Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With A – Part 4



Dreaming of being in an arena can suggest you have an underlying problem which is holding you back, and in order to move forward, you need to address it. You’ll feel better once you have. 

A dream of an arena can also indicate that you’re not in a place where you can be honest or express your feelings, and you may need to find other ways of doing this. Find a new outlet.


Dreaming of arguing can reflect how you are trying to iron out a problem, either in your subconscious mind or in your waking life. 

There might be a lot of symbolism in this dream, which will help clarify things. Who were you arguing with? What was it about? You’d be surprised at the connections you can make. 

If you hear someone else arguing, you’re refusing to acknowledge problems. You may not even be aware of them in waking life, but your subconscious has noticed.

Conflict in your dream can also mirror arguments in waking life, where this is just your subconscious processing these events. It may also provide a solution that your conscious mind has yet to realize. 


Dreaming of an argyle points to monotony. You’re relying too heavily on what’s concrete, what’s measurable, a strict routine. 

Unfortunately, you’re forgetting that some of the best things happen when you least expect them to.

Alternatively, an argyle in your dream refers to your analytical mind, which has served you well, and will continue to do so. You approach things methodically, in order to address everything thoroughly. 


Dreaming of someone being an Aries can reflect you’re in the middle of an emotional turmoil, but it’s not all bad. It can also represent the start of something new, like a spiritual journey or a transition, where you’ll be a better person at the end of it. 

The ram which embodies Aries can indicate that you’ve been passive for far too long. You need to confront something in order to make progress. 

It may be something you’ve been putting off, or something that you didn’t realize would be a problem until it turned into a bigger issue. 

It also represents your bravery, and your drive to succeed in life.


Dreaming about arithmetic suggests that you need to act, but only with your head. In the present situation, thinking with your heart will only lead to pain, and it could cloud your judgment.

If you dream of being unable to solve arithmetic, this can reflect a state of confusion in waking life, or something that seemed simple will turn out to be very complicated. 

This dream can also point to a potential solution that your subconscious mind has realized, but your waking thoughts are yet to recognize it. This dream can help make things clearer.


Dreaming of an ark embodies a state of protection, preservation, and rebirth. You may feel the need for something more concrete in your life, or you wish that things didn’t have to change.

This change will also make way for greater things.

Ark of the Covenant

Dreaming of the Ark of the Covenant signifies your strength in faith.


A dream which focuses on your arms can signify your ability to create, to heal, and to help those around you. 

Maybe it’s time to reach out to someone and check in, or you should devote more time to a personal or creative project where you can.

This dream can also reflect any current worries or issues you’re struggling with.

It can represent an imbalance, either in your sense of power or emotions. You may be too quick to anger lately, and this could land you in trouble. 

A situation could be affecting how you see your ability to change things. Maybe you don’t have as much say as you thought you did. 

Or, you need to be more assertive when it comes to someone. They are threatening your sense of security, or they’re trying to “strong arm” you into something. Hold your ground and trust your gut. 

Dreaming of your arm being injured can suggest you feel as though you cannot reach out to others, or that you’ve been so caught up in work or a tricky situation that you’ve neglected to take care of yourself. 

Your right arm within your dream represents your outgoing nature and your drive to meet your goals. Your left arm embodies your caring nature and the support you provide to others. 

If either of your arms are damaged or even removed (!) during this dream, this signifies problems with the respective characteristics. You may be struggling to balance everything, and this dream is drawing your attention to where it’s needed the most.

Dreaming of ripping someone’s arms off indicates clearly that you are furious with this person, but for one or several reasons, you haven’t expressed how you feel. 

Your dream is giving you an outlet, and you’ve hopefully woken up from this dream feeling a little calmer than you did. 

It can also indicate the need to confront them. You may struggle to move on or unpack this emotion otherwise. 

If you dream of someone having more than two arms, this symbolizes being open-minded, and being receptive to new ideas. This could take you anywhere!

Arm Wrestling

Dreaming of arm wrestling suggests that a current problem you’re “wrestling with” needs you to be more direct. You need to be honest. Make a decision and stick to it.


Dreaming about an armadillo can suggest you feel vulnerable, so you’re putting your guard up. 

While it will feel better in the short term, you’ll miss out on several opportunities if you keep it up for too long. You may struggle to connect or empathize with others.

