Dream Glossary: Dreams symbols beginning with A – Part 1



If you dream of the letter “A”, this reveals a new start shortly in your future. You’re moving onto something better, a new stage in your life. It can also suggest that you’re feeling superior to someone else less fortunate, or someone in your life believes they are better than you. “A” can also indicate someone in your life whose name starts with the same letter. Maybe you need to reach out to them, perhaps your relationship with them has stagnated. 


A dream featuring an aardvark suggests that you’re in a place where you feel you need to be cautious, or you’re keeping more than a few secrets lately. You may be in a tough situation that requires discretion. 


An abacus in your dreams represents old-fashioned values or an outdated perspective that no longer serves you. You’ve outgrown a point of view, but you still keep to it. Keeping to it will hinder you in the long run.


Seeing or even eating an abalone in a dream suggests that you’re at a crossroads in life. It may also mean that you’re feeling lonely, as your subconscious could be playing on words here!


Dreaming of being abandoned or left alone reveals you’re holding onto the past, or a nostalgic version of yourself, and it’s preventing you from growing. However nice the past was, it won’t help you move forward. You may worry that someone will abandon you in the future, or they’ll be taken away from you. This fear can come from losing someone, or nearly losing them, or someone who abruptly left your life of their own accord. A fear of abandonment is not something you should feel bad about – especially if you’ve recently lost someone – as it’s part of a stage of grief and moving on from something. Abandonment troubles can also come from your childhood or feelings you haven’t yet confronted. In the present, you may be feeling overlooked, or that no one cares. This dream might be a suggestion to break away from your problems and to live in the moment more.

If you abandon other people in your dream, this suggests that some part of your life is affecting your ability to care for others – maybe there’s a problem that’s taking up all your energy and leaving nothing for anyone else.


An abbey in your dream stands for a period of contentment, or peace of mind. It may symbolize your spirituality and how you may be in alignment or in tune with it. Maybe you achieved a goal and you’re enjoying the hell out of the satisfaction it gives you. Dreaming of an abbey can also suggest that you’re in a very fortunate position, where if you need help, it’s always within reach. Anxiety is not something that has troubled you lately.

Dreaming of a ruined abbey denotes the opposite. You feel hopeless, or your goals remain out of reach.


If you see an abbot in your dream, this symbolizes someone in your life that has some sort of power over you. They may be a figure of authority in your life, whom you trust to do the right thing. Maybe they’ve assumed this power for themselves, and you’ve gone along with it. They may have gotten used to making decisions on your behalf, but you’ve outgrown their help, and now you’re feeling constricted. This dream suggests there will be many setbacks before you see any real progress. 


Similar to the meaning behind the letter “A” (see also what the letter x means – dream meaning), abbreviations in your dream can represent a person, or company. Sometimes we give less credit to our subconscious – it may even be a pun! “Inc” could suggest you have an idea of someone or something being suspicious, an “inkling” or a hunch. Someone may not be truthful about something, and you picked up on it. It may be an abbreviation that you’re familiar with in everyday life, such as AA for the support group or WI. DMs may suggest you need to look at someone close to you, or perhaps a passive-aggressive direct message has being weighing on your mind recently.


Dreaming of your abdomen refers to your gut instincts or emotions you’ve pushed aside. This alone will cause you some discontent, as not listening to your instincts rarely ends well. Something in your life is causing you some discomfort, and you find it difficult to accept it. This dream is a sign you need to move on from it. Dreaming of an abdomen can also signify your body – perhaps something’s out of its usual rhythm. 

If you dream your stomach is bare or vulnerable in some way, you may be unsure that you can trust someone’s judgment, or you feel vulnerable in a relationship – perhaps you’ve been completely honest with them, and you’re not sure how they will react.

If you see your abdomen swollen in a dream, this suggests you’re about to start a new project.


To dream of an abduction – yours or someone else’s – suggests a loss of control in your life. You may be hampered by your circumstances and unable to achieve what you want, or someone is preventing you. Seeing an abduction in your dream ties to a sense of helplessness, either for yourself or to help someone else. Someone you love might be going through a terrible time, and you can’t help them through it, it’s beyond your power to help.

If you’re the abductor in your dream, you may be acting too forceful in your opinions and decisions.


