyalty or betrayal.

Deja Vu

Dreaming of deja vu symbolizes ignored emotions or repressed problems which you are pretending don’t exist. This dream may be telling you there’s something which you need to pay attention to.


Dreaming of being delayed suggests that the road in front of you isn’t a straightforward one, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking.


Dreaming of being in a deli signifies that you’re looking for emotional support outside of your usual people. You long for a new insight which doesn’t feel so predictable.

A dream of a deli may also refer to how your diet needs to be healthier.


Dreaming of delight suggests that difficult times are behind you. You’re about to enjoy some good luck.


Dreaming of a delinquent implies that you don’t feel capable of something which you are perfectly able to handle. Or, you’re letting your talents go to waste.

Dreaming of being delinquent with your bills indicates that you are struggling to juggle your financial responsibilities along with other problems. You feel at a loss to cope.


Dreaming of deliverance suggests that your sense of security has been threatened in some way. You want to feel protected, or delivered from your problems.

This dream can imply that you’re listening to too many negative forces, and it’s affecting your productivity as well as your outlook.


Dreaming of getting a delivery or expecting one suggests something in the future which you’ve been looking forward to won’t go as planned. 

Or, this dream is highlighting the good things you already have in your life.

Dreaming of deliveries also points to wanting a child.

Dreaming of delivering something suggests that you have more to give in a situation in waking life, or within your connection with someone. What you are delivering in your dream and why can provide insight into what you should give.


Dreaming of a river delta indicates that something in waking life is drawing to a close, whether this is a period of self-discovery, the end of an era in your life, or a relationship or habit.


Dreaming of having dementia or living with someone with dementia signifies that something in waking life has caused you to lose all objectivity, and all you have left right now is your emotional reactions. You’re not thinking rationally.

Or, dreaming of dementia reflects part of waking life, where you know someone who is suffering from this disease.


Dreaming of Demeter symbolizes your parental desire to protect those who are vulnerable, particularly if they’re your own family. 


Dreaming of demolition indicates that you’re making significant changes in your life which will shape everything. These changes may have been carefully considered beforehand, or they are being done to you.

Dreaming of watching something being demolished mirrors how something in waking life is at an end. 


Demons appearing in your dream signify terror, abuse, hopelessness or great anger. You’re either experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil right now, or you’re causing others some grief right now.

As a dream symbol, demons represent the shadow aspect of your personality, your most base impulses, or foolishness. 

Demons in your dream can be a sign that you’ve been giving into your desire for immediate gratification or listening to negative forces in your life, and either or both are affecting your choices.

Or, demons embody a past issue or secret that you’re still ashamed of.

If you dream of being possessed by a demon, this points to feelings of powerlessness in waking life.


Dreaming of being in a demonstration indicates that you haven’t been vocal enough lately about things that matter. You may be in danger of letting others take advantage of you or someone you care about.

Consider any banners, the behavior of a crowd, or other aspects of your dream which can give a clearer indication of what you are ignoring in waking life.


Dreaming of being demoted reflects low levels of confidence in your own abilities, or low self-worth. You believe you cannot get somewhere in life no matter how hard you try.

Or, dreaming of a demotion can be a warning dream. Your behavior is going to get you in trouble, as you’ve been acting too condescending to others.

A dream of being demoted suggests that you’re not giving a situation in waking life the effort and care that you need to apply. 


Dreaming of being in a den symbolizes a strong work ethic, your professional life, and the importance of managing your time wisely.


Dreaming of being in denial mirrors your attitude in waking life. You don’t want to face the truth.

Dreaming of being denied something indicates that you are falling short of other people’s assumptions or opinions of what you are capable of. 

Or, dreaming of being denied something is your subconscious telling you to dial something back. You’re doing something to excess. 


Dreaming of denim represents resilience and perseverance. It’s a reminder that you’ve been through worse than what’s currently happening in waking life. 

Or, a dream of denim represents how you’re happy to see what life has in store for you at its own pace.


Dreaming of a dent points to a limitation in your approach. You may be prone to self-sabotage. Or, a dent in your dream points to one of your flaws.

Dental Floss

Dreaming of flossing indicates that you’re looking for the root cause of a problem. Or, it signifies your drive for perfection or material gain. 

If you find blood on the floss, you’re carrying a lot of anxiety or guilt.


Dreaming of being at the dentist highlights any shortcomings you feel you have in your appearance. 

It can also signify mistrust in a relationship, someone’s intentions, or how their words don’t match their actions.

If you dream of being in pain or fear at the dentist, this is a sign that you’ll soon become more resilient, and waking life problems will not plague you as much.


Dreaming of having dentures suggests that someone doesn’t believe your sincerity, or you’re not being honest.

Dreaming of others wearing dentures indicates someone in waking life is lying to you. This may be regarding something small, or something much bigger. 


Dreaming of deodorant signifies your strong willpower, and how you are able to recognize and defeat harmful habits or patterns of thinking, or end relationships which you’ve outgrown.


Dreaming of departing for somewhere implies that you’re shedding a past relationship or way of life. You are ready to adopt a new life or a big change.

Or, this dream reflects your desire to start over somewhere new. You’re bored with the way things are.

Department Store

Dreaming of a department store signifies that there’s a hole in your life somewhere, and you’re searching to fill it. 

The details of what you are shopping for and the state of the store can provide further insight.


Dreaming of being deported reflects feeling rejected, singled out, or being the object of someone’s hatred. You are struggling to adapt to new surroundings.

Dreaming of watching someone being deported represents part of you which feels rejected or attacked in some manner.


Dreaming of being depressed reflects how you are unable to see the links between cause and effect. You may be unable to unravel what is causing your problems, or how you can fix them. 

The dream cause of your depression can relate to the feelings of powerlessness, loss of control, or feeling numb in waking life. It may give you some indicator of where things are going wrong.


Dreaming of a train derailing mirrors waking life, where you are going against your morals or better judgment.

 You’re ignoring your conscience for the sake of clawing back some control, or feeding some immediate gratification.


Dreaming of derricks represent hurdles in waking life which you need to clear in order to keep moving forward.


Dreaming of walking through a desert represents bad luck, fear of failure, or impending loss. Through a misunderstanding, people may start to think less of you.

As a dream symbol, a desert also signifies powerlessness, feeling isolated, where no one understands you, or you are constantly undervalued or misunderstood, and feeling left behind.

Or, a desert can indicate that you desire freedom or solitude.


Dreaming of your desk symbolizes sorting through your problems or your current to-do list, as well as setting new goals, and evaluating how far you have come.

Sitting at someone else’s desk in a dream suggests that you go along with other people’s ideas, or you’re not comfortable trying to explore or expand your abilities.

Dreaming of a cluttered desk symbolizes the need to get better control over your life through meticulous planning or organization. 

Dreaming of an empty desk indicates that you need to find more constructive ways to fill your time. Time to learn a new skill or hobby.


Dreaming of being in despair suggests that there is some bad luck in store for you in the near future, which will make you mirror these negative feelings, but it will pass. 

Dreaming of someone else being in despair indicates that you need to pay attention to those around you. Someone will require your help soon.


Dreaming of dessert reflects how you’re enjoying life right now (see also Ice Cream Dream Meaning). Things are great. Desserts in dreams also signify achievements, indulgence, joy, or listening to temptation.


Dreaming of mass destruction points to a current or future state of chaos, lack of control, lack of organization, or unexpected issues cropping up. Things won’t go the way you hope. 

Or, dreaming of destruction implies that your behavior has become self-sabotaging. You don’t feel worthy of success, or you doubt your capabilities. 


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