Or, a dream of an armadillo can signify that you’re too dependent on other people. Don’t look to them to make your decisions for you, or you’ll end up dissatisfied. 


Dreaming of Armageddon reflects how you feel powerless or hopeless when it comes to a situation you’re currently in, as well as the future as a whole. You’re suffering from stress.

Alternatively, you long for a day when something will change. You feel stuck in your life as it is now, but nothing lasts forever.


Dreaming of sitting in an armchair is a good sign. It points to having a strong sense of security, of who you are and where you are in life, and you feel as though you’ve achieved a lot.


Dreaming of wearing armor mirrors your desire to keep your guard up, and the steps you take consciously and unconsciously to protect yourself. 

Wearing armor in your dream can suggest that you feel vulnerable, or that you feel bomb-proof, depending on how you felt within this dream. 

Dreaming of seeing but not wearing armor indicates that you’re worried about whether you should keep your guard up, and risk missing out on things you would enjoy, or let your guard down, and risk getting hurt.

Armored Car

Seeing an armored car in your dream suggests you are unsure about how much progress you’ve made through life so far. 

You may be comparing yourself to others, or to a past version of yourself who didn’t have the problems you have now. 

This dream can be a sign that you’re withdrawing too much into yourself, where you should be focusing on the present moment. 

An armored car in your dream can also be a signal to look after yourself financially. Make sure you’re not spending more than you can afford, to prevent problems in the future.


Dreaming of an armory can reflect waking life where something has put you on the defensive. You feel as though you have to retaliate or be on your guard because of a present situation.

Or, a dream involving an armory can suggest you feel burnt out in waking life. 

You may feel as though you have nothing left to give, but this dream is reassuring you that nothing could be further from the truth. 

You have a wealth of power and knowledge inside you, you just need to learn how to push through, to maximize your full potential.


Noticing an armpit during your dream can point to the relationships in your life, as well as the parts of yourself that you choose to show other people.

Dreaming of smelling your armpit suggests that in order to repair a relationship in waking life, you’re making some adjustments to your behavior or your outlook. You may also be seeking acceptance from those around you.

If you dream of having extremely long armpit hair, this reflects how you don’t always conform, as you don’t believe in fitting in just for the sake of it. You are true to yourself.

Dreaming of shaving someone’s armpit can indicate that you’re forcing your own beliefs onto other people. 


Dreaming of an army reflects a situation where you feel the odds are stacked against you, and you feel powerless, and you’re not sure who to turn to.

Dreaming of joining an army can suggest you long to feel like you belong somewhere, or that you feel you are invincible, and no one can hurt you.


Dreaming of being able to smell something within your dream can be caused by memories which are associated with that aroma. 

Something within your waking life could be similar to this particular memory, and that’s why it’s resurfaced in your dream.  This can be good or bad, depending on the memory.

Arranged Marriage

Dreaming of an arranged marriage can suggest you want someone to take out the guesswork for you. 

Something seems too complicated or too big for you to decide. It can also be a desire to acknowledge tradition, in whatever form that may take. 

Alternatively, in waking life, you feel like you’re being pushed into a decision that isn’t yours, and this is reflected in your dream. Don’t lose your voice when it comes to decisions that will greatly impact your life.


Dreaming of being arrested suggests that you struggle with control, or the lack of it. Or, you are carrying around a lot of guilt, no matter where you go. You need to process it in order to move on.


An arrow appearing in your dream relates to the goals you’ve set yourself, and how you’re trying to achieve them. 

If you’re struck by an arrow in your dream, you’ll shortly enjoy a release of some stress, if you haven’t already. Where the arrow hit you can also be significant.

Dreaming of an antique or broken arrow can signify disappointments in your relationships, or relationships that have come to an end. You may have also changed your mind about something quite late in the game. 

Dreaming of a double-headed arrow suggests you’re conflicted. Two ideas or concepts are pulling you in opposite directions, and you need to consider each carefully. 

From a Freudian perspective, an arrow represents a penis and a man’s masculinity, which may or may not be relevant to your dream.


Seeing an arrowhead in your dream directly connects to your idea of the future, and your preparation to make it happen.

Dreaming of a broken arrowhead reflects how you have stagnated when it comes to trying to reach your goals. Something is holding you back.

If you dream of finding arrowheads, these symbolize goals and dreams you’ve outgrown or abandoned. 