Abhorrence in a dream directly relates to how you feel about someone. You hate or bear resentment for this person, whether that’s a result of their decisions or a clash of personalities. You may have lost faith in this person, or you don’t feel you can trust them anymore. Maybe they’ve revealed their true colors. 

If the people in your dream hate or abhor you, this suggests you’ve been too abrasive in your actions towards others.


To dream of something abnormal or out of the ordinary suggests that any problems or troubling situations will soon pass. Anything that appears strange in your dream has a particular emphasis – and your subconscious wants you to take note of its meaning. Maybe something in your life is not how you think it is, or you’ve dismissed a conclusion because you thought it was wrong – but you may have been 100% right the first time.


To dream of an Aborigine symbolizes your sense of self in its most pure form, untamed, innocent and instinctual. This dream may be a call to reconnect with your instincts and inner feelings. It can suggest that you’ve been overcomplicating things, and need to get back to what’s essential in your life.  Your actions may hurt your future if you don’t restrain your present, everyday desires. This may be something financially related – maybe you’ve got into a dangerous spending habit. You might not be prioritizing what’s needed in order for you to progress.


Dreaming of having an abortion suggests you’re fighting change. This may be resisting a path of personal growth, or you may fear heading in a new direction because it might not work out. Perhaps you’ve had an abortion in your waking life and your dream is starting a process of healing. This dream can also suggest you need to focus on your health and self-care. 

Dreaming of someone else having an abortion suggests that your relationship with them is not growing with either of you as you move toward the future, and you may outgrow your connection with them. 

If you dream of an illegal or unsafe abortion, this suggests you’re fighting change rather desperately. You don’t want anything to change – maybe you’re in a good place right now, and that’s very human! Change doesn’t have to be bad. Maybe you’re approaching something wrong while fighting this change, and it may hold you back.


If you’re dreaming of something that’s above you, this is a sign you need to set some bigger goals in your life. You’ve proved you can handle the small ones! Now it’s time for something more challenging. Alternatively, you may be feeling inferior in some way. Perhaps you should stop comparing yourself to others and remember how far you’ve come, and what you’ve achieved, especially if it was more difficult for you than someone else.

Abraham Lincoln

Seeing Honest Abe in your dream is a good sign. Abraham Lincoln was known for being transparent and having a good character that everyone recognized. You only have to take one look at his memorial to know the good he did. If you’ve been untruthful lately, your dream is telling you that you need to be honest.


Dreaming of going abroad suggests an imbalance in your life, or a situation that’s turned everything upside down. Your dream may reflect a need for an escape or a change of pace. You might need to make some big changes in order to regain some equilibrium. It may suggest you need to adjust your perspective – these changes may be for the better, once you find your feet again.


Dreaming of something absent, or someone no longer there, suggests you’re looking for something that soon won’t be in your life anymore. You may have been taking it for granted. This can also be an anxiety dream, a fear of losing someone or something you hold dear. You may be missing something from your life that you feel is vital to your own happiness.


Dreaming of an abscess reveals that your feelings have been festering for too long. Stop bottling them up, and allow yourself to feel them. Vent to someone if you need to. Express them in a healthy, constructive way, and you’ll feel better. More importantly, you’ll be able to move on.


To dream of absconding with something suggests you feel you’ve failed, specifically in your life goals. You may feel that you haven’t gotten anywhere, or that you aren’t good enough to deserve your goals, and you want to escape this horrible feeling! Consider what the object you took in your dream may suggest. Are you placing too much pressure on yourself?


To dream of being absorbed in something suggests that you’re focusing too much on one specific thing, and you may be ignoring your relationships, or other aspects of your life. You might be pushing people away without realizing it. This dream also suggests that you need to find a better way to adapt. Perhaps focusing on the things you’ve been ignoring would be a good start. 


Dreaming of abstaining from something – whether it’s a good or a bad pleasure – symbolizes that you’re being arrogant or confident in a situation where you should be cautious. Take things a bit slower, not everything in life needs a fast and hard approach.


Dreaming of an abundance of something suggests you need to save your energy for something in the future. It might be a more demanding situation than you’ve had up to now. Your subconscious may be providing you with something you lack in waking life, in which case it’s a wish fulfillment dream. Abundance in a dream can also signify how happy you are or how grateful you are right now.


Dreaming of being abused – either verbally or physically – suggests that you’re feeling powerless in your daily life. Is someone taking advantage of you? Have you given away your power? Or is there just something awful that’s out of your control? Maybe you’re in the middle of a run of bad luck, and all you can do is wait it out.

