Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With A – Part 3



Dreaming of amnesia indicates that you’re rejecting part of yourself that you don’t like. This will only result in more pain, and fighting what the future may bring. 

You need to learn to accept yourself for who you are, and recognize the difference between trying to better yourself, and outright hating yourself. 


Dreaming of an amoeba suggests that you fear change, and you fight it at every opportunity. You need to readjust your mindset, as things will become much easier to deal with.


Dreaming of being amorous indicates that you’ve been listening to temptation too much lately. If you act on your impulses, this could lead to something you will regret.

Dreaming of seeing other people being amorous suggests that people will lead you into a false sense of security, and you’ll abandon your morals to a certain extent.

Dreaming of animals being amorous signifies that several of your animalistic desires have been cropping up lately. This is a warning dream, where your subconscious is telling you not to give into them.


Dreaming of an Amphisbaena indicates that you are torn between two wildly different directions. 

It’s also a sign that you feel overwhelmed, and you feel that your ability to make decisions is compromised in some way, or you feel you’re not making any headway despite all of your best efforts. 


Dreaming of an amphitheater suggests that you’ll benefit from a new-found wisdom in the near future.


Dreaming of an amplifier indicates you’ve been feeling ignored. It’s time to speak up.


Dreaming of having a limb amputated is a nasty dream, a bad sign for the future. It suggests that you’re in the process of abandoning one of your talents, or you’ll suffer a great loss in the future. 

It also reflects how you feel situations are not in your control, and the frustration embedded into this can be paralytic. 

You are ignoring something important, and you feel you cannot move forward. 

Something is hindering your progress in life, and this dream is trying to point out what it is. 


A dream where you are wearing an amulet indicates that you feel vulnerable in waking life, and this is your subconscious’s way of making you feel a little more protected.

Amusement Park

Dreaming of an amusement park indicates that you need to let go of what’s plaguing you, and have some fun. 

If a specific ride featured heavily in your dream, this is representing a part of yourself that needs your attention.

A dream of an amusement park can indicate that your attention is too easily swayed by things. This affects your productivity and could affect your future.

If you dream of an abandoned amusement park, you need to shake up your routine. Stop focusing on what needs doing for a minute, and focus on having some fun. Add some adventure into your life.

Dreaming of amusement park rides being broken indicates your expectations are widely different from reality. Something’s not going the way you hoped it would.

If you dream of an amusement park being closed, this is your subconscious telling you that you need a break, and you need one now.


Dreaming of an anaconda can suggest you need to be more open about your sexuality or your desires. An anaconda in your dream also embodies your potential.

Anal Sex

Dreaming about anal sex refers to power. There’s an imbalance somewhere in your life, where you don’t want to cave into someone else’s desires.


Dreaming of being an analyst is a sign you need to review your behavior and your choices. They might not be leading you somewhere you want to go.

Dreaming of seeing an analyst in your dream suggests that you’ve misread a situation, or you’re acting inappropriately.


Dreaming of anarchy signifies that you need to be more reticent when it comes to being honest. It might lead to trouble.


Dreaming of your ancestors signifies that you’ve been thinking about your family and the past, and how it has shaped who you are.


Dreaming of an anchor mirrors stability, either in the sense of regaining an equilibrium or how you hold your ground when it comes to your opinions.

An anchor in your dream can also mean the opposite. Something is holding you back, whether that’s a state of mind, a relationship, your current work situation, or nostalgia for the past. 


Dreaming of something ancient indicates you never miss an opportunity to learn from something, and you are someone who is well-grounded. 

Alternatively, this dream can reflect a desire to be more stable in one form or another. You crave something that will ground you, something that will also aid you in finding a direction for the future.


Dreaming of andirons supporting logs burning in a fireplace reflects your support network in waking life. No matter what, the people that you love are there for you.


Dreaming of an androgynous person reflects how you can see a situation from multiple points of view, which is a valuable skill. However, it’s causing you some indecision, and you need to reconcile the two perspectives.


Dreaming of androids can reflect how you are acting first and thinking later, or you’re feeling that your life is stuck in a concrete routine, and you’re not sure how to get out of it.


