Gate Symbol and Dream Meaning

A gate is one of the most ancient symbols. In every culture, gates have always had a special meaning – a gate is a point of closure; as well as a place through which you enter. A gate is what signals whether the way ahead of you is open or closed. But what does it mean when you dream about a gate? Today’s guide will help you interpret your own dream gate. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Gate?

When we think about the symbolism of gates, we might think about the gates of heaven. The divine gates as well as earthly gates are what keeps people out of somewhere – or lets people in. This is why gates are often connected to topics such as change, life paths, and rules (such as what is forbidden and what is allowed). 

When a gate appears in your dream, there are actually many ways to interpret it, both positive and negative. That is why it’s important to think about any details from the dream you can remember in order to find the right interpretation. Where does the gate lead to? Is it open or closed? Who is going through the gate and who is opening it? These are all important details that can help you find the right interpretations. 

Common Gate Symbol Meanings in Dreams

Gates can appear in dreams in many different contexts and carry different meanings. This will always depend on your unique dream, but to help you detangle your own dream we’ll now consider some of the most common meanings of gates. 

First of all, a gate in a dream can represent opportunity.  One of the most common gate dreams is one where you are walking through the gate. If the gate is open, and you are going through it with no issues, it can mean there are good opportunities coming your way in the near future. 

On the other hand, a gate can also be a symbol of safety and security. If the gate is in front of your house, or protecting any space you are insight of, this could be the meaning you are looking for. This kind of gate can symbolize protection, and the message could be you are feeling safe and protected at the pale where you are now in your life. On the other hand, it could mean you are feeling a bit “fenced in” and secluded from the world. 

Another important symbol is a broken, old, or rusty gate. Such a gate can still symbolize opportunity, but a missed or forgotten one. 

Some Tips for Interpreting Your Dream About a Gate

As you can see, there are many different ways to interpret a gate in a dream. What will help you find the right interpretation is considering the dream as a whole. Consider the whole dream as a story that incorporates all the details that appear. Pay attention to the overall mood of the dream, as well as the place of the gate in the whole story. Here are some questions to help guide the process: 

What was the scene of the dream?

In gate dreams, the scene of the dream can be especially significant. Where was the gate located? What was inside the fence (or gate) and what was outside? On which side you were? Could you go in and out as you please? As you can imagine, there is a huge difference between a dungeon gate and a gate leading to a heavenly garden. 

What is the gate made out of? How do you describe the gate?

Another thing to focus on is the gate itself. This is where it’s sometimes possible to find hidden, or at least not so obvious, meanings. The color of the gate can carry a lot of symbolism, for example. In addition to this, think about the material the gate was made from. Was it a wooden gate, or a metal gate? Was it in good condition or falling apart? 

Is the gate open or closed? Locked or unlocked?

This is the key detail in the dream. If the gate is open, or unlocked, it symbolizes open opportunities and easy sailing ahead. If you are the one who can open the gate, it means you have your own destiny in your hands. 

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