Are you curious about what it means to dream of the letter X or any other symbols similar to it? This letter is a common symbol that represents marks and crossing things out. 

The letter X in your dream may often symbolize something hidden or forbidden. You may apply this in any aspect of your life. Also, it is often recommended to explore where you see it in your dream. The hidden factor may be a representation of a specific situation in your waking life that you have been keeping out. Also, you may not be seeing the entire picture of something.

A dream about the letter X may present several different meanings, which we will explore in this article.


Dreaming of Writing an X on a Piece of Paper

A dream that involves writing an X on a paper may indicate that you are not satisfied with your current job or work. Also, you may be getting a feeling that something is not right.

Seeing an X as a grade on a paper

Did you dream about school and saw that there is an X mark on one of your test papers? This may imply that you feel like others are judging or criticizing you in your waking life. Likewise, it may mean that you made some decisions in the past that you are somewhat regretful of.

Filling Out Check Boxes 

There are times when we use the letter X to mark a list of choices and checkboxes. If your dream involves something like this, it may likely indicate that you are exploring some of the options you have and attempting to decide on something.

X Marks the Spot

Often, you may see an X marks the spot on stories about pirates who are out hunting for treasures. If this is the case of your dream, it may suggest that you are pondering about a destination or goal. It may also suggest that you are working towards something in your physical waking life. However, you are not sure about how you will be able to reach your goal. 

X as a Roman Numeral

As we all know, the letter X in the Roman Numerals symbolizes the number 10. Often, the number 10 signifies taking leadership and the beginning of something new. Moreover, it may also hold some significance as being the 10th of something. This can be a date like the 10th day of the month, the month of October, or a decade of 10 years. To further understand the possible meaning of this, check out what it means to dream of numbers.

X as a Mark of Stigma

Sometimes, you may dream of an X appearing on your hand or forehead. A dream like this may imply that there’s a person in your life that is not accepted. It may even be you who is feeling that you are an outcast Do you feel different or it seems like others are alienating you in a specific situation? Do you feel that in your current waking life, you are experiencing stereotyping and stigma?

X as in Ex

Another possible symbol of the letter X is the word ex. Usually, this refers to an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. To better understand what this dream may mean, it will be helpful to explore what it means to dream about an ex. It may also imply that you no longer what to associate yourself with a certain person or situation, or you don’t what that particular something to be a part of your life.

Following the letter X

If the letter X in your dream appears from a distance, you may want to analyze the several layers of your dream before making any conclusion. Do you like you want to follow the X in your dream? Dreaming of a letter X may also represent that your dreams and goals are well within your reach. And once you reach them, you will be rewarded.

Did you dream about the letter X previously? If so, what do you think it may mean to your current situation? Do not hesitate to share your experiences or ask questions about your dreams in the comment section below. 

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