Garbage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Many of us don’t think about garbage unless we really have to when the trash needs to go out, so dreaming of garbage can be an uncomfortable experience, to say the least.

Garbage is revolting at the best of times, and the worst, well, best not to think about it. The sooner we deal with repulsive tasks in life, the sooner we can get busy not thinking about it, and this dream has a similar message for you.

Seeing trash or garbage in your dream is connected to things which you need to face in waking life. These can be harsh realities, such as not measuring up to other people’s expectations, or something costing you more than you thought, either emotionally or financially.

One good thing about dreaming of garbage is that it can point you in the direction you need to go in order to improve your life or wellbeing. A dream like this can also help you see where you’re holding onto things which are no longer important.

Garbage as a Dream Symbol

Dreams involving garbage can indicate that you long for something within your life to change drastically. 

You may not know exactly what it is that you want to change, but you’re aware that something does, otherwise you feel as though you might go crazy.

Maybe something in waking life is stealing all of your potential motivation or energy, and you feel at a loss at what you should do. 

Garbage can also indicate difficulties coming your way in the near future, so you should deal with any outstanding issues that you have now, in order to free yourself up for the ones in the future.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Seeing lots of garbage in your dream indicates that everything in waking life is overwhelming you right now. 

What should be small problems that are easy to deal with are mountains you feel you cannot climb, and every minor inconvenience is another blow. 

Feeling like this is a sign you’re on your way to burning out. You need to take some time to think about how you might recover, even if that’s taking a break for only a few minutes.

Repeating the Same Patterns

Garbage appearing in your dream suggests that you feel you are repeating something over and over in waking life. 

This may be a cycle of behavior, where you move from bad habits to better ones, and then when something goes wrong, you go back to the beginning.

Or, your routine has gotten so static that you can recite it with your eyes closed. You know exactly what the next few days look like, as the weeks before it are the same. In which case, dare to do something different.

You are Taking Risks

Just like leaving out garbage for a later date is a health risk, dreaming of garbage lying around refers to putting something off for future you to deal with. 

You may not want to think about something now, and you’ll be tempted to put it off, in which case it may come back with a vengeance in the future, becoming much harder to deal with.

Common Garbage Dreams and Their Meanings

While garbage dreams may seem wholly negative on the surface, it is actually a good thing, as these dreams are a way of preventing problems before they have a chance to appear and cause you immense stress. 

Throwing Away Garbage

Dreaming of throwing garbage out is a positive sign. It reflects how you’re ready to let go of negativity, of things which are holding you back from fulfilling your greatest potential. 

This may be in terms of previously unresolved issues or fears of something repeating, the emotional turmoil from a stressful situation, or a relationship that is no longer working.

You want to move on, and you’re in the best place possible to do so. 

Driving a Garbage Truck

Dreaming of driving a garbage truck suggests that a choice you’ve recently made or been considering won’t end well.

Alternatively, if you dream of driving a garbage truck, this implies that you feel other people only contact you when they have a concern, not just because they want to see how you are, or spend time with you. 

Is it time to get a different perspective, or a new set of friends?

Eating Garbage

Dreaming of eating (see also Eating Dream Symbolism) garbage refers to temptations which you are ashamed of. This dream is warning you against giving into them.

Tripping Over Garbage

If you dream that you trip over garbage, this indicates that you’ve developed an avoidant habit somewhere in waking life, and it will hold you back from some of the best things that life has to offer. 

You are letting something negative rule your life, whether that’s worrying about an outcome which may not happen, or something that has already happened.


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