Dreaming of an anecdote suggests that a problem you’re currently facing has something valuable to teach you.

Alternatively, you hold a lot of ideals, and sometimes you expect life to hold to them.


Dreaming of an anemone can suggest broken trust or a great loss in your future. You’ll shortly go through a period of transition.


Dreaming of being put under anesthesia reflects how you are desperately ignoring your feelings. 

You have no desire to confront them, or there is an awful situation plaguing you and your coping mechanism is to ignore it completely.


Dreaming of having an aneurysm indicates that stress is burying you. Soon, you might lose your ability to see things objectively. 

Where the aneurysm occurred can also point to where the heart of the stress lies.

If you dreamed of an aneurysm near your heart, the root is emotional. If you dreamed of an aneurysm in your head, you might be overthinking. 


Dreaming of angels is a good sign. Angels in dreams stand for protection, comfort, and virtue. 

If you manage to decode the message of your dream – if you felt the angel had something important to tell you – this can invite good things for the future once you’ve made some changes.

Conversely, angels can also suggest you’re feeling guilty about your recent choices or behavior. You know you haven’t been as kind or as empathetic as you are capable of.

Dreaming of being an angel indicates that you feel you handled a situation well, and things have gone better than you originally could have hoped.

If you see three angels in your dream, this points to an aspect of the divine, and a spiritual journey.

Dreaming of an angel carrying a scroll also has a lot of spiritual undertones. It indicates that you’ve gained some clarity concerning the future. If you could see the message on the scroll, don’t ignore it.

Dreaming of an angel of death indicates something will come to a sudden end – a job, a relationship, or a state of mind. It can also embody a part of yourself that you’ve denied.


Dreaming of being angry is usually a strong emotion in your waking life, carrying over into your dream. 

It’s a safe way to release it, but you may need to ask yourself if you are consciously acknowledging how you feel in waking life. 

Dreaming of holding onto anger, or other people being angry, indicates that you are furious or frustrated with yourself. You’re not giving yourself a break, or a chance to learn. 

It’s worth remembering that hindsight can be more frustrating than it is useful. 


Dreaming of angling reflects waking life, where you are trying to set yourself up for good things in the future.


Dreaming of animals is an interesting one. Animals embody your instincts, the desires that you aren’t forthcoming about, and the ‘uncivilized’ parts of yourself that are prone to rage or temptation.

If you dream you’re fighting an animal, this indicates that you’re in conflict with part of you. Dreaming of two animals fighting can suggest sexual tension.

If you dream of an animal being abused, this can reflect how you’re pushing down your animalistic desires back into your subconscious, but you might be doing this too much. You still need to be true to yourself.

This dream can also indicate that you feel helpless in a situation.

Dreaming of talking animals indicates wisdom, usually your own on a subconscious level, which you’re not aware of in your waking hours. This dream is a call to reconnect with yourself, and it also embodies your potential. 

Dreaming of saving an animal indicates you’ve ‘saved’ yourself by accepting and in some cases repairing parts of you from stress and turmoil. You have been, or you are in a state of healing. 

This dream can also be a wish fulfillment dream, where you hope to be in a better place soon, but these things take time, and it’s not a straight road. 

Dreaming of setting an animal free indicates that you have been able to release your more base emotions, and you’ve found a healthy outlet for them.

A dream of lab animals can be one of two things. Either you long to believe in something new, try a new lifestyle, or push past your fear, or you feel part of you is being crushed by a horrible situation.

If you dream of baby animals, this can symbolize your own child, or your inner child.

Animal Shelter

Dreaming of being at an animal shelter can suggest you’re in a transitional phase, and you don’t know where to turn. It can also reflect relationship problems where you feel disconnected. 


Dreaming of watching animation indicates that you have the vital ability to see the funny side in most situations, and you don’t take things too seriously.


Dreaming of watching anime reflects a carefree nature.

Dreaming of being an anime character indicates that you’re not being honest enough with your feelings, whether that’s towards yourself or someone else.


Dreaming of animosity towards you indicates that you might suspect your behavior or morality needs adjusting. Maybe you’ve not been kind enough lately.