Dreaming about arson points to bottled up fury that you’re holding inside. It would be better to let it out in a controlled, safe way, as it can affect your actions and thoughts more than you might realize.

Art Class

Dreaming of an art class can suggest you need to reconnect with your creativity, or find a new way to express yourself. Maybe you’ve been skipping time that you used to reserve for creative projects, and you’re feeling the effects.

Art Gallery

An art gallery in a dream can suggest you need to live each moment as it comes, as it can embody the past, and looking towards the past instead of the present can cause problems if you do it too much.

An art gallery can also represent a past situation that’s resurfaced, because one in your present life is very similar.

Art Supply

Dreaming of art supplies can indicate that you’re looking to express yourself creatively, but you’re not sure exactly what form it should take. 

You may have been ignoring your creative side in favor of completing a task that’s overrun, which can cause more stress and frustration than you might think.


Dreaming of arteries points to how you carry yourself in life, and your ability to connect with other people. 

If you dream your arteries aren’t performing as they should, for example, if they are blocked, this signifies that you are caving into a part of your personality that isn’t good for you in the long term. 

You may be seeking immediate gratification to cope with stress, but you might look back and see all that time you could have spent on something else.

If you dream of arteries being cut, this is both a loss of security and a message that you haven’t learned from your mistakes. 


Dreaming of suffering from arthritis indicates that your approach, your attitude, or your beliefs are hindering your progress in an area of your life. 

This dream also signifies that you are struggling to move forward. 

You might have lost interest in achieving your dreams, you’ve forgotten why you started and how it felt, or you’ve outgrown your goals and don’t know what to do next.


An artichoke in your dream indicates that you need to look to the ‘heart’ of something, or you’ve been spending so long listening to your head that you’ve forgotten you also need to listen to what your heart tells you.

In terms of creativity, you may be blocked, or you’ve forgotten how to connect with yourself in order to draw inspiration from your emotions.


Dreaming of an artifact suggests that while you are growing and adapting as a person, you haven’t completely let go of the past version of yourself, or you feel you can’t. 

Nostalgia may be holding you back. Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and just because you adapt doesn’t mean that you forget where you came from. 

The artifact in your dream can also represent a past relationship that you still hold dear to your heart.


Dreaming of being an artist relates to your creative side, and the part that thinks differently from the rest. 

The art you were creating in your dream can further inform the meaning, and may suggest how you’re feeling towards a situation in waking life. 


If you dream of buying art, this indicates that you have the drive and the energy to work hard in order to get where you want to be, and you’re not too proud to follow directions where you need to. 

Selling artwork in a dream relates to how well you express yourself in life, and how you live according to your values.


Dreaming of being exposed to asbestos suggests that someone is trying to deceive you, or they aren’t being completely honest with you. Consider their reasons before you demand why, as you might not like the answer.

Or, asbestos in your dream can also suggest that you’re the one being dishonest. This may be about your feelings, where you want to spare someone else, or you simply don’t have the words. 

If you dream of removing asbestos, this is a manifestation of a past regret.


Dreaming of something ascending can suggest that you need to widen your horizons – you’ve confined yourself to a single perspective, and while that is simpler, it may prevent some great opportunities.

Dreaming of ascending can refer to your ability to rise above your emotions. You don’t let them get in the way, though someone might try to antagonize you. 

This dream can also represent the long-term goals you’ve set yourself.

Ash tree

Dreaming of an ash tree relates to your loved ones, and how they provide a wealth of stability into your life. The ash tree also embodies protection, unity, and solidarity. 

It may also refer to someone unexpected who is providing you with this in waking life.

The ash tree can also represent the past.


Ash appearing in your dreams embodies negativity, such as bitterness, regrets, disappointment, and failure.

Ashes can indicate that you need to let go of the past, and past hurts that are still making themselves known.

You may feel that good times are all behind you, but you don’t have a magic looking glass to tell you this. 

If you dream of ashes in a fireplace, you feel as though you’re trapped in a vicious circle, or that what you thought you wanted is no longer relevant to who you are.


Dreaming of being in an ashram is your subconscious telling you that you need to step away from everything that demands your attention right now. You need a break, and your energy levels are very low.


Dreaming of an ashtray can suggest you’re trying to break old bad habits or memories that are getting in the way of your present or your future. 

