The Spiritual Meaning Behind Birds Hitting A Window

Birds fly into things all the time, from power lines, wind turbines, plane engines, and windows. But we always have a sense of foreboding when it happens, almost as if they know something we don’t.

There are a few superstitions surrounding a bird hitting a window, and some of them might surprise you. Some people believe that they are a spiritual message, a call to pay attention, a sign from a guardian spirit, while others consider them an omen of good luck or change.

But why can’t birds stop themselves from flying into windows, when we think they have great eyesight? Is there something the universe is trying to tell you? 

Let’s take a look.

The Spiritual Meaning Of A Bird

It’s worth looking into the spiritual interpretations of birds in general before we take a look at what birds hitting the window mean, as there is a lot to consider.

Spiritually speaking, birds represent the wealth of freedom, and what a great perspective can give you when you can see into the distance, not just what’s going on in your immediate vicinity. 

Just picture a bird flying high in the sky. It can see everything, spot any hunting opportunity or danger, and go exactly where it wants to.

Some cultures believe that birds are the go-between heaven and earth, and act as messengers for the gods. 

In this sense, they can be harbingers of doom or very good fortune, depending on the species that smacks into your window.

When a bird hits a window, this implies that you’re not noticing something you really should, something that might dictate part of your present or your future. Maybe you’re not focusing on the right thing.

It can also suggest that your freedom is being impacted in some way. Maybe you feel trapped by a relationship, job, or a way of life that you’ve outgrown.

If you see a bird fly near a window, but they don’t collide with it, this is believed to be a spiritual message from a loved one that has died or a message from a spirit. 

Some people believe that a bird hitting a window suggests that a guardian spirit or an angel is trying to tell you something, so you need to pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Maybe you’ve forgotten something important, like an anniversary, a birthday, or something you desperately need to do. Despite your best efforts to remember, the universe seems determined to make you forget with little distractions.

It may also be a reassurance that someone is watching out for you, and that you are protected from the worst life is capable of. A bird may fly into your window to tell you to pay attention to what’s going on around you, encouraging you to notice an important opportunity.

Superstitions Surrounding A Bird Hitting A Window

A bird hitting a window can suggest that you’re about to run into several problems at once, especially if the bird died after it hit the window. 

One of the oldest interpretations of a bird hitting a window is that it foretells a death in your family or someone close to you, but this is never taken literally in modern superstition and spiritual meanings. 

Spiritually speaking, death usually refers to impending change or a transformation that cannot happen until something ends in your life. Something has to give to make room for this new way of life, a fresh start, or an opportunity to grow.

The end itself may be a very positive thing. If you’ve been going through a difficult time, for instance, the bird hitting the window can suggest that things will get better quicker than you think. 

It may signal that the worst is over, and now it’s time to take a break to renew yourself. A bird hitting a window may also signify the end of a toxic relationship or a job that has simply gotten too stressful or even boring.

Consider The Type Of Bird That Hits Your Window

The bird that hits your window can mean different things depending on the type. If you cannot figure out what type of bird it is, as it can happen so fast, it may suggest that you need to concentrate on what you want to manifest in your life.

A dove flying into your window represents peace, spirituality, and keeping your eyes on the horizon. It can also denote that things are about to get much easier.

Blackbirds flying into your window signify the need for patience or taking control of a situation.

If you see a sparrow fly into your window, this can point to a healing period, where any negativity will soon be behind you, and you’ll soon have a lot of love, and kindness from others to enjoy.

A robin hitting your window refers to a new life stage, and a finch implies a new chance for peace.

Seeing a seagull fly into your window suggests that you need to rely on others right now.

Magpies appearing near your window are regarded as a sign of good luck, increased wealth, and a deepening connection with someone you love. 

A starling hitting your window comes as a warning, to ignore your pride or ego.

Ravens hitting your window can be a representation of your shadow self, as well as magic, mystery, and a new life.

Bluebirds hitting your window represent a dramatic transformation in your life, so be prepared for change.

A blue jay flying into your window is rare, so take note when it does. As blue jays are known for being brave and loud, it may be an encouragement to be more of both.

A canary hitting a window implies that you are the subject of gossip, or you should turn your attention to your surroundings, as there may be a risk you’re missing.

It’s very rare for a cockatoo to hit your window (unless you have a pet cockatoo that likes windows) but when they do, it suggests a new spiritual awakening that will make any ‘walls’ in your life fall to pieces.

Eagles, owls, or other birds of prey hitting a window signify healing, freedom, and wisdom. Owls in particular represent the secrecy and stillness of the night, too.

Older Folklore Of Birds Hitting Windows

Crows, ravens, blackbirds, and other birds with dark plumage are said to be guardians and to see one hit your window implies that you are protected from a negative force or influence. 

A hawk flying into a window is a warning to take notice of the world around you, as you are missing something important. Maybe a decision you’ve made isn’t the right one, or you’re overlooking something that can mean the difference between success and failure.

A hummingbird flying into a window implies that something that you have dismissed as impossible is in your reach if you want to try for it.

A bird that hits your window and falls into your house is an interesting one. If it is dead or stunned for a minute, this symbolizes good luck and difficult things coming to an end.

If the bird follows you or doesn’t flee from you, this implies that you now have a new guardian watching over you.

Can You Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows?

To an extent, yes. Birds see differently from us, as their eyes can detect UV light as well as colors, which helps them navigate very dense foliage without a problem.

This same trait can also confuse the poor thing when it comes to windows and other transparent objects, as they look like things that the birds can fly through, and they discover that they’re wrong the hard way. 

One thing that you can do to help them realize that windows aren’t something they want to fly into is to hang shiny objects near the window or put colorful decals on the window itself so that it doesn’t look so transparent. 

The less clear your window appears from afar, the less likely any birds will fly into it.

Seeing Flocks Of Birds Through A Window

If one day you peer out of your windows, and you see a whole flock of birds, this suggests that you’re about to move on to a new phase of your life. 

This will ultimately be a good thing, where all of your relationships will improve, you’ll gain a new sense of purpose, and move along your spiritual path. 

Take note of how many birds you see, too. The more you see, the more possibilities lie ahead of you for the future and the more abundance in your life.

Final Thoughts

While birds hitting your window can be frightening, especially when there is a huge bang, superstition tells us that these events are usually good luck, a sign of positive change. 

This change may come as an uncomfortable upheaval to start with, but eventually, you will see that it is positive.


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