Dreaming of an ankh represents eternity, life, and boundless knowledge. 


Dreaming of your own ankles mirrors waking life, where you would like some direction to get where you want to be. 

Dreaming of spraining or breaking your ankle reflects problems which are hindering your progress in life.

Dreaming of your ankles being swollen can be one of two things. Either you need to take some time to relax, or you’re headed down a path which will lead to trouble.

Ankle Monitor

Dreaming of an ankle monitor indicates you are feeling watched, as though every decision you make and every slice of your behavior is under a microscope. 


Dreaming specifically of an anklet can suggest you’ve been reflecting on your decisions that have got you to where you are. Don’t fall into the trap of too many “What Ifs”.


Dreaming of an anniversary is an interesting one, and the meaning changes depending on the type of anniversary.

A wedding anniversary suggests you need to be more open to love. Dreaming of an anniversary of a death signifies a fresh start is on the horizon. 


Dreaming of feeling annoyed is simply the frustration from waking life bleeding into your dream. If it’s potent enough to make it into your dream, maybe you should do something about it.


Dreaming of an announcer can indicate you feel someone is meddling in your life, and everything you do is being watched. 

An announcer can also be the voice of your subconscious. Don’t ignore it.

If you dream that you’re at a sporting event (see also Arena Dream Meaning), and you hear an announcer, you know there’s something you need to do in order to move forward. 

Dreaming of being an announcer – regardless of the context – indicates that you’re taking the role of an observer in waking life, and this can be good or bad. Maybe you’re taking a break from being the one who gets things done.


Dreaming of getting an annulment can indicate that you’re deep in denial about something. 

Alternatively, you want to be done with something, a problem that’s long dragged on, and it’s holding you back.


Dreaming of struggling with anorexia signifies that you should stop punishing yourself. You struggle with your self-esteem, and not accepting yourself will really hold you back. 

Perfection is overrated, just concentrate on living in the current moment, and then the one after that, and after that. 

Answering Machine

Dreaming of an answering machine can suggest you aren’t being heard. Alternatively, you’re ignoring someone who really needs you to listen to them. 

You might be having trouble seeing their point of view, but there’s a reason they are being so insistent.


Dreaming of being in Antarctica is symbolic of your endurance when it comes to life’s obstacles. If you were able to cope, this reflects waking life. 

If you found the conditions difficult, you’re struggling to cope in waking life. Maybe it’s time you asked for help from someone. 

Dreaming of living in Antarctica can symbolize a desire to reconnect with nature, to escape the “rat race” and live a simpler life. 

It also embodies your drive, and how you’ll go after something without being fazed by the scale of a project or a desire. 


Dreaming of an anteater suggests that you need to exercise caution in an ongoing project, or you risk it stalling completely.


Dreaming of an antelope indicates that any current passions or projects you have right now will only be realized if you put the maximum amount of effort that you can.

Conversely, this dream can also be warning you to run in the other direction from something or someone.

Dreaming of an antelope collapsing or falling over can mirror a responsibility for a relationship breaking down.


Dreaming of an antenna mirrors how well you are communicating in your everyday life. If the antenna is damaged or faulty, you’re struggling to voice your opinions or your emotions.


Dreaming of an anthill indicates a period where you’re being much less productive than you’re capable of. Maybe you’ve burnt yourself out, or you just don’t have the motivation to push yourself right now.


Dreaming of antibiotics or taking antibiotics indicates you’re trying to protect yourself against some negativity that’s present in your life.


Dreaming of needing an antidote suggests you feel you’re out of balance. This might be emotionally, morally, or physically speaking. 

You’re looking to metaphorically regain your equilibrium, and this will help you find a solution.


Dreaming of antifreeze indicates that you’re being cold-hearted in some respect, or you have trouble warming up to other people.


Dreaming of antiques indicates how you value the past, your long-held beliefs, and wisdom that’s been passed down. 

You know that just because a perspective is not new doesn’t make it any less valuable. 

If you have no interest in antiques, you’re adopting new perspectives or ideas, casting away the old versions of yourself or beliefs you’ve outgrown. 

