Dove Symbolism & Pigeon Meaning

Doves and pigeons are closely related so we shall take a look at the symbolism and meaning of them in dreams in one article. Usually, dreams of doves and pigeons represent peace and freedom, but in some situations, they can have a negative meaning.   

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Doves and Pigeons?

Spiritual Messenger

Christian religions, in particular the Roman Catholic faith, have used the dove as a symbol for hundreds of years. The dove represents the Holy Spirit and to see one should make us aware of our spiritual side and how to manifest it.

There are many instances of doves in the Bible, for example in the story of Noah and the ark Noah sends a dove to see if the flood has receded. Τhe dove comes back with an olive branch. This symbolizes both that the flood is over, and also that peace now reigns. When we see a dove in a dream it means that we need to connect to our spiritual side.

Pigeons also have a place here. They were particularly important during the first and second world wars when they carried messages between the Allies. Some were even awarded medals because their messages helped to save many lives. 

If we see either a dove or a pigeon in a dream, it can be a sign that we are receiving a message from the spirit world. Although the turtle (see also dreaming of turtles) dove is usually symbolized as the Holy Spirit, we should be aware that seeing a pigeon in a dream means that even the lowliest may be spiritual.

Peace and Freedom from Worry

If you are filled with worry and you see a dove or pigeon in your dream, it is a sign that things are going to work out okay. You need to trust in more than the material world. 

If you are involved in some sort of conflict, seeing a dove or pigeon can mean that there is a way to resolve the situation. Seeing two pigeons at a broken window indicates that everything is going to turn out alright between you and your adversary. There will be a peaceful resolution however unlikely you think it is. 

Seeing white doves is a hopeful sign in a dream. Even if you are going through struggles in your everyday life, there will be peace both with others and within yourself. 

Nurturing and Creation

Many cultures think of doves and pigeons to be a sign of creation, nurturing, and fertility. The main reason for this is that both the dove and the pigeon produce milk for their young. In addition, these birds usually mate for life. They are completely loyal to their partners. 

Many wedding, anniversary, and Valentine’s Day cards use pigeons or doves as symbols of love and courtship. If it is near any of these days, don’t be surprised if you dream about doves or pigeons.

Many ancient cultures used the dove as a symbol of love, procreation, and fertility. In ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty, love, passion, and pleasure. The Greeks often used doves to symbolize her. The ancient Romans linked doves with their goddess of love, Venus.

If you are thinking of having a baby, you might dream of pigeons or doves. In addition, if you want to change your life, these birds can be a symbol of rebirth. 

Commitment and Loyalty

Because doves and pigeons mate for life, they are symbols of faithfulness, loyalty, and commitment. If you see two wood pigeons in a dream, it can indicate that you are in love and feel committed to your partner. It is not a coincidence that many people decide to release doves at their wedding as this is a symbol of commitment. Sometimes you can see a dove in a dream if you are afraid of commitment. It is a sign that that moving forward in a relationship is a good idea.

Doves and pigeons are also a good sign if you are contemplating a commitment in another aspect of your life, such as in your profession. The birds are telling you that it is the right time to move forward and you should be successful. 

Innocence, Purity, and Truth

Because doves are associated with the Holy Spirit, they are considered to be symbols of innocence, purity, and truth. If you look at paintings of the saints, they are often surrounded by doves. 

Common Dreams About Doves and Pigeons

Doves and pigeons can appear in dreams in different settings meaning that dreams about them can be interpreted in different ways. It is not uncommon to dream of either, doves because they are so often associated with the spiritual world, and pigeons because it is common to see them in cities and towns in most places around the world. 

Pigeons and Doves Flying Meaning

To see doves flying symbolizes freedom and truth in some area of your life, either personal or in your career. Flying doves also represent peace and tranquility. There won’t be much stress in your life in the foreseeable future. A good sign. 

It is useful to pay attention to the color of the doves or pigeons that are flying to get a full reading of the dream. If they are a dull color, for example, gray, it can be a sign of boredom or hopelessness. The dream suggests that you want to fly (see also flying dreams) away and not face your problems. However, if the pigeons are brightly colored, it is a sign that life will be calm. White represents peace.

If you see pigeons flying all over your house, it is a sign that change is on the horizon. Perhaps you are going on a vacation. However, you could also be starting to feel doubtful about the change coming. 

If one of the pigeons flying around your house, rests on your shoulder, it indicates that someone is coming to your house. This could be as simple as a visitor or as life-changing as a new baby. 

If you see the pigeons settling on your windowsill, the good news is that something good is on the way.

To dream of doves being released predicts good fortune, calmness, and love. This is why doves are often released at a wedding.

Dreaming of doves flying together symbolizes a successful and happy relationship with your romantic partner. You will have a life with little worry or sadness. 

Dreaming of doves flying out of a city building or window (see also Birds Hitting Windows Spiritual Meaning) symbolizes conflict, but also that there will be a compromise and peace will reign. This could be either in your work or home life. As with most dreams you need to connect your dream with what is going on in your waking life.

Dreaming of a flock of pigeons flying away is a more negative sign. It can indicate that you have worries in your life and are finding it hard to solve your problems. You could even be worried about possible threats to your life. 

If you dream about a flock of black pigeons flying away, it means that you are going to experience sadness and perhaps even despair. Things will change, but not always for the better. 

