Boomerang Dream Meaning

A boomerang isn’t a common symbol that appears in our dreams, so seeing one might raise questions concerning the meaning behind it. Interpreting the dream can help you understand better things that are happening in your waking life. If you want to know the possible meanings behind the boomerang symbol, then keep reading. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Boomerang?

Everyone knows what a boomerang is, but do you know its origins? A boomerang is a thrown tool used as a weapon (See also axe or hatchet dream meaning)by Aboriginal Australian people for hunting. Nowadays, it’s used for sports and entertainment. Traditionally, it was made of wood, but modern boomerangs used for sports are made of all kinds of materials, from plastic to phenolic paper. 

Because of its Australian origins, it’s commonly used as a symbol of that country, the same way kangaroos and koalas are. If you were in Australia (see also platypus dream meaning) recently, or in contact with someone or something closely related to that country, it’s possible that a boomerang in your dream appears because of that encounter. However, if the dream has nothing to do with visiting Australia (see also koala dreams) or meeting a person from there, then the boomerang in your dream appears as a symbol of something else.

Karma Meaning Of A Boomerang

A dream about a boomerang can be a symbol of karma. As you know, the principle of karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. This means that one’s intentions or actions will influence their future. 

 Karma can be related to the concept of rebirth that can be found across different religions originating from India – Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. The principle of karma can also be found in Taoism. In these schools, our present actions affect our future in this life, but in subsequent lives, too. 

It’s somewhat obvious how a boomerang symbolism can be related to karma. This object comes back to you just like your deeds do. In dreams, the way the boomerang appears can be a manifestation of your future. 

When trying to understand the meaning of a dream, it’s not enough to interpret the most prominent dream symbol. You also need to take context into consideration, as well as your own emotions you’ve felt during that dream. Here, we’ll mention a few most common dream scenarios regarding a boomerang, and what those dreams refer to. 

Common Boomerang Dream Scenarios

Being Hit By A Boomerang

In most cases, seeing a boomerang in a dream is a bad omen. This is especially true if you dream about being hit by a boomerang. This dream scene is a sign that your negativity and mispractice are coming back to you in near future. You can expect bad things to happen to you, and the reason behind them you can find in your past actions.

Catch A Boomerang

However, sometimes a boomerang can appear as a good omen. If you successfully catch a boomerang flying back to you in a dream, then it’s a sign of good karma. Your good deeds in the past paid off – they’re returning as favorable circumstances in the near future.

Point Boomerang At Someone

If you dream about pointing at someone with a boomerang, you probably want to get back at them. This person has done something to you in the past, and you feel like you need to get even. 

Remember that revenge won’t change the past. In fact, the only thing it might change is that you’ll have bad karma in the future because of your resentful actions. The best thing would be to simply forget about it.

Miss Catching A Boomerang

If you dream about tossing a boomerang, but not managing to catch it, that’s a clear symbol of a wrong decision. Maybe you were pressed by the deadline, and you made a choice in haste, without completely thinking it through, and now you need to face the consequences.

Buying A Boomerang

To see yourself buying a boomerang in a dream can mean that you’ve built a wall around you. Your past sufferings have left a scar and you don’t want to go through that again. Therefore, you’ve distanced yourself from people who’ve hurt you in order to prevent that from happening again. 


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