To dream of abusing someone suggests past mistakes you’ve made will come back, and you’ll feel the regret all over again. Maybe someone will confront you about how you made them feel, or you need to apologize properly.

Dreaming of animal (see also animal dream symbols) abuse suggests you’ve limited a part of your personality, or you’re not expressing your true nature. Is this because you want someone to think better of you? This is an insecurity – anyone who should be in your life will accept you for who you are, if you show them your capacity for kindness and positivity. 

If you dream of a child being abused in your dream, you’ve lost your connection with your own inner child, or that your childhood was a lifetime ago. Maybe you’ve been berating yourself for past mistakes. This can come about with hindsight – past you didn’t know those things, how could they? – you should adjust your perspective accordingly. 


Dreaming of an abyss is a symbol of a problem you feel you can’t overcome. You need to push past it to prove that you can, and stop it hindering your future. It may be that you need outside help to solve it – this is not a sign of weakness! Maybe you’ve been looking at it too long, and become ‘snow-blind’ to any solutions. 

Dreaming of falling into an abyss or a void reveals the vast expanse of your subconscious. You may be fearful about what you might find if you do some self-exploration. Maybe you’re afraid you won’t like the person that you actually are. Time to stop letting fear control you. Alternatively, you may be feeling helpless or in a situation that you can’t see a way through.


An acacia appearing in your dream links to your feelings toward death and your own mortality. The Egyptians considered the acacia tree “the tree in which life and death are enclosed”, and it’s an important part of the Egyptian creation myth, where Isis and Osiris emerged from an acacia tree.


Dreaming of an academy suggests new opportunities in the future, or new relationships.

Academy Awards

Dreaming of being at the Academy Awards implies you need more glitz in your life, or you feel you lack an element of glamour right now. Winning an Oscar or gaining some recognition suggests you crave some validation in your life.


An accelerator in your dream suggests that you’ll smash your goals through your hard work. Conversely, it may be suggesting that you need to take it easy for a while. If you dream that the accelerator is damaged in some way, you may be feeling your life is out of control. Maybe you’re impatient, or you’re trying to rush things along when things will work themselves out at their own pace.


Speaking with a different accent in your dream than the one in your life suggests that you’re finding it hard to express your opinion. This may be an insecurity playing on your mind. You might be worried you’ll be judged, or you don’t want someone interrupting you because it’s hard enough to say already. If you feel the accent suited you, you will find a renewed confidence in your future. Maybe a situation that affected your confidence is over, and it’s time for you to grow again. 

If you dream of someone else speaking with an accent, you may sort of get the meaning of something, but the nuances are lost on you.


Dreaming about acceptance suggests a lack thereof in your life – either self-acceptance or from someone you want it from. You may feel you don’t measure up to their expectations or your own.


Dreaming of putting accessories on suggests that you feel there’s something missing in your life, and you’re trying to compensate with something entirely different. This may or may not work. 


Dreaming of being in accident signifies a feeling of guilt that’s been festering for some time. You may regret something you said or did. Perhaps it wasn’t a decision at all, instead a mistake of some kind. You can’t predict the future. Dreams of an accident can suggest you might be nervous of an actual accident occurring, and this can snowball into a vicious cycle of becoming more and more nervous – which will affect your judgement!

Dreaming of a car accident (see also Dreaming Of A Car Accident) suggests a turbulent state of emotion. You may have been pushing yourself for so long you’ve created a new stressor. It’s worth taking a moment to rethink any plans you have for the future to make sure they’re right for you. If you dream someone is injured from a car accident, this dream’s reminding you that you can only control your own decisions.

If you’re unfortunate enough to dream of a loved one dying, this dream can suggest part of your own sense of self is ‘dead’, and you’ve shed it. It can also suggest a link with the relationship of the person you dreamed of. You may be placing too much pressure or value on this relationship, and you need to take a step back. If you dream of dying in a car accident, and you see the aftermath in those you love, this suggests that you’ve behaved recklessly and need to consider them.


Dreaming of being party to a crime suggests someone in your life is affecting you negatively. 

Dreaming of having an accomplice to help you in a crime suggests that other people are stoking your negative attitude.


Dreaming of handling an accordance or hearing its music suggests you’re dwelling on the negative and need to adjust your outlook.