Alternatively, a dream involving antiques can signify that you’re ignoring something very valuable, or you’ll make a mistake if you throw away or reject a long-held point of view. After all, it’s lasted this long.


Dreaming of using an antiseptic suggests you’re in a period of healing. You’re able to shake off negativity and prevent it from weighing you down or holding you back.


Dreaming of acting antisocial can suggest a lack of connection with others, or they fail to empathize with a situation you’re currently in. Or, you’re not getting enough time away from people to recharge. 


Antlers in a dream are usually symbolic of masculinity or aggressiveness, or power. They can also symbolize a prize.


Dreaming of ants (see also Ant Dream Meaning) can indicate that you feel your life is too structured. You long for some serendipity or a break from the norm.

Ants can also indicate your frustration in life. You may feel insignificant, rejected, or even neglected. It can directly reflect how you feel “antsy”, and without much purpose.

Ants also embody hard work, strength, cooperation and order. This dream can signify that you’ll have an uptick in your workload or your productivity soon.  


Dreaming of Anubis reflects how you are searching for direction or for something to become clear. Spiritually speaking, you need guidance along your path. Some believe that Anubis in your dreams can also suggest that death is around the corner.


Dreaming of an anus can be one of two things. There’s a lot of negative emotions that you’re not expressing, instead you’re choosing to push them down, but this will only make things worse in the long run.

Or, this dream can point to how generous you are, and how you’ve acted lately. It can also represent someone in your life who is on edge all the time.


Dreaming of an anvil indicates that you have everything you need to be successful, it’s all in your hands, but that’s not to say it will be a straight-forward and easy road.

Dreaming of a broken anvil suggests that you’ve let some of the best opportunities slip away from you, and this dream is warning you to be more proactive.


Anxiety in your dream can be bleeding into your dream from waking life. It can be your subconscious telling you that you have too many things to worry about, and lately you’ve only been adding to these.

You may have unresolved issues and repressed emotions which are causing this dream.


Dreaming of an apartment can reflect both your mental state and the health of your finances. If you dream of a rundown or cluttered apartment, you are experiencing some turmoil in one or both of these areas.

If you dream of a large, luxurious apartment, everything’s going well.


Dreaming of apes (see also Gorilla And Ape Dream Symbolism) can suggest you or someone else in your life is being dishonest, and they may have a whole host of reasons why, but none of them are good.

A dream of an ape (see also Monkey Dream Interpretation) can indicate that your anger – or someone else’s – has taken over, and you need to get it under control, and fast.

An ape in a dream can signify your wilder impulses, and the behavior of the ape in your dream indicates how much you let the “ape” run wild and free.


Dreaming of an apocalypse can suggest an abrupt end to something, or a drastic change you’re going through. 

Subconsciously, you’re not sure who you will be at the end of it, or exactly how it will change you. 


Dreaming of Apollo represents new wisdom which will carry you through the tough tasks ahead in the future.


Dreaming of apologizing can reflect how you feel guilty about something in waking life, but more often than not it points to how you want peace in waking life.

This dream can also be your subconscious telling you that your recent behavior or your choices have hurt someone else. 

This dream can also be a sign you need to forgive someone, or at least spend less time thinking about what they did. There are better things ahead.

Dreaming of someone else apologizing to you is your subconscious trying to reconcile feelings in waking life. You might feel betrayed by someone, or someone hasn’t recognized what they’ve done to you and how they’ve made you feel.


Dreaming of an apparition can be a warning dream. While someone in your life appears to have your back, they won’t be consistently there for you when you need them. 

Or, an apparition can embody your spirit and your drive. If it speaks to you, this is your subconscious directly talking to you, and you would be wise to decode it if you can.


Dreaming of things suddenly materializing – and you’re recognizing that it is odd, after all, it is a dream – indicates that you need to use your wise head right now, not your heart. 

There is an area of your life where you need to think logically about, and while it may be an emotionally charged situation, you need to keep clear and calm.

If you can remember what appeared suddenly, and why – if there was a why in your dream – this will help guide you.