The ashtray can also represent relationships that are no longer in your life, but they left their mark regardless.

An ashtray can also signify a smoking habit, or an anxiousness about quitting.


Dreaming of being in Asia can indicate you haven’t adapted enough to your current situation. If you’re about to visit Asia, or you’re considering it, this may just be a wish-fulfillment dream.

Dreaming of an Asian person represents a different side to yourself. An elderly Asian person in particular represents wisdom and tradition.


Dreaming of asking someone out can be your subconscious mind telling you to brave the risk of rejection, and ask that special person you can’t get out of your head. 

This dream is playing “what if”, and what could potentially happen afterwards. It can also reflect your anxiety, but it’s better to know than to always wonder.


Dreaming of an asp suggests a run of bad luck is in your future, and there’s the possibility of worse, where your loved ones might act hostile towards you.


Asparagus appearing in your dream symbolizes coming wealth, financial or otherwise.

Dreaming of eating asparagus suggests that your choices will lead to nasty consequences, despite what your intentions might have been.


Dreaming of an aspen embodies loneliness, whether that’s your feelings or someone close to you.


Dreaming of being asphyxiated reflects how you feel stifled or trapped by a relationship or a current situation. 

If you dream of being in a room with no air, this is your subconscious telling you to change something, and change it now. 


Dreaming of an ass (see also article on zebra dream meanings) can be a metaphor for someone who has annoyed you lately. It can also embody a misunderstanding. Maybe there’s something you’ve missed. 

It can also suggest that you’ll experience a lot of inconvenience in the near future. 

Dreaming of an ass hauling something heavy indicates that while you’ll struggle with something at first, if you persist, you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards.


Dreaming that you are an assassin can indicate that you’re trying to change, or you’re trying to ‘kill’ part of you. 

It may be that you’re going through the process of ending something lengthy – a bad habit, a relationship, or changing your lifestyle. 

Try to think back to who you were supposed to assassinate, and what they might have represented.

Dreaming of being assassinated represents a horrible situation that you’re stuck in the middle of, and this dream is warning you not to ignore it. You’ll need to take control in order to get out of it.

Dreaming of being a witness to an assassination can indicate that you need to take a closer look at something. There may be something you’ve missed. 

If you dream of a political figure being killed on your watch, this dream reflects how you feel alone in waking life, without the support you need. 


Dreaming of being assaulted refers to a loss of security. You feel vulnerable in waking life, and something that really should be in your control is out of your hands.

If you dream of being sexually assaulted, a situation is making you feel violated. If this has happened to you in waking life, these dreams can be flashbacks.


Dreaming of being at an assembly indicates that you’ve come to accept all parts of yourself, even those which you feel are less than noble.

This dream can also be trying to tell you that you need to discuss something openly.


Dreaming of giving someone assistance can point to being someone’s support in the near future.

Dreaming of being assisted by someone is a wish-fulfillment dream. You feel you need help in waking life, but for one reason or another, you haven’t asked anyone.


Dreaming of an asteroid is always a memorable dream. It suggests that you’ll have a period of enlightenment in the near future, or you’ll soon need to work through a lot of ideas to find a solution.

Dreaming of an asteroid hitting the earth signifies that your long-held ideals are being disproved, or you’ve outgrown them.


Dreaming of asters represents your deepest wishes, which you may not be consciously aware of.


This dream’s meaning changes, depending on whether you have asthma or not. If you don’t, this dream indicates emotional turmoil, where you’re experiencing a lot of stress. You may need to stop for a minute and breathe.

If you have asthma, this dream is your subconscious working through some of your fears.

Astral projection

Dreaming of astral projection can suggest you’re disconnected from people, you feel far away from them, either emotionally or physically. 

A dream of astral projection can also indicate that you have a wholly new way of looking at things, which will help you in the future. 


Dreaming about astrology can indicate a desire to know what the future holds, in order to regain a semblance of control. You may be looking for reassurance. 

Try looking at your astrological forecast for guidance, but remember that you’re in control of your own life.


Dreaming of being an astronaut signifies how you are expanding your awareness to new levels, past the everyday worries. 

An astronaut directly mirrors your ambition, where you aren’t afraid to set your goals high.

Dreaming of being an astronaut can have a very different meaning of feeling isolated, where you’re worried you’re too distanced from other people, and they may not be able to help you in a crisis. 