Dreaming of playing the accordion suggests negative emotions are playing havoc with your body. You’re exhausted, and you need to take a break.


Seeing an accountant in a dream or being one represents your ability to be impartial when evaluating your hard work when it comes to achieving your goals.


Dreaming of your bank accounts or going over them suggests financial difficulties.


Dreaming of someone accusing you of something reveals a guilty conscience. Perhaps you don’t feel guilt at all – you haven’t done anything wrong – but you’re unsure of where your choices will lead.

Dreaming of accusing others suggests a rocky relationship with someone you love.


Dreaming of an ace in a deck of cards suggests something in your life is unclear. The ace of hearts – unsurprisingly – refers to love. The ace of spades points to a scandal or infraction. The ace of diamonds points to your self-image, or the memories you’ll leave when you’re gone. The ace of clubs suggests a tangle in legality. It may be someone damages your car or your property.


Dreaming of your body aching can be an ache bleeding into your dream! It can also suggest you’re unsure how to approach something, and if you wait too long to move, the opportunity will pass you by.


Dreaming of an achievement suggests a project you’re heavily involved in will have a great outcome.


Acid in your dream represents negative energy that can lead to bitterness if you hold onto it. Rage, anger, or revenge all play a role here. Acid can also suggest you’re playing into someone’s hands. Something you thought you left behind is eating away at you.

If you have a horrible dream of drinking acid, your emotions need a release, before they build into a bubble of resistance.

If you dream of acid rain, a negative emotion has led you astray.


Seeing an acorn in your dream symbolizes your strength and potential. What will start off small – perhaps a vague desire or a fleeting want – may turn into a full-blown hobby or career.

Dreaming of eating acorns suggests you’ll shortly enjoy the fruits of your success.

If you dream of shaking acorns from a tree, this suggests your opinions have a lot of impact on people around you, so be careful where and when you voice them.


Acquaintances in your dreams are projections of parts of yourself you’ve not familiarized yourself with yet.

If you dream of arguing with an acquaintance, you’re rejecting an aspect of your personality or something that defines you.


Dreaming of being acquitted of a crime suggests there’s a lesson in your waking life you shouldn’t ignore.

Dreaming of seeing someone else being acquitted suggests there’s an imbalance between work and pleasure in your life.


To see an acrobat, watch a show or be part of one suggests that you need to work on your work-life balance. It may also be highlighting that fear is holding you back from your future. Acrobats in your dream can also signify sexual desires.

Acrylic Nails

Wearing false nails in your dream or a peculiar emphasis on fake nails suggests you’re reaching out to others for the sake of fulfilling your own interests, rather than wondering how they’re doing or having their interests close to your heart.


Dreaming of acting suggests you’re not being true to yourself, or you’re presenting others with a false image of yourself for one reason or another. 

Action Figure

Dreaming of seeing or playing with an action figure suggests you’re molding yourself too closely to what other people expect of you. You may feel manipulated by someone else. It’s time to concentrate on you.


Dreaming of an actress or actor signifies your desire for the finer things in life. Perhaps the actor you see in a dream is someone you aspire to be like, in looks or personality, or what you find similar about yourself. You may envy what they have in their life. This dream may be a reminder of a goal you once had – to be more charismatic, or more free in your social life.

Dreaming of being an actor suggests that all the hard work you’ve put in lately will pay off, and you won’t regret a second. It can also signify that while you may have a ‘role’ in your life, such as being a parent, a supportive friend or co-worker, you feel as though this role doesn’t fit with the rest of your life, and you feel a bit like an imposter. 

Dreaming of being a supporting actor suggests someone in your life could do with your support or advice, perhaps someone you wouldn’t expect.  If you dream of being an extra, you feel that your work has gone unnoticed, or you don’t feel ‘seen’ or truly known by the people in your life.

When you’re dreaming of a particular actor, take a look at the role they’re playing – if they’re playing one. Somewhere, your dream will link this back to you, as it always does. It may be that someone you admire isn’t very nice in a dream – suggesting that mimicking the qualities you admire won’t promise you what you think it might.


Dreaming of an acupuncture session suggests you need to take time out to heal from something. Perhaps you’ve been working too hard without a proper break. Or you haven’t yet processed a traumatic situation in some way. It may suggest that you need to switch goals – perhaps you can’t make any further progress on one right now. It can also suggest something that you’ve been avoiding needs your attention.

