Dream About Being Robbed: Thieves & Stealing Dream Meaning

Whether you’re aware of a robbery taking place or you simply find out later that your phone is gone – in both cases, a robbery is an unnerving experience. The thought of it gives an unsettling feeling even to those lucky enough to never have been robbed in their entire life. No matter how significant or not our stuff is to us, no one wants them to be taken away without permission.

Dreams about thefts can be almost as disturbing as being the victim of it. Here, we’ll elaborate on what’s the meaning behind such a dream, and what you need to know in order to interpret it yourself.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Being Robbed?

Thanks to movies, we usually imagine robbery with armed people who break into our homes and take our belongings. The scariest part about it might not even be the fact that they’re armed – it’s the thought of your house, which you believed to be your safe place, being invaded and your privacy violated. 

Even if you were never a victim of a robbery, a dream about it won’t leave you indifferent. It might make you concerned about your own safety, so don’t get surprised if you find yourself double checking if the door is locked. However, you should keep in mind that dreams of robbery aren’t prophetic, and just because you dreamed about it doesn’t mean it will come true. More likely, there’s a much deeper meaning behind such a dream. 

There are three most common themes the dream of robbery can be about. In some cases, a dream can revolve around two or even all three of these themes, but most of the time, one of the following applies

A Need For Privacy

Dreaming about being robbed can symbolize your need for privacy in waking life. You might feel like your personal space has been invaded recently by certain people around you. Do your neighbors love to look over the fence? Are your coworkers (see also coworker dream meaning) simply not minding their own business? Maybe a friend is asking too many personal questions? Whoever it is, the dream of robbery is probably an outcome of your privacy violation concerns.

Sense Of Safety And Security

It’s in our human nature to want to feel safe. That feeling is fundamental to our wellbeing and only when we feel safe we can be mindful and enjoy our lives. 

Do you feel secure in your waking life? Do you lock your house door and the gate? Are you comfortable walking the street at night? Do you have a password on your electronic devices? Fear for your safety in everyday life might be so strong that it starts troubling you in your sleep, too. 

Trust & Vulnerability Issues

Dreams of robbery can be related to your trust issues. This is especially true if some recent events caused you to feel hurt and used. For example, a person who got cheated on by their significant other could dream of robbery, and such a dream would almost definitely be related to that affair. In such cases, people who got cheated on feel as if something was taken from them – whether it’s their unconditional love or their trust, in both cases they got “robbed” of their emotions. 

Trust and vulnerability issues don’t have to be caused just by love affairs. Your dream of robbery might be connected to some events related to your work situation, too. For instance, you worked hard alongside your coworkers on a certain project – maybe you even did the majority of the work yourself. However, when you turned the project in, some of your coworkers took all the credit to themselves, making your involvement seem insignificant. In such a case, you really got robbed of something – your recognition for hard work, which will probably cause a lack of trust in your coworkers in the future. 

Keep in mind that it’s not always simple to correlate the dream to real-life events. Sometimes, the dreams can show the things that are troubling you on your unconscious level, which you’re yet to become aware of.

Questions To Ask To Understand Dreams About Being Robbed

While dreams of robbery are usually based on one of the three themes mentioned above, a proper dream interpretation depends a lot on other elements that dream consists of. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself when trying to understand the meaning of the dream.

Where Did The Robbery Take Place?

It’s more likely you’ll get robbed at a crowded place like a stadium than you would in, for example, a spa. But robberies can happen just about anywhere. The location where it takes place determines the meaning of the dream.

Being Robbed At A Business: The dream is related to your career in some way. Maybe, like in the previously mentioned example, you were deprived of the credit for the work you’ve done. Maybe you missed a promotion without a proper reason. 

Dreaming About A Place You No Longer Live: This place is a symbol of your old feelings of being betrayed or cheated on. To dream about the robbery taking place in that location means you still haven’t gotten over these feelings. Your subconsciousness might be telling you it’s time to face them so you can move on.

Dreaming Your Car Or Items In A Vehicle Were Stolen: Vehicles appear in our dreams as a symbol of control over our lives. Therefore, having your car stolen in a dream can signify you’re not fully in charge of events in your life, and the lack of trust in others might be the cause of that.

What Was Stolen?

While in waking life, thieves will most likely steal (See also See also dream of stealing of someone being a thief) precious things like money or jewels, but when it comes to dreams, the things that get stolen don’t often seem logical, and that’s okay. For example, you won’t expect the door to your house to get stolen in waking life, right? However, a stolen door in a dream can symbolize stolen opportunities, or an obstacle to a new beginning. Here are a few possible dream settings:

Dreaming of someone stealing your clothes: A pile of dirty laundry is something we don’t usually want other people to see. Dreaming about our clothes being stolen (see also Dreaming Of Losing Shoes Symbolism) can mean you’re too thin-skinned and other people are judging you without proper reason. It’s time to stand up for yourself and set boundaries. 

Jewelry Robbery: Jewelry is valuable, and by that, we don’t mean they’re just expensive. Jewelry is commonly gifted to people we care about, so they often have a sentimental value. Having such a trinket stolen from you in a dream can symbolize the pain you’re enduring from losing someone close. Stolen precious ornaments also might be a representation of your self-respect, which you might have lost sense of.

Garbage Thieves: No, we’re not referring to raccoons but people stealing from your trash. The trash may be a symbol of your emotional burden which you have difficulty getting rid of. 

Stealing Cash: Dreaming about your money being stolen (see also Money In Dreams) from you can be related to your uncertain financial situation. Are you planning on switching careers or taking a bank loan? Both of these situations can be stressful since you can never know what the future brings. 

On the other hand, a dream about stolen cash doesn’t even have to be money-related. This dream could be referring to your feelings of self-worth that have been troubling you.

Who Are The Thieves?

When we think of thieves, we usually picture men wearing a black three-hole balaclava or a clown mask – like we usually see in movies. That’s not a rule of thumb when it comes to dream scenarios. In fact, it’s a high chance someone we know will be the one committing a theft in your dream. 

Dreaming of a friend stealing from you: If your friend is the person that steals from you in a dream, that might mean that your friendship isn’t an honest one. You can’t confide in them and maybe they aren’t simply worth your time anymore. 

Dreaming of family stealing from you: This is quite a heavy blow – in theory, there’s no one closer and trustworthy than our family members. In reality, we all know that’s an idealistic concept, and more often than not, things don’t function that way. 

Dreams about family members stealing something from you can symbolize your feeling of being disappointed in them. It’s never easy when someone close to you lets you down, and your subconsciousness might be reminding you to set up boundaries and protect your feelings.

Dreaming of being robbed by strangers: The thief in your dream doesn’t have to be someone you know. But, that doesn’t usually mean you’re dreaming about a stranger. In fact, it’s possible that the stranger might represent a part of yourself. You might be behaving differently than usual – you’re not “being yourself” which, in turn, makes you feel less secure in your life.


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