Dreaming of being an astronomer suggests that any long-term goals that you’ve been worrying about achieving will come to pass, so long as you keep your approach methodical, and don’t rush.


Dreaming of an aswang suggests that you’re unsure of who your friends are right now, and you feel as though your footing in life has been compromised.

Dreaming of being an aswang is your conscience calling you out. You know you’re getting what you want, but it’s at the expense of someone else. You’re taking advantage of someone.


Dreaming of being at an asylum indicates that you are under immense pressure. You know you need help, and now is the time to ask.


Dreaming of being an athlete can indicate that you’ve pushed yourself to the very limits of your ability. And while it has paid off this time, be careful not to overdo it and burn yourself out.

If you dream of a famous athlete, this indicates a strong attitude that will help you in the future. Athletes stand for determination, courage, and achievement.

Athletic Field

Dreaming of an athletic field can refer to a competitive situation, your own nature, or current challenges in your waking life.


Dreaming of looking at an atlas can suggest you have a good attention to detail. It can also indicate a desire to see a bigger picture, where you’d be better able to make decisions.

ATM Machine

Dreaming of an ATM machine reflects your desire to not have to worry about money in any way. If you dream of withdrawing money, this indicates that you’re spending your precious energy on things that won’t help you in the future. 

If you dream of depositing money, this reflects waking life where you’re trying to invest in your future.

Dreaming of an ATM machine spitting out anything but money reflects your weighty fears about money. You may be spending on things which don’t mean a lot when it comes to future happiness or help. 

This dream can also be drawing your attention to your energy and resources, and how wisely you’re spending them.


Dreaming of an atom embodies limitless potential, which could concern you or other people. Try to remember that possibility isn’t limited to expectations.


Dreaming of attacking someone signifies your rage and bottled up frustration. Your dream is giving you a safe outlet.

Dreaming of being attacked by a person indicates that you feel vulnerable, and stressed. You feel the need to defend yourself here, but you may not have found a way in waking life, perhaps there’s no right answer. It can also signify trust issues.

Dreaming of being attacked by an animal is a warning dream. You should be careful who you put your trust in, and try to remember if the animal in your dream could represent someone you know.

Dreaming of attacking an animal reflects how you’re going against your gut instinct in favor of your head.


Dreaming of an attic (see also Attic Dream Meaning and Interpretation) can represent spirituality, and a higher self. This dream can also be filled with repressed memories or thoughts which you are unaware of in waking life. 

An attic can signify difficulties which will initially hold you back from achieving what you want, but you’ll push through. 

If you dream of a cluttered attic, you need to organize your thoughts, and let go of anything in the past that’s still weighing you down.


Dreaming of visiting an attorney reflects how you are seeking guidance in your life.


Dreaming of riding an ATV expresses your desire to forge your own path, and to do things the way you want, rather than a way other people have done in the past. 

It can also suggest that you long for peace, away from others. 


Dreaming of being at an auction can suggest you’re placing either too much or too little value on a relationship in your life. 

Dreaming of being outbid by someone else indicates that you’re being denied something that you’ve rightfully earned.

Dreaming of being at an auction where no one is bidding represents a need to be heard. You are feeling ignored. 


Dreaming of being out in front of an audience represents the people around you, and their perception of you. It can also indicate that you worry your privacy will be violated in some way.

If you dream of an audience which is noisy and uncontrollable, this reflects your state of mind, where your thoughts feel muddy, and you’re struggling to see things through.

Dreaming of being on a stage in front of an empty theater signifies that you feel ignored, and while you’ve achieved a lot lately, no one else has noticed.

Dreaming of being the sole person in an audience indicates that there’s an important lesson or piece of wisdom you’ve failed to realize, and it’s specific to you.


Dreaming of being at an audition suggests you feel scrutinized, and you’re not sure that you’re up to scratch. It points to insecurity, and feeling vulnerable in front of others. 

The reaction of the judges in your dream mirrors how you think other people look at you in waking life. 


Dreaming of being in an auditorium suggests that there’s a lot you can learn from other people. Spend more time with them, and get to know their thoughts.


Dreaming of an auger indicates struggles and needing to put in a lot of hard work. This dream can also have sexual undertones.


Dreaming of August can indicate that there is a miscommunication in one of your relationships, or in your professional life, which could cause some difficulty.