Dreaming about your appearance mirrors how you’re worried about what other people think of you. Think back to your appearance in the dream.

If you looked well and happy, you’re enjoying a great period of self-confidence and positivity. 

If you looked tired, ill, or untidy, you’re struggling with your self-esteem or what you think you are capable of.


Dreaming of your appendix indicates that a problem you’ve been ignoring needs your attention, and you need to look at it now.

Dreaming of appendicitis indicates that you’re not expressing or processing your emotions. Instead, you’re letting them stack up, and this will only cause you stress in the future.

Dreaming of having your appendix out indicates a similar desire to ignore your feelings. More specifically, something has hurt you deeply, and rather than confront it, you’ve pushed it down.


Dreaming of your appetite is your unconscious desires surfacing in your dream. There’s at least one part of your life that feels neglected or unfulfilled.

If you felt hungry or thirsty in your dream, this could be your body’s needs bleeding into your dream, or you lack physical contact with other people.


Dreaming of hearing applause points to a need for acknowledgment, either from someone else or yourself. Maybe you feel all your hard work has gone unnoticed, or you aren’t dedicating enough time for yourself.

Dreaming of applauding someone else signifies that you need to help someone along on their path. A few kind words may go a long way.

Apple Tree

Dreaming of an apple tree indicates that you’re in the best place you could possibly be. You feel full of life and positivity, and you have a good sense of stability right now.


Dreaming of apples (see also Apple Dream Symbolism) growing on a tree indicates that you’ll enjoy the near future immensely. You’ve worked hard, gained some wisdom, and you’ll soon reap the rewards. 

The fruit can point to needing to keep an eye on your health. If you’ve been putting something off, now’s the time to get it sorted. 

Dreaming of eating an apple signifies your desires, and how you’re in a good place to fulfil them.

Dreaming of unripened apples suggests that you need to be patient, in either your work life or your love life. The signs are all there, but you need to wait a little longer.

Dreaming of half-eaten apples or rotten apples can suggest that a current goal you’re working towards won’t bring you the happiness you’ve staked on it. 

This dream is a warning, to not pin all your hopes on one thing, otherwise you risk being hurt.

Picking apples in your dream indicates that any hard work you put in now will pay off in the near future.


Dreaming of applesauce can indicate that the source of your happiness or meaning out of life has changed. If you haven’t experienced this yet, you’ll see a significant shift in your reason for happiness soon.


Dreaming of fixing an appliance can reflect your desire to fix an area of your life. This dream can also represent a relationship which needs your attention, and badly.


Dreaming of filling out an application signifies a lack of something within your life. 

Try to remember what type of application it was, and how difficult it was to complete, as this can reflect your expectations of trying to fulfill your desires.

This dream can also indicate you need to put in more work before you will see the results you actually want. 


Dreaming of going to an appointment is your subconscious telling you that you need to follow your dreams, instead of the things that will give you immediate gratification, you need to be thinking more of the long term.

Dreaming of missing an important appointment suggests that you’re missing something important in life. Sometimes the little things you’re ignoring add up. 


Dreaming of being an apprentice can indicate that you’ll need to work harder in order to gain any headway with your colleagues at work.


Dreaming of approaching someone or something suggests that you’ve been approaching things carefully and thoughtfully. This has served you well, but now’s the time to move quicker to cover more ground.

Dreaming of being approached suggests you’ve been too passive when it comes to the things you want. Not everything will just fall into place without your input. 


Dreaming of looking for approval suggests that you base your opinion on yourself off of other people’s perception of you. You may be trying too hard to please people in order to feel good about yourself.

Dreaming of approving something indicates that you’re looking for some reassurance. Or, this dream is pointing to your power and the say you have.


Dreaming of apricots (see also Apricot Dream Meaning And Symbolism) points to your perception of things, which is skewed. Something you took to be true will be completely false. 

Dreaming of eating apricots points to a run of bad luck in the near future. If you dream of other people eating apricots, this indicates that you’ll be swept up into a difficult situation.


Dreaming of April is an interesting one. Either, you’re being foolish, and you’ve been lulled into a false sense of security or trust, or the future will hold very good things for you.