Adam And Eve

Dreaming of Adam and Eve suggests that you’re ignoring a part of yourself, perhaps one that’s suggested some advice. Adam and Eve can stand for masculine or feminine aspects to your personality, and which one you interact with in the dream suggests which part you’re ignoring in waking life. This dream can also suggest a future failure that will change your life, for better or worse.


Dreaming of being adamant about something where no one can change your mind suggests, among other things, that you’re being too stubborn. A goal that you really want to achieve might not be fulfilled.


Dreaming of an adder represents a person in your life whom you can’t trust or rely on. They may shortly betray you. It can also symbolize something or someone you’ve lost.


Dreaming of being an addict suggests you’ve lost control over a situation. Maybe you’ve given your power to someone else, and they’ve made the decision for you. This dream can also manifest a deep insecurity or fear.


Dreaming of an addiction or being addicted to something symbolizes a behavior that may have become obsessive. It could be that someone’s gotten too involved in your decisions, and you feel powerless to claw back your control. You may also have trouble relating to people.


Dreaming of solving an addition problem suggests you’re looking too hard for a solution, expecting it to be too complicated. Relax. It’s in front of you.

Dreaming of being unable to add suggests a sort of chaos in your waking life, an event that’s upset your equilibrium. It may also suggest that you’ve come to a conclusion that’s completely wrong.


Dreaming of your old address suggests that the past still has something to teach you. Take a look back and see if there’s anything the past can teach you.

If you’re dreaming of a new address, this suggests that you’re in desperate need of change.

Dreaming of addressing an envelope suggests you have a load of possibilities you haven’t explored yet. Conversely, it may suggest you’re on the right path to go after what you want. 


Dreaming of seeing or being an admiral symbolizes your great potential in solving problems, without any indecisiveness. It may also represent an authority figure in your life and the impact they have on you.


Dreaming of admiring someone suggests the particular qualities you’re admiring would be useful to have in your life. 

Dreaming of someone admiring you suggests you’re in a good place in your life, or it can mean you have a false opinion of yourself. If you’re dreaming of admiring yourself suggests you feel there’s a void in your life, a lack of approval or positive reinforcement you need. 


Dreaming of an adobe structure represents protection of some kind. You may feel there’s a void between you and everything real, or problems don’t affect you much. Maybe you need to get out there and get some more experience under your belt. An adobe also symbolizes hard work, tradition and a concrete sense of routine in your life.   


Dreaming of adopting a child or a pet suggests a new challenge ahead, one that will enrich your life. Explore what you want in life, and figure out what’s missing in your present.

If you’re dreaming of being adopted, you’ve lost touch with your inner child and some long-held goals. It would do you good to reach for them again.

Dreaming of adopting a dog suggests you want more loyalty in your life. Adopting a cat in a dream (see also Dreaming Of Cats) suggests you’re enjoying a new freedom, or sense of self-reliance.


Dreaming of seeking adulation suggests that you’re not in a stable place or your sense of self-confidence is shaky. You’ll jump on any type of praise, and perhaps you won’t entirely deserve it.

Dreaming of offering adulation to someone else suggests that you’re willing to sacrifice something important to you in order to gain more wealth.


If you’re a child or a teenager, and dream of being an adult, this suggests you need to be more mature about a situation, and your feelings are not the only feelings being hurt. It could also suggest that you feel a lot older than the surrounding people.


Dreaming of committing adultery symbolizes your urges and desires that are going unfulfilled. It may not be a physical desire but an emotional intimacy that’s lacking in your life, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not. It can also suggest you’re betraying a principle you’ve long held dear. You may find yourself in a situation you’re uncomfortable with.

If you’re dreaming that your significant other is cheating on you, this suggests an inner insecurity you haven’t yet confronted. Maybe you’re putting too much value on this relationship, and your fears of it ending are becoming more than a reasonable fear. Maybe you feel taken advantage of – perhaps your significant other doesn’t put as much effort in as you do.  


Dreaming of advancing in a situation or goal signifies how far you’ve come. If you don’t feel like you’ve made a lot of progress, this advancement is coming to you shortly. In particular, any problems involving emotions or romantic relationships will work out in your favor. 

Dreaming of other people advancing and leaving you behind suggests that you’re focusing too much on comparing yourself to other people, and not enough on your own situation.


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