Dreaming of your aunt signifies family ties and your heritage. She may also embody a matriarchal figure, and can represent aspects of yourself.


Dreaming of an aura around yourself or someone else suggests that this dream has an important message, which you would do well not to ignore. Consider the color of the aura to help you decode the meaning.

Aurora Borealis

Dreaming of the aurora borealis represents clarity, awe, and a renewed sense of vitality and energy within your life. Things will become clear in a relationship, and any problems you’re currently experiencing will be easier to deal with. 

You’ll gain a lot from a positive experience in the near future, where the best that people are capable of will really shine through, and you’ll gain a different perspective which will help you in the future.

Alternatively, you know exactly what you need to do, but you’re too afraid to act.


Dreaming of being in Australia can suggest a longing for a deeper understanding or spiritual connection. You may currently be torn between two paths. 

This dream can also embody your repressed thoughts.


Dreaming of an author reflects how busy you’ve been with a project or written report, and it’s carried over into your dream.

Dreaming of being an author suggests that you need to work on how well you express yourself and your ideas. People are starting to pay attention.


Dreaming that you or someone else has autism can suggest you’re having problems connecting with others or communicating with them. You’re focused on your own problems and feelings. 

If you have autism, or someone in your life is autistic, this dream is a reflection of how much it impacts your life. 


Dreaming of asking someone for an autograph signifies your desire to be like the person you’re asking. You may not feel enough on your own, or you feel that life would be better if you could be more like them.

Dreaming of someone asking for your autograph can suggest that you are accepting someone for who they are. 


Dreaming of autumn can signify a coming end to something, but something else will come along to fill in the gaps, as with the cycle of life. 

Dreaming about autumn can also symbolize wealth, and how hard you’ve worked. It’s time to enjoy yourself.


Dreaming of an autopsy suggests you’re struggling with a disconnection from your feelings. This could be due to stress or exhaustion, but it will come back. 

In the meantime, it’s worth taking a closer look at your actions to make sure you’re making the right decisions. 


Dreaming of an avalanche indicates your emotions, which are out of balance, and because you’ve been repressing them for a while, they’ve built up and up and up. 

You need to unpack them safely before they have a chance to overwhelm you, as exploding  at someone or something will be inevitable if you leave it for too long.

Or, dreaming of an avalanche reflects an immense pressure on your shoulders right now. You’re at the point of being so stressed that you might not be able to think clearly. 


Dreaming about an avatar suggests you’re not expressing your true self to other people. You are presenting an edited version of yourself, tailored to how you want people to see you.


Dreaming of being in an aviary mirrors how you feel confined or trapped. You don’t feel as though you can honestly express yourself.


Dreaming of avocados represents a wealth of energy and potential, as well as indulgence, fertility, and sexuality.

Dreaming of an avocado tree suggests that if you’re patient enough and continue to put all the effort you can into something, it will absolutely pay off.


Dreaming of avoiding someone within your dream indicates that you aren’t comfortable with part of yourself. Try to remember the person you were avoiding, and what they might represent in you.


To awaken within your dream represents a spiritual renewal or rebirth. You’ve come to wholly accept yourself as you are, and you’re starting to realize your vast potential. 

There is also some significance to who or what awakened you, which could point to what’s missing in your life. 

Dreaming of waking someone indicates that you are recognizing their characteristics within yourself, and you are embracing them.


Dreaming of having an awakening indicates that you’ll soon experience a brand-new perspective, which will help realize your goals. 

This dream can also point to the beginning of lucid dreaming.


Dreaming of receiving an award reflects your need for recognition or acknowledgement. You’ve been working especially hard.

Dreaming of not winning an award suggests you fear that you’re not enough.


Dreaming of an ax can suggest that you find it difficult to relinquish control in any situation. It can also represent pent-up rage and frustration. Maybe someone’s been causing you more problems than you realized.  

Dreaming of chopping wood with an ax indicates that while you have several projects on the go, you need to break them into smaller chunks in order to manage your time wisely.

This dream can also indicate that your strength has been cut down by recent problems, and you need to recharge.


Seeing an axle within your dream symbolizes that you must not lose focus now. You need to concentrate on the important things.

Dreaming of having a broken axle indicates that you are suffering from a lack of confidence or independence, and it’s hampering your ability to move through life. You may be feeling vulnerable. 


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