Dreaming of an apron (see also Apron Dream Meaning) points to your home life. The state of the apron also reflects how well this is going. 

It can also embody a commitment to someone, or it can be a signal of protection.

Dreaming of wearing an apron suggests you’re well-prepared in sorting out any problems in your home life. You’re in a good place where you feel no problem is too big to tackle.

Alternatively, this dream can also indicate that you’re too willing to deal with other people’s issues. Some things you just have to let other people work them out for themselves.


Dreaming of aquamarine can embody water as an element. It can suggest that you need to reach out to someone, someone who you haven’t talked to in a long time. It may be a good time to reconnect.

Aquamarine also symbolizes creativity, hope, and vitality, and to see it in abundance is a very good sign for the future.


Dreaming of an aquarium (see also Aquarium Dream Meaning) can reflect feelings of being trapped or powerless, or you feel as though you’re going nowhere even though you’re trying your hardest to make progress.

An aquarium can also suggest that while you’ve realized how you feel, you haven’t yet done anything to work through your emotions and unpack them. 

This is healthier than just pushing them aside, but unresolved feelings can also cause problems which will hold you back from getting the best out of life.

An aquarium in your dream can also be telling you that you need to slow down. Take some time out to notice the things around you, and do nothing else for a minute. You’ll feel calmer and more grounded.


Dreaming of a person who is an Aquarius represents fresh ideas that will help propel things forward. You may have more drive than you’ve had in a while, which will help you become more independent in your creative endeavors. 

Dreaming of an Aquarius can also indicate that you’re looking toward the future instead of the past, and this will help you stop problems in their tracks before they have a chance to fully unravel and wreak havoc in your life. 


Dreaming of an aqueduct points to your spiritual journey. The state of the aqueduct can tell you how well you’re faring on your path, and any structural issues can suggest you need to go back to the root of something.


Dreaming of being an arbiter suggests you have a great deal of power over a situation. You get to make the rules, but be cautious how you handle this.

Dreaming of having to work with an arbiter denotes that you feel you have no say in a troubling situation. You’re looking for guidance. It’s worth reflecting on this dream, to see if the arbiter in your dream had some insight.


Dreaming of an arc suggests you’re struggling with some unexpected obstacles when it comes to trying to achieve your goals. 


Dreaming of an arcade can indicate that you’re looking back on a time which was filled with joy and happiness, and you want to go back. 

But you might not truly want to go back to the past, but you want things to be as happy or as easy as you remember them being. 

This dream also embodies a desire to escape life as it is right now, and all the problems that come with it. You might not be struggling in particular, but you’re sick of the way things are.


Dreaming of an arch symbolizes the people in your life who love and support you no matter what.

If you dream of walking underneath an arch, you’re about to begin a fresh chapter in life, one which will bring forth a whole host of opportunities.


Dreaming about archaeology can signify a reconnection with your unconscious mind, and what lies within. You know yourself better now than you have done for a long time.


Dreaming of being an archaeologist points to needing to look back on the past to solve present problems. Maybe you’ve forgotten a lesson which you learned from experience, and it would help you in your current situation. 


Dreaming of an archbishop can indicate that you feel trapped or confined in your current phase of life. Though you’re working as hard as you can, you feel you’re not making enough progress. 

Alternatively, dreaming of an archbishop can indicate that someone in your life has a lot of power over you, and their decisions trump yours, for one reason or another. Perhaps it’s time you changed this. 


Dreaming of archery signifies that you are setting yourself up for what you hope the future will look like. You want the very best out of life, and you know that planning can help you go a long way.


Dreaming of an architect can suggest you need to seek advice from a professional to help with a current problem you’re dealing with. 

It can also suggest your creativity is getting a lot of exercise at present.

Dreaming of being an architect can either link to a future goal of becoming one, or this is your subconscious telling you that you need to kick-start a creative project. 


Dreaming of being in the Arctic can reflect feelings of isolation, of feeling disconnected from the people you care about. It symbolizes your emotional state, where you feel numb.

Alternatively, dreaming of the Arctic can suggest you want to reconnect with nature. 


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