Black pigeons can also be related to your finances which are in trouble. It may be difficult to sort them out successfully. The bleakest outlook if you see black pigeons flying away is that someone close to you is going to become seriously ill or even die. 

If the group of pigeons or doves lying away are gray, it signifies that your feelings are confused. You could be at a crossroads in your life and are unable to choose which road to take. 

Gray pigeons can also be related to insecurity. You may be feeling unsure that your partner is committed to your relationship in the same way you are. Perhaps you are wondering if you are going to be let go at work. Maybe you need to decide to change jobs and accept new challenges. 

Dreaming of a Messenger Pigeon

Messenger pigeons did a lot of good during the first and second world wars saving lives, so these dreams are usually positive. Listen to your heart and look for hidden messages. Perhaps the spirit world is trying to communicate with you or maybe you have an important message for someone. If you see two doves sitting on a wire this also means communication. Maybe you need to get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. 

If you are receiving a message via pigeon you have probably received a message and you need to find out if the person who sent it is trustworthy and whether you believe it. On the other hand, it can mean that the message relates to the important news you have received in your waking life. 

To be sending a message via pigeon can relate to your waking lie. Perhaps you have a message for someone, but you aren’t sure how that person will interpret it. Will that person want the message?

Dreaming of Mourning Doves Cooing

Mourning doves aren’t what you may think they are. They are not actually in mourning but are calling for a female partner. 

To hear the cooing of a mourning dove can be a symbol of romance, dating, and courtship. Because doves usually mate for life, perhaps you too are looking for a long-term commitment. However, it could also be a little more negative and mean that you are afraid of making that commitment. 

Dreaming of Pigeons in the City

Pigeons and doves often make their homes in cities living in makeshift nests. If we see this in our dreams it may be a sign to consider our environment. Perhaps there are homeless people who need to be helped. Or perhaps we need to think about climate change and how it is affecting our environment. 

Seeing pigeons looking for food can mean that you are looking for love or at least a connection with other people.

Seeing someone feeding pigeons is a sign of hope. Perhaps things are going to get better. On the other hand, it could be telling you that you need to help others less fortunate than you. Perhaps you should get involved in some sort of charity work or even just donate to a charity. 

Pigeons roosting above the city can mean that you have to look for inspiration in a situation. You may have to go out of your comfort zone. 

Dreams of Pigeons and Doves with Food

Seeing a dove or pigeon eating in a dream can mean that all of your needs are being met. This can be both at home and in work situations. It can also mean that you are worried that all your needs won’t be met, but to see the pigeons eating means that they will be. It is a sign telling you not to worry. 

Eating a dove or a pigeon in a dream can mean that you are looking for spiritual nourishment. Perhaps you are unsure what spiritual life is, and you need guidance. 

Dreaming of Pigeons Fighting

If you dream about pigeons or doves fighting one another, it could mean that there is conflict in your life. It could be internal such as trying to understand your feelings for a romantic partner, or it could be external. Perhaps you don’t agree with the suggestions put out by your boss. You need to look deep into yourself and decide what is bothering you. If you can work this out, there will be a resolution that is both peaceful and conclusive.

Dreaming of hurting or killing a pigeon or dove can mean that you are in conflict with somebody but are unsure of how to solve the problem. Hurting a pigeon is a sign telling you to look for a peaceful solution. However, it can also mean that you need to let matters take their course and not try to find a solution yourself.

Killing a pigeon is not a particularly good sign and may indicate that you feel unsure about other people in your circle. Perhaps they have been gossiping about you which has made you feel negative towards them. There seems to be no solution to this apart from confronting the people and of course, they might deny all allegations. 

Other Meanings of Doves and Pigeons  

We have looked into the most important different meanings of dream about pigeons and doves, but it doesn’t stop there. There are some more instances of how we may see these birds in our sleep, and we will take a look at some of them here.

Two turtle doves: I’m sure that many of us are familiar with the Christmas carol, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. In this song, two turtle doves represent a happy courtship.

Hawks and doves: Hawks are predatory birds while doves are birds of peace (see also eagle dream symbols). If you have a dream of them together it means that there is conflict in the air and that there will be a fight between the two parties involved.

Cat among the pigeons: This is a common expression in the UK. It means that there is something around that is going to disturb the peace just like a cat would do if it found itself among birds. The dream tells you that you need to take heed and try to stop this from happening. 

Pigeon-toed: To be pigeon-toed is to have your feet (see also shoes dream) turned inward, much like a bird’s toes are. To dream of being pigeon-toed means that you have to reflect on your life. Look inwards for an answer to any problems that you have. 

Dovetails in woodworking: This is a little obscure as it doesn’t relate to doves themselves but to something called dovetail joints which are commonly used to build boxes, drawers, and cabinets. If you see something like this in a dream it is time that you got together with others to resolve conflict and problems. If the joints come apart in your dream it can mean that it is going to be difficult to solve your problems, but if the joint stays secure, the result can be more positive. 

When doves cry: Perhaps these words ring a bell with you, and you don’t know why. Well, it is the name of a popular Prince song in the 1980s. It was a number on the immensely popular album, ‘Purple Rain’. If you see doves crying in your dream listen to the words of the song. It is about two people in conflict and the doves crying is a symbol of their conflict. If you have this dream it could mean that you are in conflict with your romantic partner and it is time for you two to get together to resolve the problems. Perhaps you won’t be able to which is a sign that the doves crying has significance, but on a more positive note, the dream allows you to talk through your problems.


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